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saya no uta

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File: 1381527647555.png (232.61 KB, 623x465, 4.png)


Gingiva is definitely art - not a very easy and not for everyone, but worth knowing (and maybe even boat). The game takes place in an expiring where greed, desire for profit and sadness reigned over all. A strange sequence of events closing in on our own reality sets the frame for the story.

It can be downloaded below:


File: 1381584072419.jpg (117.33 KB, 633x480, ggggg.jpg)

Thank you, I just started it and wanted to open a thread. Just in for 10 minutes but I'm already amazed, maybe because I work at a factory irl, who knows.


Great post.


big fan of middens, thank you for informing me that this exists


This needs more attention. I'm surprised this guy's stuff isn't more popular on this site, actually.


I'm surprised how obscure this is. I didn't even know it existed before this thread.


The game is less than a few months old, but yeah it's criminal how unknown this guy's work is.

At least his Kickstater for Moments of Silence made funding.


It looks like it radiates bizarre forms of greatness. Does it drag or feel a bit too artistic at times? I'm pretty much deadset to try it when I get back home at this point.


File: 1384820468209.png (429.69 KB, 640x480, middens.png)

I'm hoping everyone here has played Middens as well. Though, even when it was at the peak of its popularity, I hardly saw anyone talk about it here.


There was a thread about Middens that got pretty awful. Lots of shitty trolls over the game's usage of collage art.


I've seen footage on it, but not much, and that's intentional; I intend to play it after Gingiva. The premise interests the hell out of me and it seems very charming, in any case.


forgive me, ubuu


File: 1385043381619.png (425.53 KB, 395x750, tumblr_mu1spmJ6ke1sawrueo1….png)

There's some really beautiful fanart for the game if you look for it.


Does anyone know where I can find a walkthrough for this game?


There isn't one. Are you stuck?


There isn't one yet. If you're stuck just let us know, I've beaten the game already!


I'm just wondering how you retrieve the hand-dog critter from the screen shots.


File: 1385625212885.png (6.16 KB, 228x410, mu4y16U0eu1sgbg88o1.png)

From what I've heard you're suppose to take the left path when you come to that Buddha guy at the fork in the road. The right path (going by boat) is longer and you get Vermis on your team and supposedly the left path is shorter and you get the other guy. One of these days I'll boot the game up again to take the other path as I really wanted to get him too (not that I didn't like Vermis)


I see, thank you for the tip!

It's how to imagine where gaming would be if games like this were released on 16bit consoles back in their heyday. I wish someone would make an RPGMaker console I could play with gamepads and the telly.


File: 1400992591178.png (141.33 KB, 354x315, Worm Rider.png)

Its nice to have a thread about Gingiva over here, I've been wanting to discuss this game with someone, shame its so obscure.

I finally managed to decrypt both games and I've been having a great time browsing the art and finding neat stuff in the editor.

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