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File: 1369877283212.gif (771.14 KB, 260x211, woah.gif)


Hey guys, I've been working on this game for a few months now and am closed to putting out a beta.

The game is called NDE, an arpg that focuses on dreamlike alternate-realities and dungeon/puzzles.

Since at this point I am basically just creating content, I thought i would post sort of a devlog thread (if thats allowed, the rules said "considerable developmental progress") to get some feedback on the levels and such.

The main character is Charmaine ( a play on main-char), a scientist searching for her co-worker after an experiment went haywire. Using newly developed technology, you are able to switch between realities to find him.

gif is of some recent progress, the majority of the internal coding is done (written in as3, going to be distributed multi-platform via adobe air)


oh yeah, heres a video of an older build



Seems neat.
I love the way the graphics are extremely simple yet nice.
Also, you can jump. Nice.


File: 1369878159157.gif (3.22 MB, 543x286, woah.gif)

Thank you, I appreciate it. Im trying to focus on a clean-kinda simple style, but add in blurs and blendmodes and all that fun stuff


File: 1370058867065.gif (612.37 KB, 618x343, woah.gif)

small update, wrote a filesystem to hold items, objects, furniture- anything that is on the map that isnt a tile that you can interact with.


Looks very promising. :)


I hope i can make it a decent game-
heres a little video of the text box thing


This is looking great! I love the animations you did for Charmaine, they look so smooth and cute.
The story sounds promising too, can't wait to see it done, or even just the demo release.


How hard was it to make using as3?


Thanks a ton. There are still tons more animations to make, oh god. Sitting, left and right standing, idle standing, and idle ect bleh.


Compared to RPG maker, it's pretty difficult. Lots more code is required, and way more debugging and weeding out bugs you wont have to even worry about with rpg maker. That being said as3 is a great tool to make games with. I'm using a library for games called flashpunk which can handle entity systems really easily. The good thing about flash is that i can use adobe air to let people play it on all kinds of devices.

If you are interested in learning it i would check out some videos by thegamestudio on vimeo. Also check out flixel and HAXE


Just re-read what i posted there, I didn't mean that as3 is hard, just that its more work than rpg maker. I was tired, and that kind of sounded rude, sorry about that.

anyway - dialogue is complete now. I'm going to be adding the elevator that lets the character leave her room and go into the lab and whatnot.


Thanks for the response and the resources! I'll have to check it out
That's great to know. It'll probably get a lot more players than most fangames because it'll be more accessible.


File: 1370486629191.png (9.82 KB, 495x418, 39leH.png)

Thank you!

I enjoy fangames for the unique(well, at least sometimes unique) worlds. Since everyone has different dreams. But I wanted to add more rpg stuff, so yeah etc


I know what you mean, everyone's so different.

RPG elements are nice since they give more incentive to explore the world(s) instead of just trying to find new locations.


still working on some of the initial area stuff- heres some music i guess http://tindeck.com/listen/ykyc



>dubstep grunge R&B


It sounds good though thankfully it is none of those things.


that site has a ton of tags so i just pick random ones



Well I watched a few of the videos and this looks really really nice. I really do actually like the music, don't get me wrong. It has really nice atmosphere. Plus zelda-dungeon gameplay is really nice (I saw that post). Plus, the as3 coding makes the animation really a lot more lifelike. I took a class in computer programming and did just awful with the actionscript coding ;_;. But really I look forward to this game.


I think the coding doesnt really effect the animation, its just the spritesheet i used. If you used the same spritesheet in any other programing language it would look the same. Thanks for the compliments - http://tindeck.com/listen/sqmb heres soem more music

This week im focusing on the introductory area of the game more, chugging along towards a playable demo… soon


File: 1371053836675.png (11.19 KB, 576x864, office.png)

hamburger poster


Time to add combat!
heres some dream music


File: 1371706263909.gif (841.84 KB, 588x442, woah.gif)



File: 1372007284787.jpg (153.79 KB, 1920x1080, zx0tnbU.jpg)


It's not very often a fangame picks up my interest, but other than the cool new mechanics you're introducing (… jumping! who'd a thunk) I like the tidbits of the scenery, character, and music too.



That most recent picture looks pretty cool.

also "You'll go grAPE for it!"


File: 1372133102603.png (73.91 KB, 500x500, wowcool.png)

oh gee woah ty
i finished combat, just gotta add bad guys


Too cool


File: 1372146544880.jpg (34.07 KB, 330x398, rockylove.jpg)



That weapon is much more awesome than I was expecting. Judging by the ending, I guess you may need to limit how much can be on-screen at once, though.



hey.. is that sound the projectiles make when they disappear from Master Belch?



File: 1372222801602.png (34.83 KB, 640x649, tumblr_mos2prxUIO1r11jbho1….png)

heh i guess this is kinda like earthbound too in a way
in the process of adding pic related heres a video of her beatboxing dialogue sounds




There seems to be a lot of food in here!
Not that that's a bad thing, food is awesome.
Thanks for keeping us updated, I can't wait for the demo


File: 1372292171429.png (10.24 KB, 716x479, woah.png)


That's funny, I actually just learned that song that plays in Mother when a guy joins your team on piano. I'm reeeally liking the sound of this game.


File: 1372659460582.gif (165.13 KB, 452x209, woah.gif)

very tired, managed to get the enemy done

prototype soon hopefully
setting things up


File: 1372747853553.jpg (57.6 KB, 960x720, Hcx94Ys.jpg)

i got it to work on android, too


File: 1372851062118.png (94.99 KB, 256x256, face03sp_u.png)

HOW? Dude, you're God.


File: 1372871610553.gif (1.63 MB, 576x379, woah.gif)

Since it's written in actionscript, i can just use adobe air.

I'll be able to get it on iOS and ouya as well, but I dont have an iPhone and my ouya is lost in the mail somwhere

also I added another enemy but its lame so I'm remaking it as a CRT screen with legs and it acts like a little dog



http://puu.sh/3uE3W.swf small little build

arrow keys, z swipe, space to launch a crow (the release only one at a time though, so be careful if the game dies) x to investigate c to "jump"


File: 1372914931027.png (357.68 KB, 451x608, yessiree.png)

Hey Mush, you should totally put the Pepper Roni and her bedroom into the demo

The demo was nice, also

PS: I like the little microsoft sam bark effect



I'm really really liking this.
One thing I really love that reminds me of Earthbound is how fresh and interesting the text is. I actually wanted to interact with everything I possibly could because of the fun text. And all the cool artistic preferences like the computer dog that has microsoft sam barks.

To be a stickler, I found a few very minor details to possibly look at.
When I fire crows around in the main room and then go in the little jiggly room some crows teleport with me and then when I go back there might still be some floating around (ALSO SO DO THE COMPUTER CURSORS FROM THE DOG). You might wanna have those reset to zero when you enter a new area. The limitless number of crows you're allowed to throw around might make battle a little overly easy (or maybe it won't, who knows), but admittedly I had lots of fun shooting crows all over the place and playing crow tennis.
Also, when I go to the jiggly room and back to the main room the dogputer goes missing?

And please don't take that the wrong way. I hope that didn't sound like I was being discouraging, I just want to help find any possible bugs or problems even if they're really little ones. To be honest, I spent about an hour playing around with just the demo.


wow thanks guys!

Thanks for pointing out the bugs, they are super simple to fix thankfully!

appreciate it



File: 1373069362334.jpg (80.12 KB, 917x684, xjJC569.jpg)

oh boy


File: 1373170624653.gif (15.47 KB, 254x340, heythere.gif)


File: 1373221641590.jpg (121.85 KB, 638x783, 3xdVn.jpg)

Im working on an inventory today
in other news I got on indiestatik so thats cool


Oh God I finally found this game, I've been looking for it ever since I saw a comment about it in another thread, but no name was given.
Anyway. You hve my full support OP, your game looks and will be fantastic.


Maybe this is me being too realistic, but I have never had an apartment directly connected to an elevator before.



thanks manggggggggggg
it's not even an apartment, just a bedroom


They do exist though. Only that they usually are very luxurious apartments.


File: 1373475919889.jpg (102.49 KB, 500x534, magic.jpg)

Those are still apartments, they're just called studio apartments. They're usually small/are one room and fairly cheap.

Sort of contradicts a luxurious apartment with a direct elevator, though.

This is just me trying to push for a hallway with other people's rooms in an apartment/hotel complex because that has a good amount of potential for fun things and exploration


i meant its actually just her bedroom, theres a kitchen and stuff you can find later.

but adding an apartment complex area would be neat, ill think about it


File: 1373508660288.gif (162.42 KB, 710x443, woah.gif)

i guess inventory


if for one thing, I love you for these puns


File: 1373773045409.gif (788.34 KB, 719x476, woah.gif)

i deeed it
time to polish combat


File: 1373866472008.gif (1.09 MB, 590x366, woah.gif)

fuck if i know


File: 1374035545172.gif (2.61 MB, 590x366, woah.gif)

so, when you take damage that happenedsdese


This thing is crazy good.
I'm super envious of your pix-art skills.



also dying in important in this game


That has a great capacity for puzzle solving, if you can switch with alternate versions of Charline through barriers or whatnot.

It'd be cool if taking damage wasn't only a bad thing, but something you could put to use.


File: 1374252862901.png (39.08 KB, 607x821, 3Gsz3.png)

going to hide now and finish a lot of tilesets so i have pretty pictures to show off


so bootyful…


File: 1374362993403.png (19.37 KB, 768x1180, nde.png)

It's never good enough!


File: 1374378184081.png (13.78 KB, 512x512, slimes.png)

working on some slime characters


I really dig dadslime.


File: 1374379664098.png (13.58 KB, 512x512, moreslimes.png)

heresmorelimes also i broke that link poop
its like mushbuh.tumblr.com now


hey buddies, put up a new build at www.ndegame.com if you want to check it out


File: 1374770343232.gif (1.73 MB, 528x320, woah.gif)

puzzles based on energy levels I guess


File: 1375241323457.gif (1.8 MB, 609x310, woah.gif)

added some camera magic


File: 1375503971673.png (21.48 KB, 785x793, 3Sezt.png)

im working on a thing for a collab so i havent had as much time as i'd like to put into it

Sorry but i have some possibly interesting news for later.

for now heres some concept arts of an npc


File: 1375585227233.gif (1.08 MB, 660x235, woah.gif)

blueblueblueblue BLORP






i need to figure out how to get this sound effect but i want to make a stretchy noise go like WHOWOHOOWOWOWOowhirrrr BLORP


File: 1375673542801.gif (270.57 KB, 130x132, woah.gif)


File: 1375909289101.gif (431.62 KB, 282x375, woah.gif)

dance party

save points are inter-dimensional waypoints that connect the three diverging universes (universe n, d and e) so that you can save.



File: 1376763971309.gif (1.32 MB, 671x370, bbbb.gif)

my laptop is acting funny


File: 1377144089859.jpg (35.98 KB, 663x555, 47O14.jpg)

Hey guys
I've had a lot of fun working on this so far. In order to keep this a longer-term project and continue development to be stable-ish accross platforms i'm beginning to port the game to HAXE

basically this just means in the future the builds will be downloadable as C++ distributables

I've been working on this here and there, but got haxe, openfl and haxepunk 2.3 installed tonight. Hopefully i can push out another demo soon, though class just resumed.

If all goes to plan- nde will be shown at gamescene in november (it's in europe so i won't be able to go :( - http://gamestage.radiatedpixel.com/ )

Also i've submitted a build to the music and games festival in washington dc, so maybe ill get to show it off in January



File: 1382322863832.png (5.79 KB, 333x275, YljXwmM.png)

hi i got offered some things that i couldn't pass up (working on a game for a kickstarter bonus) but im getting back into this slowly since it is my game baby and i love it
heres music or something that i did recently


pic related is background scenery wip


im working with some people on the music and its gr8


File: 1390170175106.png (12.68 KB, 714x474, uitest.png)


File: 1390969432348.png (67.97 KB, 714x474, UITESTING.png)


Man this looks like it's gonna be so cool!
Her updated icon looks really adorable



hey how come ndegame has a 403 on it now? this isn't abandoned now is it?

excuse my necrobump pls


RIP yet another game.

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