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OFF my Mortis Ghost thread. I'm amazed this game doesn't get more love here. It's probably the second-best RPG Maker game (after Yume Nikki, of course). And it's also a highly surreal, moving, and original experience.
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>haven't seen much of the "bad side" except for the shipping
How about the people who don't like the game and have to see this shit everywhere



Yeah now we've just gotten into the dumbest trolling imaginable.


Doesn't this place have moderators?


See how nice and civil the thread was back in 2012


How new are you?


Just came this week, actually.


File: 1368147367423.jpg (103.74 KB, 534x620, sage2.jpg)

Oh well, let me tell you a story 'bout our beloved land we call ubuuchan


File: 1368149863178.jpg (281.37 KB, 599x780, 1367546115791.jpg)




calm down u german bitch go make sanwiches for shinji


>YN rated 4.5 due to lack of in-game effect location help
>Yume Nikki
>In-game help

inb4 the forecast calling for blazing sun and massive droughts for years on end


File: 1368153507476.png (256.32 KB, 460x287, cunts.png)

Alright that's all folks, be sure to join in on the Uboachan Collective Hate for more fun later!




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Touhou in all fields


File: 1368154203649.png (303.64 KB, 703x496, 1367481213768.png)


do want


File: 1368154314180.jpg (104.1 KB, 500x500, 1361810254001.jpg)


File: 1368154393892.jpg (175.79 KB, 429x600, 1362686070641.jpg)


Just when I thought the autism couldn't grow stronger.



File: 1368154804448.gif (44.02 KB, 569x326, congratulations_retards.gif)

>"tumblr is ruining Off"
>complaining about tumblr derails the discussion of the game itself and completely ruins the entire thread

Wow, thank you so much for freaking out over what people on some other website are doing! If it wasn't for you, this thread might've stayed on-topic and been worth reading!


Both spammers have been given a warning ban.
Keep Ubuu~~~ clean


holy crap what


File: 1368178338477.jpg (77.25 KB, 368x368, 1361010385433.jpg)

>touhomo idiots spamming up the thread


File: 1368192385199.jpg (614.6 KB, 1012x774, Foto-0003 (4).jpg)

Let's put this back on rails.
(I drew it. I was bored. Yeah, it sucks.)

There was this theory that says that the Judge is actually an anthrozoomorphization (sp?) of The Batter's schizophrenia. Naturally, goes hand-on-hand with the whole thing about the whole thing being a hallucination too.


File: 1368319152985.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.82 KB, 200x103, hugo 02.jpg)


I found this post, which shows a thing on phrases (mostly a mistranslation).
Now this changes so much things, answers some things, confuses the hell out of me and opens a heapload more of questions that I am not even kidding.

Such as holy hell, if The Batter and The Queen ain't human, then what they are? Also headcanon: The Batter may be one of the Elsen. Or the Elsen are based on him. The Bad Batter may be nothing more or less than his burnt form. Just compare them burnts (Pastel and Calvary) to the Bad Batter.
But goddamn, I am pouring way too many thoughts on a single game maybe?



Wow, that is very interesting. Definitely changes my interpretation of the game somewhat. Gotta say, I'm pretty curious to see what new theories people will come up with now that that particular mistranslation has been brought up.


File: 1368333043975.png (94.36 KB, 500x424, tumblr_mhjcpdrgFX1r65cleo1….png)



I wanted to talk about OFF here because I finally got into it but some people got mad because its popular and now theres no thread? Um Im sorry


File: 1368333637405.gif (458.1 KB, 500x333, mlfduriu8P1qz4rgp.gif)


All I gotta say is that I can't wait till version 2.1 comes out. I've replayed this game twice but I am all up for a 3rd or 4th time if need be.

Shit man, everything we believed was a lie


yeah right


File: 1368434781872.gif (641.72 KB, 300x500, youokayfella.gif)

I was watching an Off stream earlier; someone posted this .gif in chat and I thought it was pretty keen so I'll share it with you guys.

Complaining about Tumblr did more damage to this thread than Tumblr itself, can you please get the fuck over Tumblr already.

Version 2.1? What's that gonna have? (fingers crossed for some big fixes…)


File: 1368459467573.gif (197.64 KB, 500x375, mlzqlsHIBt1qm37aqo1.gif)

Haha I love gifs people make of Elsen becoming burnt here have another

As for 2.1 Mordis dug up some photoshop files for some game things and because of that it's easier to translate things like some books in the library (that had relevance to the story) due to the clearer picture. There's other reasons as well.

You can read the whole thing here: http://ridiculously-dilettantish.tumblr.com/post/48947719407/a-big-announcement-to-the-off-fandom


File: 1368578011118.jpg (78.12 KB, 300x801, batter 09.jpg)

Fuckery is everywhere. You cannot escape them.

They can't be reasoned with.
They can't be bargained with.
They don't feel pity over your poor game, remorse over pairing two characters that just interacted or fear over your Ilovedthisgaemb4u attempt.

And they won't stop, EVER, until the fanbase is DEAD by EXCESS of FUCKERY.

I did this also. Doesn't contain fuckery, just my speculations over backstory.

I'll be back.



>thread beings, discussion about Off

>people start complaining about Tumblr (instead of continuing the discussion)
>complaints derail thread, discussion stops
>some people decide to look past it, discussion slowly begins
>one link to a Tumblr post from the main translator of the English version
>people complaining about Tumblr (instead of continuing the discussion)




For anyone too busy being butthurt over Tumblr to read that post from the main translator of the English version:
–English reconstructions of the various images in the game that couldn't be translated into French because they (like some of the zone 2 library books) were visually incomplete; they have access to the original photoshop files, the source texts, and the fonts and can faithfully recreate them in English
–An .exe to install the game and the font files
–"Properly looping sound files!"
–Not mentioned in the post, but hopefully some more bugfixes and translation error corrections

Getting those images translated is something I'm definitely looking forward to!


>even worse than homestuck's

they are the homestuck fanbase you stupid fuck, that's the whole reason the game got so popular


it's one samefag saging the thread and whining about tumblr, notice the allcaps in his sage post


I am waiting for the new translation. I wonder how many things will change accordingly.


Can't we have peace? What happened ubuu?


That's actually true
I lol'd my organs


File: 1368636154981.jpg (55.37 KB, 500x349, monster 02.jpg)

Idiocy and self-entitlement happened, that's why. That's the truth. It's funny to see people rage with Iluvdisthingb4usoimsuperiorfyi even if that is a retarded argument. Yes, this applies ever since that YN project showed its face.

And back to the fucking topic,
I find it funny that everyone goes like "HOLY SHIT" at the whale enemy in Zone 2, but forget about the Green dopefish in Zone 1 that is acessible by stepping on a circular pad at the Pentel Farms (the part where they explain about metal and you have to purify the barns)


I don't know what's going on in here so I'm just going to ignore it and say I like this game, but especially love the world. I love rules and how shit works and can't work, so I especially appreciate the elements and stuff like that.


File: 1370117000989.png (Spoiler Image, 183.85 KB, 640x480, reactionpicdatass.png)


i often wonder if mortis ghost was making reference to Dali's idea of baseball as a metaphor for life? Dali was going to do a segment for Fantasia using the baseball as metaphor concept, but it didnt quite get completed or make the cut for fantasia's initial release.


File: 1370376912000.gif (1014.34 KB, 220x330, tumblr_mb2s5ukHp11rqakfzo1….gif)

You know, I've found this gif and got reminded myself of the burnts.
Funny thing is, this is the dehydration of sugar in sulfuric acid. Sugar.
Well, maybe that's where Mortis Ghost got the burnt idea from…


File: 1370381612141.png (397.64 KB, 1280x960, Comi1b.png)

Oh, really? That is an interesting comparison to make.

Also another thing: I just realized yesterday at night that The Bad Batter may be not only a monster, but a fusion of the three zone bosses by their characteristics. Considering that the three Add-ons Seemingly disappear at the battle and it is implied that it may have fused ot something upon the fight, and that the three are linked to the guardians, it makes the Bad Batter's form make more sense: Huge hands/arms and large amounts of teeth with blank eyes for Dedan, avian-like shape (remember the end of Sugar's fight, where she compares the Batter to a ducky?) and even the pose, that somewhat resembles an open-winged bird. And size-changing (debatable)/agility stat for Enoch.


According to Mortis the Bad Batter is really just how the Judge sees him after what he's done. It's a cool aspect, I think; your opinion of a person and really change the way you view them. A person you hate would seem uglier than if you loved them.


I considered that too. But look at his design, then at the post I made at >>2526. It certainly raises some very, very interesting implications.
A Not So Different (from the very same peeps he defeated) scenario in the Judge's eyes, perhaps? After all, he maybe knew of everyday's suffering, but never could have done a thing… Or maybe he could have done something, but never did for unknown reasons.

Also, there is another thing: What if our dear Batter wasn't even related to Hugo in the way we think?
And, if the Batter comes from Hugo's imagination, and considering that he's forgotten about, what if the whole Batter's mission is a bizarre metaphor for suicide?


File: 1372151152303.png (28.59 KB, 640x480, mo4fc3Jey51rvqwefo1.png)

So uh someone has started to make a fan sequel/spin-off for this game called Home. It takes place (at least based on what I've collected) in the reset world that takes place after the events of OFF and follows The Judge. Everything in the game is completely NOT canon when it comes to OFF.

Right now it's still in progress and at version .045 with a demo being out for bug testing. You can play up to finishing Zone 2 I think.

Info for it can be found here: http://felix0.tumblr.com/tagged/home-%28off-spinoff%29

and the current demo here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/15a0mmmkdtnnxg5/Home0.4.5.zip

I wasn't exactly sure where to put this so I'm posting it here. So far I'm really liking it. It feels a lot like how Space Funeral Earth Birth is to the original Space Funeral. Something familiar with something new to give us more of what we love.


I've also heard about Reset (another fangame). It's located here:


Too bad it's still in the development stage. I'm always apprehensive about fan-projects without demos as development hell is always frequent.

And if anybody is curious about Home the creator's page changed. It's now: http://felix-the-judge.tumblr.com/tagged/home-%28off-spinoff%29

and is now up to version 0.7.3 which will take you as far as finishing Zone 3 and a short sneak peak into Zone 4


File: 1385031682506.jpg (39.2 KB, 377x450, black-man-crying-6023548.jpg)

Not sure if this is even related to the game itself, but this and a few other RPG maker games have recently stopped working and spawn a bunch of error message pop ups instead. What's going on and how can I get around this?

Maybe that's what I get for trying to play at work, though.


File: 1385104579831.png (7.97 KB, 627x480, ;o;.png)

I have no problems with RPGmaker and unless you have screencaps of the problem it's really hard to help you. Have you done anything different with them?

In other news there's like a dozen more like 5 OFF fangames popping out of the woodwork. At the moment only one of them is complete "Unknown" (I can't remember if Clueless is also finished it might be) and HOME's development is still in progress at the creator's new url: http://thejudge.tumblr.com/tagged/home-%28off-spinoff%29

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