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saya no uta
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1382928862015.jpg (188.41 KB, 664x701, 1ren7jvq.wizardchan.136750….jpg)


i feel like starting a mmo adventure, even though i hate mmos and get bored by lvl 19, i could give Rift a try since it just came to Steam. Let the grinding begin…


I would be playing an MMO(RPG) right now but my laptop can't handle anything.
Kudos on level 19, I usually move on before double digits. I think I got to level 21 in something once.

I love MMOs but I can never commit.


I was going to start playing that new Final Fantasy MMORPG, but a week before I was going to get it the internet at my house started dropping connections over 10 times an hour. When I called up my ISP to come have a look at things, he found that there were phone lines going in every direction from my house, and then disconnected "all the useless ones". Then he slowed the internet speed down because according to him there was bottlenecking going on. This made my internet speed to be much slower.

So basically, the Divine Internet Gods had frowned upon me and sent me a clear sign that they did NOT want me to play MMOs.


Rift is just about the best you can get from free MMOs. I also like Aion and Lord of the Rings Online


Ah, the good old grindan…
I don't handle social interactions very well, so I installed Diablo 2 with Volf's Drop Mod and PlugY. That way I can get good gear within a reasonable time span and simulate the full Battle.net ladder experience without the ladder, other people, or having to learn the mind-numbing abbreviations and jargon. It took a bit of tinkering to get the two mods to run together, because they were supposedly incompatible with each other, but I made it work.

And so tens of hours go by as I fruitlessly try to find the best gear for my Frenzy barbarian. The drop mod is nothing extreme, unlike some I've seen during my days on Open Battle.net. You get at most 5 unique items per a single complete playthrough of the game, and all enemies have twice the amount of hit points, so I think this balances things out nicely. That's for the normal difficulty of the drop mod. There is also the hard mode, which quadruples the monsters' health and makes them move and attack twice as fast in exchange for every monster in the Throne of Destruction on Hell difficulty now dropping a random rune on death. This feels really well thought out, since rune words are endgame commodities, second only to crafted gear and farming for amazing rare items with just the right set and amount of randomized bonuses to various stats. It no longer takes an eternity to get the best runes, but it's not like you will see Jahs, Chams or Zods drop every Baal run - more like at most one every ten runs. The challenge level is upped accordingly by the mod so that only the most powerful characters can set foot in the Throne of Destruction. Since the mod is multiplier-based, magic find now stacks multiplicatively, making it very worthwile. Each class now has a special talent which grants some magic find in exchange for talent points if you're willing to make the sacrifice and weaken your character by your greed. But even then, PlugY has got you covered, because it also grants the unlimited ability to reset your talent points as well as freely reallocate your stat points, allowing for endless customization without the need to remake your character from scratch should you make a key mistake somewhere along the way. The only downside is, my modded game does not work with the most recent patch which finally removed the Iron Maiden curse from the oblivion knights' skillset, so melee-oriented chars still have to struggle in Chaos Sanctuary and Worldstone Keep. Overall, it's all very excellent, and if I weren't posting this from my phone, I would include that one panel from Watamote where Tomoko says "This is heaven…", and would try to allude to it somehow. But I massively digress.

Like I was saying, finding the right items still takes dedication. I think it took me about 200 hours of gameplay to get a mid-tier set of endgame gear which allows me to make minced meat out of Baal and his servants on Hell/normal difficulty. I've even had the World Event trigger three times so far. One of them was a bit earlier than the other two and I stood no chance then, but in the remaining two instances I managed to kill Uber Diablo thanks to wearing my current set of items.

And so I'm nearing the ultra-late-game now on my Frenzy barb, but I haven't quite reached the endgame yet. I haven't even seen the Pandemonium Event, let alone any of the special minibosses guarding entry to Uber Tristram. All I have for now is 3 Keys of Terror. I want to come prepared. Right now I religiously grind the Secret Cow Level, looking for any elite one-handed axes I can get my hands on so I can socket them with top-tier rune words like Last Wish or Breath of The Dying. The guides say I should go specifically for Berserker Axes, but I'm not that picky, since Ettin Axes and some other kind of elite axes are pretty good as well, and can have the right amount of sockets to fit the entire rune word in.

This is getting pretty ridiculous, to be honest. I must have been on about 30 Moo Moo Farm runs so far and have slain thousands of hell bovines, and not a single white Zerker Axe has dropped… I got the required runes ages ago, but still can't get the weapons. Even when I get the right kind of axe, it ends up with less than the required amounts of sockets, or ethereal but without sockets, or something equally saddening.

But I don't really mind. All the more reason for me to come back to the Farm and pound my meat into ground beef. PlugY offers unlimited shared storage space, so even if I don't get one step closer to witnessing the true power of a Frenzy barb with perfect gear, chances are I'll find something useful for other classes or builds. I already have this Revenge-based paladin on level 40. He requires some outrageously rare items to be effective, but his full potential is said to be phenomenal. And there are many more builds I'd like to try…

TL;DR: grinding? I love grinding! I grind solo in a modded version of Diablo 2 - great success!


By the way, WoW was really cool back in the day when I still had friends to play with before they all left me. I've heard they employed a lot of anti-grinding over the course of the last two expansions, so you can focus on the good stuff.

My problem with MMOs is, they are very social games, and I have extreme trouble forming and maintaining friendships, or getting acquainted with strangers, even over the net.

I tried Aion with my only friend. We gave up at level 10. It's an average game. Also, the free account severely limits your options, and neither of us were willing to pay for the PAcc based on our experience thus far.

I thought Neverwinter Online might have been cool, but I changed my mind after seeing how barebone it is. It seems to only have some cities, instances and arenas… with NOTHING in between! Can you imagine it? The thing I liked most in WoW was the world, and being able to be completely alone in some nice place for a hour or two. And wandering through the vast abandoned areas where people no longer or rarely went. And clearing instances all by your lonesome. And being the only person on a chat channel, writing something only to be greeted by the reassuring system message: "No one hears you.", which is always there for you.

TERA and Guild Wars 2 might be fun, too. But I can't invite my friend to come along. He'd be weirded out by all the anime in the former, and is not going to pay for the latter.

Maybe I can just convince him to try out Path of Exile with me.


I'd be down to play Rift if anyone else wants to join in. The issue I've had with MMOs recently is that you're always sort of out of the loop if you join by yourself. I went back to try WoW on a vanilla private server since I used to play from vanilla - WoTLK, but I was dropped into a long established community that I was never really able to catch up on, despite joining a good guild and making some friends. And with everyone already having multiple max leveled characters and such, there wasn't really any incentive to keep going. Plus while PVE and leveling are my favorite aspects of MMOs, I didn't enjoy spending 99% of my leveling time alone, and sometimes being the only person in the entire zone.

Something newer like Rift might fix a lot of those problems. I do enjoy WoW more than any other MMO for the memories and nostalgia factor, but it'd be good to move on from jumping from private server to private server only to be disappointed.


File: 1383001148856.jpg (322.5 KB, 800x600, medianfuxkingxl.jpg)


Diablo 2 plus MEDIAN XL is an amazing lark. Screenfuls of enemies unleashing screenfuls of spells and attacks, all new skill trees, items, mechanics…definitely not for the faint of heart.

It turns Diablo II into something more closely resembling a bullet hell shooter.


Oh yes, I remember giving Median a shot years ago… I nope'd hard before even finishing the first act. The difficulty was horrifying. Though I remember that my weaksauce sorceress had an ability called "Disco Inferno", with the ability description "Burn baby burn!", which made all the deaths instantly worth it.

I really should give the mod another chance, especially since I've developed a liking for bullet hells in the recent years. Thank you for bringing the mod up, Anon-kun~!


File: 1383008404127.jpg (85.94 KB, 671x367, 1376672000016.jpg)

All of these MMORPGs aren't good. Maybe the new elder scrolls MMORPG will be more what I want.

I want a 1st person view MMORPG, not twitch action based, one that doesn't make my character the superhero that saves the world but just another adventurer doing his thing, no instanced pvp modes/zones or dungeons with timers, with a huge world that doesn't have npc/mob/stuff going on every square meter, where not everything can be found in some guide on the internet.

I suppose I'll never get that previous millennium early MMORPG feel again though.


File: 1383010721059.jpg (341.46 KB, 1280x960, MountBlade_020.jpg)

Not online RPG (Well, it has multiplayer although it's not obligatory), but Mount & Blade is very enjoyable, specially if you want to play alone.

It's rather difficult at the start (Well, at least it was for me, with this laggy machine), but it's REALLY beautiful and has that feeling of "I know what I should do but I can't because I have to train more!".
The less you know about the game, the funnier it gets. There are a lot of things you are able to do, and as you learn them it gets so sweet…

However, once you reach lvl 40 and a good army, and you're a lord (or king) of a realm and you win all the battles it takes a nosedive and gets boring. Like pokémon. But, you can always try mods or new characters, though.


It features a third-person or first person view/perspective, too. And you can choose being from a bard to a noble.

It's also really weightless (I think 700mb) and does not requires a lot of ram (less than 500mb if I'm right).


Good luck with Elder Scrolls Online. The day of it's released it's going to be packed full of obnoxious children who only play because they've played Skyrim. Imagine the userbase of CoD, but in a game that relies on communicating with and playing with them instead.


File: 1383014994190.jpg (406.06 KB, 1111x790, Shiroe.(Log.Horizon).full.….jpg)

My favorite thing in MMOs is to run random instances with people I don't know. The improvised teamwork, getting to show off my stuff to random people while gettin' phat loot. I don't really like to join a guild because then the game feels more like an obligation and I don't like to be tied down like that. But I don't like to solo adventure that much either. Well, I don't mind it, but the whole time I'm thinking about how all the progress I'm making will go towards making me better at instances. I almost never play DPS classes cause I like the idea of fulfilling a more specialized role in a party.

Lately I've been playing a lore-master in Lord of the Rings Online, a master of debuffing the enemy. Feeling like Shiroe from Log Horizon


Ah I do love mount & blade, loved the sieges… but not enough RPG. Maybe there are good mods for that but I haven't checked into that. I'd love a game that was all siege warfare like that, no bird eye view. Just you and a group of mercenaries roaming the country, raping and pillaging castles, selling yourself to a lord (the more successful, the more money you earn).

Except for the most obscure games that's probably going to be true for any major online release. I'm not easily annoyed by stupid kids though, too old for that now. It is why I always play tank (or perhaps cc if they are powerful enough) in mmorpgs though, most impact on the success of a group.


we should all play something together uboachan


File: 1383083090828.png (245.34 KB, 580x420, 1331263480756.png)

I've been looking at path of exile. Is it any fun? I've been hearing some bad things about there being like an in-build lag or something due to poor coding. Haven't been able to try it yet because steam isn't working for me at the moment.


It's fun and I didn't notice anything like that, but I've gotten really burned out on it


File: 1383091606255.jpg (707.1 KB, 1920x1080, 2013-10-29_00001.jpg)

Path of Exile is fun.


The game is designed around always-online mode. While that's usually a terrible thing, in a game like Path of Exile it's more help than hurt. If offline mode was possible, duped items, maphacks, and other cheats would run rampant. See Diablo 2 for an example of that.

A downside to the always-online feature is that you can sometimes de-sync from the servers. That is, your client's interpretation of the placement of enemies will differ from the server's. This usually leads to you playing around like it's normal before suddenly rubberbanding back a ways, usually surrounded in monsters. It's worse in peak hours, and narrow hallways where it's easy to get stuck behind enemies.


File: 1383565901161.jpg (555.22 KB, 1680x1050, ffxiv_09112013_164042.jpg)

If you ever do want to play FFXIV… I just want to say that I would be quite enthusiastic about the idea of attempting to form a small group of people from here to play. I already have an account, but I pretty much ended up soloing mostly in the end, so it sits quite unused.


File: 1397990499059.jpg (432.08 KB, 1366x768, 2014-04-20_082702.jpg)

I just started Rift recently as well, because Atlus shut down the english side of Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine.

That was the only mmo that kept me playing for more than a few weeks, and only because of the interesting world it's set in (also wa smy first SMT experience).

Rift reminds me of Planescape Torment and I like it so far but i'm just lvl12 or something so if you guys would tell which server you chose then I could start over (unless it's Faeblight).

Also someone set the squirrels on fire.


Guess I will go back to Mabinogi after all. Too much boring work all the way to 60 for some challenge or interesting gameplay. The kind of interesting world is just not enough to put up for it.

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