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File: 1406892037646.gif (374.86 KB, 500x400, tumblr_n971lrnFIJ1tf9wueo1….gif)



New version:
Title bugged
Still without load/save


File: 1406892092308.gif (1.06 MB, 500x400, tumblr_n971lrnFIJ1tf9wueo2….gif)


File: 1406907675179.gif (1.31 MB, 500x401, tumblr_n971lrnFIJ1tf9wueo3….gif)


Looks pretty but why is it a sidescroller?


In a first time was a rpg/platform game, but, this version it's preatty short, some maps where deleted because the huge number of buggs, multimedia fusion seem not be able to to rpg maker games.

This version just has platform game style.

Also thanks! I hope you enjoy it!


I don't think you need to make a new thread for each version
Regardless, nice work


This is something original and new, here developlebs, learn, download this and stop making cloned games.


I'm sorry but none of the post in uboachan of this game are made by myself so I don't have control on them, but it seems some of you're interested in this project (which I didn't expect) maybe in the 0.04 I'll make a single post for this game. Also, thanks!
I feel flattered about your comment but, think that make a game has their time, all games have their importance, traditional or not.
Anyways, I happy you like it that much!


This game should be spreaded more


what's up with the jumping, by the way? sometimes you need to wait for it to jump after you press the jump key, other times you don't?


Probably a bug. Timer stuff or something.


I try but this isn't liked by everyone.
They already told me that, not actually a bug particularly. The fact is before jumping the character goes down for a second, I supposed that this could improve the graphics and the jumping feeling, but it seems I fuck it up in that. I'm just going to take that off or do the movement faster.



it's just when I play platforming games I'm used to getting a jump the moment I press the jump button and without having to wait a bit, and this threw me off a little.


Sorry about that, while I try to fix that I suggest move to sides a bit while jump.
Also now I'm doing for do that movement faster and no need to jump in the stairs I hope that improve the gameplay.


File: 1416103998637.png (184.18 KB, 488x403, 11118299700000182.png)

Some preview of the 0.04 i'm working


Yes I do dig it.


whoaa this certanly looks good, keep on the good work there.


Now this. Now THIS is awesome. Keep up the good work.


File: 1416246512245.png (419.03 KB, 1280x724, pb.png)


Coma is the biggest gift to mankind


Learn tumblr devfagets, this is a game


Awww ye


File: 1416435485587.gif (3.4 MB, 400x334, lol.gif)

omg omg thanks for all your comments, especially M-256 who has return from her grave,
I add some gif showing up the battle thing I've made this week, which it's pretty funny and buggy. as always


File: 1416512331559.png (491.9 KB, 592x909, 1290720225983.png)

Holy shit! that weapon is pretty more interesting than a knife


combat too? god damn you're going all out with this, i'm excited!

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