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Hello everyone. So, I've played Yume Nikki this summer and enjoyed it so much that I couldn't resist to make a fangame.

Yume Nikki 3d was made in a few days and instead of using RPG Maker, I used an old 3d engine from the 90's. The alpha version is short and may be completed in 20 mins or so. Your task is to find three keys in random locations and open the exit. All locations are connected by portals. For the most part I tried to create my own locations instead of copying ones from the original game, and only a few places have references to the original Yume Nikki.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?or73j9j3kkq5h3e




This looks pretty cool.


Wow, man.
This looks great so far.
Please don't abandon this project.


hooooooooly mooooooly


This is very cool! Which engine did you use exactly? It looks interesting!



You probably ain't gonna believe it, but I used this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Build_engine


Whoa, thanks!


That was very good.

Yknow, you should make a fangame all of your own rather than branching off Yume Nikki like that. Maybe just a game slightly inspired by Yume Nikki rather than an actual fangame. A game kinda like this, I didn't realize how much I liked 3D until now, the immersion is so much better.


Dude this is wicked. I could totally see myself playing this for hours. I like that you added your own areas, more exploration!
Hope your able to continue working on this, this looks like a really cool project.


File: 1379550346468.jpg (82.7 KB, 562x699, galileo sengen.jpg)

Fantastic!! True to the spirit of Yume Nikki; brimming with new stuff and a few nostalgic touches for good measure.

You got good reason to be proud of yourself, OP.


Played the game all the way to the end, and I gotta say that I had a load of fun playing this. The worlds were interesting, and I liked the music in the game (The NES world music was my favorite).

Good job OP, can't wait to see what's in store in the future.


Thanks for the comments.
Soon I'll begin working on an updated version. I'm planning to make more locations, the proper nexus, wake up/sleep system, various doorways instead of portals, save/load feature and maybe some effects.

I'm not sure if I can add my own characters and story to the game for now, since I don't have a sprite artist. Maybe later.


This is really cool. I was expecting it to be the actual Yume Nikki maps built in 3D and was surprised when it wasn't but it's still really cool. It reminds me of Worlds 3D, it has that same sort of desolate landscape feel.


Super cool


Holy shit this is amazing!

>Build engine


Since you don't have sprite artists and it's still early in the development, I suggest branching and making a full 3D version of Yume Nikki (I'm sure it would be really great to explore it in a 3D enviroment for immersion purposes)
and later your own original fangame.

Still what you have done is fucking great!


File: 1379775200469.jpg (59.05 KB, 800x600, thread2.jpg)


File: 1379777469764.jpg (66.28 KB, 480x360, rg2.jpg)


This is absolutely fantastic. I'm so looking forward to what's in store for it.


don't fail me


I love you so much.


Thanks guys, love you too :3

1.Menus - done
2.Sleep/wake up mechanics - done
3.Save system - done


btw your 3D sonic game is amazing too, best luck with the project
I'll try the duke3D maps too


File: 1379872210215.jpg (45.18 KB, 800x600, thread3.jpg)

Beta menu & Nexus


File: 1379872221670.jpg (37.69 KB, 800x600, thread4.jpg)



Sweet project dude! Downloading.


I would recommend to wait for the updated version. The first alpha doesn't feel like a Yume Nikki fangame, in my opinion.


Although I think its awesome that you're making new content, I really hope you include key characters and areas such as the white desert and its inhabitants, the numbers area as well as the FACE event, and Poniko's room as well as the uboa event.


File: 1379977222986.jpg (130.23 KB, 800x600, duke0000.jpg)

Effect system - done.

Will definitely include Uboa event


Hi! I'm a Spanish Yume Nikki youtuber and I want to congrat you for give birth to such a great game. I simply loved it and I've recorded a gameplay. In my opinion You have made a great work concerning overall the processing system in poor computers. Without recording your game it runs in my computer at 170 fps, and my machine has just 1 GB RAM and 1.67 GHZ, which is almost nothing. I'm very happy in all those things and you should be proud of yourself :)I want to ask you just two question:

-Are you planning to release many betas or you are working in a single beta to release a final version?
-When do you plan to release the next version?

And this is it, I'm looking forward your proyect and I will review every beta you release.

Regards from Spain.



Hello and thanks for the comment!

1.I'm gonna release betas from time to time.
2.Next update will come this week.


File: 1380256325965.jpg (3.3 KB, 90x130, Clipboard02.jpg)

1.What are those things lying on the floor in Madotsuki's room?
2.Should I add some tips for the player about how to get bicycle effect as fast as possible?


1. those are cushions/pillows.
2. if possible, don't make it so blatant. as in, no text. just like… a sign or something with a bike on it. yume nikki is all about being subtle.

i don't know if i would reccomend putting any kind of hints in it at all though… some may say it ruins the game.


this, better with no hints or at least subtle hints

Also, at least in the released alpha of your game, Madotsuki is fast enough to not be a chore


Just played it. Flawless. Almost felt like an expansion of the game. My favorite parts were the waterfall world and meeting Masada.


No tips on bicycle. If the player cares, that's pretty much the one thing they can be guaranteed to look up spoiler-free.


File: 1380370290385.jpg (74.06 KB, 800x600, b.jpg)


File: 1380370341543.jpg (39.44 KB, 800x600, a.jpg)

stab stab stab


Man, I'm just getting more and more excited for this update.



The screenshots are killing me of pleasure so far. I need that update soon or I think I'll die ^^
I'm joking, just take the time you need because you are doing a great job :D
Just seeing this last screenshot, I'm feeling like if I was discovering Yume Nikki by a second time, and that's awesome ^^ Please, continue :)


fucking lsd dream emulator :)


This is getting awesome.


File: 1380472465746.jpg (77.44 KB, 800x600, duke0001.jpg)

The Good news - finally found the sprite artist and composer. currently filling the game with the original content.
The bad news - the updated will be delayed for a few days. It's almost done, just need some time to polish things.


File: 1380485522954.gif (26.65 KB, 256x256, madotsuki.gif)

It's ok. I'll wait patiently.




Will you make more use of the 3D enviroment and the possibility of jumping? Aside from more typical void-floor YN areas.
I liked the one that was like a house

This could be like the Super Mario 64 of the Yume Nikkis


File: 1380561905957.jpg (11.63 KB, 300x225, 1380108135785.jpg)

I'm getting an OpenGL error, and the txt file related to that hasn't helped. Maybe it's a driver issue? I have an AMD 760G, which is pretty abominable but decent enough to run something like Oblivion at medium-high (though that's not a good example)



Try to update the video driver


>try to update video drivers
>for a game made in Build engine

Kinda funny


I did, actually. I seem to have all the latest drivers, but still no luck.

If it makes a difference I'm on Windows 7.



The game runs fine on Win 7.

I remember, one of my friends had the same problem, and he had Win 7. I clicked the right mouse button on .exe and run it with the different videocard settings, then it worked fine. Dunno if it will work for you, though.


File: 1380635059820.jpg (82.75 KB, 800x600, duke0000.jpg)

Anyway, here's Poniko for you.


oh man! nice!

But she seems a little small for the size of the room, doesn't she?


File: 1380651382407.png (267.48 KB, 355x385, 1380382474939.png)

I'm seeing a 'could not find data.grp' error right before it boots up, think that might be important?



Make sure that "custom game content directory" is set to Data at the setup screen.

If it still doesn't work, then I'll try to fix it with the next update.


That's what was already set on, yeah.



Hmm, have you tried reinstalling?


Do you mean re-extracting the zip? If so no, no luck there. I'll wait for the next update and see if it works.



Ok, I'll do my best.


Really stoked for this.


File: 1380835313997.gif (491.74 KB, 400x300, 1369936509394.gif)

Your not alone.


File: 1380836377620.png (69.5 KB, 600x800, bubbleparty.png)



v 0.02 is done. Currently betatesting.


File: 1380846200619.jpg (178.1 KB, 788x1024, 1374298871124.jpg)

Wow this is really awesome.
I hope it receives the credit and appraisal that it deserves.


File: 1380862566962.gif (Spoiler Image, 121 KB, 400x300, youdienow.gif)

Can't wait to try out the effects. It was a lot of fun exploring. The 3D sound creates amazing ambience. Keep up the good work!

If anyone on Linux has trouble running this in Wine, you need to install 1.6.


Tested the game on my regular PC and on Samsung netbook. Samsung N220 is a really weak machine, but it runs the game surprisingly well.

Thank you guys for giving me motivation to finish the update. Will post the gamejolt link in an hour or so.



How long do you think this version is? An hour of gameplay, or maybe more?


File: 1380894600821.jpg (34.73 KB, 588x331, thread.jpg)

Yes, probably an hour.

Anyway, here it is.

Yume Nikki 3d v 0.02 download

Scvreenshots, info, video & download here:

Things I would like to know from you:

1.Which locations are your favorite?
2.Have you found any bugs?
3.Did you like the music?
4.Did you like new effects?

Tell me if you'll have problems with the game, I'll try to help. If there's gonna be some deadly bugs, I'll release a hotfix version as soon as possible.



I'm still getting an OpenGL error, unfortunately. I'm guessing it is my machine after all, oh well.



When you select the keyboard only control (I liek playing it that way) there's a cursor function to select an option, and it uses the keys to move under that control, but the movement only seems to work horizontally. Nothing's mapped to the vertical movement and you can't select anything, which right now makes the keyboard only option unplayable. That should be easy to fix though. I don't know if it's too much work, but I suggest removing all cursor function entirely from keyboard only.



I'll try to do something in next update, but now you have to plug the mouse to deal with menus.


File: 1380910993002.png (134.49 KB, 1024x600, duke0002.png)

Ok this was pretty fun!
First of all, great work!, you worked fairly fast on this!

Here is my feedback:

-First of all, addressing the pic in my post.
I've used all 3 keys, but the yellow lock looks deactivated. It works, but the other 2 ones are kinda highlighted while this one doesn't.

-You misspelt Kikiyama as "Kiliyama" in the credits

-I think Poniko and Masada should be solid, so you can't go through them. This would make them feel more like characters and less like sprites who just happen to be there. More wandering NPCs would be nice too.

-I first entered the space rockets area from above.
The continuous red texture in the towers makes it hard to see the path to go down, to the point I thought it was just a one-way area.

-Love the piano area music, it has a small part that we hear in Yume Nikki somewhere. Fits pretty good.

-I think it would be good to add some more ghost? madotsukis in the seizure looking area. I loved how it looked in 0.1, like it was a hub of sorts for each discarded Madotsuki a player controlled ever. Great mindfuck potential!

-the music box is great!

-Love the path down with all those eyes and hands and creepy music.

-I think the streets themselves are a pretty nice, subtle hint to look for the bike effect

-Like the stair tower, reminds me of LCD DEM clock tower.

-About Uboa event: when I saw a ballon I instantly knew what I was getting into
I suggest changing the monster in the post-Uboa area from that repeated rotating background to a single, far, giant, horryfingly looking one, it will feel more ominous

-Effects were cool, will we get a shift-key function for the 8bit one?

Also, I've noticed most things in the game look giant compared to Madotsuki. I suggest, for a twist, to include a "giant" effect, instead of a "dwarf" one unlike the original game.

-Maybe play hide and seek with the yuki onna for some item?

-Last suggestions, to make blindfold effect allow you to read the garbled texts? or hidden paths, or something like that.
And finally, to make some breakable walls for the knife. There's a room in the bell tower that I guess it's unfinished since it has an empty doorway, but it also has on a wall nearby this nice looking crack that would be nice to be able to open.

Sorry for the wall of text!, I'll be very interested to see how this develops



Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Glad you liked the game!

About the bugs:
1 - Hmmm, yeah, looks kinda weird compared to other two.
2 - Fixed an hour ago, hehe. Thanks for noticing, though.
3 - Will be fixed.
4 - Hmm, maybe a different texture will fix that.

2,7, 9, 10, 11, 12 - Will think about it.
About the doorway, it's a part of a hidden event. You should do something in this location to activate the doorway.


What a fantastic update, this game just keeps getting better and better. pretty anticlimactic ending, but whatever

Great game, it's like Kikiyama himself made this!
Now for the questions…

1: This is hard, I loved most of the locations. Maybe the monochrome clock world.

2: Just one, when you leave the number world and go into the epilepsy inducing world (the one with the mado clone), the music from the number world still plays, but just for a short while, then it starts playing the epilepsy world music.

3: I loved the music, it was great. My favorite track was the one in the number world.

4: Yea they were pretty cool, I thought the palette effect was cute.

I really like the idea with the blindfold effect, that'd be neat.


Thanks. Gonna fix that bug soon.

Btw, can anyone update information about the game on YN fangame wiki? I would do this, but I don't know how to change things in wiki engine.
Also, is there any way to update the first post in the thread?


File: 1381000048516.jpeg (97.82 KB, 504x254, DAAAAMN.jpeg)


File: 1381007736961.png (329.46 KB, 1440x900, duke0006.png)

It took me 2 hours to finish this game (yeah I'm kinda slow) and I have to say it's really awesome :D
Great job!

Now my feedpack:

1 - I think my favorite location was the street world, I had some fun pushing the cars in a corner so they spin on themselves.

2 - In the area where you have to walk on lines and if you fall you have to start again, you can just go to the end and… jump on the line.
When using the blindfold effect there are some parts of other worlds that appear, it does it when activating and deactivating the effect.
And finally, with the good camera angle you can also see a bit through walls.

3 - The music was really good, but I feel like the loop from the world with the flying clocks isn't really good, maybe it's juste me though.

4 - I didn't play the first version so I can't tell.

It's a really cool game and the only thing I didn't like was the end I think, hope you'll change it later!


So far, the only major complaint about the game I've heard is that players expect this to be a remake of the original game, not a spin-off.
So, should I add more areas from the original, or should I keep doing my own thing? I'm confused.


Or maybe simply change the name of the project?


Personally, I think you should keep doing your own thing. Maybe you should make clear that it's not a remake somehow to stop those kinds of complaints, but anyway, the most important thing is that you do something you enjoy doing, and not something others expect you to do.


File: 1381061498716.jpg (109.66 KB, 700x800, agreatdaytovomit.jpg)

Man, i really LOVED this version. You made a good job capturing the atmosphere from the original. Please, continue with the good work.


It would probably satisfy a lot of people, and be a generous nod towards the original, if you included all the really iconic places (that's probably quite a few…).
I think you should still keep working on your own thing though.


this game is great and all, but i think you should brighten the colours a little bit more. It feels too bleak and dark sometimes, it is more like .flow than YN. the game is uses too much grey, blacka and white, which is not that cool when you look at the game's original color palette.
Also, yeah, reuse iconic locations from the original game like masada's ship etc.

but hell, good job, it's the first time i see a yume nikki 3d game that is actually done, unlike yume 3dkki.


Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm already thinking about including a spaship event from the original.

Wow, the game is on tumblr already. I'm beginning to feel kinda strange, but oh well. Gotta work on an update to satisfy the fans of YN.


I like iconic YN places to be in YN3D, but on the other hand, I like seeing Masada in the piano room for a change…
I also like how Poniko's house is in a different place than in YN.

It makes it feel like time has passed, and things changed, but the important guys are still around


Probably a silly question, but where can I find full graphic rips from YN?


I got this from uboachan, but I can't seem to find it anymore, so here you go:



You should do a new dreamscape. Just retelling an old story would get boring. Look at what 2kki did right and take some clues from that, they're already more advanced in the "dream game" department than the original Yume Nikki was.


File: 1381162248916.gif (583.41 KB, 500x375, uboaaa.gif)

Making a carbon copy of the game in 3D is kinda pointless. It's a completely different experience.

Perhaps rename it so people don't get the wrong idea.



Many thanks to you!


No problem, most of the game is still gonna be original content. I just need sprites and textures for making some of the iconic places.


Played it, was fun, can't wait to see what's in store.


By the way, I still need some help with the project. I need a sprite artist. The task is quite simple - just draw any characters you want, any crazy things imaginable. Contact me at edik.zykov@yahoo.com


File: 1381172693799.png (4.25 KB, 198x98, octopus.png)

So, you're doing a remake of YN, or something different? If second, then I could do you some sprites and stuff. I'm having a small break from my own game anyway so doing few sprites shouldn't be much of a chore, i guess.



I'm sticking with the spin-off idea, with references to the original.

The octopus gave me the idea for the underwater world, hehe.
I would really appriciate if you did sprites for the game.


The idea and the game itself are great. I have a proposition about Yume Nikki 3D. Some people (like me, for example) would like to enjoy playing this game as similar to the original one as possible.

How about making 2 modes;
New Game (100% compatible with YN)
and New Game+ (with addons, new effects, worlds and so).


I kinda suggested that earlier, to make a full Yume Nikki 3D remake, and this spin-off


Wow,awesome ass game, I never finished yet because I sometimes exit it, and sadly, it doesn't save the effects I got (Saves the doors I have unlocked)


I finished it!
It's truly nice to see this kind of works!

What I liked the most:
- JUMPJUMPJUMPJUMP(I love jumping charas)
- The house (+the carillon/Television, truly cute); I really like the dark, creepy and "calm before the storm"atmosphere
- The hospital and the fact that Madotsuki is very small and the eyes on the wall.
- The black/white world (it's the first world I visited and I thought: I hope to see Masada here… lol)
- The uboa event (the original didn't scare me, this one did.)
- The snow world (refreshing music and atmosphere, lol)
- The dark forest
- The long way with the monkey "smiling" faces
- The fact that there are a lot of references to space
The program/engine you used recreates a perfect yume nikki athmosphere;
I really liked the music and the fact that you used the blindfold effect.

What I dind't like:
- No Nasu *sobs*
- How you made the space shuttle place (even if it's nice the idea of the red/fire that brings you in a very dark and rainy place)…but this only my personal taste.
- The "epilepsy" world (my eyes, I almost had an attack)
- The eyephotos in the eyeworld (I mean, they were creepy, but not so yume nikki related)
The fact that this game sometimes reminds me more of LSD than Yume Nikki itself because there is not a sense of continuity. Every world in Yume Nikki is different but you can relate it with the others because they have the same "style". I'm so sorry I don't know how to explain it clearly, but this is a lack I see in (almost) every single yume nikki fan game.
"Something" is missing, I can't tell you specifically what it is. BTW this is only the second update and you made a lot of amazing things in a very little time, so I truly appreciate your ideas and I think that in the future the game will be more homogeneus. Keep on going!

I have some questions for you:
1 - Did you have a general idea and theories about YN and worked on them or did you just want to make something dreamlike and weird?
2 - Will you include more Yume nikki original designs/worlds?
3 - Why did you choose that Madotsuki must find those three keys?

Thank you for your attention. I know I suck at english but I hope you'll understand…If only I had had better english skills I would have suggested something.


I am so excited about this game! I love YN, and this is just great. I love that there are so many new things.

My only problem - after I closed the game after playing it once, the mouse and some buttons (enter, shift, e) have stopped working when I launch the game again.
Is there some way to fix it?



If it wasn't too much work for you, Zykov, It would be really aprecciated to make what this guy is telling. I think it is a great idea, I agree with him/her.

But if it is, the game is great like that anyways. Whatever you decide, keep this great work. Your game is incredible :D


I was browsing the data files, since I quite liked some of the music, but had stumbled across the [spoiler]white desert[/spoiler] music.

[spoiler]has the white desert not been implemented yet, or did i just not explore well enough?[/spoiler]

great game, by the way. can't wait for the next update!


Hey, use double asterisks for spoilers.
Like this: Spoiler




The flashing world triggered a migraine. Feels bad man. The rest of the game is awesome though. I seem to be stuck with four effects and one key. Do I have to go back there to complete it?


Thanks for a great feedback guys!

Some people mentioned that the game tries to be darker than the original. The reason is, I was trying to express my emotions in some areas of the game, and since I'm having a really bad period in my life, some of the areas turned to be quite creepy. I'll try to make more dream-like areas later, to match the Yume Nikki style.

I will not be able to work as fast as before, sadly. You'll have to wait for the next update a little bit longer.


Interesting thing, I can probably do a full remake of the original maybe in a month or so. The problem is, I find this task boring. All I want to do is just include some iconic places from the game.

Never heard of this bug before, actually. Interesting. Can you tell me more about your PC?

You mean, when you load the game, all effects you've collected dissapear from the effect menu?

I'm thinking about including Nasu as a second game for the console.

1.I just wanted to do something weird, maybe express my feelings in a game.
2.Yes, I will include more iconic places from the original later.
3.The reason is simple - to add some variety and maybe make the game a little bit longer.

The White desert music is used for Uboa's trap.

Why not? The ending in this version sucks, but at least you'll have all keys and effects.


My computer is a sony vaio vpcec1m1e. It has been running problem free for about 3 years - and I'm not very technical, so it's hard figuring out what might have gone wrong when re-opening the game.
I'll have a friend look at it at some point!


I noticed that when opening the game, the message box says this
"Searching for game data…
Found no recognized game data!"
and when pressing start it says something about not finding main data file "data"



Can you please give me a screenshots of the messages and your game window?


Try to change location for the game folder. If it won't help, just back-up your cfg files and keep replacing the damaged ones every time you close the game. I really need to think about fixing this issue. Good think I can contact the engine developers.

I'm gonna be honest, it's very nice to see such feedback. I rwally appriciate the reviews, comments and bug reports. In a previous year I released the project called Slender's Woods, and while it was a big hit, I didn't like the feedback that much. All I had was a hundreds of pewdiepie-like let's plays and a bunch of kids shouting "wow kooool thanx" in the comments. It was annoying and non-satisfying.


File: 1381307947281.png (27.61 KB, 523x336, Untitled-1.png)


File: 1381307990571.png (32.98 KB, 521x331, Untitled-2.png)

These are the two messages



But the game still works, right?


I can open it, but I can't use the mouse to click, I can just move it around. To open the save file I can use E and then Y - but in the game I can't use E, SHIFT and ENTER


this game needs Toriningen
For an added sense of danger


no pls ;_;
That's too scary.


Oh god, yes please.


This or some equivalent. Like not all dream characters have to be so.. boring. Some can interact, some can be good, some can be bad, etc. Also the ability to fall to your "death" in some areas would be a nice touch, with you falling out of bed IRL or such.


I got OpenGL errors and these exact messages too. Unless they're normal?



Did you choose 8 bit or 32 bit in start setup?


It's 32 bit.


Hell no, chasers are the worst thing in fangames.



I assume you also tried updating the video drivers?


Yup. What ways can I check to ensure my video card is compatible with OpenGL?


I removed the game, and downloaded it again - now it works perfectly. I have no clue what might have been the problem, but it's gone now.

The game was super! Would have loved if it was longer, it was cool seeing this kind of universe from a 3D perspective.
Keep up the good work!


I've been already posting in this thread, and i've been playing the game non stop since like the release.

As i said in >>8542 ,
the game still feels too dark. Yume nikki's strenght, in my opinion, was on the use of vibrant colors to give you a sentiment of unease, look at number worlds, for instance.

And when i personnaly said you should use more locations from the original game, i don't think that you should actually use the original locations as a base. reuse the aztec imagery, like the aztec rave monkey, floating fetuses and stuff, and then add your spice on all of that. For instance, if you had to reuse the wilderness desert, you could make it destroyed, or the mall thing being renovated.
Afterall, we're in madotsuki's head one more and i guess the art style should fit kikiyama's spriting stuff :)

If you want i can try to put my propositions into drawings to help you get my point :)


File: 1381607724141.jpg (24.7 KB, 480x439, walt jr vomiting.jpg)

oh my god the hidden event in the belltower unnerved the crap out of me i don't even know why what the heck euughghhgh


File: 1381625480035.jpg (48.85 KB, 802x454, rainbow dash is in the bat….JPG)

I was playing this with my little cosusion and when we found that guy in the space ship with the red eye we were doing close ups on him for some reason it also kind of creeped me out when he keeped staring at me nomater were i went… o-o


This secret event you're speaking of, how can I get it?


Yeah, I have been playing this for a few hours, love it, but I can't seem to get the blindfold. I have no clue where it is, and another thing, in the frost dimension, Why does the little girl dissapear? It is annoying. I am currently putting the game on hold, as there is nothing for me to do.


I think the blindfold effect is somewhere around the forest world, it should be in a cave. I'm not completely sure though.



First of all, amazing job! This is very fun and seems to be very promising. You managed to capture the essence of YN very well, with no need of being pushed into recreating anything and at the same time making your own vision of the game freely.


1. Every location looked natural and very YN style. It's difficult to choose between them because every single one looked good.
2. Only bugs mentioned before, but I list them anyway:
. Being able to climb the colour bridges in the dark place after the clock world just by jumping on them
. The little flash that shows an area for a milisecond when you activate/desactivate the blindfold effect (btw, are you planning something for this effect? It looks like incomplete)
. Being able to see a little thru walls when the 3rd view collides with them (this bug is problem of eduke tough, not yours)

3. Yes! Hell yes! Music was very immersive and simple as the original, with that implicit touch of complexity hidden on them. It fits perfectly with the environments, good selection! I love the piano world song and the perfect loop of the ice world doesn't stop playing in my head ^^

4. I was not dissapointed with the effects, but I would obviously like to see more. Not neccesarily any of the old effects, but whatever you can imagine will sure be interesting.

I didn't like:

.The STAIRS. Maybe it's just me, but the area looked very artificial/forced in comparison with the other areas. Also, it's music is the only one that sounded very out of place. I don't know, but it doesn't convince me. I think you should keep the idea of a stair of that type if you do something like the original "Stair-between-hands", and not just a simple interlude between 2 areas. It felt very anti-climatic for me…

.I don't like how the palette effect is displayed, it decreases certain seriousness in the game by having Mado with a cute palette floating over her head. I would change Mado sprite to something weird for

that effect, something like what you did with Monochrome

.The pictures of people's eyes on the eye world… they are kind of anti-climatic

Suggestions: (I love to suggest!)

.I've mapped for eduke, so it really surprises me how you bended the engine into this and certain tricks you used! I'd suggest you to use some RoR. It's possible since long time ago and it would be great if

you implemented it. It would allow you not only to make a lot of weirder things, but it would give you even more space for your worlds by having them "stacked"
.Are you planning to change the "exit" location? Because I don't think you are planning to leave that entire DOOR reserved only for the exit (Yes, more a question than a suggestion)
.You should include ALL of the important/memorable characters in the original YN (wich are almost all of them lol)
.Recreate some iconic areas yes, but with your vision. I disagree with the idea of creating 2 versions of the game. I think you should do do what you ENJOY doing. Making both would only distract you and make things tedious and redundant, if you know what I mean. I would love to see an exact recreation of YN, but this, dude, this is better and looks waaaay more promising than that…
.More hidden places, shortcuts and connections between worlds would be great! What had Yume Nikki was that once you explored a giant place entirely and thought you were done with it, one day you decided to

come back and then noticed something that was hidden at plain sight, then you encountered some passages/connections that you never saw. And when you were hyped by all this new exploration, then,

all of a sudden, you find yourself in a dead end. But that's one of the principles of the game, you don't know what to expect and can't predict anything, and this makes the suspense greater.
.There are some worlds/areas that seem bigger of what they really are by first impression, then they are very small, you could expand them a bit (For example, the "epilepsy" world)
.I don't know if you know well the map "Lunatic Fringe" from the episode 2 of DN. That map is a badass architectural paradox, maybe you can take some ideas from it…

This is all for now, gtg to work, I may suggest more later. I know it's already a lot of points to consider, but I love projects like this and I'm willing to help in everything I can. Sorry for my bad english, I'm not 100% fluid with it yet.
Good luck! And hope to see another version soon!! :D


File: 1382612013722.jpg (1.55 KB, 125x93, yeseyes.jpg)

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Although I initially was offset by the rather antique graphics engine, it actually is surprisingly fitting for Yume Nikki fangame, because the 2d sprites in a 3d environment give the entire thing another layer of surrealism.
The music also is awesome, particularly in the Rocket World with its random bits of chatter.

I hope we'll get to see the next version soon!


I liked this game, quite a bit. Felt like just Yume Nikki.

I agree with going the "make it a tribute but create your own content" route. Seeing familiar characters dotted here and there is nice, but the stuff that's not a direct reference is really good.

The only thing missing is some kind of chaser (like Toriningen) to add some tension. That would be neat.

Thank you and please keep going!


Cool thanks!



Thanks for an awesome feedback, I really love it. Sorry for being late, I've just had problems with my PC, I think I need to buy a new videocard.

Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, the Exit doors will be turned into normal dors in the next version.


Dude, one thing, remmeber those idols who look like the love child between Nemesis and The Chatterer? Well, they creep me out.


File: 1383152938391.jpg (180.2 KB, 1159x896, why.jpg)

I mean… WHY!? lol, really speaking, nice job n.n


jap bros have found your game
this LP got 24k views


What do they think of it?


just list some of the replies:
this game looks like LSD
3D is really making me dizzy
it is more scarier than the original
great atmosphere!
it is more 2.5D than 3D
Madotsuki no Syouryuuken!


85k views now.




File: 1383693902036.png (109.38 KB, 500x283, congraturaisins.png)


File: 1383784099491.jpg (42.25 KB, 800x600, thread.jpg)



Full recreation of a spaceship crash event.

For you, Masada fans.


File: 1383789410914.png (154.13 KB, 500x281, pinocotrademark2bf.png)

OMG! that was fantastic!
Is it gonna be in the next version?



Wait… What?
Does Masada appear twice in the game?
It's either this, or you've made up your mind about making the remake as well as the "spinoff"





Only once now. The spaceship crash is just like uboa event, another reference to the original and also a little surprise for Masada fans.



Does that include the whole Mars part or just the crash itself?
Maybe you land in a different place?



I don't know if there's any point to include the whole Mars location, that means I'll have to keep moving in the "remake" direction, which isn't what I wanna do.


Damn, I loved the re-invention of Masada's location in the Piano World. But well, at least I already played it. I guess it will be interesting to find the spaceship and see it on 3D!
I agree doing Mars would be pointless, but that doesn't mean you can't create something new.
Also, something I forget to ask in my previous post, are you going to include any chaser? That would be badass and would add more tension to the environment.
I'm waiting excited for the new version! :D


Hell…just imagine a chaser in one of those foggy maps…




Don't worry folks, the chaser will be in the next version.


I made a fangame, and other games, not as good as this piece, but when I see all this thing product of a lot of time of work and pain, I realize we are doing it for free, and I ask what the fuck is wrong with us Ubuu?



Nothing. Once you start charging money for RPG maker games (that in turn basically are a copy of an absolutely free game), people will give you the finger. And for good reason.


Will Mars-san appear at the end of Spaceship crash event? That'd be awesome!


Will it be a new thing or Toriningen?


You got me to the point where I check this thread at least twice every single day, the first at 5 AM when I get up for work, the second before going to sleep.
Now's not the time for either of the two, but I'm here again hoping for news!


I'm having some serious throubles with my PC, and it slows the development down. Hope everything'll be fine soon.

Here's some concept arts from future YN3D locations:






I especially like the second and third images.

Also, an homage to the train ride in YN would be cool, perhaps leading to a place like your second image.

This game is cool, regardless. Nice work.


Can I say I love you?
For everything!
The Masada Event….MY KOKORO.
Those three ideas aren't bad at all BTW.


File: 1386593916505.jpg (93.47 KB, 900x672, ib3dppc.jpg)

Can someone pleaaaase make a 3d version of Ib?


Quoting president of US and A - "Yes, you can". So instead of asking other ppl to do something, why not try doing that by yourself?


you think that is like openin a bag of doritos or something?


i like the old version light tower world & broken glasses world
the new one just too small & not so interested
especially broken glasses world became just only 4 rooms


How's the project going? :)


File: 1386821804231.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 2187x1783, yn3d0.02.png)

Spoiler Warning!

I had made a flowchart by using screenshot for an easy walkthrough
I will probably continue update the flowchart when the newest version comes up


well done anon
seeing madotsuki sitting at all those iconic places really feels great


I can see a fun fact that those dream worlds were separated into 4 groups by the doors and didn't connect directly (just one-way)
also from the monochrome world there didn't have a single connection that lead to another group


File: 1389288662852.jpg (42.58 KB, 800x600, thread.jpg)

Hello everyone. While v 0.03 is still in development, I decided to release a little side project/DLC based on YN3D, called Isolated.

The reason why I decided to release it as DLC and not to include it in v 0.03 is because I wanted to experiment with Yume Nikki concept a little bit (and maybe express some of my current feelings and emotions in it). The gameplay is different from the original game, and all locations are brand new.
Extra graphics and music was made exclusively for this DLC.


The download includes Isolated DLC and slightly updated v 0.02 (now you can play the game without using the mouse).

Hope you'll enjoy this little project while you're waiting for v 0.03.



Rad, I was worried you'd vanished. Definitely looking forward to the next version.

I'll try Isolated later today and let you know how it goes.

(Your stuff is pretty cool!)



Great flowchart. Much better than the one I did while testing 0.02 before releasing it, hehe (can't post it here, because it has the original names of the locations).



So, finally played through the Isolated game, and I have to say it was good, albeit short.

I liked what you did with some of the new background textures, especially the one spot with the pulsing walls. You know the one.

I also liked the various events that happened, and a lot of the text-based things surprised me. I don't want to spoil too much for anyone reading this, though, so that's all I'll say about those.

I do wish there were a liiitle more interaction with the world/objects therein.

Are you planning on making the rest of your original YN3D as dark as this is? Because this was pretty dark, atmospherically.

Eagerly awaiting v.03


This is quite amazing. I can't wait to see what new life you breathe into this. I really enjoyed your exploration into sound, it would be a good overall theme.

I feel like you can use a better effects system though, instead of using the clunky old rpgmaker one.


My favorite:
NPC that can't get near (except using knife)
path that suddenly changes
broken mirror event

NPC just stand there and do nothing
Flashing Texts (I prefer feeling from the scene and atmosphere)

Not much to say about it cause it's just a short game.
But I would like to see some of these good elements can appear in your main project.


Thanks guys.

>>>Are you planning on making the rest of your original YN3D as dark as this is?

No, and that's the reason why I released it separately. The point of Isolated was to create something dark and depressing, because this is that I felt while developing it. Maybe some events will appear in future releases of YN3D, though.

Glad you liked the infinitive location. This was actually the part of experiment. Many people asked if that's possible to make a true infinitive zones in 3D. The final result is kind of clumsy, but works, I guess. Maybe I'll do something like that in YN3D.


I suggest the infinitive zone of snow world is better to have some fog surrounded, making the visibility of the objects lower, so that the screen didn't look like suddenly changed.

You can also make some infinitive zone like dark world (with darkness, such as you do in DLC), sand desert (with sandstorm), maze or a wide place with lots of exits (put the warp point on the end of map).

PS: I'm not a game developer so I don't know if it's hard to do in your 3D engine or not, just have some idea to share from playing other games and fangames. I hope my opinion can give you some help, good luck!

PPS: My English is bad so hope you don't mind. :P



Agreed about the fog. The Dark World is also a good idea, I'll se what I can do about it.


File: 1390929634078.jpg (34.7 KB, 400x389, wth madotsuki.jpg)

Looking forward to the next version !


In YN Isolated what is the first text that pops up i cant read that fast lol
Also really cool by the way both jumpscares got me in one of those"Aww he got me" sort of ways.
Super Creative i actually liked the flashing texts they made me feel uneasy like you were Disney trying to send subliminal messages into my head



Hey, are you still working on this project? I recently gave it a try and I would kill to see more stuff of this.


Me too.



Did you modify the Eduke32 engine in any way? I can't run it with vanilla Eduke32. If you did modify the engine, could you please share the source code, or is there a place to find it? It is under the GPL.



>Did you modify the Eduke32 engine in any way?

But this is not Eduke32, it's "Build engine". That is probably why you can't run it.

>Could you please share the source code, or is there a place to find it?

It's in the same webpage you download the engine from.
I doubt OP modified the code but since I can't check I won't say anything, but it's here


Oculus Rift support pls


eduke32 is just a modern OpenGL implementation of the Build engine, and I'm pretty sure what comes packaged with Yume Nikki 3d is eduke32, and it says so in the readme.

I tried using vanilla eduke32 but it doesn't work for some reason, I assumed he modified eduke32 in some way; I wish he released the source code so I could compile it on Linux and OS X (It's under the GPL, he should), or at least make it work with vanilla eduke32.


>eduke32 is just a modern OpenGL implementation of the Build engine, and I'm pretty sure what comes packaged with Yume Nikki 3d is eduke32, and it says so in the readme.

Oh, just a modern OpenGL implementation? I thought I read somewhere that it had more things that made them quite-but-not-so distant software. I guess I could have investigated more before posting.

Effectively, OP should post source nonetheless given the GPL terms and conditions.


So… this is absolutely dead by now, right?


yeah, RIP in peace <3


this makes me so sad.


File: 1413624585536.jpg (72.96 KB, 1152x864, -59788829_348107173.jpg)

I've got some news, but it's nothing special, I'm afraid. Just released a small update for the game. V 0.02.1 adds a whole new location (Masada's spaceship), fixes some bugs and adds some polishes. Enjoy Masada's place!



Holy shit YES



good to know this isn't dead yet



I'm very happy that this is still being added to.

This has been the first fangame to catch my attention in a long time.

Keep it up!


really love it. Keep it up, bro. Just one thing to ask, the "isolated" world. Can you include it on next update as "limbo" for Madotsuki? In case she catch by toriningen (please add it. Need more creepy feel) or she falling from the dream world and "dead". Really looking foward for it.

Off topic: i've seen a Unreal Engine 4 Reality rendering video (you know, the one that shows a living room on apartement). I wondered if Madotsuki's apartement can be rendered that way. That could be awesome!

Looking foward for v.0.3.



Hey man, sorry to bother but are you still working on this?


File: 1441632074252.gif (482.32 KB, 400x300, ezgif-3001925966.gif)

Hey guys, Eddy's here. If you're interested, I just released a new game. It's called Electric Highways, and it's pretty much in a spirit of Yume Nikki 3D, highly psychedelic/surreal stuff.

Besides, many people have been telling me to make a game similiar to YN3D, but based on my own concept, so here we go. Hope you'll enjoy.

Download: http://gamejolt.com/games/electric-highways/89123

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dszUrm4s6gE



Sweet. Really liked YN3D so I'll give this a try later tonight.



man this game was trippy and dreamlike. downright fucked up

damn i loved it


File: 1442174836399.gif (1.96 MB, 460x310, highway.gif)


Thanks, glad you liked it!

BTW, currently trying to promote it on Greenlight. Not sure if you guys are interested in supporting non-YN games, but if you like the look and concept of Electric Highways, please vote for the game here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=517664201

Greenlight trailer:


Oh shit, I didn't know you made this! I downloaded it a few days ago and it probably would've just sat in my "weird shit from itch.io" folder for months before I got to it but I checked it out and it's rad as fuck.

I really like your choice of engine, it gives your stuff a weird creepy mid-90s vibe that Unity can't really replicate. Keep making cool shit fam.


Done playing the game. Looks and plays basically like "LSD: Dream Emulator", only non-random. Really liked the hand-drawn world. Music is good too. Really good sometimes.
Still, we want some YN3D update - the poor thing feels too unfinished to abandon it now.
Oh, and for Christ sake, correct the "тся-ться" in Russian version of "time waste camera".


I'd rather he move on to focus on original works tbh


I totally forgotten about this until i saw the electric highways on moddb, i had this on my disk forgoten about it.

I tried yn3d on my netbook but it gives me an opengl error, however it can run duke nukem 3d atomic edition just fine.

Tough it would rather play this on my main box, but it runs linux and i cant find eduke 32 packages for debian.
Tough it would be fine if you could ship a static executable for linux too.

Electric highways sounds really awsome, i hope i can try it soon.

Good luck with your projects.



Electric Highways works fine with Wine


Well i can try it, but it still kinda silly considering there is native linux support.


It dont work. :(

I think you should include linux support, linux is rather large these days, even steam is supported and i bet many here cant afford windows and wont put up with piracy.


File: 1443909181329.gif (1.43 MB, 700x350, laugh_gandalf.gif)

>i bet many here cant afford windows and wont put up with piracy.
Good one.


>i bet many here cant afford windows and wont put up with piracy.
You know, like you could just have VMs or a small partition…


File: 1443994156146.gif (3.46 MB, 420x305, comingout.gif)

Just joking around a bit.

Madotsuki finally decides to escape the room, and outside she finds a typical low-class russian environment, complete with a curse word on the wall.


Playing this game again made me realize how much I need more 3D YNFGs in my life. Thank you for making such great games.

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