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File: 1384043325897.jpg (159.04 KB, 1024x768, abyss.jpg)


I'm currently developing a game in unity and wanted to ask help from this board in particular. I'm not quite yet ready to show anything yet (everything is in early stages at the moment you can only move and cycle through a test effect menu as well as use a few test effects) but I wanted to get feedback on certain things.

In a month or two I will present the more intricate details about this game, and its style.

Here are a few things that I've finished or am confidant in saying:

The game handles pretty much exactly as Yume Nikki handles.

The perspective is similar to the perspective in RPG maker simply in 3D. This gives a bit more freedom in regards to camera angles.

The Effects menu is now a small scrolling set of items which can be cycled using "Q" and "E" alternatively if you're using the YN control scheme you can cycle through the menu using "A" and "D".

When all of the visual GUI components are completed, the menu will present itself visually as a thought bubble above the player's head. There, three items are shown, the Effect you're currently using, the effect before it and the effect after it. The menu will endlessly cycle and is smoothly animated. You can confirm your choice using the "spacebar" or "enter" keys or simply close the menu.

I'm trying to remove most screen covering menus with alternatives like that to make everything feel a bit more natural.

At the start of this thread I'll only be passing various game mechanics and concepts to you guys for some feedback, as it progresses I'll be showing you some art, and music assets too.

Phew, if you read that wall of text thank you, and hopefully we can get a good dialogue going.


It sounds interesting.





I began working on it not too long ago as practice to see if I could recreate the Yume Nikki functionality in Unity. I'm fairly close to being done with the basics and am about to take a bit of a break from coding to do some concept art and music.

I actually attempted something like this a couple years back but I didn't know nearly enough about 3D modeling or programming to seriously try it. Now I know a hell of a lot more.

Unfortunately, at the moment all I feel comfortable with showing you is a bit of music I made after some inspiration.




There may be some people here who recognize my stuff as I've posted here before.

As for questions, I'd like to know your opinions on a few things:

As I'm writing it out now the game is a bit more directed than Yume Nikki. Instead of explaining everything up front I will be attempting to kind of roll out the explanation into the game play giving context clues as to what you can do.

As it is right now there will be small bits of voice acting from various characters across the game's worlds (the main character never speaks) these characters will not really be introduced or set up, they simply exist in these worlds doing what they do much like the characters that don't speak.

When the game is further along would you rather the releases of this game be rolling like most fan games (v0.40, v0.50 etc…) Personally I'm more for waiting until it's done but I'd like your feedback on that.



Are you working in C#? Also, will you make it open source?

Interesting, I want to see how this turns out.



Yes I am working in C#

and I actually was thinking about releasing a bare bones project file which would basically be the simple functionality plus a couple of test effects for people to make more 3D fan games with.

That might be a little ways out though. My code is commented and readable to me, but I'd like to simplify some functions, and make it a little easier to understand.


The music's a bit fine.
I like it.


The age of 3D fangames is upon us!


File: 1389960576767.png (68.28 KB, 595x430, Testroom.png)

(The image is "The Test Room" with the placeholder player character. My purgatory for the last two months of off and on development. It's not very pretty, but it all works very smoothly. Those boxes are test effects; They could look like anything but I've made them boxes. As you can see my creativity is unmatched.)

Hey guys. It's been a while, I wanted to give a little bit of an update on the state of this project.

The working title for this project is "Fade" but it's likely this will change. Once again, I can't guarantee where this project will end up, but I can report on the status, and my goals for the future.

Currently GUI elements are bare bones (without animation), but slowly moving to their final state.

I had gotten hung up on a few really tenacious bugs for a while as well as trying to wrap my head around a certain script. Thankfully those have been dealt with and I can feel my momentum coming back.

I had made it a rule that I wouldn't start a lot of the heavier pre-production until the basic engine was complete as to not get ahead of myself, and I think I made the right decision. As of right now I'm just finishing up the functionality on some of the lower priority things (hopefully I won't find more crazy bugs) and have been slowly transitioning for a few weeks now.

For the near-future I plan on really nailing down the intricate details for the game's design beyond its Yume Nikki roots. I'll stop programming, and start focusing on characters, and the various denizens of the dream world as well as the game progression.

The code isn't too modular right now, but I've been a bit mindful during some of the process. I have to admit I've been more focused on getting stuff working for now, but I've been keeping up with it through commenting. I want to release a game, and then I'll try my hand at further polishing the code and releasing something simpler for you guys to use. I would say you would need a basic understanding of C# and moderate to heavy knowledge of the Unity program to fully utilize what I would release by the end of this project.

Now, for the game that I'm making with all that stuff…

I've already decided I want there to be more of a sense of progression than Yume Nikki. For now that's kind of all I want to say as this project is still very much in its pre-production stage with only the basic functionality present.

This brings me to my request. I'd like to find one or two people to work on this game with, preferably a visual artist (bonus if you can do 3d modeling) and a writer. The reason for this is that this project will potentially be fairly large, and I really like the idea of working with people and having a small group to bounce things off of each other. If any of you are interested shoot me an e-mail with some examples of your work.

That's all for now.





And although it doesn't have anything to do with this project I've still been working on my music at the same time trying to get a bit better at that so I can produce quality stuff for the project.



>tfw I've always wanted to make a 3D dream game but simply refuse to use anything but a custom engine built from scratch
>tfw it will be vaporware before I even sit down to work on it

I think you're approaching this the right way, OP. I've considered using Unity but avoided it because of its proprietary license. I appreciate you considering releasing your code as open source. I may use it if you do, despite my problem with Unity.
I know that Yume Nikki 3D uses a free engine, and its oldness is atmospheric and works perfect for what Zykov intended to do, but it's too limited to work with what I wanted.
Best of luck, sorry for talking about myself, I just wanted to say that this all inspires me, and I'll be sure to give it a try.



I'm glad to be inspiring someone. It's why I got interested in making games in the first place – to inspire people.

[spoiler]Looks like I don't need to make games anymore! Bye![/spoiler]

But, seriously – thanks.

Here's some more music that I was working on.


The notes at the beginning are what I'm calling dream tones. They won't be in every song in the dream world but are an audible representation of reminding you and our character that they're in a dream and achieving lucidity (kind of like pinching yourself) This is kind of one of those things that wouldn't be explained in the game itself but I really liked the idea of it so I kind of want to sneak them in songs. This one is quite a bitter sweet melody, our main character wants to remind themselves that this is a dream, yet they periodically lose themselves to it so the dream chimes are repeated quite often here.


Here's a question for you all:

How would you feel about the inclusion of a story within the dream world that progresses as you progress? This story wouldn't be something that reveals the meaning behind the dreams, but it would just supply the player with purpose. While the story itself would be fairly linear, the way it would be written wouldn't railroad you. This story would just be something to give the game a bit more of a direction.


It is Ok if you think this will make your game better.
It seems like some puzzle solving, is it?


I'm really liking the idea of dream tones, though soundcloud isn't allowing me to listen to it for whatever reason. Music has always seemed like a nice focus for dream games.

Basically this
No need to worry about traditionalism in a case like this if you believe it will enhance it.




It's not in the very beginning anymore but it's the three somewhat distant chimes that repeat through the duration of the song.


Something like that. An example might be an effect that gets something somewhere and a different effect that activates it to start another chain of events, or allow you into a certain area. I'm planning on having effects that will be purely aesthetic though, and others that may just seem purely aesthetic. The "Puzzles" will probably feel somewhat reminiscent of adventure game puzzles in their nature. There may be a few riddles but I'm planning for most of them to be solvable logically.

For the past two days, I must admit, a friend and I have been preparing to put a game together in a day. We're both working on separate projects, but we really want a little break by doing something completely different from our separate projects. I'm already incredibly glad I'm doing this though as I would be in charge of AI programming (something I don't have too much experience with.) I've already learned so much, which makes any AI the fan game will have a little bit easier for me to understand and program.


File: 1426372010260.gif (3.06 MB, 844x463, yumetest.gif)

Wow it's been a while. A year and a month. If it wasn't obvious I kind of abandoned the project to pursue other things, participated in a couple of game jams, and decided to work some more on my skills.

After learning quite a bit more I'm back to actually work on this thing and get it out. The first thing I did was actually implement the effects menu. I also ended up remaking everything I did before in a couple of days of off and on work.

I'm also getting back into the swing of making music http://vocaroo.com/i/s0uIXcDg4Opa

Hopefully this attempt will be a little more substantial. It already feels a lot nicer code wise.


File: 1426372288540.png (8.67 KB, 393x97, effect.png)


Also, those icons are placeholders using just the default unity sprites.


nice music anon


I have to agree with that other anon, I really like your music.



Thanks, I added a little more to that song. You can find it here.



File: 1426820328210.gif (3.56 MB, 855x468, yntest6.gif)


Working on developing quick ways to implement manipulating the camera, so when designing areas, stuff like this can be done simply.


File: 1428030479862.gif (101.49 KB, 858x473, ynsave.gif)

(None of this stuff is final)

Newly Implemented:


>Sleeping and waking up

There's a bunch of other stuff that I cleaned up, but that stuff isn't as interesting unless you're working on the game itself.

But all of this means I'm closer to being done with the base game, at which point I'm going to be taking a break to really conceptualize the visual aspects of the game. I'm probably going to reveal the main character not too long from then in some way, and then go silent until I've gotten a couple of worlds done.

I will not be showing any of the effects until the game is about to come out, but parts of the basic worlds (think the first areas you see when you enter doors in Yume Nikki) will be shown.


Nice work man, it looks really promising.


File: 1429829691803.png (116.33 KB, 1689x946, Savemenudone.png)


Here's the updated version of the save menu.

Hopefully within the next couple of months I'll have something a lot more interesting to show you all. Within the next few days I'm actually going to start creating the first incarnation of the starting room. I'll be back when that's done.


may be i can help you by some point. write here what you need and if i can gelp you i will.
unity is FREE for non commercial use


I think programmer should set up environment for visual artists so they can easilly make their worlds.
now i dont programming anything because of depressive episode but in future i may programm a nexus and general purpose scripts to ease work of visual artists
i also think of architecture where general purpose scripts like cast effect or change self model to visualise effect compiled to dll or embedded to exe and unity scans folder for user scenes, places doors in nexus scene and teleports gamer to scene when door activates.
for example.
so for designer or visual artist there needs only few scripts



also the nost annoying thing here is model animation. even if anon want to make models he also need zbrush or something like that to create custom models.

but in unity 2d may be used sprites from any projects if it author wants to participate


This project is pretty neat overall, anon. One of the things I was going to suggest was that rather than using full 3d models you should do a 2.5d system; that makes it much easier to implement characters as well as giving the game a more RPGMaker-esque look and feel. Paper Mario-esque 3d sprites sitting on planes, basically.

I've got some experience working in Unity and C# so let me know if you encounter any problems and maybe I can help out. I've also got an Oculus Rift DK2 if you're interested and need a tester.

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