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File: 1353421113196.png (11.04 KB, 640x480, RSS4.png)


Hey everyone, I'm back with a new game! It's Amihailu in Dreamland. It's a fangame (in the sense that you're playing a game that takes place, ostensibly, in a dream, with disjointed area continuity, etc.) I'm making in RPG Maker VX Ace. As of this writing, I'm already up to 0.01. I held off on releasing to Uboachan because we get too many projects here that do not ever get released (though it's much, much worse on tumblr).

Here's a brief summary of this game and my goals with it:
-You play as Amihailu
-You can't leave the dream world and enter at will like in many other fangames
-Many decisions you make will affect the narrative and events in large or small ways
-More event- and puzzle-based than some previous games (Hell Diary included)
-There are no effects in this game, and many of the items are intended to be optional (of course, there's not really a chance to pass them up implemented as of this writing.)

You can get the game here if you'd like to try it out: http://www.mediafire.com/?23yl4dp5hdoudyx


I really want to like this game, but for the life of me I can't figure out what else to do after leaving Mikhail at the projector…


It depends on what else you've done. There's a painting in the mansion you can get an item from, and an extra scene with another character that is dependent on you not having Mikhail in your party.

If you've done that, there isn't much else to do, but look around the mansion… there's a lot to see. It's not mandatory, but some events will change and more items will become available if you check your surroundings.


This minor update doesn't require the RTP. It's still technically 0.01, but there is an additional event and some bugfixes in case you haven't yet played it or would like to try the game, but were put off by the need to get a 200+ MB file you wouldn't use again:



File: 1357669331089.png (11.32 KB, 640x480, SS13.png)

Version 0.02 is out.

Still needs no RTP whatsoever, this version's actually lighter than the previous version: http://www.mediafire.com/?jtnpcrbeapsi25i

Release notes: http://mishkafaulken.com/2013/01/08/amihailu-in-dreamland-0-02/


File: 1361026752847.png (3.05 KB, 276x237, myfeelings.PNG)

>playing Amihailu in Dreamland
>oh, she's a pretty cute gir..
>Mikhail is a boy

I kinda wanna have sweet, hot passionate sex with Mikhail.


File: 1361027166091.jpg (27.79 KB, 221x221, 1357260375494.jpg)

This, Mish what the fuck, I'm sexually confused now


Haha, I was just playing through yesterday and thinking that, he's a cutey~


I hired BCISBC for consulting and they said girly shota would attract a responsible demographic!

I don't actually know where I'm going with this. Conglaturation!

Hope you like the mean ending.



File: 1375478016449.png (91.01 KB, 640x480, SS19.png)



File: 1375730198133.png (204.33 KB, 488x783, ami.png)

My heavy anticipation merits a fanart…!


I hate to sound so rude, but…

How the fuck do you get the fuckin' lantern, I'm about to go crazy.



There's a room where you need to travel in a loop 3 times to get Chun to appear. She'll break the crate so you can get the lantern.



I'm somebody else but what the hell do you do once Mikhail is trying to fix the projector?

Also wasn't there another demon lady in that hotel area before? Is she removed or did I muff something up because I can't find her ahhhhhhhhhhhh


Hi mish I'm this anon >>7119 now I am gay, thanks a lot.



Memory's a little foggy, but when you make Amihailu more lucid, you can pick him up. It's actually related to the Lantern thing.


File: 1385374506055.png (94.65 KB, 640x480, SS20.png)


Welp ^^"

Eventually you'll be able to talk to him anytime.



0.10 everybody! It's not done, but I think I'll stop here for a while. I have a Hell Diary to work on ^^


I just fixed a game breaking bug that kinda made the game unplayable past the intro. It now works properly and is available at the same link.


downloading, go for it mish


So I got the hell talisman, and went back to the hotel with Misha. I talked to the book keeper and then read those two books and then some weird npc talked to me and i told her to go to hell lol..

now i'm stuck :c




Do you mean stuck in the area (can't leave) or just stuck in general?

I could say "well that's what you get for being mean to a kitty", but she's supposed to disappear if you say that.



I had to write a walkthrough for this game because it's terribly designed and most players quit 5 minutes in.

Please forgive me.


If it helps, I managed to get the B ending without any form of guide. But I do admit, one of the main problems I had with the game was that it was hard to follow. It was pretty much "interact with everything, then interact with everything again and see what changes". I got really lucky with some things, like getting the lantern, since I just decided to keep walking and was about to give up until the cutscene happened. The clock code part was also just a random guess of mine that paid off. I had no idea what the things I collected did (more obvious ones notwithstanding, of course), things just seemed to happen randomly. This also makes you think that things like leaving Mikhail at the projector or picking up Veronika are necessary to move the plot along.

Also, I chose Veronika as my partner and was sad I couldn't get the pretty Mikhail back once I explored a bit. Which is another thing, there's a certain bit where you find Veronika broken down, and you can have Veronika in your party at the same time. Also, a door in the left alley of the leftmost painting is strange. Any time I interact with it, it just plays the opening animation and does nothing. Also sad that the right alley leads nowhere, but I'll assume that area just isn't finished yet.

Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty good game. Nice visuals, nice music (though one or two songs are a tad loud), but I do feel like it isn't clear enough in letting the player know where to go or what's going on. Focusing on that part next time you work on the game should help a lot with getting players to finish the game. If you get the feature to talk to your partners in the game implemented, I think that'd be a great way to help the player.


I had to cancel the project. It's such a huge mess to sort out, and it would take time that's not really worth putting in. I did the bulk of the work on this game in a really, really unstable state of mind, and that's part of the reason so many things are so disjointed. The end area is nice and cohesive, but the whole rest of the game just shows off where I was getting ambitious when manic and cutting corners when I was depressed.

There's more in store for Amihailu and Friends, but it won't be built off this game's template I'm afraid.


Eh, it's a huge mess I can fix. Game's back in development and my first order of business is to redo a huge chunk of the music and make more areas.


File: 1393298482444.png (91.92 KB, 640x480, SS28.png)

The next update is going to change a few things and add quite a bit to this game. Such as the whole dialogue system I teased a while back.

A few so far are:
-Most of the music has been reorchestrated
-Added the dialogue/hints system
-Two whole new paintings added to the midgame
-Special events tied to the dialogue system
-Collectibles (which serve a purpose)
-Many NPCs


Hey fellas, the new version is here! Unfortunately, I didn't have time to have everything that would make it 0.20 added, but here's 0.11!


New in this version:
-Removal of extraneous areas
-Addition of two new sidestories featuring a distraught girl and an eccentric rabbit
-New music, new areas
-Updated soundtrack
-Addition of a large portion of the dialogue system (Press A to talk to Mikhail, works in much of the beginning of the game where it's most needed.)


I'll be giving testers the tester-only 0.20 and then, after some touch ups and smashed bugs, I'll be releasing 1.00!

Finally, after two years, this game will be truly complete. Granted, I haven't worked on it much in… 6 months?


File: 1410667861023.png (1.17 MB, 640x480, ChunPortrait.png)


Check the readme for all the newness. Mostly, I changed the music and the dialogue, and added some new portraits for Amihailu and Chun (from 0.03 to 0.11, Chun used a blank image as a portrait, so this should be a nice change!)


It's small, but there is an update-to the downloadable stand-alone soundtrack.


It's 28 songs strong, with most of the main music from the game (up to date!) and some omake.


File: 1428521840410.png (659 B, 48x48, AiDicon.png)


A while ago I updated the site to reflect some new changes to the game. It's minor stuff right now but there should be a major update out later that adds lots of stuff. Here's the stuff in the current version:

-New portrait graphic for Amihailu
-A few music changes
-New title screen and icon graphics (no longer uses a Hell Diary-like one, but a new original icon)

Planned changes for the next update:
-Rework of the final area of the game
-A new optional area unlocked by the collectable bellybuttons, featuring three re-imagined locations from Nightmare Castle with appropriate music for each.
-Re-introduction of one or two special forms from Nightmare Castle as an optional bonus for exploring the extra areas.

You can see the a little progress in this gif here, but I've since done a bit more:


Good to see you're working on it Mish, good luck.


I did post a new version of "Biomechanical" I was using for the update in the NC thread, but I recently touched up the mixing and added a lot more to the song and put it up on soundcloud:

All of the Nightmare Castle locations are getting new, high fidelity extended versions of the original music to go with the new graphics and map layouts.


Sounds qt
Something happened to your blog?


File: 1428948969033.gif (12.92 KB, 48x80, MitsukoFrontLeft_I.gif)


I closed my tumblr. I didn't see much point in having one or trying to be a development personality any longer, and I didn't really engage with the community much anyway.


B-but I checkd it erreday


Never fear anon, for I have had a website this entire time that I rarely ever update. And nobody visits


Didn't know lol, I guess I'll have to bother Owl some more from now on…


File: 1433862552132.png (24.36 KB, 640x480, Amihailu SS2.png)

I'm still working on that expansion. Included is an outdoor area—an updated version of Nightmare Castle's meadow world.

It'll also have an updated version of the original 22 second SB16 music:


That gif girl looks good. Is she in your game? Also I like your sprite designs.


She's not in this game, no. But I will be using this sort of design in the future for non-RPG Maker stuff.

Oh, and since the link to the previous version is busted, here's the new link:


I did a DnB ish remake of the "Tension" theme for a little goodie kit:



Help Amihailu in Dreamland get on steam (it's still free):



I finished this game a few days ago and I'd have to say, I can't piece together what's happening, why, and the general plot itself.

I guess it has something to do with the protag's specific state, if I don't wanna spoil things.


I don't think the expansion will be happening. It seems like way too much effort for me to put in for a game nobody really cared about, so instead of finishing the expansion I'll be putting my time towards more worthwhile things.

I'll probably remove the game pages as well.


Today I've removed the game downloads and ceased distribution, in addition to taking down the greenlight page.


File: 1437446437055.png (15.25 KB, 100x100, uro (149).png)

Are you sure you want to do this? There are still people who want to play your game who just haven't gotten to it yet. Please, at the least, leave a link of the most recent release for the sake of documentation. I say this both as someone who wants to play as many ynfgs as I can, someone who wants to preserve ynfgs and their history, and because Xeno praises your game extensively. I can't back down from his recommendation of your music.





I really don't want to take the game any further and waste more time and reputation on it. I no longer have the last published build of the game.


There's nothing stopping someone with the last update from uploading and sharing it themselves.


Although I respect you greatly, Noyemi, I really can't understand reasoning behind your action. Good or bad, your games are part of your heritage and most certainly something you should be proud of. After all you created something playable that can entertain others for a while and even inspire them to make their own unique games (because I think that yours are quite unique). You said that you don't want to waste any more reputation on it. But don't you think that erasing it would wound your reputation even more? Sorry, this may sound harsh but I think that's something that all these bitchy dev-kiddies do - not you! And even further you say that it's okay if someone else uploads latest build of your game? Then what is the reason to delete it in the first place? If someone would reupload it, he or she wouldn't instantly become creator of this game.

All in all, be proud of your stuff, Mishka.


I really just don't want to be associated with the title anymore. Any time someone asks about my games I'm just dreading they ever actually find and play them (thankfully, they don't usually care enough to play or finish) or I get lumped into some category of developer I'd really not like to be a part of.

It's embarrassing and I've gotten nothing out of the 2.6 years I put into it, so it's best I personally made it easy to forget about while I work on something with more appeal. I can't believe I wasted $100 so soon trying to get this piece of shit greenlit.


I brought the game back with the special album too, so it's back up for anyone who wishes to play:


I don't think I'll be doing the expansion, but I got a lot more expressions of disappointment than I expected when I took it down. I had no idea random people on the internet played Nightmare Castle, either.


From what I've read you seem to have gotten more positive feedback on your work than negative. Glad to see you back here. Don't give up.


Looks pretty good, I'll check it out when I get home


File: 1443712995791-0.png (6.09 KB, 640x400, AWoM3.png)

File: 1443712995791-1.png (11.93 KB, 640x400, AWoM2.png)

I'm not sure where to put the thread for it (yet), but I'm doing a semi-remake of this game with 16-colour PC-98 graphics and "dressed up" Sound Orchestra/SB16 sound. It's a retelling of the game's story, with roguelike combat, shops, new characters, puzzles, and challenges.

Amihailu's also got a slight redesign, sporting a (more!) wintry looks for the cold atmosphere of Tumydorado.

Despite the roguelike combat and stats system, I don't intend to randomly generate dungeon zones; they're all hand-mapped with some chance encounters possible. And yes, this game will likely include some of the content meant for Amihailu in Dreamland's Nightmare Castle expansion!


Before I forget, here's a preview of the game's intended music design. Rather than have one unique song, each "exploration locale" will have a bank of multiple songs that can play.



File: 1451849634929.png (28.37 KB, 640x480, AMSS1.png)

I've decided to go through with the update! Some more people recently played and had some very interesting positive things to say about the game. So I'll be adding new areas in addition to re-arranging existing ones, in the next update.

Also included will be more new music and a title theme!


File: 1458501386358.png (30.06 KB, 640x480, AMSS2.png)

Geme's been updated to 1.05, includes some new areas, layouts, puzzles, music, and more



Plays great!


Game's steam store page is up, will release in a few days with new expansion content:




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