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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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I'll just repost any important things that should be on here. Now on to the first post which was on the old thread:

Hey, I've been working on this fangame for about a month, I'm working on my first world and it's almost done (there's a maze in the first world so most of my time has gone to that) It's at a very early stage but I've already come up with a story for it. Though I won't tell unless you ask, and if you do I won't tell a lot because it would give things away and ruin the fun.

I already made a preview video of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TYS4KGJSEY

(Edit: Here's another preview video I posted with more stuff than the one above:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DgvtRG8AnA )

It has a dark ish atmosphere and has lots of random blood slotches everywhere.

I did almost all of the pixeling and music. I got most of the sound effects from freesound.org. Me and my friend also recorded the scream and laughing sounds.

Any opinions/ideas? Does anyone want to volunteer to help with the music or pixeling? (Though it's okay if nobody wants to) :)


File: 1316809284108.jpg (305.25 KB, 480x640, faceworld.jpg)

Is where the old thread is, check there for some of the old information and screenshots.

I am currently finishing the design for the map and NPCs for the hospital area. Then I'll start designing the events and maps for the airport area while also pixeling the tiles for the hospital.

I still need someone to help compose music! Even though I can make some, I don't have much experience with this and I am busy with the pixeling and programming, also the designing. If anyone wants to volunteer to help pixeling, that would be great.

I hope to hear opinions! The pic is of faceworld, I'll make some concept art for the hospital too. A lot more than Faceworld because it has more symbolism and is bigger.


You know how I said the broken glass theme was cool and broken glass was scary, ect?
Today during math, a really big framed painting fell off the wall and hit a boy in the back of the head and the glass broke over his head and he had a piece of broken glass stuck an inch or two deep in the back of his head, and he got a cut by his eye. He was bleeding ;~; he had to go get stitches

It was the scariest thing I ever witness in my life, I felt sick and shaky for the rest of the day, BROKEN GLASS IS TERRIFYING. Oh god it's my new phobia. After he left they swept up the glass and oh my god the sound the broken glass made as it shattered more and more as they swept it up, oh god that sound.

needless to say, I can't wait to play this now.


WOW! That is such a coincidence. I hope he is fine in the end. Well I can't wait for you to play it, I have now found out my secret weapon of creepiness in the game. I hope everybody else will enjoy this game too!

I'm in the middle of the concept art for the hospital. I just need to color it now.


Im also volunteering to help with this other YN fangame called Strange Beauty so I might not update as often. I'm helping with the pixeling. But once I post the hospital concept art, I'll get to pixeling the tiles for the hospital! *nobody probably cares*


File: 1316907686790.jpg (527.64 KB, 850x950, Hospital.jpg)

Hey! I finished the concept art for the hospital! I am nearly done designing it and after that, I will move on to pixeling the wall and floor tiles and then the rest.

The girl in the middle Dokutsuki. The blue creature is the 'doctor' and the girl on the table has a disease.

The hospital is set to be a meloncholy/creepy place with some symbolism.

If there are any questions I'd be happy to answer them!


*is working on the hospital walls* I'm also pixeling a sprite for the game I volunteered for so I might be a little slow with updates. Also, what do you think of the hospital concept art?


it's very cool, I think it gives a very yume nikki-ish feeling. Though, what's up with the red in her hair?


Thank you! I was aiming for a yume nikki-ish feeling with the creatures and symbolism in the game.

The red in her hair can be anything, really. It could be a mixture of stuff, or someone suggested it to be bloody broken glass before. It could be anything.


Broken glass in the hair idea would be a really good way to tie in the title and whatnot, in my opinion. I want to see more and who knows, I might even make a picture of her, I think she's a pretty cute character~
Symbolism? I suppose you're not going to give us any hints, huh? xD


Yeah, that could be the main thing, but not official until further notice for creativities' sake. I would be so happy if you made a picture of her :D I enjoy getting fanart even if it's just a picture. It makes me happy that other people think about the game enough to make fanart.

The symbolism with the items and characters that appear in the game but, yeah, I like to leave some stuff open ended so other people will be surprised when they actually play the game. Though if you ask any questions I would be happy to answer most of them!

I'm almost done making the waking up animation for a new effect! I like to make unique ways to wake up for each effect, that gives me more to do, but it's fun to look at.


Just found a new pixeling program to replace the one I've been using (Which was GraphicsGale Free Edition)! I like this one so much better because I can actually erase the palette and now have to mooch off of other palettes, so yay! More original colors!

Even though that was boring, I am also working on a concept art picture for the enemy thing in the game. Though it's not official, it's close to the actual sprite thing…even though I haven't made the sprite yet. I should really get to that, but after I'm done working on the 3rd effect.


File: 1317173157676.jpg (242.95 KB, 1240x1753, EnemyD.jpg)

I finished the concept sketch for the enemy in the game. I already had him sketched in my notebook, but I changed a bit in the actual concept sketch. Like I added the wires on his arms and other things.

And yes, it's supposed to be unproportioned. I am OCD for proportions so I wouldn't that one slip unless it's supposed to be that way.

I was thinking of making his attack (when you're caught) will be lunging at you. Though I can't think of any others. Any suggestions?



Here's my tumblr account, I update a lot over there about my fangame. Mostly about new OSTs I have made for the game. I uploaded a new OST that I made called 'tangerine'. I tried to be more creative with the sounds and stuff and even recorded some of my own sounds! Enjoy, and I'm open to feedback!


Sorry I have been progressing slowly on the fangame! But motivation is low and stress is high for me with upcoming auditions for orchestras that I want to join and essays that I must write. Also the lack of attention that this fangame gets is a little stressing, but that's the least of my worries.

I would just like to hear suggestions, ideas, and opinions from all of you!

The other fangames that are in progress seem to be great! I can't wait to play them all!


Hey, the attention your game is getting is already pretty good. You even got fanart on the previous thread!

Now then, if you really want to get more attention for your game, allow me to let you in on a little secret: don't try to work way too much on it before releasing a playable version. People want to play your game to take their own impressions from it. That's why I keep hurrying Mimi up as well, because I think that, even if we only had a handful of explorable maps, letting people play our game is the best way to get them wanting to see more.

Anyway, I really like your creature designs, they look very psychedelic, just like a proper YN Fangame's should. I'm personally looking forwards to playing Broken Bottles!


File: 1317344097949.jpg (276.53 KB, 750x900, Yay!.jpg)

Thank you for the advice! And opening my eyes to the fans this game already has! I tend to get a little nervous and worried about things I shouldn't and I am an overachiever xD I will try to get the game's first ver. finished soon with at least 4 effects and 3 main doors!

Thank you! I've been trying to get my creature designs up to par with YN's because I feel symbolism is a big part on YN and I want to add the weirdness in that game to this one!

Thank you again! And enjoy my quick pic of Dokutsuki.


File: 1317486551674.jpg (458.07 KB, 750x900, coward.jpg)

Hey! I made some more art for my game. it's up to you to guess why I made this, cause I don't know xD

And I FINALLY started pixeling the walls for the hospital because I've been busy auditioning for orchestras and I got the last one finished. So I'm ready to go!


File: 1317490698110.png (77.25 KB, 661x528, dokutsuki.png)

Sounds very interesting! I'll definitely play it when it's done :D

also have some very very quick fanart because I got distracted from what I was doing.


Thank you! And the fanart…..is beautiful! xD Thanks again!


File: 1317686555130.png (16.63 KB, 641x486, bb5.png)

I am now done with the floor and wall tiles, now time for the fun stuff! People and furniture and details!


Aww, you did? It looked like a cool game to play. Well, if you wanna volunteer. I really need help with music. Can you email me a short piece that you can make? Like a loopable piece. What's your email? I'll send you an email then you can send me the loop. Thanks for volunteering! 8D


Just finished a special killing scene in the Hospital! Working on Corridor 1 and a couple of rooms….boy to I like to pixel blood.


I'm terrible at music. I'll totally help you sprite maybe, I decided to sort of go ahead with my videogame. I wasn't sure what I was thinking when I posted/deleted. I'm not sure if I could have enough motivation to help or not…I'm…really indecisive.

Good luck on the game though, looks good.


Ahh..okay. Well, now I don't know about that. I'll be okay with me and my other helper. She helps me with spriting and I'm not sure about the person who's going to help me with the music. I will work hard on this game!

Okay, so for news. I'm done setting up the first corridor and 2 rooms, my friend is helping me pixel the furniture and stuff. I will try to get the hospital done by the end of the month!


Hi, Doodle. I never said anything before, but I always thought this game looked interesting the moment I saw it on youtube (that's where I first saw it, XD).

I've just been avoiding looking at stuff to do with Broken Bottles because I'm trying to avoid all spoilers possible, lol (I'm like that).

So I'm here to say that you have one more supporter.

Also: I'm not exactly a music person, but I think I'm pretty good at making those really short loop songs (which is Yume Nikki like ,right?. So, do you still need help with music, Doodle?
In advance notice: I don't want to put my e-mail address out there, so I'd have to find some other way to give you the music.


Oh thank you! *is glad to have one more supporter*
I still do need help with music, you can PM me on my Youtube account and give me your email there *where it won't be out in the open*

Also send me a short loop that you've created so I can see what you're good at :) Thanks again! *works on pixeling*


File: 1318167461858.jpg (540.43 KB, 600x900, windydoku.jpg)

So I'm still working on the hospital area. It's coming along fine, I'm almost done pixeling some of the basic furniture such as tables and beds and such. I also have an extra helper now! Now I have 3 helpers (including me)!

And pic related. Just some art I made for Dokutsuki cause I just love her. She thinks of this stuff daily when she's not asleep.


Did 4 versions of the same bed OH GOD WHAT AM I DOING. Also made a carpet and a bpm machine. Made a bedside table with a note and other shizz. My battery is dying on me so I have to replace it soon, so I might update for a while after this.

If anybody has any opinions or advice on this game, I'm open to suggestions! Also, I'll try to have the game out by mid November actually, December at the most.


K, I will. I've been focusing on drawing, but I'll get right to the rest of the chipsets by tomorrow. Thanks for the advice!


File: 1318545333672.jpg (223.09 KB, 540x675, Dokutsuki fanart1.jpg)

Done with the doors and an NPC, working on some rooms and shizz. Enjoy the first ever fanart that my fangame received happily last month.

This totally fits Dokutsuki's personality somewhat.


I didn't notice before, but in this fanart there's: a jigsaw piece, a nacho chip, and an air freshener. That goes well with the "it could be anything" explanation, XD.


File: 1318634892452.jpg (160.86 KB, 800x600, Broken Bottles Fanart - Br….jpg)

Hey, Doodle. Seems kind of weird that I work on this game, but I haven't made any fanart for it. Well, I finally got around to making some.

I better get back to making music now. XP


any idea when It will be out?


File: 1318638939817.jpg (110.28 KB, 600x800, glasshand.jpg)

Thank you! Your music making skills are very good! Keep up the good work!
I'm planning on releasing it in mid November or early December. It depends on how much people think I should get done in v0.00, like how many effects, worlds, subworlds, etc. I'm still working on the hospital slowly and so I think once I get the hospital, an effect, and one more world done, I'll release it.

The pic is just something to interpret, Dokutsuki holding a hand.


File: 1318645316174.png (23.77 KB, 1157x614, broken bottles.png)


File: 1318689648511.gif (318.32 KB, 230x130, tumblr_lrym98O9Dr1qftvvv.gif)

Thanks to all you wonderful people for the fanart! Since the anon asked when it would be out, it snapped me back to my senses and I finished like….5 rooms in one night. So thank you for pushing me off my lazy ass and making me get some work done! I'm now halfway done with the hospital.

Gif kind of related


File: 1318722051781.png (21.35 KB, 638x481, bbscreen1.png)

Just an update, here's one of the many rooms in the Hospital, this is what the regular room will look like.

Any opinions?


Looks like my grandmas apartment.


Yup, this is just a regular room so it's supposed to look comforting….like your grandparents' house.


Nice room.
I like how the hospital looks kind of old, but still manages to be clean.


>Keep up the good work!
Okay, I will. Thanks for the compliment!

>Dokutsuki holding a hand
Well, the pic's file says "glasshand", so I'm going to say that there's a glass person somewhere in the game. XD

Such a big room, and they don't even have a TV in there. XP
What Anon at >>807 said looks true.
The bed looks oldish (vintage?) but comfy.
The door looks like the most menacing thing in this room.
I wonder what that…pouch(?) with the heart shape(??) on it is.


File: 1318781145491.png (52.22 KB, 350x280, googirl1.png)

Thanks! Yeah, I was trying to go for the 'old hospital that is kind of clean…ish'
I was planning on adding a TV somewhere, but I'll save that for the next version cause I want to get this out to the world quickly, but still maintaining some quality of the chipsets/sprites/etc.
I always seem to work the hardest on doors….I don't know why, maybe it's my OCD for making things detailed.
And the 'pouch' is actually a poster or sign.

I finished the portrait that is going to show up in the game. Two pictures are going to show up, but I'm showing only 1, and it's the boring one xD Enjoy.


File: 1319158232492.jpg (243.41 KB, 720x1080, girl with chords.JPG)

Sorry for the lack of activity! Homework is being an ass and I've been practicing my art skills while also occasionally finishing a room in the game. I found out that I enjoy to color abstractly in traditional art, though nobody really cares about that.

My friend drew Dokutsuki very beautifully just today, ilu for that btw. I'll get the hospital finished…eventually, then I'll complete one other world and plug in an effect along the way, walla! V0.00, I also have to fix the title screen cause it still says 0.02 xD Well, that's it for today.

Pic kind of related, I will reveal more about her later *secretsss*


Keep working at it, Doodle.
People should be able to give some more useful criticism once they actually get to play the darn thing. XP

'Secret' character looks pretty cool by the way. =)
I wonder how her sprite would look, what with those complex clothes, heh.


Thank you! I wonder how I'm going to manage to make her sprite either xD But I'm still wondering where she's going to be in the game. I'm working hard! I'm going to try to get it out by December remember! Or should I just release it once I'm done with the hospital hmmmm….

Also, working on the doctor's sprite, which is a pain, but worth it. Also working on the area where the doctor is.


I think you mentioned in an earlier post that you wanted to get at least 4 effects and 3 main doors done before releasing v.0.01. I think that sounds pretty good. If your already over that many, then maybe once you are done with the hospital, I guess. December at most still sounds okay though… *anxious to play*


Ohh yeah, I didn't forget about that. And I'm progressing very quickly in the hospital area. If I continue at this pace I might even get it released by November! *optimism*

Though it will be v0.00, a preview version, the effects don't really DO anything yet *besides the knife effect, happy killing* and there are a decent amount of maps *though some of them are very big or the area has a lot of rooms that I squeezed into one large map*.

The 'hell' maze is pretty small too, so no worries about getting terribly lost.


I like "preview". Reminds me of good ol' demo versions of console video games. ^–^

Anyways, good info.
Good exciting info! XD
Thanks for that info by the way. =)


Doodle, I insist you continue making this game.


File: 1319339437426.jpg (303.36 KB, 600x800, doku.jpg)

Yes I love old video games/game consoles. I'm glad the info is exciting!
I will also make another preview video when I release the v0.00 of the game.
Thank you, I definately will!

Pic for good progress! Dokutsuki with her Glass shard effect and just being awesome.


>as in 0
>as in nothing


I see. XD

Doodle did say it's just a "preview", so maybe that's what v0.00 can mean…Even though that DOES look like "nothing"…
I'm sure it means v0.01 will be less like a demo (yes!…uh,maybe).


Because you know how Yume Nisshi started out as v0.00, even YN started out as 0.00, just to show what the main idea of the game was going to be. It's not going to be nothing, just a preview of the main things of the game.


File: 1319507728105.jpg (368.04 KB, 600x800, canisee.jpg)

Enjoy some *fail* concept art. But I'm just here to anounce that I'm finishing up the hospital area. I also programmed in another effect so I have the 4 effects I've been wanting to include.

I also have included two ways to get into the hospital *though one is kinda hard through the maze, even I got lost*


›fail art
"can i see"? "can i feel"?
This is reminding me of one of those Higurashi 'next time on' endings. Scary.

Since i'm posting: Thanks for the update. =)


Haha, I didn't know it would remind someone of Higurashi.

You're welcome.

Now I'm getting some of my helpers to test my game to find any bugs that need fixing and some opinions, then I'll be ready to release the game!


File: 1320059734311.jpg (701.09 KB, 726x962, color1.jpg)

The testing is almost done! I plan to release it by Nov. 1st or 2nd depending on how quickly my tester tests it. She has found lots of bugs and I've fixed them, now you know why I'm doing this xD

Pic kinda related, the girl on the very left is the bandaged girl only closer up. It was done with colored pencils and sharpie pen.


I like the hat that the character in the middle is wearing. I can't seem to find hats like that, XD.
Cool drawing by the way.
Early Christmas coming up soon if v0.00 gets finished, lol.


File: 1320111938995.jpg (259.48 KB, 422x688, dokupreview0.jpg)


v0.00! There are instructions on how to setup the game in the .rar file! Also what the game includes and the info about this ver is in the same txt file as the instructions. This includes RTP and also lots of music, so it's a little big. ENJOY! 8D

Pic is of Doku with the bandage effect on.


Hey I'm really liking what I'm playing in the test demo. I found all but voiceless so far. I hope you're going to work on a 2x speed effect soon.

I still have more exploring to do though. I really liked that room with the box that made the door appear.

Also what exactly did the key do? I remember picking it up in the beginning and before I realized it I didn't have it anymore.

Picture semi-related, it's the icon I made for this game because I think the RPG ones look fugly.


What icon? I don't see any.

Thanks for your opinion! I'm planning on releasing the 2x effect next ver, because whenever I test play, it's a pain to slowly walk around the big areas.

The key opened the door with the box, if you didn't have it, then Doku would just shake her head at it. Thank you!



Yeah I realized the post ate my picture, the board has been doing that sometimes. Originally thought it was because it was in .ico form but I tried .png too. Welp it's crappy anyway, I can try again but I don't have a ton of hope it'll show itself xD

Oh okay yeah that makes sense. I saw your doodle of this game's chaser is he in this version somewhere are will you include him in the next version?





So, uh, I found a small glitch.

I went to bed… and kind of couldn't get up.


Pressing enter should make Dokutsuki come out of the bed.
Oh yeah, helper person here! I'm so glad the game is released now.


It's finally here…but I won't be able to play it until I get back! DX
If it's the last thing I do, I WILL play this game before the day ends!….*over drama*

Seriously though, not getting to play Broken Bottles on THIS day is like sleeping through Christmas…early Christmas…


Yes, he will *hopefully* be in the next ver of the fangame.

Yes, thanks for clearing it up. Also, if you press the left arrow key while in the bed then press enter or z, you should get out of the bed. I will add that to my list of things to fix or add later.

I feel special because someone is actually really looking forward to this game. I hope you enjoy it when you do play it.

Anyways, today I planned out the basic layout of one world and I designed 2-3 effects *two of them are for the 2x speed effect, I'm deciding which one is going to go and which one to keep.* I really like this one effect, it's like the stoplight effect in YN. I will reveal more about it later.


Fucking hell, this is awesome and I kind of sort of love you for making it. <3


I've already downloaded and found every effect/item so far and let me tell you: I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. I knew it was going to be awesome :D

My favorite worlds so far are the face world and and word world. The face world is just SO creepy (especially when you touch them and they make noises ohhmyygod), and the word world gave me shivers the first time I saw it. Amazing! <3

Just felt like posting my opinion here lol.
(if anyone wants to know, I helped make some of the music in the game!)

Uboachan-ers, you should totally download this game! :D


Well, I played it. And it was sweet. I can't seem to find the bandage effect though. XD
Can't wait to see the airport in the next version.

>stuff I like
My favorite place was the Broken Maze, even though it's like as big as hell, lol. It looks more interesting than the "Hell Maze" from Yume Nikki (from what I can remember anyways). Gotta love those locked doors by the way, it's like Silent Hill (which is great). The animation for the glass shard attack is so scary, jeez! I love that each effect has it's own waking up animation. The sprite for the "doctor" looks so accurate. Good job. I really like the save screen song. It's too creepy…much to creepy…I'm scared, DX. I also like the 'smiling couch guy' in the Broken Glass world, and his death animation. I'm so glad he comes back when you re-enter the place (I was worried for a second)! Why does "why?" show up so much in the word world? XD You 'level up' when you get effects. Now THAT'S a progress report!


And now, some [possible] glitches (or…"easter eggs"?), and maybe one or two suggestions:

>off screen hospital doors
I know that, when you walk into the off screen doors in the Hospital, you automatically enter the room. But when I tried walking into the "wall" on the very far left of the west side of the hospital, nothing happened (because the door was locked). I didn't bother to press enter at the door, so I didn't know a locked door was there (XD). So now I thought that those empty areas at the sides of the hospital were nothing; even though there is a door all the way on the right that you CAN enter. I'm not sure if it's necessary, but maybe you could add a shadow or carpet or something to let players know that there is an entrance at the off screen doors. It might ruin the look though…maybe.

disappears…forever? I can't enter the door or get key1 back after using it it once. Is this a glitch? By the way, it's cool that there are items in this game besides effects.

>return of the green checker skirt
When Dokutsuki does the head shaking animation, one of the frames features some of the old green checker skirt.

>key1 door "turns"
When you press enter at the key1 door, it "faces the Dokutsiki". What I mean is, the door changes it's frame to one of the other ones. If you press enter at the left side of the door, it disappears; it opens a little when you try the right side or the back. And, Dokutsuki faces upward no matter which side you try to open the door at; but you probably shouldn't be able to enter the door from anywhere except the front anyways.


>boom boom boom…*infinite*
Three spots in front of the entrance to the big glass bottle activate the "boom" sound effect in the Boom world. If you keep walking over these spots, then you can turn the boom sound into a machine gun if you know what I mean, XP (I mean it keeps playing rapidly).

>entrance to big glass bottle area
Same place as above. When you walk to either side of the entrance, and then move to the front of the entrance, you can't enter. You can only enter by walking straight into the entrance (the white part).

>hospital warp room
The first room (from the left) at the bottom of the east side of the hospital takes you to a room on the west side…Creepy, but is it a glitch?

>wall walking/phasing
In the same room mentioned above (the one that you get warped to), you can walk one space up the wall on the right side of the monitor. Also in the hospital: same as the last one, but it's in between the "diseased girl" and a monitor. This next one is the best: if you go behind the big broken bottle in the Broken Maze, and then move downwards in the middle of it, you can go THROUGH it! The big glass bottle even has 4 spaces of room you can walk around in, XD; and you can still press enter you go through the entrance.

>the red nexus doors
all go to the big glass bottle area, except that you can't move. This probably isn't a glitch, but it's sort of cool.

Loooong……so long…3 posts long, blah. x_x


Sorry for slight off-topic, but am I the only one who has problems with downloading?


The bandage effect is somewhere in the hospital, my friend had trouble finding it too xD
Thanks, I tend to pay attention to detail a lot…..A LOT, sometimes I turn things in late at school because of it, but I still get a good grade. But this also means that the updates might take a while. I loved pixeling the waking up animations, but the doctor was a pain. It was worth it though.

>off screen hospital doors
I will try to add something there in the later versions if I have enough time, thanks for saying that, I didn't know it would be a problem.
It's supposed to disappear forever, you can't go back to that room once you've use the key. It's kind of a special thing. I will add more keys in the later versions.

>return of the green checker skirt
Thank you for informing me! I changed the skirt back to the black pattern now.
>key1 door "turns"
Thanks again! I fixed it with some code and other stuff. It doesn't turn now! *I hope*
>entrance to big glass bottle area
Or you can press z or enter in front of the white part, I think that worked for my friend who test played it.

>hospital warp room
That isn't supposed to happen xD Thanks for notifying me, that door is actually supposed to be locked.

>wall walking/phasing
I fixed the settings for the things to be able to walk through, and I mad sure you can't walk through the walls. Also, wow! I didn't know you could walk all the way THROUGH the bottle. I fixed it now, thank you!

Thanks for informing me about these bugs/glitches, I probably wouldn't have found them myself.


Sorry but i didn't find it all that interesting. First of all, the effects are… not very impressive. I mean come on, they barely change you at all. For example "voiceless" (which is a pretty bad name) pretty much change nothing except make a few pixels gray.

The sound is a real nuisance, they ruin any mood there is more than enhance it. the music… actually i don't even remember it. That's not a compliment in a YN fangame, since in the original the music was outstanding, there's even a YN remix album. The SFX are at best neutral and at worst outright annoying (like when you walk on glass).

I can tell that alot of work was put into the graphics in the game and it looks better than most games that's put on /fg/. The problem is, most of the areas are just… uninteresting, for a lack of a better word. it's hard to put my finger on why this is, but one reason is probably that alot of areas feel like remakes of the classical themes: Mazes, world with puddles, hospital and so on. They just have nothing that screams originality. Granted, i did like the bedroom and the world with pacman faces, but the rest is in need of a major rehaul if you ask me. Also, the area with words on the ground feels really contrived.


And next, main character. The clothes are fine, but the hair. Oooh lawd, the hair. It looks like a christmas tree. I know it's supposed to be glass (which no sane person would put in your hair), but all i see is a christmas tree. Speaking of glass, i dunno why you choose glass as some kind of "theme" for the game but it's not working for me. Bottles are not all that interesting, i'm afraid. Even if you have some kind of story that involves glass it just feels to me like you were trying to find some kind of theme and thought "hey i like glass, let's put it everywhere".

If this text offended you feel free to ignore it. If it didn't and you think there's even a tiny ounce of truth in what i said, improve the game instead of sulking about it. You can obviously sprite and making original stuff just takes a bit more planning (YES you need to plan to make stuff original), also music/SFX can easily be replaced.

And this would be my highly personal opinion, which it seems the other people that played it doesn't share. Oh well.


Thanks for stating your honest opinion! Yes, I know it's not that interesting, this is just a preview, for the next version I'm planning to put more work into it. In this version, I was just trying to get the usual YN stuff like mazes and hospitals and big empty worlds over with so I can get to the more interesting stuff. I will take this into account, I will try to work harder on this game's originality.
Actually, the theme of the game is based off of my actual life. My father has some issues with violence and drinking so I decided to implement it into the game. Some of the newer areas are going to include some things from my own dreams.

Thanks for telling me what you didn't like about it, I will try harder to make this game better!


Actually, you have agreement from me on pretty much all points.

I found the areas really uninteresting, too - but mostly what really struck me was the sense that it was all really… random. I don't know how these worlds have connection to the character, or if they even do. I just feel like despite the amount of work put into this, it isn't very well thought-out (or executed, so far).


Also it IS v0.00, the next one I will release will probably be v0.005. There IS a connection between the Face world and the Word area if you think about it.

Sorry for your inconvenience, I will take these suggestions and try to implement them. This is an early stage in the game. Don't expect yume nisshi or .flow quality stuff from a 15 year old, and when it's at v0.00


Here's that useful criticism I was talking about!

I personally like this game, but I agree with you about the sound fx. What advice would you have concerning that (cus I've got nothing)?

I also somewhat agree about the "uninteresting areas". I think some areas are pretty interesting, but others are sort of interesting and sort of…not.
It might be that most of the areas kind of have this 'empty' feeling, like there's not much to see (or not enough); I think that's part of the reason at least. Hard to say.

I kind of disagree about the music, which I like, but of course that's just my opinion. There isn't exactly music in the hospital though; it sort of sounds like music, but it's more like sfx (which is probably what it's supposed to sound like I think).

By the way, the red stuff in Dokutsuki's (the main character) hair has been described as "could be anything" by Doodle. I know most of us will instantly think it's glass, but at least one fan drew the red pieces as a bunch of random stuff (like a red air freshener). So, maybe…it's SUPPOSED to look like a Christmas tree, XD. I doubt it, but still…it could be.

Anyways, while most of Owl's post/s is just their opinion, I think there is some useful info in it.
But now that's just MY opinion. It's up to Doodle to decided what to do with them, heh.


My advice would be to try to make each tune stand out more. There are several ways to do this. You can either make them catchy, or try to make the sound unique (for example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTNCuADOsnI), do keep in mind that the music shouldn't take over the visuals, it's there to enhance the experience only.
The same is doubly true for the SFX. Lowering the volume on footsteps would be a good idea in this game, they are way to noticeable, again, they are there to enhance, not take over. That is not to say the game should be quiet. It's the other way around. You should put MORE sound effects in the game. This might of course require more stuff that could make those sounds in your areas, but seeing as the game is, to be honest, pretty empty this shouldn't pose a problem.


Oh thanks! What about this: http://www.box.net/shared/o9pqen610rzylssozdb5

I made it, but I'm a newb at music composition and tend to overdo stuff or not do enough. I'm still trying to get things worked out. Or maybe this: http://www.box.net/files#/files/0/f/0/1/f_1054077732

I will lower the sound effects for the footsteps. I got most of the sound effects from a sound effects site so they're there as a placeholder. I will also keep in mind that the sfx and bgm shouldn't take over the visuals but enhance them. Thank you.


Oh, I also made this song, though I don't know if it's that good.


Oh sorry pay no attention to that last post, it was stupid. Now let's carry on.

Here's the other song I made *though I made it a while ago*:

And this is a remake of the song I posted before named Nostalgia. I just switched the instrument for two of the parts because they seemed too sharp:


i tried playing your game but i'm sorry, you left the loud cannon sounds in the first world i tried and i can't handle it. it hurts when i get startled too often and that's what happened because of those sfx. can you PLEASE tone them down A LOT? because i'm not sure i can play this game expecting to be startled every two minutes.

other than that what i could see so far looked pretty good for a start. i'm not convinced by dokutsuki's character design but that's just personal preference. some of the sounds you picked are really good (i like the one that comes up when you close the menu) but others are disastrous, especially the ones when you walk on grass or on the broken glass. i like dokutsuki's bedroom and how she drinks to get into her dreamworld. i honestly wish i could give more feedback but the cannon sounds kind of ruined it for me :( did you tone them down AT ALL? i remember you saying you would but judging by how loud they still were i'm not sure you did. your game honestly has potential and i would love to help you but please, think of the children.


Yes, I did actually tone them down. Almost halfway, actually. But because it's such a nuisance, I'll lower them down a little more hmm…
I know that some of the sfx are disastrous, I also hate the glass sound, I was planning on removing it later…I really do hate it. If you want to explore more, then just lower the volume whenever you go there for the time being. Thanks for the feedback.


Happy to help.

By the way, just to make sure: the "entrance to big glass bottle area" I was talking about is the red one in the Boom world. Pressing enter or z doesn't seem to work (for me), only walking up one squre from the white part seems to activate the teleport event.

Also, do you plan on making an effect changing animation for when you change effects? It seems kind of strange (and…I don't know, 'boring' I guess) for Dokutsuki's sprite to just switch without any sound or visual fx.

And a suggestion: maybe you could have an animation for some of the less interesting effects, when you press shift; although "less interesting" could be different for everyone, so maybe just make a shift button animation for all effects, XD. At least have it for the effects that don't change much; like the voiceless effect.
I'm not sure how much it would help though.

I really like the "Nostalgia"; it's pretty crazy and chaotic. I can imagine it driving some people insane if it's too loud though (like as loud as I'm listening to it right now, XD).
The "easternfeel" song sounds pretty nice, and it's easier on the ears, but I'm not too sure if it completely fits the atmosphere. Though, I think it could be great depending on where you put the song.
This is coming from someone who likes almost every song in v0.00 though, so take it for what it's worth if you will.
I THINK these songs are a bit more 'full' though.
…Sorry for using the word "though" so much, heh…bluh (-_-).


Ah yes, I noticed that. I will fix that when I get to it. It even made me kinda annoyed, and i made it!

Yeah, since this was a preview demo release, I didn't add any animations besides the killing animation. I plan to have almost every effect have an action when you press the shift key in the next version, and an effect change animation.

Thank you for the music compliment! I really like making kind of chaotic music xD But I guess I have to dabble in the quirky simple music too, so I'll try that. *goes to think of the action animation for each effect*


>you level up when you get effects
I just played .flow again today, and I realized that it also had this "level up" thing…I forgot.
*idiot> DX <idiot*
Anyways, the "L" for level is an "E" in .flow (E for 'effect/s' I assume). So, Doodle, maybe you might want to change the L to an E; unless you you like the "leveling up" idea, lol, XP.

Suggestion: maybe the animation for the voiceless effect could be Dokutsuki trying to talk but can't. Something like that. Just an idea though.

I found the bandage effect by the way. I couldn't find it before because I didn't realize that there were off screen doors at the sides of those straight hallways, XD.
The Hospital is bigger and creepier than I first thought…I like the atmosfear even in these early stages of development.

Also, I found a couple more glitch like things while in the Hospital (though not limited to that area):

>walking under a shadow
The sides of the bandaged girl's shadow seem to be on the layer that's ABOVE the hero character rather than below. As a result, Dokutsuki somehow walks underneath the sides of the shadow, XD.

>no off screen door here?
What I assume is an off screen door, in the hospital, doesn't have a "locked door sound" when you push enter; you can't enter the "door" by walking into it either. It's the "off screen door" at the bottom right in the east side straight hallway.

>bandages + left = ice skates
When you use the bandage effect, and move left, Dokutsuki doesn't move her feet; her arms still move. The walking left bandage effect animation seems to be the only one with this problem.


Cool, I didn't know it was an 'E' instead of an 'L' in .flow, I will find out how to make the L into an E in my game.

What do you mean, dokutsuki's shadow? Or the shadow of other objects?

>no off screen door + bandage ice skates

Yeah, I noticed that after checking around while I was recording youtube video for my fangame, that the bandage's left walking direction didn't change at all! I already fixed it at the moment, also the door that doesn't have a lock sound, I added a lock sound to it. Thanks for pointing out anyway, I was wondering when someone would notice xD

>The suggestion
That seems like a good idea! I will try to come up with other ones, but I might use that idea.

Thanks, the hospital was really the one that I worked the hardest on, the first real 'world' in my fangame besides the face world.


The bandaged girl's shadow…or that grey oval below her (if it's not a shadow, XP).
If you stand right in front of the bandaged girl and move left or right one space, then you might notice a small bunch of pixels appear over Dokutsuki. It's kind of hard to notice; I had to walk back and forth (i.e. left and right) in front of "Bandy" a couple of times before I noticed.
Bandy = Quick short name for bandaged girl, by the way (hope you don't mind).

Also, if you didn't find out yet: you can change the L to an E in the "Database", in page 5 of the "String" tab. F8 is a shortcut to the Database, in case you don't know where it is. Of course, you could change the L to anything really; up to two letters/numbers/signs.


File: 1320435836775.png (5.95 KB, 640x480, brokenbottles001.png)

Something I noticed when I played through was that when you approach this door in the Boom world (without the key), the door opens regardless of which side of it Dokutsuki is facing? Which ends up in awkward actions like this. You should maybe change it to mirror how the door reacts if you do have the key - at least in terms of using the conditional branch of having Dokutsuki up-facing.

I also don't know if it's intentional or not that you can't enter that door again after the key has been removed.


Yes, somebody already found that in one of the earlier posts, I fixed it. It will be fixed in the next version that comes out. Though it'll take a while. And yes, the 'can't enter again' thing is intentional. It's kind of a special even that my friend INSISTED be in this game.
Oh, I didn't know that would happen. I'll test it and see what's wrong, I'll make sure to fix it.

I'm fixing all the bugs that are found in this version first, then I'm going to work on new stuff. Though I'm working on the effect transformation animation right now.


File: 1320546702206.gif (2.93 KB, 80x80, bd_slumberberrypotion.gif)

If you get in the bed while awake, exit the bed with Z, and immediately press <-. You hear the sounds of walking, but you soon find that you're invisable. You can save, and enter the other world like this, where you will still be invisable. I suspect this bug puts you under/behind the background.


File: 1320548481108.jpg (382.33 KB, 1024x768, medusa.jpg)

No, actually, I replace Dokutsuki's sprite with a blank sprite when she goes to bed and so I guess something went wrong and she doesn't turn back to her normal sprite when you get out of bed. Under certain circumstances I mean. But for now, I recommend not pressing any button besides the Z button when going into the bed….though the bed really has no use at the moment.

And that picture is cool, did you make it? And is it related to this game, or just something you found that kind of reminds you of it? It's pretty cool.

And the pic I posted is related. My friend suggested I make a Medusa effect, I personally think it's really cool since I love mythology and it fits in with the backstory for Doku. It's like the stoplight effect. You press shift and she opens her eyes, then everything freezes. Please excuse me for the crappy rushed drawing.


I thought the picture in >>1477 looked like something from Neopets (the name of the picture too). I Google it, and I find substantial evidence that it's an item from Neopets, XD.
It does look cool, and somewhat fitting, though.


I think this game has a lot of potential <3


Working on adding some making maps of the new areas, still slowly making the transforming animation for the effects. My journal is now beginning to become a mess of maps and code and explanations xD Working on fixing the bed bug, or just removing it altogether and replacing it with something else that I've had in mind.

Thank you! I hope to make this game live up to its potential.


Doodle, Mind sending another Download Link in a different thread? also I tried to draw fan art but she ended up looking like a mole


What do you mean? Like, create a whole new thread with just the download link?

*wishes that she was able to edit the first post*

It's okay if the picture looks bad, at least you tried :)


File: 1320787563564.jpg (379.93 KB, 900x700, Beutifull.jpg)

Hey Doodle, I noticed only 2 doors open. The rest are red. So is this just a demo or something?

Pic Not Related


File: 1320800946412.jpg (200.16 KB, 768x1024, blahglineart.jpg)

I DID say it was KIND OF a preview. It IS v0.00. And how would only having two doors open make it a demo?…well, it's not. And the red doors are the ones that you can't go in…yet. Anyway, thanks for asking :)

Pic is made by me…but not related…kind of.


File: 1320805541146.png (30.4 KB, 640x480, bbscreen2.png)

Just updating with a connecting area that I made. I had fun making this and just let out all my creative juices. I'm also done with the effect changing animation and I'm now working on the instructions.

What do you think? I was going for the messy kind of connecting area. This is connecting to the airport. I'm deciding that the airport is going to be kind of a messy place. Like a warped version of an airport. Only a few places will be normal.


Looks pretty cool. Plus points if you can walk on the thing that looks like a curved path…Or is it a river?
Anyways, it feels different than the black and white areas in Yume Nikki and .flow, so that's good. Looks interesting (to me).


Thank you very much. Yes, you can walk on the river/path/thing. It was pretty hard to make the picture kind of line up with the program's event boxes.

Since people have been wanting to see how this game is going to be original, I'm planning on bringing some original *at least more original* areas/ideas to the next version of the game.

Update, I finished the instructions, time for mapping and music composing.


File: 1320894552352.png (83.02 KB, 525x195, banner2.png)

Another update, I finished editing Broken Bottles' website, here it is. I will update on it, but not as much as here on uboachan. So just go there for the pretty banner that I made.



Attempting to add more events to the game, and more keys that will unlock even more events.

Time to brainstorm. Sorry for useless post.


I like the banner.
Website makes it all seem official and stuff.

Oh good more keys! XD
Good for me anyways, as I do love those keys. Finding out what they're for is half the fun, heh. Xp


Hey Doodle~ I just wanted to stop by and say I'm really enjoying broken bottles despite there not being much content (Yet!). I'm glad there are more and more English-speaking fans that are going though with their fangame ideas, and they're all turning out fantastic so far! I can't wait to see what kind of ending you'll come up with at the end of Dokutsuki's little dream adventure! Keep up the fantastic work!


File: 1321120589467.jpg (989.02 KB, 778x1127, medusa effect.jpg)

Yup, more keys! I'm still planning on where to put the second and third keys. I already have an idea on what the second key is going to do.

Thank you! I already have a couple of ideas for an ending *or two…or three*

Anyways, I'm done pixeling the tiles for the airport. And I finished some colored concept art for the Medusa effect, I actually made it before the pic of her I posted before. Tell me what you think. I made it with sharpie pen and colored pencils.


Airport! I hope I'm not over hype-ing it in my head.

Medusa effect is freaky, what else can I say. I'd love to see implications and stuff on how it ties into story…implications…; see in the game I mean (please, no spoilers, XP). Oh, and plus points if the action animation for the Medusa effect has eye glowage (well, I like glowy eyes, so plus points from just me anyways).


I hope you are not over-hyping either. It doesn't really look like an airport so far…because there are not items, just tiles. I really need to look at my notes to see what everything looks like.

And I will try to make the eye glowage happen. *goes to study animations again*


Please don't make long, boring mazes like the maze in that broken bottle "doorway".
"But Yume Nikki had the hell ma-" It sucked in Yume Nikki, too, why do you think everyone always tries to avoid that area?

Learn from the mistakes and advancements of other fangame makers. The best way to make a maze is to make it long enough that it creates an atmosphere, but not so long that it becomes tiring and boring. If you want, get creative and add some eyecandy or interactivity to the area as well, I mean, nobody wants to see the exact same textures for 10 minutes straight.


File: 1321374199344.png (47.57 KB, 320x720, BROKENBOTTLESAAAAA.png)


Yeah I'm just repeat what others are saying about the maze. I wandered around that damn maze for like 30 minutes and eventually threw my hands up and went "Fuck it!" and turned the game off.

I don't like mazes. I only got through Yume Nikki's area because I spent the whole time using the damn map. I avoid mazes as much as I possibly can in other fangames. .Flow being the exception, I don't mind the industrial maze. I've never found it to be too confusing and it seemed much smaller then the other mazes. However I'd still rather take a path that didn't include going through it.

You spent way too much time thinking about this didn't you?


Agreeing with the post above…you really had to think hard abut that, did you? I wasn't going for that at all.

And with the maze. You don't HAVE to go through it, I'll probably make it easier to go through or just remove it altogether. The are no worlds that I'm planning that to get to it, it is mandatory to go through the maze. Well…maybe some, but not really important ones. Also…there is really nothing in the maze at the moment. I guess I should've mentioned it earlier, there's only an optional entrance to the hospital and the bottle door.
Though, I agree, I hate the mazes. I'll think about making it easier to navigate through or just to remove it *because I can't even get through there most of the time*



Oh you don't, I figured I had to. I was missing an effect (the voiceless one?) and figured it was on the other side of the maze @~@


on another note I can never figure out a good way to show someone wielding a glass shard and I love Medusa effect. It's fun to doodle xD


File: 1321462193856.jpg (18.84 KB, 480x328, Ponikoscream.jpg)

Not really, I was browsing /mado/ on my phone while playing broken bottles, saw http://uboachan.net/mado/res/365.html#396 then glanced at the back of Doku's head, suddenly, Uboa. I thought back to Yume Nikki and remembered Poniko's expression, then I noticed three more of those red things below the Uboa face.


Oh, haha. The voiceless effect is actually somewhere else. But I don't wanna spoil it for you. And I'm glad you like to doodle the medusa effect.

Oh, okay. I guess that's all right.

Anyways, I'm working on the chaser's sprite. The first *and maybe only* version of the sprite is about 3/5 done. Then I'll have to get to drawing the entrance to the airport. Stupid procrastination.



Yeah I ended up finding it today. It was so easy I can't believe how I missed it. I love that place by the way. I went from that kind of "oh words on the floor, this is alright" to following them and making a sentence out of the path I followed and everything sounding worse and worse D':

oh and on the point of things sounding horrifying don't change the music on the title screen because it creeps me out every single time I load the game up because I forget it's there and my mind keeps making it out to be something worse then what it probably is. I hear nothing but muffled sobbing when I heard it ;w;


Haha, I was hoping that the word world would have an appeal to at least one person, it's just there for the back story and stuff.

Don't worry, I'm not planning on changing the title music, I love it, too.

Also, I'm done with the two versions of the first chaser sprite *the normal then crazy version*. Now I must finish the programming for them. Expect some chasers in the next version.


File: 1321747340700.png (13.95 KB, 240x300, Dokutsuki.png)

Oooo I'm excited keep on truckin'!

Pic semi-related as I decided to make a Dokutsuki avatar on Gaia, it looks almost spot on xD


I, being a Broken Bottles fan, droodle over that avatar. =œ
I don't play Gaia though. =P


File: 1321836800822.bmp (76.05 KB, 320x240, entrance.bmp)

Wow, it looks almost exactly like Dokutsuki! Cool.

And I'm finished with the entrance to the airport. The picture is of the entrance. Boy, trying to get things to blend with pixel art is hard, and no. I did not use the gradient tool, I hate it.


I can not wait to find this entrance; because it looks cool, and it leads to the airport.

I like your self-made gradient.


File: 1321915954556.png (1.69 MB, 1000x1350, Dokutsuki is so adorbs.png)

Bros. We should think of some fan names for the NPCs. For the red-haired girl in the hospital bed, I've taken to calling her Yamuko (病む子) meaning sick girl. Anyone got other names? :'D

Oh and this is a fanart I drew yup
also dat entrance


Did you know that your fanart killed me (cus of it's awesome collection of awesome), XD.

I like the sound of Yamuko.
I guess I should think of a better name than "Bandy" for the bandaged girl, XP.


Haha! Thanks xD
And I think Bandy is a pretty cute name, though! Looks like it fits to me.


> "Bandy" fits and it's cute
I'm glad someone else thinks so. I like calling her Bandy, ^–^.

To Doodle: You didn't have any names planned for the characters other than Dokutsuki, did you?


Thanks for the wonderful fanart! I think that name fits her very well.

No, I didn't really plan any names for the characters. Though I might've planned a name for the friend or the Chaser. I think it's more fun coming up with names that fits how YOU see the character.

I also think Bandy fits very well. I originally called her Bandaged Girl but Bandy is fine.



This is where I will update a lot on the game. I only update here with screenshots and concept art. In this blog, I will also update with music and anything Broken Bottles related. You can also ask me questions here. Though I really enjoy getting questions here, it's your choice. I hope you will check it out.


Just finished the effect animation *when you press shift* for the Glass Shard effect! I really like it. Just updating.


File: 1322256601401.png (42.59 KB, 602x452, monokodoodle.png)

It's been quiet and I just wanted to say *late* Happy Thanksgiving! I'm also here to say that I'm working on the chipset for the Airport area, I also planned out 2 more worlds! They're based off of some of my weird dreams.

One is a world of perfection, that's all I'm going to say.

The other one is a foggy road. It eventually leads to either a cliff or an area that has lots of streams and houses. It makes so much more sense in my head because I had the dream. But I guess you'll see later.

Enjoy my weird Monoko doodle in MS Paint.


File: 1322606955327.jpg (121.14 KB, 800x600, clockhead.jpg)

Well my friend *lalabunney who's also helping me with some of the world designs for the game* found out I was procrastinating on the Irport area and kicked my ass. She made me plan out half *more or less* of the area! I have also planned 2 more effects and I'm currently designing them. Also, the airport is going to act as a terminal and will connect to most of the main worlds *different parts of them*

I also have another small world that's connecting to the airport mapped out.

You guys better thank lalabunney for kicking me out of my procrastination faze and bringing this game a step closer to an update.

Also, enjoy Clockhead Dokutsuki. This design isn't final, just some concept art.


> thank lalabunney for kicking Doodle from behind
Strange request, just joking, XD.
So, some serious thanks are in order…if we get V0.0111111111…XP
But, yeah, thanks to lalabunney for making progress possible.

> airport connects to most main worlds
Oooo, love it! Cus it's like an airport!
But does this mean the Broken Maze will be gone?
If so, perhaps you could remake it into a different type of world (non-maze) or a more linear "maze" sort of place. I actually like the Broken Maze, confusing paths aside; I bet I'm the only one though.

> clockhead Dokutsuki
Well now I'm anticipating a clock tower somewhere in the game; not that clocks only show up in clock towers.
Though I think LcdDem had a clock tower, not that it matters.
Anyways, clockhead = time powers perhaps? XP


She says you're welcome.

The Broken Maze won't be gone, it'll do some other stuff, like lead to other small, hard to get to areas. You can reach the areas another way, but they're harder to get to than going through the actual maze, at least I hope so.

And no, there won't really be a big main clock tower like in LcdDem, it'll be like a small side world and then this one VERY SMALL area that resembles a clock tower.

I'm still thinking about what the clokc head will to, I'm thinking about seeing into the past, any ideas?


> small clock tower area…
is exactly what I was hoping for (i.e. small).

> clockhead ideas
I was thinking that it could change some or all areas from night to day when you use it (maybe that could work as a "flashlight" type of effect).
Or, concerning your idea of "seeing into the past", if you use the clockhead in certain "areas of interest" then you will see an event from the past or perceived future (cut scene or playable?).
I imagine "areas of interest" to be places where it looks like something has or will happen/ed (that cliff you mentioned, perhaps, for instance).
Kind of complex though, I think.


Complex or not, that's a wonderful idea! Someone else also suggested that to me and I'll try to get it done! Even if it proves difficult to do.

I'll make up something else to be the 'flashlight' effect.

And I'm glad you like my idea.


I'm working on the sprite for the clock head effect, I am also almost done with the first area of the Airport world, the bus station. I have fixed some bugs and I updated broken bottle's website here:



Um I have a request, when you finish the game could you put up the link on a different post?


What do you mean? You mean, like a different topic?


File: 1323567251610.jpg (87.21 KB, 600x240, 23578817_m.jpg)

Finishing the Bus Station area that leads to the Airport, I liked making the buses even though they are detailed as heck. I’m also making some concept art for the bus area. I have added the ability to sit in chairs in the game also. I have fixed many bugs and added the chasers into the game.

Also, it seems that SOMEBODY noticed this game in the japanese fandom, and nabuho made some fanart for Broken Bottles and other fangames! *nabuho is the person who makes some well known .flow fanart*
I'm so happy right now. She spelled 'Broken' wrong, but who cares?


File: 1323741912980.png (10.77 KB, 464x266, sprite.png)

Just working on some sprites for my game. I got an idea for an event and an NPC. The NPC is the uncolored one on the left. It’s just its outline. The event is the girl. I still don’t know where to put her yet.

Which goes to show, I made this in less than a day…so I’m not procrastinating *as much* on this game. The girl is also how I ACTUALLY pixel people…as you can tell. I’m not done with her yet.

I'm also almost, I mean, like, one event away from finishing the bus station area and moving on to the airport area we all know and love. Enjoy.


I like that sprite so far, so I guess I'll be looking forward to finding the finished sprite in the game.

I remember you mentioning before that you switched to a different sprite making program or something, but I don't remember you saying what it was called.
I'd like to know; what program are you using to make sprites?

Also: yay! Airport! XP



I didn't switch my program for making SPRITES, I switches it for making chipsets. I use Character Maker for making sprites, and I switched to EDGE2 for chipsets.

Thanks for your positive reaction :)


File: 1323867484363.png (Spoiler Image, 15.93 KB, 637x477, busstation.png)

This is what the bus station looks like. I have completely finished it. I will not procrastinate on the Airport anymore. Though the Airport doesn't really look like an Airport. Enjoy.

I set it as a spoiler image for those who don't want any spoilers.


Is it funny that "does not really look like an airport" makes me want to see it MORE? XD


Maybe xD I'm just trying to get things in my game to not seem so 'obvious'. You know what I mean? Like, more vague in the meaning.

I am also pixeling the inside of the Airport, I'm done with the entrance. It has a whole bunch of columns….
And the room that I made that has a whole bunch of NPCs to kill…the NPCs look so funny when they're running aways from me haha


> not so obvious things
Of course! I mean, it's a dream for crying out loud (induced by some weird concoction, but still). It's not like you've entered flow or something…right? XP

> NPCs run from Doodle

> airport full of NPCs
At least that is IS like an airport. I guess it still might not be obvious though, heh heh.


Yeah, she's not entering flow or anything xD

And the room with all the NPCs is in the Bus Station. The Airport will not have many NPCs, but some shadow blob people might be there, like in the hospital or in the glass area. Kind of like the people in the 'Shopping Mall' Area in YN.
And yeah, all the NPCs are scared of the creator lol


File: 1324169086480.gif (497.72 KB, 500x206, mermaid.gif)


Yay! I found that someone made a video of them playing my fangame, although he ran into the annoying bug that I failed to notice until right after I released the game. I have already fixed it…don’t worry xD He missed the Hospital because it is in the Face World…somewhere. And he wandered the currently useless maze. Don't worry, it will be less useless sometime in the future.

This makes me very happy :)

Gif not related, but I love it.



Just updated the website again.


File: 1324249288915.png (6.6 KB, 541x556, dokutsuki.png)

ohmy goodness this keeps getting more and more awesome :O

I really want to play this but my winzip trial expired, and I can't seem to get 7zip or zipeg working on my computer…

anyway, I was talking about broken bottles to my friend, and I think she mentioned that "Doku" means gas or poison? is this true?

I really like the smiley face world, by the way. :)

Also I'm not that good at pixel art, but I made one of Dokutsuki because I find her design really cool :3


Oh, that's too bad. Why don't you use WinRar? Even if the trial runs out, you'll still be able to use it. Trust me, the trial for mine has expired like…last year.

And yes, her name roughly translates to 'with poison'. I think I mentioned it in the old uboachan thread for it.

Thanks. Aww, she looks so cute :) I think your pixeling style is simple and cute.

Anyway, I'm working on the prison cells for my game now, the place that you go to when the chasers catch you.


ah thank you!

hahaha I'm such a newb, yeah winrar worked great, and I managed to get to play your game! I like it so far, but as many others have said before, the worlds are a bit empty…. then again its just a demo :)

best of luck with your fangame!

ooh a prison sounds rather fitting for being trapped by the chasers! :0


Ahh Toro, your art is too cute. X3

Ooo, prison. I wonder if you can go there without getting caught by a chaser.


I make mixup here. Reply'n to the wrong people. (-_-)


Thanks! Glad to see that you got to play it. Yeah, it's pretty empty. My dreams are pretty empty too, but only sometimes.

Yay, prisons.

No, you can't go there unless you are caught by a chaser, it's on a completely different map from everything else.

And today I had another weird dream, yesterday, too. Yesterday I dreamt I was covered in red welts everywhere, and today I dreamt I was on a bus *ironic* and it was beautiful outside. Though I did meet a creepy girl…Let's see if I can tie that into the game.


Okay, last time the website didn't update correctly, I think it's really updated now, here:



File: 1324744788558.png (49.75 KB, 641x483, screen.png)

Sorry for the lack of updates. Busy with Christmas shopping and working my ass off. Anyway, I'm 3/4 done with the Airport. I have fixed some bugs and made some new BGM.

Merry Christmas, have a screenshot of an area in the Airport with my hand-made Panorama.


Ooo, I won't ask questions; I'll just enjoy thinking about what it would be like to be there (in the airport).


Thanks. I was trying to go for the more peaceful feel for the Airport in some cases. Because the music I made for it is kind of Angelic and serene. And it has interesting tiles.


File: 1325084207998.jpg (448.25 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-8.jpg)

I made Dokutsuki on Sims 3
she kept insulting Urotsuki
it will be my headcannon forever


Wow! Thank you! And while I was gone at my Grandma's house with absolutely no internet, I was working on my fangame with no distractions…kind of. I pixeled a couple more sprites and and almost finished with eight of the terminals.

Wow, that's an awesome headcanon.


File: 1325201280654.jpg (390.85 KB, 800x600, worker.jpg)

Done with a couple more of the terminals. I was browsing through the old thread for this game and remembered how someone commented about me using too many smileys, being immature like I was knawing at the afterbirth and such.
So I stopped using smileys almost everywhere *sigh* What things can do to you.

Anyway, have some concept art for an NPC in the Airport, I guess I like light maroon hair.


File: 1325285723523.jpg (148 KB, 349x853, dokutsuki1.jpg)

I made an ask dokutsuki blog here:

I have nothing to do besides work on the game and tumblr. So ask questions here! I won't give away much though. I sometimes wish that my fangame would be known more to the big people. But I already have lots (in my opinion) supporters. Thank you guys.
Enjoy this pic of Dokutsuki I made in my new sketch book.


File: 1325383123333.jpg (175.49 KB, 640x480, thanks again.jpg)

I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone who supports and/or is following the progress of this game. Thank you for your support! I will make this game even better next year!


File: 1325463038243.jpg (101.84 KB, 600x750, 486747000.jpg)

It's quiet around here. But Tikurotsuki on twitter tried out my fangame and liked it! S/he's from the japanese YN fandom! S/he even made some fanart! This is a great way to start off the new year!
Though it seems I'm the only one posting in this thread lately…
Enjoy. This person seems to like the word world because they kept on quoting the words on the floor in their tweets.


Hmm, well; I wanted to mention that I didn't like that post you mentioned in >>2567 back when I first saw it, because it's like one of those things that try to change who you are (your personality), but that doesn't have too much to do with the game. (-_-)

Other than that: maroon hair is great! And so is that fanart. xD


I agree with what >>2671 said.

And that said, I'm liking what's being shown about the game. Good Luck!


casual bump
Anybody have theories from the first version of the game, or names for the characters? For the red-haired girl in the hospital, I previously thought of the name Yamuko (sick girl), but some pun in English, like 'Illa' is also nice, I think…
As for theories, I thought maybe Doku has a long-distance friend or something (maybe the red-haired girl in the hospital) who she communicates with online (the face world represents emotes in chat or whatnot)…

But I want to hear other people's theories. :'D


File: 1325755857037.png (1.3 KB, 54x66, thehappylounger.png)

You know, I was planning on doing what you just did (i.e. talk about theories and names), heh.

Okay, well, I can't think of much at the top of my head.
But, I like calling this guy [pictured] "The Happy Lounger"; he was always one of my favorites, so far. I don't have any theories on him yet, but he seems happy about something.
There was also "Bandy", the bandaged girl; I'm hoping she shows up in some other areas in future versions, but I sort of doubt it since you get an effect from her (of course, you get an effect from giant Smile in .flow, so…). It's pretty obvious why she's in the hospital, but why she's bandaged I'm not so sure about.

There isn't a whole lot of stuff in v0.00, but I think there is enough to draw a few theories.
I plan on playing v0.00 again to try to come up with some stuff (plus I want to check out some of the areas again).

> Dokutsuki has long distance friend
Well, that sounds like a pretty good theory.
I would think it's quite possible that this friend is someone in the hospital, considering that you can get to it from Face World.

That's what you're implying, right, Rai? xP


Right! The world with words on the floor is also connected to the face world, so maybe some (if not all) of the words on the floor are messages that she exchanged with such a friend. Some of the stuff on there piques my curiosity. ffff I'm going to explode with theories in the next version I bet xD
I like that name The Happy Lounger, he certainly looks very proud of himself about something, or that's a superbly comfortable chair?! He seems very out of place, in the area where you get the Glass Shard effect, where the person is crying (if I remember correctly)…
Bandy's bandages, she might just be a random hospital patient… but for the sake of theories, perhaps her injury is from a plane accident or something (I take it that the airplane model in one of the hospital rooms is an indicator that the Airport in the next version is going to be connected somehow maybe).


Nice theories so far. I won't say if they're close or not because it would ruin the fun. But with the Happy Lounger as you call it. He might be enjoying something. Something that's happening. He's an interesting one.
Sorry about the lack of updates. I'm working on some rooms and stuff. I will work on the 'big event' in the Airport area after I'm done with these rooms.


File: 1325988445409.png (28.2 KB, 642x481, airportscreen.png)

A screenshot of a room in the Airport. The chaser's sprite is near the bottom. The pink/carpetlikething is an NPC. Enjoy.

I love making interesting tiles.


I made some music for the game here. Late update, (it was made 2 weeks ago) but Enjoy.


What self-respecting /fg/ maker would reveal theory info? xD
Not that there's anything wrong with that…Beyond spoilers of course.

> Happy Lounger enjoys…
I didn't want to mention it (cus it's sort of creepy) but I was thinking that Happy Lounger might be "happy" about whatever the NPC at the glass shard effect is sad about. Whether the Lounger did anything himself, I'm not sure of. The Happy Lounger also continues to look happy, possibly even more happy, when you kill him with the glass shard; kind of unsettling.

> glass shard and nearby NPC
You obtain the glass shard from, what I think is, a severed hand with broken glass stuck in it's palm.
One might think that the nearby NPC is the owner of said hand; although I don't think the hand is actually giant, and maybe it's not actually "severed "/cut-off either.
I'm not sure what to think about it, other than that The Happy Lounger may have something to do with this or at least enjoys it.

By the way, I only re-played Broken Bottles a little so far, but it's already hyping me back up for the next ver. =3


File: 1326233228406.png (186.3 KB, 458x344, Snapshot 3 (12-10-2011 22-….png)

Updated Website (I will not notify you of updates of the website until the release of v0.01 of Broken Bottles.)
By the way, I made a little Doku clay doll a while back. Here it is.





File: 1326685132365.gif (89.67 KB, 146x93, 7OySF.gif)

Oh my gosh my words…..cannot describe….how happy I am. Thank you so much! *sparkles*



File: 1327161357471.png (47.54 KB, 258x319, mou ikkai.png)

I just wanted to say that today is my birthday! I'm now 14! I'm not joking haha. Well, I don't plan on working on the game today because today is my day off! And I wanted to say thank you to all of the people who support me and my game.

The pic is something Rai made me for Christmas, reference to Rolling Girl sung by Miku haha.



Happy Birthday, Tanya. I know you'll do great in life.



File: 1327230815251.png (20.76 KB, 824x545, brokenbottles_theories1.png)

Have fun reading…(-_-)

> glass hand theories
First of all, I'm calling the glass shard getter "The Glass Hand" because, well, it has the glass shard; but most of all, because of the file name of the pic in >>784

I noticed that in the "Key1 Room", there are some shapes on the walls that look oddly like The Glass Hand (either that or they're trees). What's most interesting is that the door which appears in the Key1 Room, leads you right to TGH (glasshand).
Another thing is that, when you interact with the box in Key1 Room, Dokutsuki goes into the same position as the person next to TGH; and then she cries for a second, just like that person.
My guess is that these "events" are connected somehow; perhaps TGH is in the box (but WHO's hand is it?! O_O).
I also wonder if the box you get Key1 from has anything to do with this.

> dorit
A small thing I noticed in Key1 Room are some letters near the box. They appear to be "dorit".
It's just missing two letters but: dorit + os = Doritos!!!
I think we finally know what's in Dokutsuki's hair! XD
Other than that, I thought it might have been/meant "do it", but I'm pretty sure there's an "r" between those two words.

> crying person
Maybe we can just call them "Nakunaku/泣く泣く". If scources are correct, it should mean; crying, tearfully, weeping, with (in) tears.
I'd rather try an English name (since I don't actually know kanji meanings or Japanese), but all I can think of is "1CryOGlass"; some strange way of saying, "one who crys over glass", that I just made up now.
I couldn't find any good name ideas linking to that phase.
Last ditch effort; Ohteeel (OTL) or Oteel (sorter ver.), because the look like they are in the "OTL" position (mostly).


Nice to hear, I hope to see your game soon. If only you weren't on Anon and I knew who you were. So I could recognize you when you post a thread about your game.
I wonder what kind of 'shit' as you say, that you 'took' (maybe you should'e used another verb to make it more specific).

These theories are very interesting! Thank you!



Oh shit, wasn't expecting that.


About "Dorit" … To me, it looks like "Don't", the little dot being an apostrophe instead of an i. I didn't even notice that there was a word there… Don't what? Don't open the box?
Naku simply means to cry. But as for an English name, probably something just simple like Crier or something will do, unless we can think of something cooler than that…!


I wasn't expecting that either haha. And if you're the Anon who 'took a shit' to make a better game. Then of course it looks better. Everything looks better with 3d models/graphics.


> don't open it
Yeah, I actually thought that too when I was trying to figure out what it means.
Maybe Dokutsuki cut her hand when she opened something she wasn't supposed to; or maybe someone she knows did this.


This is a stretch, but maybe the box just represents… Pandora's box or something, when she opened it (when she stabbed someone's hand or whatever possibly happened), everything went wrong. I dunno man I'm tired


Dokutsuki is the creator of Doritos. She had been experimenting and was trying to find the best recipe.

New and best theory.


File: 1328011491472.png (11.07 KB, 638x480, hand.png)

Some nice (and funny) theories. Sorry I haven't been updating much, it's because I don't want to give too much away and I don't want to waste my time spewing useless screenshots, it's not like other great fangame makers do that. Don't worry, I've been working on this game. Anyway, I have been working on the effect animations for some of the effects and I have been working on some sprites. I have added a nice little 'game' as you can call it where you have to collect stuff in order to access a small area.

Anyway, have a screenshot. It seems quite barren, but there's much more to it than that. Enjoy.


File: 1328271341578.png (583.98 KB, 692x1016, Dokuconfettipallette.png)

There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity on this thread. Anyway, I updated the website (even though I said I wasn't going to inform you about the updates, I thought about it, and now I am).


Enjoy. I edited most of the stuff in the Screenshots/Updates section as always.

Also, confettipalette made some very cute fanart for Broken Bottles, here it is.


I'm not going to update on this thread as much anymore. I'm going to continue working on this game, but now for my own enjoyment. I will, however, update this thread whenever there is a new version.
Thank you to all of my supporters, farewell (on this thread).


But I will continue updating this game on my tumblr/twitter. Just not on this thread.


File: 1328826501189.png (11.46 KB, 100x100, 38446864 (33).png)

You're leaving? But why?


She, like many others, has probably come to the realization that Uboachan blows horse cocks now.


File: 1333479787190.png (1.4 MB, 869x1540, dokutsuki.png)

Okay, I'm just here to set things straight.
I heard from someone that it seems like some people still think that I canceled Broken Bottles.
I DID NOT. It was just an April Fool’s joke that I posted on tumblr, if you believe in that rumor, stop, it’s not true.

Okay, thank you, bye.

Also, I'm planning on updating Broken Bottles sometime this month.

That's all.


File: 1335747197490.png (267.61 KB, 512x512, nice.png)

Here's the v0.01 update for Broken Bottles!


Let me know if there are any bugs!


>an update
Wait what no shit.
Fuck yeah.
(I'd do a >mfw
but all the images on google suck)
requesting mfw folder, will compensate well


oooh! i'm super excited, gonna play it right now oh gosh


In my opinion the best way to scare someone is to "build up" to the scare by giving hints of what is coming. There are both good and bad examples of this in this game. The good is probably the hospital, where it gradually gets darker and then you get the bandage.
A bad example are those infernal cannonball sounds which i see you sadly kept. They might evoke a small reaction from someone, but for the most part they are just annoying. There is no explanation or reason for them being there, if there was i could have accepted it. But now it's just a sound that comes from nowhere, made to annoy me.

Another thing i think you should change is the size of rooms. Large empty rooms with just a few pieces of furniture is generally a bad idea. One or two is no problem. But to me it seems that every single place is too big and too empty just for the sake of making me waste time walking. That's not good design, so i'd suggest making rooms smaller or putting more stuff to look at in them. In my opinion this adds to the believability of the enviroments. Nobody designs a huge room and then puts nothing in it, you see?
Think of how it is in the real world and try to emulate it, even if it's supposed to be a dream. Sure it takes more time to make but to me it shows that you put some effort into the game and not just scattered stuff here and there. Also of course it makes it more interesting.

Those are probably the biggest gripes i have right now. It's a good thing you changed sound levels and kept the interesting stuff intact. Another suggestion i have is to add more stuff to do/more events. I'm aware that most classic fangames don't generally have alot of things to do except find effects and walk around, but personally i find that you tire fast of those types of games. It worked in YN solely because it was a new concept at the time.


Thank you for the ideas! I kind of had a feeling that the rooms were too big…I'll fix that, and I guess I could make less of the cannonball noises (because it was my friends idea, I could put them somewhere else also. It has something to do with the game's backstory, so I'll still keep them, but I'll probably move them elsewhere. In a fitting area.) Also, have you played the whole game and gotten to the Stairs area yet? I'm just curious because it's kind of far in (kind of) the game.
I hope you guys enjoy it!


I guess i'll write some more. But first, a small "annoyance". The buses are really hard to enter. You have to enter them from the back through the exhaust, and you have to be facing the right way when you're doing it. It's not exactly easy to figure out and if i hadn't gotten the bus ticket i would probably have thought they were just there as a part of the background. I'd change that. Another thing is that it's really friggin hard to get to the hospital, considering how much of the game so far takes place there. Put it close to the maze entrance so that you can figure out a easy way to get there. Now i have to go randomly for 5 minutes every time i wish to go there.
Also, a lot of the new areas have passability issues, walking on walls and stuff like that. Try every area out once after making it, saves a lot of trouble. There is even one area in the airport you can't exit which was a real hazzle since it's so far to walk to get there. Speaking of which, you can only go to the airport once, after that you can't take the bus again, is this intentional?

The whole airplane event is really nice, more stuff like that please.

So, the stair area. I like that mythological kinda feeling it has, it adds a little flavor. Also the stopwatch was a pretty cool thing, although it seems to keep doing its thing even when turned off sometimes. I didn't actually try this area before i made the post before, and the new areas are a real improvement i have to say. More stuff to do and see. Still too large though. The first areas (from the former versions) would really need a remake to feel more like those areas.


Okay, I'll make it easier to get into the bus. Also, there are two ways to get into the Hospital, one is through where you were going, and the other way is from the Face World. The door to it is a little left of the pool of water with the hand. I made two ways just in case anyone wanted to go through either door and get there. The Face World entrance to it is easier to get to, though. I'll change the Maze entrance also.
Oh it's not intentional! Thank you for pointing out this bug! I was doing some wacky things with the Bus Ticket, I'll go fix that now, if you find any other bugs please tell me, I'll add them to the patch that I'm going to make.

Thank you!

I was thinking of remaking the first areas, they seem really dull and empty to me now that I've added some more areas, I'll get right to that! Also, thanks for pointing out another bug! Where does the Clock effect 'keep doing its thing'? Is it with not turning back into its normal sprite or still showing what a certain 'wisp' actually looks like?



Hello, stepping in to tell you I don't think it's the clock face that glitches, I think it's the Medusa.

Which is very bad.

The way you programmed Medusa, whenever Doku opens her eyes, you cannot wake up or use any other effects until you make her close her eyes. If this was intentional, I'll let it pass. But you seem to have messed up some coding with the effect because when I take off the Medusa effect, it still activates when I press Shift. So say I take off Medusa and press shift to sit down. Doku will flash pink, which means the Medusa ability just activated itself.

This is pretty much a game breaking bug. When this happens, I cannot exit out of the dream world or re-equip the Medusa effect to turn it off, due to all the effects being disabled. I think the glitch even persists into the real world as well. When I have time I can look into the code and see if there's a way to fix it!

Aside from that, the new worlds are pretty interesting, I love the medusa area (though it felt quite large and confusing at first due to the wrapping) and you seem to be going in the right direction with the hospital area. The bus ride to the airport was VERY nice too, I really liked it. The airport's design is kind of confusing as well but I can see the similarities to actual terminals, which is good. Many of the areas are quite large though and without a speed effect it takes a while to thoroughly comb an area, especially if you get lost and have to wake up and return all the way back. Also the red doors in the nexus teleport you to odd places (these are in progress worlds i'm sure) so I would disable their usage until they have a world behind them.

Your game definitely has a unique feel to it though. The colors you use, while they bother me slightly (i'm a stickler for clashing colors), give your game its own flavor regardless of how I feel about it. It's really nice to see such progress. :3


The inability to switch between effects while in 'freeze mode' (as I like to call it) is intentional. But the bug is not. I fixed that bug just minutes ago! :) My friend was playing the game and saw this bug and I said 'I NEED TO FIX THIS NOW OH MY GOSH THIS IS BAD' so yeah..I'll release a patch for the game sometime today or tomorrow.

I PROMISE that I will get the speed effect into the next version, I agree aha, I have to set up weird teleport points to test out events and such and then I erase them when I'm done, though I forgot to erase the one in the Airport…

Thank you!
Oh and okay, I'll disable their usage right now. Thank you for pointing these things out!


File: 1335823676319.jpg (162.94 KB, 594x1025, whatdoyouneed.jpg)

Here's the v0.01 PATCH of Broken Bottles! If there are any other bugs, please notify me! (I fixed the bugs listed and a couple of other bugs that I found)



Short question, does "patch" signify it needs to be applied to an earlier version, is just a bugfix (no content updates), or none of the above?


It basically means (in my case) bug fixes. There was a HUGE bug that basically made you unable to escape the dream world, so I fixed that and a couple of other bugs having to do with graphics/coding.
You just download it and then set it up because it has all of the files of v0.01, only with the bugfixes.


>>5435 I'm quite sure we call it a BUGFIX release around here, just to clarify.

Polite sage.


Aha, sorry for my stupidness xD
I guess I should hang around this place more often *ahamaybe*

Anyways, I found out what Owl was talking about before, if you switch back to normal while having the ClockHead effect on, the Wake Up skill will not come back, I fixed that in 3 seconds, but I want to release another bugfix.
Should I just reupload the whole file (which I don't think I should do) or make a much tinier bugfix? And if I should do that, do you guys have any ideas how I can do this? Which files should I include in the bugfix besides the changed maps?

Sorry for this stupid question.


File: 1336511834651.jpg (52.58 KB, 373x361, dokuscan.jpg)

Oh, I found out how to fix this bug in-game (the one where if you switch the ClockHead effect on and then off, your Wake Up skill disappears/becomes unusable)!

After you turn the ClockHead off, you should switch to the Medusa effect and then turn THAT effect on and then off again, this will replace the unusable Wake Up skill with the usable one.

You can use this while I look for more bugs/redesign some things (or even make the next version, which I'm planning on releasing sometime during Summer break).

Just dumping the picture on here.


Didn't you say you were leaving.


Yes I did, but I said not completely. I said that I would update for new version releases and bug fixes.

See here:
>I'm not going to update on this thread AS MUCH anymore. I'm going to continue working on this game…I will, however, update this thread whenever there is a new version.

Thank you for asking though.


I want to take a little bit of time to talk about this game on my site, if you don't mind (I still think it's too early for review, but I played the update and I feel I should share my thoughts.)


Sure! As long as you're sure that you've played through it all and seen all of the areas/events. I wouldn't want you missing some things in the update~



^Hope you're happy with my thoughts and I hope more people get the chance to try the update.


Oh thank you! x3 I feel flattered that you actually like the update! I'll try to work on the trouble spots in the game and keep working on it!


File: 1337254820022.png (225.11 KB, 500x500, eyesinthesky.png)

Instead of taking a long break from the game like I had planned, I was hit with sudden inspiration and I am now working on a new world aha. It's called Roads and Rivers, this place is where the 'Nostalgia' BGM comes in.

Anyway, this picture is concept art for another area (not the one that I was just talking about).


File: 1337733625467.png (134.06 KB, 700x512, labyrinth.png)

Just here to update. I was wondering if I should implement a swimming option for this game? There's going to be an Underwater Labyrinth and I was wondering if I should have Dokutsuki swim through the Labyrinth. This is based off of one of my blurry (hard to remember) dreams. I just remember that the rock formations were beautiful.

I also made a rough concept of the entrance to this area (based off of my original concept in my sketchbook).


File: 1338323749909.png (228.22 KB, 1366x768, dizis.png)

What am I doing? Haha

Just the chipset and the basic skeleton of the new world I'm working on, this is going to be for the third door. It's hard to imitate cliffs.

Be warned, this is unfinished. I have yet to add the details to the dirt tiles and smoothen out the water tiles. I also haven't added any sprites yet. I finished my last school project yesterday, so I got working on this since aha

I hope you enjoy.


File: 1338646982073.jpg (1.63 MB, 3648x2736, IMG_0053.JPG)

As asked by many people, and partially by myself, I shortened down and simplified the Maze. I'm going to make sure that there's something to do in the next version. If I can't make it to my liking, I'll just get rid of it aha

I have also coded the speed-up effect and I'm working on the sprite for it. This jetpack effect will allow you to speed up, of course, but it will also be useful for events and getting across gaps.

Also, here's some concept art for another world that I'm going to work on. Well, it's not a whole world, but a little part of it. The machine is also a part of it too.


File: 1338894894278.png (4.8 KB, 258x258, dokudoodle.png)

I was thinking about changing the sprite for Dokutsuki into my own style for spriting. I made her sprite in my own style but I decided to stay with the current one. But I want to make this into an effect, kind of like the 'previous version sprite' effect in witoru (that was an interesting effect aha

So, what do you think? I'm already done with the front walking animation, now I'm working on the rest of the sprite.


I'm all for using your own sprite, actually. I'd try to add some space between those legs though, it looks like she got one big leg.


Oh and okay aha I was having trouble telling the legs apart too (and the shoes). I fixed it now :)


I think it's interesting the more you put your own style in the game.


Cool beans, 'cept there's a metric brentillion colours, as always.

In pixel art, it's generally better to be able to communicate what is going on with fewer colours that are well-chosen. This creates distinction, which is important for low-fidelity art.

The main problem with this game's visuals which has gotten worse since the update, entertainment notwithstanding is that everything is such a mess of different colours that it's incredibly difficult to tell exactly what's going on with the scenery.



Oh and that's okay. I've been doing that on purpose. People keep saying that there's a mess of colors even though I do it on purpose aha. I'll try to tone down some colors in the next update, but that's what I've been going for :)
It is my game. This is kind of what goes on in my mind, the mess of colors aha


Well a mess of colours really has nothing to do with pixel art. It's all about doing a lot with few colours, as I said.

That's not some arbitrary rules some elitists put into place; it's pretty much what you have to do to make it actually stand out and look good.

Doing it on purpose isn't good design, it's amateurish. If you stop trying to cram a billion little details into every asset, they'll actually look visually distinct from each other. Right now I can honestly say the game looks as if somebody threw up a bunch of mardi gras beads.


Oh okay, I understand now. I'll try to fix it. Let me see, which areas need working on (color wise)? I remember that it's the hospital, airport, and what other areas?


The house is actually fine, but the hospital and the airport and the maze are all culprits of this.

The medusa/clock effect maze and areas actually look like they have a theme to them, so they're fine.


Ahh, okay. I'll get right to them! I'll dim down the tiles in the hospital so that it's not to eye-bleeding and I'll see what I can do with the maze. And yeah, the Airport has a lot of random colors..I'll change the colors of the items/tiles for these areas and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the critique!

Oh and the Medusa/clock maze areas are the places that I did last. I guess I've gotten a lot better at using colors that make kind of a theme, but I never got to change the earlier areas aha That's interesting.


File: 1339251366329.jpg (1.97 MB, 3648x2736, IMG_0056.JPG)

Some concept art for the chaser, I don't know if I should do multiple versions of him.

Oh, and I have improved the graphics in the Boom World and removed most of the ‘canon’ sounds. I have also removed all of the red color from the maze and replaced it with an indigo. The hospital’s theme colors are changed to purple, blue, and green. I’m now working on narrowing down the color scheme in the Airport (taken from tumblr update post).



>My own style

You mean the style of Ib? Cuz the shape is almost exactly the same.


Stop being butthurt about your Ib thread not belonging to /fg/.



I'm not the same anon, fuckstick.


File: 1339345586430.bmp (73.05 KB, 288x256, Effects3.bmp)

Oh, it resembles the Ib sprite? I didn't know that, that's just how my sprites look (if you see the NPCs in the Airport or wherever else, it's similar. And a lot of those NPCs were sprited before I even found out about Ib).

I think it's a coincidence that the sprites are similar. Also, here's the almost complete spriteset for that sprite. :)


On second thought, it looks almost nothing like it.

The first picture of it did, though.


File: 1339471976578.png (94.67 KB, 512x512, dokucreate.png)

Ahh, okay. Though I can see why you thought the first pic looked like the Ib sprite.

Also I'm here again to update. I'm working on the trees and underbrush in the Fog area (though the name is misleading, I haven't even decided if I should put fog in this area).

I've also started replacing all of Doku's sprites with the new ones, this will take a while but at least I'm starting early on. I'll save the old sprites in separate sprite sheets.

Also, i created this picture with my new tablet, I love it.


File: 1339858625033.png (257.3 KB, 1366x768, fog.png)

Just an update on the game, I finally finished the trees! And the road, and the dirt/cliffs. Now I just need to add detail (sprites/events/etc.) to this area.


File: 1339949743026.jpg (2.38 MB, 3648x2736, IMG_0061.JPG)

Finally starting to replace the effects with the new sprites, this will take some times. I really want to work on the new world, but I need to finish this so I don't keep on putting this off aha

But for now, just have some concept art for the new NPC, I don't know if I've posted this yet.


What are those brown streaks in the road? Dirt or something? Either way, they make the road seem less really "squarey", dunno if that makes sense. Anyway, i'd make it all gray or make those streaks less uniform.
Other than that, it looks good!


Oh, I was trying to make them look like the white/yellow 'makers' (or whatever, I don't know what they're called) that are usually in the middle of roads. I'll dim them down a little bit.
Less 'squarey?'

And thank you!



When Owl says "less squarey" he's referring to making a few graphical decisions that are referred to as breaking the grid:


In short, it shouldn't be as obvious that a more organic structure (such as the road) is made up of square parts from a tilemap! :)


Yeah, that was the point i was trying to make, thank you.
I've even read that tutorial before, just couldn't find the word.


Oh, I've read that tutorial too! aha
Thanks for explaining.


File: 1339975901067.png (249.09 KB, 1366x768, screen2.png)

I fixed it, does it look a little better? I'll fix the 'smeared dirt' look later, I'm working on the 'squarey' look at the moment. I fixed the upper part of the road (if you can peek behind the floating window) so that the lines don't repeat as much.

Also, I replaced her sprite, I'm still working on the other effects.


Announcement for Broken Bottles!
I’m not going to work as QUICKLY on Broken bottles at the moment than before. This is because I’ve been really stressing about multiple personal things and the game lately and today I found two GRAY HAIRS on my head D: My mom says for me not to stress as much and eat healthier than I have before (I used to skip a meal, sometimes two like today). So I’m still working on it, just not as quickly.

Thanks for reading.
(taken from my announcement on tumblr. I'll still update, just not as much for the time being. I'll notify you guys when I'll start working at full speed again once I get my health back in order aha)


File: 1340852759513.jpg (1.69 MB, 3648x2736, IMG_0113.JPG)

I updated the website.

Also, here's some concept art for a new effect.


File: 1341024345228.jpg (2.09 MB, 3648x2736, IMG_0131.JPG)

Update: You can now switch effects while using the ClockHead/Medusa abilities (with no bugs so far, everything has been tested that I know of). Thank you PsiWolf for helping with the coding!

Also, a friend of mine made an Ask-Dokutsuki blog on tumblr (I'm so flatterec)! So go follow them here:

And here's a full-body sketch of Dokutsuki, for design purposes.


What program did you make the music with? All of it is just so amazing.


File: 1341371677541.jpg (2.43 MB, 3648x2736, IMG_0057.JPG)

Thank you! I use Fl Studio, you have to buy it.

And have some detailed sketches of the ClockHead and Medusa effects.


File: 1342390080815.jpg (220.91 KB, 439x600, 28373076_m.jpg)

Hello, I've been gone for a week on vacation (which is why I haven't been updating the thread). I have planned out a new structure for the areas I am planning to include in the game because the worlds that I planned before made me sick (some were original while others were really unoriginal YN copies).

I have also planned out 16 more effects (which some may or may not be included in the game) and mapped out (in detail) two more areas that I plan on working on when I get back home tomorrow.

I will post some concept art once I get back home also (I bought a scanner two weeks ago, finally).

The picture is fanart that I received, it's really nice aha


I see I haven't posted here in a while, it's because of my temporary hiatus from the computer (because of my health), but I am now able to get on a couple of times a week after 3 weeks of absence. So I'm going to start working on Broken Bottles again.

Right before I left, I implemented a soundtrack listening option where you can listen to BGMs via Cassette tapes. It took a while to code, but I finally figured it out. It can only support 27 tracks though, so I'll try to add more to that.

I am also working on the third nexus door and expanding on the Clock/Medusa areas and touching up some graphics/areas with the help of a wonderful critique on tumblr.

Anyway, that's about it for now.


File: 1345324820319.bmp (75.47 KB, 320x240, BrokenBottlesTitleNew copy.bmp)

Oops, I deleted the 'Glass' map by accident, which is where you get the glass shard (obviously). It was really easy to make so I'll just redo it and make it a little better..

I have also been re-thinking the story and have decided to change the story a little bit. I have thought up of some more events to convey the story and some motifs to include (no, not eyes or blood or anything that's been over-used like that).

The keys also now have a purpose.

I was thinking about making the last nexus door un-openable until a certain point in the game, though it seems like nostAlgic already did that..I was planning on executing it a little bit differently than nostAlgic executed it though.

I am also implementing some more tasks/puzzles that you can complete in the forest/stairs areas and that 'important item' that the girl mentioned is coming into play. I'm still figuring out how exactly I should use the two variables that I have included in the game…

I'm mostly planning and spriting at this point, since I don't have much time to get on the computer, but I'll be able to work on Broken Bottles full time once school starts again.

The picture is related, it's the new Broken Bottles title screen. It took a while to edit the text. I redid it because the old one was….bad. Very bad, so this one is a little better.


File: 1345325721144.png (23.27 KB, 641x481, very much not done.png)

Also, here's a screenshot of a new area I'm working on. It’s very much not done, and I’m not even sure if I’m keeping the hand…but the hand does lead you to another world.

Just posting this to show that I'm starting to work on worlds again, albeit slowly.


File: 1362711492159.jpg (630.1 KB, 1062x1881, Marchscans1 (1).jpg)

It's been a while…

I'll just say that I've been working on the game for a while, and v0.02 will probably be out in a couple of months.
And again, sorry for acting like a douche last year and the year before…I really regret it (though most people may have already forgotten about that).

I'll just leave now.
Picture is related.


File: 1369101622597.jpg (333.14 KB, 785x2354, ver002.jpg)

Just dropping by to say that v0.02 is out!


This probably won't bump up, but that's okay.


Yay, an update! Can't wait to try it out!


File: 1369109941419.png (32.13 KB, 640x480, Nexus.PNG)

Wow Doodle, you really did a good job with this update, love the new look for the Nexus.


Awesome changes Doodle, I love it!


File: 1369166298423.jpg (124.21 KB, 460x444, installgentoofucker.jpg)

You don't deserve her answer
>I don't like it so this is a pile of shit
That's a very mediocre review
>you fucked up so bad this isn't even a fangame anymore. SHE DOESN'T EVEN DREAM
How the fuck is that relevant? Fluorette doesn't dream either, again, you're just making rude observations over nothing like a spoiled brat.

You didn't like the drastical changes in the general look of the game, that's all, grow up.


Thank you, I'm glad that you liked it.

Thank you too.
If they think that way, fine. I'd be happy to change something that someone doesn't like as long as they do it constructively or give advice.


File: 1369181638761.jpg (133.64 KB, 600x411, 1946-stupid-kid.jpg)


>not giving a proper and constructive critic

>hi, I am just rude. look how cool I am, everybodi will love me. Kiss me. LOL XDDDDDDDDDDD

ignore this doodle, keep going on.


I love it, well done Doodle, it has an ending?


Thank you! There is no ending yet.





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