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A major software upgrade has just been completed. Please report any issues to the administrator.

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Due to unreliability and security issues (that have absolutely no relation to a fear of Mediafire suffering the same faith as Megaupload), I have decided to migrate all my files to Dropbox. I have enough capacity (around 6.5GB) to store a big load of data, so hosting all the essential files (and other things) shouldn't be a problem.

At this moment, all the Mediafire links found in the "Essential Files" thread are down, sorry for the inconvenience.


So… where are the download links?

It shouldn't take this long to put them up, especially in DROPBOX, it only takes a few seconds after all (I have Dropbox myself).


File: 1338153642761.jpg (229.53 KB, 493x500, paafecto_.jpg)

You, sir, are truly an idiot.

Do you expect me to show any activity during my period of isolation outside the community?

Why won't you just stop bothering me. You're all people with no life other than making everyone else work for you, and expecting to receive what you claim without being asked for anything on exchange.

I'm too busy dealing with my own life, I don't have any time to waste on ridiculous things such as doing favors to random people I don't even know at all and who will not compensate me in any way for my hard work.


By the way, I was being sarcastic back there. But it's hard to express sarcasm on plain text.

So, guys, I've actually been rather busy, but I'm trying to gather some files now. Due to my crappy ~100KB/s upload speed, it'll take probably not an eternity, but almost, to upload everything. Right now I'm putting in here the latest versions I have of Atelierizumi's games (Houchou Shoujo Gensoukyoku and Memories of Replica), the 24 Effects album and my OST projects (.flow's needs a small re-tagging work). I think I need to redo the YN and .flow installers, and translate .flow 0.16 and 0.17 (yes, the two versions). I will also provide a download for cross-platform Saya no Uta, full with DS and Android versions. If I ever get more sharing space, I'll provide Umineko for PC, DS and Android too. That's all.

All files will be in tar.gz, I hope you guys don't mind that.

I'll be putting links here as they come up, but once everything is done, I'll put it all together on a new thread, since post editing is nonexistent in the new uboachan.


File: 1338303238897.png (26.74 KB, 400x400, b2c9655e5e834b178be695bbea….png)


File: 1338383049976.jpg (47.56 KB, 334x500, 358bsm.jpg)

Pic pretty related. That was really rude, and I bet it wasn't sarcastic at all.


>using 'no life' on ubuu

Because there is a need to criticize someone for such a serious, absolutely intended, and well-considered post.


You either posted in the wrong place or neglected to actually look at the thread.



If you want a flamewar, so be it

But I'm out


Hey neku, cousin, let's go bowling :V


Sorry, maybe another time.


While I do realise you're doing this for lulz, mod impersonation is serious business, even if it's obvious. Please don't do it.


And nobody gave a fuck when everyone impersonated Ms. W00t (though not a mod) and caused a bunch of unwarranted confusion and irrational hatred to be levelled at several people.

I wasn't even trying to in any way even look like I was impersonating you or trick anyone into believing I was you. Maybe you should go and solve some real problems instead of yelling at random people for stupid shit.


File: 1338412217758.png (1 KB, 400x400, 8bit constanza.png)

Global rules, rule 6: Do not attempt to impersonate members of the moderation staff.

He was just warning you, we know it was a joke. Chill out. ^^;



I know the goddamn rules. I'm just saying mods could be solving real fucking problems and stop selectively and vaguely enforcing rules.

I could swear serious trolling was against the rules, but I don't recall mods intervening in the Ms. W00t debacle, despite a number of users playing with her mental stability. So how is what I did—making a shitty joke and in no way attempting to use Neku's name or trip—construed as an impersonation attempt when clearly no attempt was made to impersonate Neku at all.

And yeah, you don't have to remind me that you can see IPs. I know you can fucking see IPs.


Quoting neku: I do realise you're doing this for lulz

Wait what? When did he or I ever state that we thought it was serious? @_@ All he did was give you a warning, that just in case you or anyone else viewing this thread actually attempted to do that, it would not end well. That's all.

As for mswoot, she was a troll herself, and fairly mentally unstable without anyone's interference. I know this because I've talked to her both on uboacraft and on the irc. The response she got wasn't as bad as it could have been, and was to be expected. To stop the drama and confusion caused by her, she was banned after discussing it with our lovely mods/admins. So if you see any more mswoots, be sure that's not her. Same goes for kuri, by the way.


I'm sorry for starting this fight, now everything is a mess again.

I just keep messing up everything, god damn it all. :<


File: 1338415138721.jpg (259.21 KB, 700x715, come outside.jpg)

Don't worry, it really isn't your fault. ^^; *patpat*

Ubuu has been pretty angry the last couple of days. Don't blame yourself.


I'm reuploading Saya no Uta right now. I'll put the link once it's done. In half an hour or so, apparently.

Meanwhile, I'll re-tag the .flow OST and get to work on translating the game.

I'll also repack YN again.



Looks like uploading Umineko will take half a day.
Seems reasonable since the whole darn thing is ~4GB, even with the highest compression I could manage to use.
I'll keep you people updated, for now, I'll be taking some time away from Uboa Engine development to work on YN and .flow translations/repacks.


Oh my god I can't believe it uploaded!
Here, have episodes 1-4 of umineko. Should work nicely on windows right from the very beginning, and on linux you should just shove this on /usr/games/umineko and install onscripter-en

The archive should open fine with 7-zip (I hope so) on windows. On linux you can just tar -xf it.


Episodes 5-8 uploaded too.
My Dropbox is now at 72% capacity. :P


The ordering on the .flow OST is really off. It starts with BGM0, then suddenly goes to BGM11 for no reason, then all the way to BGM19, then back to BGM2, then all over the twenties, and so on… seriously, what the hell?


I wish I could contact the original tagger for that. I'll correct it now


new revision should be up in 30 minutes, with the same exact link.


I guess now people will throw an autistic rage fit because I forgot to re-organize one of the tracks (track 51 should be track 5 hurr durr)


The raging autistic people beg and threaten you to fix this mistake immediately.


alrighty then~ :3


updated .flow OST will be up in same link in 30 minutes.


Someone can upload the Yume 2kki and Yume Nisshi OST, please?


As I said some time ago, 2kki is too unstable and changes too much to make an OST. Better wait until new versions stop coming twice or thrice a week.

For a Nisshi OST I'd need help with tagging since I haven't played it.


Will you translate the new .flow versions?

fuck yes, thank you based Marisa


Here, have the latest repacks of Yume Nikki 0.10 and .flow 0.15.
I have only included the game content, nothing more. Everything else (applocale, making it work on wine/darwine) is up to you.



I can't find "Yume Nikki Remix Album" and "Yume Nikki: Mixed".

Can anyone help me, sharing the links for those albuns, please?

[spoiler]inb4 Yes, someone can.[/spoiler]


why are you hijacking my thread just to ask that?


File: 1342201067049.jpg (18.2 KB, 320x294, 134201861784.jpg)

Because I can't find the link for those albuns and I thought that someone here could help me.

I'm sorry if I use the wrong thread for ask this.


Download links and other stuff are now also located at my not-very-active site


Link's broken.


"not-very-active" means what it says on the tin. Don't expect the link to work 24/7.


But when does it work? All the times I've tried it, it just fails.


Usually every day from 12AM to 12PM… at least in my timezone.


It's working right now!

Downloading OSTs like the motherfucking fist of the north star


File: 1345292355199.jpg (25.18 KB, 200x338, de0d23a9052a7a40a9ce3a6fa5….jpg)

I made a section for guides and stuff:


Announcing extended server downtime due to VMWare crapping over Linux kernel 3.5.x support. The servers will come back once there's a fix for it.


Aaaand it's back.


The files for your repacks of .flow and YN are strangely named/corrupted for some reason? I opened them with Japanese Locale and 7-zip and everything, but they're all differently named compared to the "unpacked" .flow/YN versions.


Finally someone reports a problem.

I actually didn't notice this, since I don't even use Windows anymore. <.<

I don't know how this could be fixed, the problem is that the filenames are in utf-8 but 7-zip doesn't support that encoding. Maybe you could run tar xf on it through cygwin.


Hey, those files in your dropbox aren't gzip, they're only .tar


they're tar.gz


not according to fileroller, they only extract when renamed to .tar


The Yume Nikki and .flow OST links gives me a 404.

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