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saya no uta
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1335224571528.png (176.51 KB, 495x700, Ib-san.png)


So, guys… i would like to play games similar to Ib or Yume Nikki, but i'm not interested AT ALL in yume nikki fangames.

Btw, i've played .flow and i love it.

Can you suggest me something?


How about "The Mirror Lied?"

It's short, but it's pretty interesting to play.


>played .flow and i love it.
>i'm not interested AT ALL in yume nikki fangames

Neftelia and Get Out.
No, seriously, get out.


File: 1335247297058.png (587.13 KB, 500x707, Ib garry.png)

OP here.


Thanks, i'm downloading it now.


I played .Flow before Yume Nikki… and i do believe it is way better. At least .Flow makes sense to me, and i wouldn't consider it just a fangame like the other i saw here on the /fg/ board.

I don't like the so called "yume nikki fangames" because i see them as unfinished projects which make no sense AT ALL… so, i wouldn't play them AT ALL because mostly all of them don't have endings… just maps to explore and… yeah. It's frustrating to me walking on circles.

I though Yume Nikki was a fangame of .Flow because this was the first RPG Maker Game I've ever played since a friend suggested me to play it. She didn't say anything about YN, nor even this imageboard, but i got here looking for more games like that.

I'm not really interested on discussing my opinions on yume nikki fangames. I'm here just because i want to play more games like these ones i mentioned.

I liked Ib a lot, i wish i could find more games like this one AND .Flow. (or Yume Nikki, but finished projects, not fangames)

I know there will be more .Flow updates, but there ARE endings on it already.

Thanks for the suggestions. And i won't get out.
Good day.

Suggest me more, please!


Well you just said Yume Nikki didn't make sense to you and nor did the fangames. So in that way, you see .flow (it's stylized this way btw. The more you know) as more complete than the main game. What you probably didn't see is the 0.5-0.8 versions of .flow which barely had any sense to them at all.
PS Yume Nikki will have more updates. (or at least so Kikiyama said)
So if you won't get out, at least recognise you didn't know about its development.

Neftelia and Neftelia 2 are good choices, btw. Kataribesou might be a bit hard to run, being based on the broken Japanese edition of RPG Maker XP, but it's generally a lot of fun if you know a bit of Japanese.


OP, try Battletoads



I think it depends on how far you're willing to go to play these games. You probably never heard about LSD Dream Emulator, but that's the game where all this "dream exploration" subgenre sprang from. It has an absurd amount of random events, so much so that it's almost impossible to see everything. On the downside, there's no real ending

Also, is dialog acceptable or are you just looking for a game that mimics .flow?

Either way, I'd recommend the Yume Nikki fangame Me. It has endings, and is very heavily based on .flow, so it fits your description of what you're looking for


Jesus Christ relax already. The OP just made an enormous post saying he doesn't know about anything and just wants new games to play. He neither bashed YN nor claimed to have any knowledge regarding the development of any of these games

.flow was introduced to him, he liked it, and came here looking for more. That is all. Why the hell should he have to get out, or even recognize he doesn't know about something he never stated he knew about in the first place?


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about "Me".
Here's the latest (and most likely final) version>

There's also another complete (I think; it at least has an ending) fangame called "Mewn">

I haven't really played much of either though.


File: 1335294076014.jpg (318.79 KB, 450x450, garry.jpg)


I said FANGAMES don't make sense to me at all, not yume nikki, actually, i like it too. That's why i'm looking for games like that one.

And i DO recognize i don't know enough about these kind of games, that's why i came here to look for suggestiongs, not to bitch about how much i don't like unfinished games. Sorry if i seemed to do that, i didn't come here to get drama.


I like this kind of obscure games with endings. Exploration of maps and events it's fun for a while, but it makes me feel somehow empty when i play them, and i become too anxious for the new releases. I guess i wouldn't play them just to get disappointed waiting for more.

Thank you a lot for your concern.

I played yesterday Answered Prayers and i loved it as far as i explored it. But when i saw at the archive in its website and i just gave up that game.

I accept playing games with dialogs like the Ib ones, but with at least, one ending, even if it's a suicide one.

Oh, btw, i can't play japanese fangames since my computer won't allow me to change language settings. I could play only locale versions, which shortens my possible options list.
One more thing
>post saying he doesn't know about
i'm a girl.



Thanks a lot for your suggestions.



There aren't that many obscure exploration games with endings I guess. Was thinking about To The Moon but it doesn't really seem to fit what you're looking for


>>1037 I never said anything about OP getting out, as you seem to think I have.
>I said fangames don't make sense

>At least .Flow makes sense to me

I'm sorry, but you did say that.
Also please don't send Nana after me again, it's not very kind of you.

On a lighter note, did you ever try either of the Neftelia games, or Kataribesou? That's just about what you're gonna find.



It's right there

In your post

>"So if you won't get out"


Derp, what the heck is going on here?

Nekumata and other anons, it seems you don't like my friend's opinion, but it's her first time here… Dude… that's really unfair

She came here just to find out more about other games like Yume Nikki or Ib… I know she might be wrong because she doesn't know almost anything, but she said was sorry, ok? why would she get out? geez…

Only because she doesn't like fangames? well, next time, leave a statement in the rules of posting the expression of opinions banned… damn :c

Why can't you be nice to mai waifu? She's a noob, but mai waifu after all.


Uboachan - the chan for all your family needs!

If she doesn't like YN, WHY IS SHE HERE AT ALL

Also everyone is anonymous and has the right to say whatever, so if you don't like it, you get out.


Try Ao Oni.

It's sort of similar, and has to potential to be scary depending on how into it you get.



Fuck you and go back to make drama somewhere else.


Oh, hey!

Another good one I reccomend is "To The Moon."

You're pretty much two people who's job is to go into people's memories, and change them around as to make their life goal seem accomplished.

It's pretty neat.


File: 1335400088479.jpg (292.42 KB, 500x500, Ib and Mary.jpg)

Op here

Played Ao Oni and i have to say… Mother Of God, that was really awesome game!

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, everybody, i feel so flatered!
It seems i can't play Neftelia, oh well, i'll keep trying.

Where can i download "to the moon"?



>that was really awesome game!

a* really awesome game!

sorry, derpette


File: 1335402510203.jpg (108.08 KB, 631x606, 1252330881081.jpg)

So you're interested after all? Guess I was wrong then

Here, this link seems to work just fine



>To The Moon
>Pirate one of the best gaming experiences ever
You should've at least presented a link for buying the game. Jeez, this thread is maximum shit.



The question was "Where can i download "to the moon"?", and I answered. That's all there is to it, really


Ao Oni is, and always will be one of my favorite games.

If you like creepy surrealism, you should try a game called "Which" It's really short, but It's a good one.

(….And I know it's completely unrelated to Yume Nikki, but you should play through Hatoful Boyfriend for laughs. )


File: 1335562677158.jpg (154.61 KB, 500x500, ib.jpg)

Op here, thanks for all the suggestions.

I played LCDem and i really loved it.
To the moon was really amazing and i'm playing an Ao Oni spin off.

I think i've changed my opinion about Fangames after giving a chance and playing 2kki, which had a lot of things to do. It was pretty neat, i wish it were complete.


File: 1351664781161.gif (147.15 KB, 544x416, TWHScreen1.gif)

Try "The Witch's House". It's an interesting little surreal and violent RPG/puzzle game. You can grab it here: http://vgboy.dabomstew.com/other/witchhouse.htm


>pirating games

Enjoy your viruses, douchebag.


>Implying virus scan don't exist or something



Thanks a lot for mentioning that. I just finished playing it, and I found it very enjoyable from start to end; I definitely second that recommendation.


I'd like to third the suggestion of playing The Witch's House. It's relatively short but it's damned good and genuinely frightening at times.


what about the witch's house?



I just finished Corpse Party Rebuilt (an English language remake of the original Corpse Party that was on PC-9801) myself, but I'm not sure if I'd recommend it. PSP Corpse Party was lots better.


yet another recommendation for The Witch's House, as I'm not aware of many horror games made in RPGMaker that have already been translated


File: 1354394390719.gif (825.51 KB, 360x203, tumblr_mcsl9pIcNf1qlmw3h.gif)

So… i played the witch's house…
I felt really bad after playing it, i ended up deleting the game and i am not willing to play it anymore. The real endings just make me feel way too sad to play that motherducker again.

But yeah, it's a pretty good game, it's enjoyable and a must play definitively.

Corpse Party Rebuilt was just amazing. I played it a lot of times to see all the endings. I do not have the chance to play the PSP one, but the remake of the 96 version was pretty sweet. It made me feel very satisfied after playing that.

BTW, Have you guys played Space Funeral? I guess i'm about to play it after finishing HetaOni

Pic unrelated.


Guys, hey guys…


Have you played this? it's called Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer

I totally recommend it


File: 1623413634745-0.jpg (15.86 KB, 474x266, MTG21.jpg)

File: 1623413634745-1.jpg (45.98 KB, 478x288, c5f.jpg)


File: 1624396097302.jpg (182.38 KB, 480x640, EL1EunNUUAALcCQ.jpg)

Sup guys. Here's the fresh translation of 鏡ノ悪魔 (Devil of the Mirror).
Hope you'll enjoy it!

And read the ReadMe before playing, pls.


The game's page on Freem:

p.s: keep in mind, the translation was made by a bunch of ESL, so have mercy on us and report of any grammar mistakes that you found.


File: 1625044552969-0.jpg (510.88 KB, 1338x1646, GRPB.jpg)

File: 1625044552969-1.jpg (1.04 MB, 2098x2780, MTG23.jpg)

Still modding SKYRIM


try OFF! its probably my favorite game of all time


I agree with >>6161, off is great. Also check out vgperson's translations. (The Crooked Man, Misao etc.) https://vgperson.com/


File: 1626563082092.jpg (38.78 KB, 680x364, EzcMNAxXIAIVzbS.jpg)

Guys, is there a chance that somebody of you do have these titles, or at least know where can I get them?

1. 記憶少女
2. 魔王姉妹の憂鬱
3. Clown's pavilion
4. くるくる斜視子はステキな魔法
5. Chime
6. ゴーストホスピタル demo
7. Hotel337
8. セイギノミカタ
9. 大魔導大戦
11. Hand
12. 13-Monsters-
13. 茜街奇譚 -Akanemachi kitan-
14. LordreDesFilles
15. 境界線一歩手前
16. マサウの館 (Ver.XX)/マサウの館Ver.Σ:Final edition
17. スクールエンド (完成版)
20. 今日の夜も眠れない
21. Eyes Without a Face
22. DeepStroke ver1.7
23. hash beat step
24. なんとしても、兵士は姫を助ける話
25. 佐天さんの日
26. Endless End
27. BustZero
28. http://jewelryprincess.net/fragrance.html)
29. グレナサクリファイス
30. どうぶつえんEX
31. 新ずるずるさん
32. TheSword of Lagoon
33. ギャロウズ横丁の羊たち
34. NINA in the house
35. 救済のFluch
36. Ido no Akai
37. 家に帰ると知らない男の子が眠っていた件
38. Ruki no Zetsubo ~[ルキの絶望]~
39. 偏愛のFairy Tale
40. 僕らはまだ学校にいた
41. リベロアストーリア
42. 首斬りの部屋
43. 憂愁のアンゲルス
44. 平泳ぎハロウィーン
45. https://shadow-arc-games.itch.io/the-endless-corridor



File: 1626677838888.png (883.79 KB, 1200x900, 0501.png)


Thank you very much, Anon-senpai.



>1. 記憶少女

This is still available on freem.

>3. Clown's pavilion

We have a thread about this with links to Clown's Pavilion 1 and 2:
Haven't been able to locate Clown's Pavilion 3. If anyone has it, please upload it.

>4. くるくる斜視子はステキな魔法


>9. 大魔導大戦

It needs the SRC engine and Flash Player installed to be playable.

>11. Hand + HANDOU

HAND1.6 HANDOU1.0.rar

>21. Eyes Without a Face


>22. DeepStroke ver1.7


>23. hash beat step

The download link is available on the game's website, but THE ARCHIVE IS CORRUPT. I am providing the file for reference, but I don't think you can do anything with it.


File: 1628415246749.jpg (133.92 KB, 600x745, 1611282104882.jpg)


You're my Kami-sama, anon! Thanks a lot.


Thank you so much for translating Devil of the Mirror (鏡ノ悪魔), I really enjoyed this game.

This RPG Maker 2000 game uses movie snippets, and as you noted in the README, there's a problem with playing those back. The problem is that the videos are h264/MPEG4 .avi files, and RPG Maker wants to get Windows to play them, but without the appropriate codecs, it will result in the game crashing and throwing a "No such interface supported" error.

The fix is very simple: install ffdshow (https://sourceforge.net/projects/ffdshow-tryout/files/latest/download). With this installed, you can play the game in full screen mode using the original interpreter (StartFullscreen.exe) on Windows 10.

I think it's still not perfect because while some videos played properly stretch to fill the entire screen, some of them played in the upper left portion of the screen. I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but it isn't very distracting.


did you get the latest version? There have been some changes to the video encoding


Ah, I see, so there's an even later version. I was still on Devil of the Mirror (ENG) 22.06.21. I just tried Devil of the Mirror (ENG) 11.07.21, and it seems to be working perfectly, with the videos playing properly in full screen. Very nice, thank you.


>16. マサウの館 (Ver.XX)/マサウの館Ver.Σ:Final edition
Only could find the 1.7 version, so not the version you wanted, so not gonna put it here.

>31. 新ずるずるさん

Can be found still in the vector page of the author:
Apparently the title is just ずるずるさん

>37. 家に帰ると知らない男の子が眠っていた件

It is here for free download you need a pixiv account to download it tho

>40. 僕らはまだ学校にいた



File: 1643278236921.jpg (157.14 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


Thank you a lot, senpai!


File: 1644068306069.jpg (10.29 KB, 259x194, transferir (2).jpg)

>20. 今日の夜も眠れない
This game can still be found on the creator along side two others games by him in the same google drive (first google drive link):

Thanks. So here is a small update.


File: 1644330398944.png (63.17 KB, 518x361, ib.png)

Do you think Ib follows the Hero's Journey?


kinda, it's a horror isekai


File: 1655473012769.png (172.28 KB, 544x416, EP3.png)

Play Hello Charlotte! and it's sequels.


File: 1655483617755.png (Spoiler Image, 852.7 KB, 1920x1080, Hello Charlotte better.png)


L Depth came out and got a translation recently. It's pretty spooky.

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