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saya no uta
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Recently a Japanese language game on Vector that has received some attention and well-regard. Soon, it will be translated. Now, by who? We don't know! Not by me, that's for sure! But rest assured, it will be translated soon (I predict within 1 month or two). When that happens, a torrent link will be posted in this page to distribute the translated version. If anyone wants to take the translated version and upload it to somewhere like Mediafire, be my guest, since the torrent will probably die soon after it is first released.

For now, I give you a picture of the main character, Koko.
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Dear Anon, thanks for being such a big bro. If there is anything you need don't hesitate to call upon me.


So I got the best ending. This post after this will be spoiler-tagged (If it works) as it includes my own interpretation on the story.
**Okay, so obviously Coco is dead. In fact, everyone in the mansion is either dead or there because of Coco, save for Lyell. He's the only living person in the game. Coco's a ghost, looking for her lost notebook, that Lyell found years ago when he was a kid, and was never able to return it to her. She probably was dead long before that, too, so she's been, in TvTropes terms, Dead All Along.

Now, my interpretation on some of the other characters.
Axe Woman: Lizzie Borden. She has an axe.
Pie-Eating Boy: I'm actually not too well-versed on fairytales, so I have no idea who he is.
The Twins: Same as above.
The Woman Drinking Tea: Little Miss Muffet.
The Plain Egg: Humpty Dumpty.
The Blind Man: Err… no clue.
The Mouse: Same mouse from Hickory Dickory Dock.

I… likely forgot more than a few characters, feel free to remind me.
I went off the rails, anyways. So I'm going to get back on track.
I've only gotten the best ending, so feel free to fill me in on any others, but I strongly believe the hole in the forest is a grave. Coco's grave, to be exact. It could also explain the title of 'Bury', as she was buried there. The best ending has Lyell returning to her grave and giving her the notebook she'd been trying to find for years. Presumably, she passes on after that.**

Feel free to tell me if I missed anything whatsoever about this. This was a great game, even though I had to use a walkthrough.


Thanks a lot for the links and a big fuck you to whoever keeps taking them down.


welp I can't solve the first riddle.


The downloads are gone again;; anyway you could get it back up??


As >>3461 stated, if you search Google for "A50FBDD0E70ACA6ED8F3A739D9F62A46E393E860", this is the ID of the torrent and you will find some mirrors still hosting it.


sorry to be that person, but it seems like the developer took down all the links related to the hash (man, this guy is persistent)

so, any new links?


If someone uploads just post a magnet link


there's not even one link working
pls is there any way to post another one?


Somebody on ubuu has the file on their computer. Just upload it.


It's been years since this whole mess started and I still can't believe how persistent Hachisuka is.


I made a backup upload. I want to see how compliant google is when some random guy complains about private upload copyright.


I hope he doesn't take it down this time.


why is he so against this game being translated



Thank you, I actually checked this page last Friday (so two days ago) and the links didn´t work and now I came and you uploaded this game. I already downloaded it, before it get deleted. Still asking myself why there is a save file for 4 minutes into the game, but still great to have the game in my computer. I might upload the game files, if the link that gave doesnt have the files, because of you know. So very grateful for that.


I probably played it for a few minutes once. It's the only copy I think I have.


There is actually no problem, it the only copy that I could find with a link (that for the time is working). Very cool, I just found it rather weird, but not biggie. Thx.


Link got flagged this morning. I'll work on a torrent since it seems that's the only possible way to keep this online.




File: 1577562485403.jpg (420.36 KB, 600x450, 1383186490123.jpg)

Help I can't get the best ending. The walkthrough says I need to pick up the paperdolls, but Lyell just refuses to no matter when and how often I interact with the crumpled paper. It also said something about relationship values, but how much does it actually influence? I picked all the +1 dialogue choices on my second playthrough and nothing seemed to change.


nm, deleting the save folder and starting from the beginning let me see END1. Nice game.


Good luck flagging a torrent developer.


Can someone seed please?



I'm seeding


Can someone seed this torrent again please?


It looks like there are 6 seeds right now, including mine. Not sure what's up on your end. Maybe the person who keeps reporting links is also a wizard.


Here's a temporary upload as well. Password is "ubuu". http://www.mediafire.com/file/6tmje1d9q4rkfgf/walnutfactory.7z


Thank you so much!


Thanks a lot, guys!


File: 1608901141505.png (35.63 KB, 221x212, 1425005650372.png)

Thank you very much anon. Reading this thread and seeing the dev's autism throughout the years was a pretty funny experience. Why are nips like this?


Just dropped into this thread from /v/.
If I had to guess, the creator wants to keep some control over their work, including what versions are released and where it ends up. It's a pretty difficult thing to do once their game is released to the public, especially when the game's format is familiar enough to be decompiled by knowledgeable people. It's even harder when the game is edited by people outside your country who care even less about the game's integrity.

I think there's some benefit to free translators in that it allows a bigger audience to enjoy it, and might even get people to pay/donate who normally wouldn't. It's probably hard for the creator to see the benefits though, and the process to support the creator overseas might be difficult or not ready at all.

At worst, the developer might stop working on their project or future projects out of frustration. It might sound silly or immature, but you really can't tell others how they should feel (unless you're an idiot). So I think translators should proceed with caution if they truly appreciate someone's work and wish for them to continue.


as a rule I'd always ask for permission first, translate later. Do it the other way around and I think the dev would become more pissed off than if you simply asked. In circumstances like that I get that the dev is worried about his game, for example if the translation takes a shit on his script, or if the assets get ripped and turn up in paid games.


>the creator wants to keep some control over their work, including what versions are released and where it ends up.
Yes, but as you mentioned, this is a completely unrealistic expectation, no matter how much creators and their publishers want people believe that they are in control. When you publish something, you have to acknowledge that this might happen. If you want to make sure it can't happen, you shouldn't release anything. Would that be better? I don't believe so. Throwing a tantrum over people enjoying your game is pretty infantile behavior.

It is thanks to efforts of countless people modifying/sharing games without the publisher/creator's permission that people get a chance to enjoy them and that they are here to stay as products of human culture instead of fading into obscurity, with the code rotting away on the creators' hard drives while they lean back and enjoy the satisfaction they gain from the thought of all those people never getting to play their games.

Of course, I don't dispute that it is best to be respectful toward others. All the same, I am glad the translator decided the go against the creator's will this time.


File: 1614873308144.png (113.33 KB, 432x451, 1480857472.png)

Hi everyone! I decided to jump into this thread because I have some thoughts about this game and because I had to work with it (with original japanese and translated english versions).

First, the question about "who translated this game?". Unfortunately, author's concern about accuracy of the translation were right on some occasions - english translation does have a number of errors. Mostly it can be seen in the diary of the butler - about institution and another one about the well. In the japanese he was contacted by the hospital, went into it and then told his master about the baby (Coco), and the line about the well was just a note about how dangerous it is. Then there was an ambiguity about when Coco has died - in the original it is somewhat ambigous, but player can conclude that Coco died at night from November 22 to November 23.
I can't say that I have checked the entire game - it's just something that annoyed me so me and my friend checked that in the japanese game. You can actually get original and see it for yourself by using deepl or other online translation engine, lol. Well, I can say that english translation does need a bit of proof checking and a bit of polish.

Saying that, I can assume that this translation wasn't made either by vghime (there are a lot of errors vghime wouldn't have made; though I can't be sure about that - translation was done in 2014 and that was a long time ago, also all map names were translated and vghime is one of the small amount of translators who does translate them) or by Tosiaki7 (not his style). I think that this was either done by some unknown translator, or by vghime - though then there is a question why there are such big errors in translation? All I can think of - is that translation wasn't officially approved, so it was released without testing or proofreading.

Second, without mentioning the inaccuracies in the translation - english version is something that this game should have been, if author would have born in the english-speaking country with english folklore. Or closer to the western audience, as some anon has said in this thread. All rhymes, puzzles and even environments - are a love letter to the Mother Goose nursery rhymes. I saw that in everything, because I have spent a lot of time researching what each character refers to (they all are referring to certain lines in those nursery songs). I think that possibly author banned this translation fearing that translation would have killed all this love to those nursery rhymes and those folklore he had put into this game, but this is just ridiculous. I am sure that if author himself supervised the translation and helped to translate it - then english translation would have been a lot more popular, because english-speaking players would have appreciated this game a lot more than japanese ones - because it's their folklore.

Third, it's unfortunate that english translation released in 2014, because now there is a new version of the game, released in 2018, where there are a lot of hints, reworked gameplay and an ability to sprint. I think that there is no reason now to ban english translation, because it's really outdated. It would have been better if you just shrugged off and waited a bit for the update, lol.

Also, my country's official translations of mother goose's rhymes suck, ololo.


Vgperson might not be the only possibility however, there are some less known people who do rename the files, like that one guy who made the first translation for the Jojo fangame 7th Stand User, not saying it was him, just that there are people under the radar that do the same.

Kind of a shame more people don't do it though, as it makes it easier for people to play these games without all that hassle changing locales and installing japanese RTP (for the RPG Maker ones) which doesn't always work properly.


>Kind of a shame more people don't do it though, as it makes it easier for people to play these games without all that hassle changing locales and installing japanese RTP (for the RPG Maker ones) which doesn't always work properly.
It's a lot of work and most of the time translators don't have any help at all, even when they request it, so it's not surprising.


you don't have to change the map tree names to make a game playable on any locale, the map tree is only relevant to debug work


Why is it that some RPG Maker games can't work without japanese locale, even if translated to english?


same reason some games are region locked


tf you mean by that

Most of the time, it's because even though the front end is translated (i.e. dialogue and interface), the file names are not. And windows is a mess when it comes to character encodings, so it might not be able to find those files since their names are "corrupted" on a different encoding. I've been able to use the english and japanese version of the executables fine on different systems and locales, but I wouldn't be surprised if even that is a reason for things to break, too.


vgperson herself has already written about this problem: "This is a problem for a few reasons. But a particular problem is this: when you bring filenames with more than plain ASCII into the equation, RPG Maker - if not run in the proper locale to understand the characters in the filename - is going to get confused about what the filename even is, and fail to find it even if it does exist. Such files might even get extracted with messed up names by users, and you may have trouble putting them in .zips in the first place.
To avoid all this, you ideally want to edit every filename into one comprised of standard ASCII characters."

Games that are created on Wolf Editor, partially eliminates this problem, because the game itself takes all the necessary files from the game archive (so you do not need to change the file paths), which is why Windows can run the game without problems, because the system runs the game archive itself.

It is a pity that there is no program similar to RPGRewriter, which can also rewrite the file paths of Wolf Editor *snob*


I recently checked the developer's website, the game was updated to version 1.19 and most importantly - the ban on translating the game with reservations was removed.
Is it worth considering creating a new translation of the game…? Because the translation of version 1.10 is outdated and has errors.


where did you read that? The line prohibiting translated/modified versions is still there as before


hosting a translation without it getting deleted is very easy. getting someone to do it with no moral qualms is very hard.


File: 1624064031160.jpg (22.8 KB, 480x360, logicalmoko.jpg)

I'm genuinely confused about why would anyone invest time of their day in making this western friendly struggling with the developer when this game is an exact copy of every other "pixel horror JRPG" out there.

Then I remember I don't give a shit and continue with my day.



I don't understand either how did this pretty mediocre game manage to get that much attention. The pussy dev drama probably was the only memorable thing about it, and there's a fuckton of other titles that did everything Bury does much better. Not to mention their developers much more friendly and nice to target audience.


After all this time you can play legally now, lol: https://yamikazeyami.itch.io/bury-ver200

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