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File: 1317603292416.png (5.24 KB, 320x240, 無題.png)


Okay, Bitches, Why is there no Hallucigenia thread? This fangame is AMAZING and I fail to see why its one of the most unknown ones >:I

It can be downloaded here:

Thoughts and theories are welcome, because /t/ seems to have a phobia of fangame theories.


People dont care much about hallucigenia cuz it has no sound (like madoro-mu) though I really like it myself xD I didnt realize til recently that aine is missing an arm (only realized by looking at fanart xD) Still havent been able to unlock her as a character in 0.007 though ._.


Good to know that unlocking Aine isn't some sort of problem that only I'm having xD

Also, there ARE sfx, but i fail to see what lack of music has to do with anything.


Dont ask me xD also the only sfx is door knocking, light switch, book closing and killing stuff.

So far I dont really know what the game is about at all. Though I think the options are little.

1- Aya's book was written by aine and the white haired aya is just a character aine made based on her. She appears in aya's world cuz its impossible for aya not to picture her there.

2.- Aya's book is being written by aya herself and she reads it to aine so often that aine also dreams about it (only without color cuz the menu says she's color-blind). Aine is included in the world cuz the book is being written for aine's sake.

Besides that I really have no idea what else to theorize about xD


those are some good theories, the only one that I can think of is that Aya is in an insane asylum or hospital of sorts (due to the bare walls/floor and aya not being able to leave her room, the red book on the floor might be something she got as a reward for being good, or something a friend brought during visiting hours)


I really dont think a disturbing picture book would be a nice gift for a crazy person xD (unless the gift was just a blank notebook xD). All we know about the building is that her rooms are next to each other and that it has at least 3 floors (cuz of the ending in prior versions). Though I really wonder why aine got a better room o_o (hers has a bookshelf and also a totally different room attached to it with a table).


Argh Dx! Ive found aine again but still no red dot in aya's room D: im sure I only found her 3 times in 0.005 but its been over 3 already and nothing ._.


I still haven't gotten the ending, I don't know how many effects I should have for Aya and Aine, not to mention idk how to trigger it .__.


Well I havent triggered the true endings either xD (I saw both of them in youtube) but I've triggered aya's "good" ending (which is basically just her walking out the door) in both 0.005 and 0.007 xD for that ending aya needs 14 effects in 0.007


could you tell me the name of the user who posted them? I searched Hallucigenia but found nothing related to it.


username is pladap001r

I also just noticed theres some things in the book world which change depending on whether you started reading the book with the lights on or off xD


File: 1317864368133.png (37.93 KB, 655x517, oh.png)

what do when this error


Oh god the window's name. AppLocale, girl! (or boy)


File: 1317865782655.png (39.61 KB, 655x517, hmm.png)

Now this happens instead. at least it helped I guess??


Well, then it's the RTP. Is it installed?


I have the 2000 RTP installed; do I need another one? Or should I try reinstalling it?


Well, according to the icon, the 2000 RTP should work fine. I dont speak Japanese so I don't know what the message says, I was just guessing. Maybe you're missing a file?


"fairu hitogata kyara domo wa akemasen"

Can't open human-shaped characters. Maybe the names of the chipset files are wrong


What should the names be? (I don't need a full list, just an idea off what most/all of them are)


File: 1317875544781.bmp (73.05 KB, 288x256, 人型キ&#….bmp)

lol wait "人型キャラ共" (hitogata kyaradomo)is actually the name of one of the image files in the charset file xD the program is saying it can't find it so rename that file like this.


wait the problem is that the image cant be opened, the name is completely unrelated to it *shot*.


File: 1317876306242.png (17.34 KB, 269x169, new.png)

Actually, I tried renaming the file (it had a messed up name) to that, and it nearly worked. New error, though.


File: 1317876358182.bmp (73.05 KB, 288x256, ôºû+&ugra….bmp)

And this is probably the file that needs renaming, since this one is messed up, too.


that one is called 透明用

the only image in the mosnter file is called 戦闘アニメテスト用

the only sound file in music is 謎曲

title image in Title is 無題

files in system are システム (one with colors at the bottom) and ハルキシステム (one without them)

and those should be all possible messed-up names OTL


Anyone knows how and where to find the effects for Black Aya/Aine/White Aya? I'm kinda stuck, but… I've found 10 effects for White Aya.


version 0.007 has 14 effects. All of them are Aya's though. Aine's side of the story is unaccesable since ver 0.006 because sabamiso decided to start the game again (thus the change from color effects to the new ones)


well, I do have the following:

Sand Storm
Bed Hair

Which are the missing ones and where are they? I need to know…


You're missing
Zuruzuru(dunno what that means but its a pink blob thats sticks to you)

I remember the switch effect being in that monochrome place you can access directly from the first room. It's a platform with a button in it. Dont remember whether its found on the half accesed from the first room or the half with the green puddle in it

Scythe was found I think in a place ressembling a pier which is found through one of the maze's mouth-shaped entrances. Through that door theres a yellow and black place which takes you to 2 different places and one of them is the pier


Mouth Shaped entrances? And… What that effects do, exactly? You know, I'm trying to get the rest of effects to tell Yama, he's about making Aya's moveset out of that effects.


You havent seen the huge maze that takes you to the circus tent? It's filled with some mouth and eye graphics borrowed from yume2kki. Well anyways, I already made a hallucigenia effects review for yama in one of the uboachan threads xD I even posted a download link to my save file which had all of them xD


Sorry, J. I've found almost all of them. Missing only Stone Effect. But… what does the stone do?


Stone effect just turns you into a rock. You can't even walk with it xD but enemies ignore you in that form (though if they randomly touch you, you still get sent to an inescapable area)


Not wanting to sound insistent, but… Do you know where Rock Effect is? The rest is now found. By the way, HOLY COW, Aya has TWO weapons?!


File: 1321703111436.bmp (76.05 KB, 320x240, SMVWorker.bmp)

It is because sabamiso worked on Yume2kki. And… he wanted to use the chipsets he had lying somewhere.


>>1683 Oh, I didnt know that!

Thanks for clearing that out xD all I was able to understand from the readme is that they were borrowed from there. Didnt know he/she also helped with the game xD


I have an error with rpg_rt.lmt.


There's a stickied thread for fangame help, sugar.


File: 1326228126515.jpg (143.22 KB, 559x393, Purple.jpg)

Who is the Purple guy/girl spinning in the green area in the um.. monochrome-ish forest??


@2941: That purple guy was one of the effects from version 0.005 and previous. His effect just made you transform into him and you walked backwards. He got degraded to a mere NPC now but he's still cool D: people in nico seemed to believe he represented aya's father but I dont share that opinion xD


Ah i see, that's interesting!
Whats your opinion on him? o:


It's not updated on the fangame page, but Version 0.008 is here! Here's the link!


File: 1326567294615.png (22.75 KB, 792x427, aineandayasnewbedroom.png)

Ok. On ver. 0.008, Aine and Aya got new bedrooms.



The style of clothing and fact that he walks backwards makes me think of Michael Jackson moonwalking.


I hope you guys realize this is the first update in 11 months o.o…
I was really surprised to see it.


I come back, theres an update and now loda is in manteinance OTL I wanna play this so bad >_>


Ok it worked now. I reaaally need to unlock aine this time


So, I'm suddenly interested in this game. Any link, please?


File: 1340296941379.png (175.88 KB, 1280x1024, Untitled.png)

i'm getting this error and i'm assuming it has something to do with the charset AB something. what do i have to re-name it as? ; ;


I hope i'm not reviving this thread or anything but i lost my version of this game. I was wondering if anyone has a link to the download for it since Loda is down now?


File: 1351280936829.png (762.54 KB, 1024x768, 29748201.png)

Help!, i can´t unlock Aine, i found the 15 effects and i went to the place where she should appear but nothing…
It takes more or just randomly appears?


14*, and… this game have a classic/nes area?


I'm getting this same error please help!


how can i unlock Aine?


links anyone?


File: 1356990281779.jpg (242.79 KB, 620x877, 28243592_p11.jpg)

Drag the contents of the "datafile" folder into the folder containing the RPG_RT executable, that fixed it for me at least.
Downloads are hosted on the official website: http://genia.shime-saba.com/Genia.html
The 3rd and 2nd from last links are what you're looking for.

I hope the developer is still working on this game, it's quite nice and I'd love to see more updates.
I'll be working on trying to get all the effects and finding the 'ending'.
Also, I've found a gun effect but it doesn't seem to work when I hold z, space or enter for a while, am I missing something?


File: 1357002208130.jpg (16.21 KB, 500x250, 13229091.jpg)

Well, found all the effects (Bloody hell, the rock and sliced effects took ages) and got the 'ending' (?). Found out about using the gun and the scythe as well, just need to be next to a damageable NPC for it to work. Never did figure out the Glass door - Theatre area, spent most of my time triggering the event and exploring with the manhole effect.
Liked the film-projector things, I thought they were a pretty neat addition and can help with adding to potential stories/theories.

I think there's only one ending so far, and I guess… eh, it could've done with some music at least, haha.

Overall, fun game, the lack of music is a massive drawback, but doesn't stop it from being a nice game. There's a lot that can be developed in the game, so looking forwards to whenever the developer next updates.


All of the links are dead.


This is one of the fangames I want to play so badly but I can't because not link & 2lazy4me to lurk around.


File: 1365019400159.bmp (76.05 KB, 320x240, R-18-2.bmp)


File: 1365019918285.jpg (22.91 KB, 400x267, 1344227507283.jpg)


If I'm not wrong, that's the one I tried but it didn't work. As if the game was broken or something.

Well, trying again.

A-Accept this apple from Horo in gratitude of searching for the link.


File: 1373492135851.png (15.66 KB, 327x169, error.png)

I keep receiving this error when I open the 0.008….. please help, I guess this says that the "hallucigenia" file is missing but I dont't know what it is, neither the right folder I have to put it in. It's been months I'd like to play this game D<


It's a system file.


So.. what am I gonna do?


Try this: Extract both folders, move the content of the data file folder thats inside Hallucigenia1 in the folder Hallucigenia2. And just in case move Hallucigenia.exe too.

For some reason, doing it in that order fixed it for me.


I have translated Hallucigenia to English yesterday.
You can get it here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yz8x2zqk4hnr8c7/Hallucigenia+v0.08+%28English%29.zip

I might be back with more translated games soon.

Until then, Happy Holidays and Happy Dreaming!


File: 1387709007538.png (16.4 KB, 640x480, HallucigeniaEnglish.PNG)

Whoops, forgot the screenshot… Can someone please add it to my translation announcement post?


File: 1397489907235.png (16.34 KB, 640x480, NewHalluEng.png)


Please accept my most sincere apologies for the incorrect translation of some effects, caused by me not clearing the game.

I've deleted my previously released translation and replaced it with a better one. This version is an improved and more accurate translation of Hallucigenia v0.008. It will replace the previous, a deleted by now, older version which was originally released on December 21th, 2013.

Make sure you have the updated version, which you can get here:


Happy Dreaming!

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