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Who here has played Cosmology of Kyoto?

It's an adventure game where you explore a circa 900 AD Kyoto, and witness all kind of fucked up stuff. I don't wanna go into any detail and risk spoiling, but game is weeeird. And I don't think there are any endings, I mean you're not given any objectives or anything… it's just walk around, talk to people.


I've played a decent bit of it. I think it's actually supposed to be a bit of an edutainment game since most, if not all of the game's events are based on Japanese History or Myth, and there's a dictionary you can look up information in at any time, though the game itself is still very interesting, since it gives you the chance to directly experience many such events, and the atmosphere throughout is somewhat dark and very surreal.

The whole reincarnation element is pretty neat, as well.


Yeah, I didn't want to bring up the educational aspect because it isn't really a core part of the experience. You can look stuff up in that little encyclopedia but it isn't crammed down your throat like "edutainment" usually implies.



Yup, I agree; the experience really stands on its own well enough that it doesn't feel like an edutainment game, and it's easy to completely ignore the encyclopedia if you'd like. The game's events were interesting enough that I actually found myself occasionally referencing the encyclopedia out of curiosity, though.


File: 1364110914233.png (4.26 KB, 399x210, coskyoto.png)

This is what happened when I tried to run the game. Any idea what I need to do to fix this? I really, really want to play this.


What OS are you trying to run it it? It probably won't work in anything but Windows 3.1.


Might help running in compatibility mode. Might.


Oh and also if that still doesn't work, try setting your display to 256 colors.



DOSBox might help but the biggest problem is gonna be non-Unicode Japanese file names fucking up paths to game resources


Vista. And damn, that's a shame.

Yeah, I tried to run it in compatibility mode and that's how I got the error.

Fuuuu. So, basically it probably won't work out?



Well, first off, there shouldn't be any issues with Japanese file paths since the game has an official English release, so if you downloaded the Japanese version, that may be your main problem.

If you have a 64-bit OS though, then you'll likely have to do more to get it working; if that's the case, try downloading this, then following the instructions in the readme:


Since it's essentially running the game through Windows 3.1 and DOSBox, I think this would work for 32-bit OSes as well, but it's probably overkill. Still though, may wanna try it if you're having trouble running the game.


Thanks! It works.

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