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File: 1354380329474.bmp (900.05 KB, 640x480, grass area.bmp)


So, Lisa another game made in RPG maker. I'd probably describe it as a surrealistic adventure game with an Earthbound-like aesthetic; the game could be compared a bit to Yume Nikki, since it leaves a lot up to interpretation, isn't too clear about your goals, and has a nexus, with multiple locations available from the get-go. I'd say Lisa's more structured though, since it does spell out small bits of the plot for you, and the way to advance is a bit linear at points. The game can also be somewhat disturbing, though I probably wouldn't call it horror. I suppose it might scare some, though for most, it'd probably just make you feel rather uncomfortable.

game link:


File: 1354901589663.bmp (900.05 KB, 640x480, Filth.bmp)

Hmm, looks like the game's rpgmaker.net page went down for some reason. Well then, here's an alternate download:



I've been waiting for a Lisa thread. I liked Lisa, though the thought of the music and re-playing the game fills me with this odd anxiety.
The creator, Dinagaling seems to like tricking you into walking long ways only to laugh at you(eg the middle finger).


So I played through this game last night… and I'm not really sure how I feel about it? I guess it was pretty good, but I think it did make me a little uncomfortable… maybe I need to play it again to figure out my opinion, haha.


anybody know why dingaling took Lisa off of their page? im just curious and theres like no information elsewhere


what… is… this…

awesome game — so many questions, though… the story is rather disturbing.


that was


i feel like i missed something somewhere but idk what



i can feel the earthbound inspiration really clearly

is there a legitimate ending? if it has anything to do with those spider things then fuck that

in fact is there actual walkthrough somewhere, or maybe a video on youtube? if not does anybody have plans to make one?



i think i'll do one

and then who the fuck was rick


File: 1355533306781.bmp (Spoiler Image, 900.05 KB, 640x480, videotape 3.bmp)


Yeah, those spiders're totally the wost part of the game.

Anyway, the game's got no walkthrough far as I'm aware, though there is one thing that's easy to overlook, which is also required for what I'm guessing is meant to be the true ending:

it's a third video tape. You can find it in as you're walking in the white room near the end, in which the guy's telling you "it's useless" and such, if you keep walking diagonally to the upper right.
You can see it in the spoiler image.

The second video tape is also possible to miss, you can get it by going to the second door from the left in the nexus area, descending the nearby ladder, then giving the finger to the guy in exchange for the tape.


I'm fairly certain Rick is a dick. No seriously, I mean that literally; consider what the location you got the video tape looks like, what he says, and his physical appearance.


File: 1355539032460.gif (277.73 KB, 250x167, whaa.gif)

i hacked my way to the endings by deleting those fucking spiders first and foremost

for those who don't quiet get it, the story is basically: marty's wife left him and his daughter lisa. lisa, looking like her mother, is repeatedly molested by marty, whos now an abusive drunk. the game is her trying to get away, and rick keeps reoccuring because he represents a dick. marty's dick. some parts of the game show that marty wasnt always so bad, in fact he used to be a loving father. or maybe it was showing what she wanted out of him, thus the VHS tape "marty". in the end she cant seem to run away after all mostly because she has nowhere to go, and the memories of her father will haunt her for the rest of her life.

now that i fucking GET IT this is 10x more depressing than i thought. i actually played the entire game thinking lisa was martys wife but shes actually his daughter. that changed EVERYTHING


File: 1355542682771.jpg (10.38 KB, 275x206, 09.jpg)


Ohhhh I missed the second tape! There we go.

Also FUCKING RICHARD AWW MAN WHY DIDNT I GET THAT. wow. Like I figured immediately that he was his daughter and that some kind of abuse was going on but… damn.
Worse than YN? Maybe.


Is there seriously not a single other ending? Who the fuck is the guy in the GAME OVER scene when you get the third tape?


File: 1355596216029.png (6.21 KB, 214x378, lisarafthing.png)

This is in the sprite sheet for the game. I don't recall seeing these sprites used in the game. Something we haven't found perhaps?


the game files call it "mom's vhs" or something like that. it's how i found out she was his daughter, not his wife.

the reason she has martys face is because that's a thing in the game. i think thats the worst end you can get, the normal one where you keep walking but isnt really that much different. they both end with the fact she just cant get away from her past, even if she were to get away from marty himself.


I don't know. I feel like there has to be something else. The necklace item is never used and neither is the finger at the top of the rope.


How can I get the finger for the second VHS?


There's a normal looking guy in the Barf world who wants the napkin, he gives you a finger for it.


Where do you get the napkin?

also when Marty asks if I can give him my banana, what am I supposed to answer?



You get the napkin by giving the laying down Marty in the water area a banana, so… coming to your second question, you're supposed to answer "yes".



nothing in the files beyond those two, sadly. was there anything on the original page/has anybody read anything from dingaling that might hint at this being a WIP still?

although as for the necklace she is seen wearing it the entire game.

and the bird could just be…… a bird. does there need to be something significant about a bird. it could just be taken as another example of the profanity lisa deals with on a daily basis.

**short form of 2nd vhs guide:
1. get banana from behind concrete house in door 1
2. give banana to marty at end of door 1, get peel
3. give peel to marty on raft thru 4th(?) door, get napkin
4. give napkin to the only normal marty in bile town, get finger
5. give finger to marty down that first ladder in door 2, get tape**


Anyone know what i'm supposed to do with the pills?



if you've already done the plastic bag deed, use the candle through door 1 and talk to rick there. if you haven't used the plastic bag yet, then talk to the next rick you find, which should be at the end of the last door.


So all in all there's two endings right?
The first one is the normal one, get the necklace, talk to the candle where Rick used to be in the item room, etc.
Then there's another one that may be "losing" instead of "winning?", that you can get by watching the third tape. But I don't think it's really an ending because you get a game over screen instead.
Any other endings?



I actually thought Lisa's mom died, rather than simply leaving Marty. Hence, in the Game Over ending, "Liiiiiiiisa, I didn't want to dIIIIIIIIe. I looooooooooove youuuuu". And her mom having Marty's face is sort of a sign that the once sacred memory of her mother is fucked up and corrupted by her life circumstances, and she can't run away from that either.
Also, I interpreted Rick as someone she met in the mountains and was friends with until he raped her. Makes more sense that he'd be a metaphor for something else, though.


Well, Marty being naked in that one scene in the game tells me that Rick is just a metaphor for his penis I think the above poster was correct that Marty may have seen his wife in Lisa and been using her to get his frustrations out.



i sort of suspected it was a suicide for whatever reason.


A really nice game (regarding atmosphere, music, graphics and story). Very psychological and deep, but really, really sad and depressing, though.
The disturbing things, the bizarre world; evrything is really awesome in this game. The theme itself is enigmatic and quite striking; once you start you cannot finish.
Thank you anon for share this awesome game! I really liked the way this fucked me up.

PS: Fuck those spiders; took me more than a hour to finish that shit, although 'twas totally worth once I ended everything.


Rick = Richard
Richard = Dick



Rick rhymes with dick.


the game is back up on the website


c'mon guys it's obviously about sexual abuse. what about that is open to interpretation?



Tell me then what happened in the end? Where does Lisa goes? why Marty tell those things to Lisa in that way? As someone suggested, did this means she couldn't flee mentally from that hell though she managed to escape? Did she really escaped? What happened to Lisa's mother? etc. etc. etc.
Those things are open to interpretation though you're probably right with what you say about sexual assault


i messaged the creator to try and get some answers! hopefully we will know soon!


I got the second tape. The problem is when I opened the inventory to check the said tape, it displayed the name and then it just disappeared.

What do I do? Is there any way to get the tape back?

Also, when I opened the game, the audio started bugging horribly in most of the areas, and I can't seem to fix that…


I also believe the use of religious items like the statues and the crosses might mean something deeper. It could simply be that their family is or were Christian, but that one scene in the Barftown where everyone was crowded around the cross made it seem like it could represent something more.


How would I get spiders out of the game? I'm at the water door, and the cave is really annoying me. (However, I get a crash if I attempt to delete spider mart.png)


File: 1365941882445.png (48.38 KB, 482x268, characters.png)

Looks like I'm a little late on this, but Dingaling has a new commercial game in development, a "A post apocalyptic martial arts RPG." named Lisa (the original Lisa was renamed to Lisa: "The first")


The page has a very short trailer and a couple screenshots (looks to be a sidescroller), but there isn't much info other than that.


You'd actually need to open up the game with the correct version RPG maker (RPG Maker 2003, in this case) and delete the associated events.


How would I open the map or game to delete the event? If I attempt to open the .lmu map files, it gives me the normal program without the map open.



You need to open up the whole game via RPG Maker 2003.

Rename "Lisa.exe" to "RPG_RT.exe", then open RPG Maker 2003, choose Project>Open Project, find the folder in which the folder with Lisa's game files is located (but not within Lisa's game folder itself), and the game should be listed as an option to open. Then all you need to do is check the various maps until you find the ones with the spiders, and delete the spider-related events (spider cave, spider go home and bile cave).


File: 1367961122312.png (59.48 KB, 540x800, tumblr_mkcjcs6V2n1s4sf79o1….png)

I just "finished" this. I was left pretty confused by the ending since I thought I'd missed something, but now I get the point of it… Being pointless.

Really fun and messed up.


File: 1374270048846.png (87.71 KB, 1076x712, omg.png)

i was going through and writing out the dialogue/script for the game (for reference reasons) and i kind of found a little easter egg that made me chuckle.


I wish everybody would stop using RPGmaker.

Its so fucking awful.


then why are you even on Uboachan to begin with?


top kek


File: 1374626623993.png (152.51 KB, 500x325, i thought his name was jef….png)

>complains about rpgmaker
>is on an imageboard dedicated to an rpgmaker game
You're a special kind of stupid, aint'cha?


I just wanna share my theory about Lisa, or at least what I got from the story…i'm probably wrong but its what makes sense to me, i know that everyone who plays this thinks that Lisa is Marty's daughter, but what if she was his wife? I mean, just her sprite looks more like a woman than a little girl, and the creator of the game never says that shes his daughter… and another thing, when you see the second VHS tape, it almost looks like shes remembering them being on a date or something and he never treats her like a daughter. I think Lisa was his wife, they were happy for a while and then he started drinking and started abusing her and being… rough with her. She finally decides to leave, but she can't forget what he did to her, sometimes, she even feels like its her fault, like maybe she could have done more to make things work…and on occasion, she remembers what he used to be like and the good times they once had. Also, he always acts like shes leaving him, at the beginning he even says "So, your trying to walk out on me?" that sounds more like something a husband would say to his wife when shes trying to leave. Another thing, they never mention lisa's mom, ever! i would think that if her mom was dead or gone, she would at some point in the game remember her, or even think bad thoughts about her. I know if my mom walked out on me only to leave me with an abusive father, i would feel some anger towards her.
Lastly, she never refers to him as father, she always remembers him by his first name ._. Marty… so, that gives me a reason to believe all the more that shes his wife.

Thanks for reading! :D


File: 1375233097467.png (215.88 KB, 457x492, 1364367955318.png)


That makes sense. The only thing I don't know how would you catch in your theory is about Rick. Maybe Marty raped lisa, who knows.

That's the only flaw I found. Anyway, nice theory.



Did you see the 2nd ending that occurs if you watch the 3rd VHS tape? the tape's hidden pretty well, so you're near-guaranteed to overlook it if you don't know about it beforehand. It's found in the final, all-white area somewhat northeast of the starting location, if I remember correctly.

The main reason I mention it is cause it seemed to me like it was hinting towards the fate of Lisa's mother, though it's vague enough that I could be wrong.

While I think Lisa seems more likely to be Marty's daughter, both because of her appearance (her shortness + big head for her size makes her appear more childlike) and due to that scene I mentioned, I still think your theory makes sense in a lot of ways.


I think it's a fairly safe assumption to say Marty raped Lisa; the VHS tape "Tricky Rick" makes it pretty clear what he's supposed to symbolize, I'd say. Using the razor on him made me cringe a bit…


The 3rd tape really isn't hidden. You just have to [spoiler]walk right or left instead of up[spoiler]



Wow, it's really that simple? I guess it isn't all that hidden then, though it's still pretty easy to overlook, as well.

Also, spoilers are done with 2 asterisks before and after the text you want to hide.


Most of the items you collect are things you could use to kill someone.

Lisa has probably fantasized about killing her father, but could never go through with it.


Or maybe she did kill him? [spoiler]And maybe he's haunting her dreams in spite or revenge?[/spoiler]

A little out there but it's one of many possible theories.


Who knows, either way the message of the game stands. She can't ever escape him, no matter how hard she tries.


i just finished playing this game and im kinda wondering why so much people are having trouble interpreting it

i assume they didn't collect all the tapes because if you do it, it becomes clear its the story of a girl who got abused by her father after her mother died and then managed to escape, the game is about her trying to overcome her trauma and failing to do so

there's not really much room to interpretation


I disagree with you there, because in the date part you are talking about, they are using a plastic tea set. That suggests to me that Lisa is a little girl having a tea party. I think she looks like a woman because she is older, but still cannot escape the effects of the abuse. Additionally, she also has her own room. If they were husband and wife, I feel like they would share a bedroom. He doesn't treat her like a daughter because abusive parents dont treat their children like children.

As for calling him "Marty" instead of "dad" or "Father", it isn't actually stated that he is her father. He might be an uncle or something similar.

Or, perhaps he's hurt her so much that she can't think of him as a father anymore.


At most, he could be her step-father, but he's very clearly meant to be a father figure. She calls him Marty because she simply doesn't view him as family. How could she, after all? The tea-set and the VHS make me think that things used to be different before her mother died, or perhaps it was just her idealization of what she always wanted in a father.

Also, does anyone else think Lisa started off as a YN fangame? I can't help but notice a lot of similarities, especially in the way Lisa's sprite looks. It could just be inspiration though, like with the Earthbound aesthetic going on.



Maybe not quite a fangame, but possibly a tribute in it's own right. It has some of the similar aesthetics a fangame could have, but at the same time there are some elements that make it stand out on it's own.


All crosses in the game made me think wich Marty has started to join in a religious sect.



Other than Let's Plays, is there some kinda walkthrough for this? I'm intimidated/in love with the game but not enough to where I want to immerse myself in it that deeply- enough to find out where the hell I should be going



I don't think there is, but the entire game takes around 2 hours to finish even if you get lost or stuck a bit.

It's also kind of non-linear where many of the earlier items can be obtained in varying orders, so I'd suggest just exploring and asking here if you get stuck.

the hardest part is really avoiding the spiders anyway.


Lisa is a Trans woman. She and Marty are the same person.She hates her own penis.


File: 1398417166926.gif (845.67 KB, 245x151, (159).gif)

Oh, come on now. That's just… that's… oh my god.


I personally think Marty is Lisa's father because along with reasons people already started there is one things that really makes me think. In the VHS tape "Marty" where you see Marty and who appears to be Lisa, if you inspect the table it says there is a plastic teapot on the table. If you look at the scene while keeping the plastic teapot in mind it seems like a father, Marty, is playing, or having a pretend tea party with his daughter, Lisa.

Sorry if I suck at explaining it.



It annoys me how much sense this makes


and she's too poor to afford surgery because she spent all of her money on alcohol



Thank fucking god the second game makes it clear that Lisa is, in fact, abused Marty's daughter.
I wouldn't put it past you assholes to actually believe the trans theory.


File: 1434420467735.png (13.43 KB, 640x480, bright colors and asshole ….png)

i've been playing this game the past couple days and today my armpits started smelling funny - i'm not sure if it was the summer heat or the new deodorant - but while playing i kept periodically smelling my armpits and now i associate this game with my smelly armpits.

also fuck spiders.


100% agreed, fuck the spiders.
I could upload a version of the game without them if you want.


File: 1434673841691.png (12.04 KB, 640x480, uhh.png)

it probably should be noted that the area accessed from this statue can't be accessed again once you reach a certain part, so be sure you save right before going in.


that would be wonderful, thank you.


Here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gzfi9he2uci2c25/Lisa.7z?dl=0
Please let me know if you encounter any issues.


File: 1435972345285.png (87.26 KB, 591x278, hheh.png)


(armpit poster) this makes me incredibly happy.


I started up the game not too long ago, and Lisa won't stop going left. If I push right, she merely stops, and won't move right at all. Is there a way to stop this?


Yes, don't use enter as your interacting key, and minimize/maximize until it is fixed.


Disconnect any periferics you have and try again.


So what's the connection between this game and the creator's other game, also titled Lisa?



The two characters that appear in this game also appear in Lisa the Painful as the sister and dad of that game's main character. Playing this just gives you a better idea about those two characters.

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