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File: 1327564920413.png (4.52 KB, 320x240, Titleset3.png)

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After some thinking, I decided to start a thread for my game "Elysium City". Though I actually started making this game less than a week ago, I've been planning on making something like this well before I even knew about YN fangames.

Anyways, You play as a girl named Anne who is an inventor and also a squatter, which means that her current residence is an abandoned house. In her backyard she managed to invent a machine that allows her to teleport to a different land. The place she arrives to is a city where none of the buildings lead you to different worlds.

While I want this game to have a dream-like feel to it, I'm going to have it focus a lot on urban exploration/decay. I will post more details of the game later.


I really liked anywhere in other surreal-adventure games that were even remotely urban.
I love exploring urban areas!

I'm assuming you have the hang on RPG Maker (or another engine), since you've been planning on making something like this.

Either way, I'll be looking forward to seeing something from this project.


Damn. I'm looking forward to this.


Ah, I mistyped wehre it said "none of the buildings". I meant to say "most of the buildings".


If the aesthetic of this game matches the vibe this title card is giving me, I think I might implode from the awesome.


File: 1327638265203.jpg (164.99 KB, 626x691, Anne.jpg)

Here's some more details and some Ideas I'm thinking about putting in.

The way you save in the game is Anne takes a picture of the place you're at making it possible to save anywhere in the game, BUT for new effects you get, You can't use them until you go back to your room and invent it on your workbench. This way you can add effects onto other effects. so far all of them right now are to help you explore, but I'll probably add some cosmetic ones just for fun.

One effect I'm thinking about adding is a portable bed that will allow you to experience parts of the city during different times of day. If I decide to add it, it wont be until much later into the project.

I'm not really sure about this, but I've been thinking about adding some people/characters to follow you, letting you access certain places.

That's all I have for now. Here's a quick sketch of Anne.



And anne looks like something out of a children's show! She seems like an awesome MC. Good luck with this! Can't wait to see it.


My thoughts are the same (except I would probably explode).

You are absolutely killing me with anticipation, OP. Sounds like some pretty good concepts so far. I like the part where Anne "invents" the effects; sounds pretty cool.


Is Anne Nitori ?



Lol no. Nor is she Finn. It wasn't until after her character design that I made her an Inventor.


File: 1327690013520.png (1.17 KB, 58x104, Annesprite.png)

I'm glad to see people looking forward to this. I hope you guys have as much fun playing it as I do making it. Sadly, it wont be until another few weeks till I release a proper demo. pixel art doesn't take too long, but I'm sometimes pretty busy with school and I don't want to release something half-assed. So in the meantime, I'll update with some screenshots and concept art.


I like this sprite. This sprite is good. =3
Makes me wonder what the rest of the game will look like. *excited*


File: 1327776266312.png (33.52 KB, 639x481, EC entrance.png)

I am happy with the entrance to the city for now. I can finally start working on the actual city.

Any comments or critiques are more than welcome.


File: 1327790591136.jpg (52.46 KB, 500x312, crazyenough.jpg)

Wow i can wait to play it!
I think its a interesting idea
be waiting for any update


Oh man. The way this game looks; I can't even describe the feeling I get from this screenshot. It just looks so different from any game I've seen before (I could be exaggerating though).

In short: I like it. No helpful comments though, unfortunately.


I like this, OP. I like it a lot. It…calms me. <3
Can't wait can't wait can't wait


I like this idea quite a lot. I'm definitely looking forward to it.


I really like urban exploration and decay myself, so im excited for this game!
The closest ive ever gotten to a game about urban exploration/decay, was the 5 differences/6 differences games on newgrounds.


File: 1327906122264.png (18.6 KB, 640x483, Elysium1.png)

Alright, Here's the last screenshot I'll post before I release the demo. I don't want to give too much away. Of course I'll still update and post some concepts I've been thinking about.

I kinda set a deadline for myself to be able to put up the demo by mid to late February. So if everything goes right you'll be able to play it then.



This game looks ridiculously aewsome. Seriously.


File: 1327978437378.png (83.71 KB, 263x232, 1295900946113.png)

i want that demo ASAP
Just hope it will be easy to run


File: 1328060592258.jpg (393.23 KB, 593x799, Chaser.jpg)

I am now looking for people to help me with music. It seems that the person who is currently helping might be too busy. If anyone with some music skills is interested, please send me an E-mail. Other than that, it looks like the demo might be released around the end of February.


email please.



I posted it in my Email field.


I'm not seeing it anywhere *is dumb*
Where would I find it?


Nevermind, found it. *facepalm* I apologize.


File: 1328300174312.jpg (98.91 KB, 800x800, Anne2.jpg)

Bumping with a small update.

Even with school keeping me busy, I'm still able to manage some time to work on this. I expect to get an area done over the weekend along with starting on a new one. I can't seem to get the effects to work right now along with some other programming difficulties. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm also thinking about starting a blog, but I'd probably make it closer to when I release the demo. For now just enjoy some art.


oh this is cool!


If you still need help with some music I'll be having a lot of time on my hands starting the coming friday. I'll send you a mail about it if you confirm still needing help.
By the way, I'm liking this a lot. (hopefully I won't ruin it if/when I contribute)


This theme.

Is awesome. I have a thing for exploration, and while dream like worlds are ok I always preffered the areas that have buidlings or in buildings, or parks etc… Over a vast landscape of just rain or musical squares.


I LOVE the look of this game! Anne looks so cute! I can't wait to play this game.

This is a very cute picture, too! Are those machine-looking things that Anne created?


I have two other people currently helping, but depending on the style of music you can produce, You're always free to help. Send me an Email if you want to.

Same here. I'm trying to avoid making places full of nothing that endlessly loop, though I might add at least one or two in my game depending on the mood I want to set in that particular area. I'm also trying to add small details to my areas so they have a little more 'history' to them.

Thanks! I guess you could say Anne loves making robots. The ones in the picture were supposed to go in her room, but I was having trouble making a good looking sprite for them at the moment, so I left them out. I'll probably add them again later because I personally like their design.


File: 1328599112317.jpg (366.88 KB, 800x800, Lake.jpg)

Progress is getting slower and slower while I try to catch up with my schoolwork. Though I made a map of the general areas I want in the city, so I hope that will help me with thinking up new places faster. I'm sure I will work on the game more this weekend.

Here's some concept art hinting an area I'll likely work on later in the game. I really need to do more speed paintings. line sketches can only go so far…


File: 1329624580134.jpg (38.02 KB, 400x494, jimmiesunruslted.jpg)

im still waiting for the demo


File: 1329631068493.jpg (176.52 KB, 800x600, James and Anne.jpg)

Small update.

The last two worlds I'm working on for the demo are being a pain in the butt, but I'll finish them nonetheless. Not 100% sure on when the demo will be released, but I am still aiming for the end of the month.

I also started playing Silent Hill 2 for the first time and the setting kind of reminds me of my game (though a lot creepier).


Me too. =3

On a side note, I'm going to love if this game starts drawing inspiration from Silent Hill. xD
Although, some may think too many things do that already…


Bumping to let you guys know that I made a tumblr blog. Even though I'll still be posting updates here, I'm going to post my art and other things on the blog. anyways here's the link:http://elysiumcity.tumblr.com/

I should have the demo released within the next few weeks.


File: 1330999655684.jpg (172.21 KB, 986x803, anne and cat.jpg)

This week is spring break for me, so I expect to get a lot done. A quick question though: Would you like me to include the story intro to this demo? It would be incomplete (no pictures or music) and if not, I'll make sure to have the whole thing in the completed demo.

Also, Have some art.


> demo to include story intro
Sure, why not. I think I'm pretty interested in seeing some story elements, if only a little bit.

> thoughts of switching game engines
I saw you mention thinking about changing game engines because of the small sprite sizes in RM2k3. The only thing I'm wondering is, how different would it look with larger graphics? (the thoughts are actually kind of exciting). X3


File: 1331333549811.jpg (262.4 KB, 841x1064, DEMO.jpg)

Here it is guys: http://www.mediafire.com/?zp9xtmancppjbr0

Copied from tumblr:
Now that I have this done, I’m gonna take a break from working on the game for a bit. That doesn’t mean I wont be planning new areas or characters though. I wish get some feedback from from you guys, Even if it’s just a little bit. Also, I promise to draw something better for the next release haha!

Note: There is not much to do in this version of the game. Most of the areas are incomplete and the story hasn’t really been set. There is one area where you’re supposed to start a quest, but nothing really happens yet. My next release will be the final demo which I plan to have completed by the end of spring. That will have a lot more content in it. So I would recommend waiting until the final If you want to have a lot to play.

Credit goes to Mental Bomb and Yamill for the music.


I'll be sure to give any feedback that I can provide, as soon as I play it. =3


File: 1331353010354.jpg (7.92 KB, 251x189, that reallyrustledmyjimmie….jpg)


Well fuck…when i try to run the game, pops up an error saying: "The RPG Maker runtime is not present or not registered"

what did i did wrong?


File: 1331356693737.jpg (404.57 KB, 829x652, n4f31c0da93df3.jpg)

As anticipated, I'm finding the locales to be quite interesting. The graphics are rather appealing, and I like the music; which seems to set an appropriate mood.

Now for bug like stuff (or something to that effect):
> Anna's sprite
looks kind of off when moving left or right, and then up or down; like the side facing sprites aren't as centered as the up/down facing ones.
If you move the:
- Right facing sprites to the left by one pixel.
- Left facing and down facing sprites to the right by one pixel.
That should look better; in my opinion anyways.

> the hotel stairs

When you walk on the stairs in the hotel by going left, and then go up and then right, you can move right again to walk up the stairs without actually going up them; it's hard to explain. Just try walking around those stairs near that pool in the hotel and see if anything looks strange/off.

> Barista's dialog cuts off

The NPC in the coffee house, Barista, has a line that cuts off at the end: "In fact, I haven't had any customers in ages."
Remember, you can only fit 50 characters on each line in the message box, including spaces; 38, if you also have a faceset in the message box (which you don't, so far).

> "other members" in the party

Even though you deleted the other party members, they still show up in the menu. You need to remove them from the "starting party", in the Database under the System tab.
Read >>3154

Okay, now for some random feedback/questions.
> quests
Will there be a way to keep track of your current quest? I'd think that would be a helpful thing to have.

Sorry, that's all the feedback I can think of right now. I'll be looking forward to more updates as usual (whenever they may happen).

Pic unrelated; but someone did mention Nitori earlier in this thread.

> The RPG Maker runtime is not present or not registered
It sounds like you don't have the RTP (Run-time Package). If you don't have the RM2k3 RTP, then you should be able to get it here>
If you already have it, I have no idea what the problem is. ('-_-)



Thanks for the feedback! There was a lot that I fixed before releasing this, but some of this stuff still managed to get past me. Now I'm wondering whether I should fix the bugs and re-release this, or just let it sit until the final demo…


> re-release
Depends on if the bugs are major. If it's just the stuff I mentioned, then I'd say let it sit until the final demo.


>Will there be a way to keep track of your current quest? I'd think that would be a helpful thing to have.

Depending on how many quests I'll put in the game, I might add something to keep track of them.

besides one of my friends pointing out some misspellings, those are the only bugs that have been brought up so far.


File: 1332123704734.png (33.61 KB, 652x492, jimmiescat.png)

Oh man, when saw this for the first time i couldn't stop laughing

you did a good job with the music, i liked it a lot, hope you continue with this project


Great demo, that's all I can say. Can not wait to see more.


oh god i cant get it past the start menu but i want to play this gorgeous-looking game so badly. It enter not the right key to press, or do I have some kind of bug?


Jimmies status:



Just realized today how irritating this meme is…


Don't worry, I plan on replacing that with something more fitting haha.


Wow OP your art in this game is gorgeous.
Mind if I ask for some tips on where and how you learned your art?


No kidding, this is actually visually appealing.


File: 1332916874903.jpg (138.2 KB, 800x600, O concept art.jpg)

It's hard for me to give any tips because I'm pretty new to this and I'm constantly learning new things as I make this game. I've also only started doing pixel art since fall of last year. I think the best advice I can give is to learn composition, color theory, and to always draw from life. If you have anything more specific, feel free to ask.

Might as well post with some concept art.


File: 1333396443835.png (1.22 MB, 757x1157, Anotsuki.png)

Here have some random asgr-esque art to make sure this project doesn't stop! Keep going!


File: 1336115042751.jpg (710.93 KB, 909x1452, concrete2.jpg)

Bumping to let you guys know that this is not dead. I've been swamped with finals last week and motivation for this has been kind of low. Thanks again for the fan art Rusch!


File: 1337061775108.png (277.35 KB, 2890x2044, EC map.png)

Updating with a map a part of the city I hope to get done by the end of the summer, cause I love maps. Not all of the buildings are going to be accessible though, so it's not a whole lot, but its still gonna be awesome!

Map is not 100% final either.


Oh shit, man! I love maps too! X3
Aside from that…any chance there will be maps in the game?
I know it's an exploration game, and maps may or may not spoil stuff, but…explorers use maps, right?


I dunno why but this really reminds me of the Silent Hill map.
Coincidence? I think not.


I do plan on having an in game map, but it wont be until much later when it's a lot more useful.

That might be because I based it off of the SH2 map.


File: 1337282765169.png (36.24 KB, 641x480, EC screenshot 3.png)

I don't really like posting screenshots, but it's been a while and I like how this area turned out.

Since I don't have school to keep me busy, production speed has increased by a lot. I was able to get most of this done this morning.


A fangame in active development? Heresy!
Though seriously this looks awesome and I'll play it when the runtime finishes downloading which is right now


There's a couple issues with the mapping. Namely, you can walk off the side of the road into the abyss on the left side, and the right side of the next screen has a tile (third sidewalk block from the corner) where you can stand on the roof.


Yay i love Silent Hill.

Anyway i played what little there is a while back and i thought i'd share some thoughts.
First of all, i like the colors in the game. However, a bit more diversity in this department wouldn't hurt. I counted no more than 3 colors on my screen (not counting main char) a bit too often for my liking. The graphics are great otherwise, mapping likewise, apart from the "large map syndrome" sometimes.

Music… is forgettable. Like in most fg's really, so i wouldn't get too sad about it.

I'd drop the meme jokes too, feels really out of place. Some might like it, i don't. Makes it feel unprofessional and i can't say it's funny.

This post probably felt more negative than i intended so i'll just end it with that it's great so far for a first demo.



Thanks for the feedback. There's so little in this version that I don't even want to call it a demo, haha. Right now, I've made the buildings much better along with adding a few more colors to them. The meme joke I just felt like throwing in there last minute, but didn't intend to leave it there. I also don't really want to do anything with the music in the current areas because the areas themselves are nothing too special. I might change the title theme though.

Thanks again and I'm hoping you guys will give me even more feedback when I release the 'full' demo.


File: 1337382468437.png (133.52 KB, 883x679, water.png)

hey, if you're still having trouble with the water tiles (the pool) i found out how to make characters "wade" in them!

here's a screenshot, hope this makes things easier!


File: 1337405432235.jpg (2.97 KB, 100x126, 1301463202250.jpg)

thats fucking awesome!


File: 1337552811534.png (33.22 KB, 1282x458, hairstuff.png)

Which hair color do you like better? If I use the one on the left, I think I'll just change sprite hair color.



>>5535 ohmygosh she's beautiful



File: 1337625691873.png (22.22 KB, 642x480, it is but it do.png)

Thank you for the help!


I like the one on the right. As an added bonus: the red-ish colour seems to bring out the green in her eyes.



I think the one on the left looks a bit too faint, while the one on the right looks a bit too saturated. Something in between would probably be best, I think.

The picture in >>5538 actually looks like it's a shade in between, and looks pretty good with me. Dunno if that's cause you played with it more, or due to some sort of image discoloration, but I'd go with that shade.

Also, your art looks quite nice there.


i'm really digging the subdued colours and atmosphere in general. the pixel art is hella cute! i would suggest adding some darker, more saturated tones, though - sparingly and with discretion, of course.

i'm also with the other folks here in that the music and sound in general is a bit lacking. the game is so atmospheric and pretty, the sound should match in theme and quality.

minor stuff - when i went to buy coffee from the barista (10$??? HOLY SHIT this is worse than all the hipster cafes in my city), i did not have any money, but there was no dialogue telling me so or anything. no coffee for anne. ):

one question (and it is the most important question anyone will ask): where is the electricity in the abandoned house she's squatting coming from…?



>where is the electricity in the abandoned house she's squatting coming from…?

Since she's an inventor/mechanic, she either made a generator(might be too loud since she's hiding), or stealing electricity from the other houses, or solar energy. I'll put something, when I finish the backyard. heh

I probably shouldn't be answering this while I'm so tired, but whatever. Thanks for the feedback.


"The file system2c could not be opened."



fair enough! (i mostly asked because i have had a long-lived desire to go squat in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, prevented by WHAT ABOUT ELECTRICITY AND INTERNET and also running water and basically everything else)


File: 1340600444795.jpg (1.7 MB, 1770x1335, playground2.jpg)

FYI, I have deleted the current(first) release of the game. So if you haven't had the chance to play it, you'll have to wait until the complete demo is released.


Are you still working on the game? I'm looking forward to it, the demo was nice. If you need help with something, post itt. Cheers!


File: 1343438322328.png (16.39 KB, 639x364, screen2.png)

Don't worry, I am still working on this.



holy fucking shit this is beautiful


It would better be off as a point-and-click than a YN-like exploration game.



The room with the e guy in Yume Nikki and the bar in 2kki were like this. Since RM2k3 has such a limited tileset, It's better to use a panorama as the background so you can add more objects.


Don't leave this project unfinished, op! I recently came across your demo and it's awesome; guy making the music is doing fantastically, infact it'd be cool to hear more music from him. I especially liked the bgm in the hotel and the coffee shop.


I'm looking forward to this.


How's it going, OP?


File: 1351314859758.jpg (319.75 KB, 1076x580, auto garage.jpg)

Gonna start having openings for play-testing soon. though I'm still not very close to having the demo finished. I've had some stressful events happen to me recently that really slowed me down. I've also been updating on my tumblr more often than here.


File: 1351677284825.jpg (98.77 KB, 938x712, 1330843784700.jpg)

This looks amazing! I cant wait to check it out. Keep it up op. Slow and steady.


Nice! I've really liked this game from the start, even though the first version didn't have much content, it was very charming. I can't wait until play-testing!


I'm opening up beta-testing. It's first come first serve and i'm only opening up 7 spots. email me if you want to join.


All slots are now closed.


I would like to see more demo versions in this post, because the game looks amazing.


Waiting impatiently for an actual DOWNLOAD of this game.


I haven't given up on this game, just been really busy with school work. So it's coming along very slowly. ;_;





Give us estimates of how long you think it's gonna be and progress and stuff! We like updates!


Still really anticipating this game, the artwork looks phenomenal.


Copied from my Tumblr blog:

I’m finally done with school for the rest of spring/summer. This semester was so intense for me, I didn’t really get to touch EC since winter break. Now I can get back to working on it without guilt of neglecting my school work. My goal now is to have it released some time in June, so you guys can play it over the summer.

Because I don’t have too much of the art assets left to do, I might post only one or two more screenshots of my progress. I will make sure to put up a livestream sometime soon of what I wanted to show over my spring break. Also be prepared to see more illustrations or concept art and silly things you might not care about.

I never see this thread bumped to the front page so I have missed a couple new posts…


File: 1374526620670.jpg (150.22 KB, 536x814, 1372607359291.jpg)

Hey, op, Though i'm refreshin game blog each weak, i overlooked all your live translations. Could you write something game related or bout yourself,


Since I’m almost done with everything scripting wise, I would like to have some more people playtest the game a couple times for this week. I want to release the demo before I go camping next Sunday, so if you want to sign up, make sure you’re quick to report any bugs in the game. I will have a playtest build for people who sign up by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Please send me an email if you want to playtest.


File: 1375572274946.png (9.92 KB, 320x240, City.png)


Played some of it and I'm still playing, firstly, the size of this is really huge, and that isn't really something bad but 90% of this are the wav files.
About the game I love it, the painful download is worthly, the concept is very VERY interesting, your attention is easily captured and the art/graphics are splendid, I love the NPCs, and I love you for making this game! Still playing, hugs…


Uh yeah 300 mb. Might want to convert those big .wav files into .ogg or something.


So I played it. It's really pretty, apart from a few out of place characters (barkeeper for example).
But I can't seem to find any way to progress the story in any kind of meaningful way. I've talked to everyone I can find, the mechanics (got egg), science dude, orphanage, shops, hotel… Basically they all tell me I need a bike and I need to go downtown, but I'm guessing that's not gonna happen. So if there's no way to go there, this demo is basically a whole lot of talking that makes nothing happen, am I right?
The maps are also huge, I would add a option to run or make them smaller.
I understand it's a demo, but it's not a very enjoyable game right now. Pretty, sure, but devoid of anything happening.
I could be wrong though and I'm missing some small item somewhere.
But I wandered around for half an hour and found nothing, so I can't be bothered anymore.



Try talking to the guys at the auto shop some more.


Just finished playing through it, I really liked it a lot. Concept and graphics are great. I didn't expect the story to be as good as it was, and it really held my interest.
Can't wait to see what's in store.


File: 1375592917378.png (Spoiler Image, 21.85 KB, 643x480, I know I can find him.PNG)

The whirlpool of anguish I am experiencing


Talked to the auto guys again and I guess I missed that I had to repeat an option a couple of times. Stuff does happen, I guess.
It was short but interesting, when you know where you need to go.


Essie too qt!


Just dropping by to say that even if the developer of this game is not a 30-years old virgin, (s)he is a true wizard. A wizard of pixel art.

Seriously. This thing is amazing. I don't care if it's not even a "proper" fangame, it's still amazing.

Keep up the good work.


Let me rectify that. It's enjoyable when you find some neat wallpainting or something is happening. It's not enjoyable when you are wandering around town finding nothing.
The parts I enjoyed make up maybe 10% of the game right now.
It's a demo though, so it's fine for now, but either the maps needs to be smaller or there needs to be more people in it.
Maybe I'm singing for the wrong crowd here, since YN fans seem to love wandering around with nothing happening.
Personally I've gotten tired of it. You can only play so many YN games before you start getting annoyed by it.
The parts where you're not wandering around aimlessly is good, don't get me wrong.


Maybe you just need to take some ritalin before you review a game.


I'll do that.



>temporarily unavailable


please upload to a different site jesus christ I fucking hate mega.co with a passion


This is really awesome.


Lovely game, when I look at your sketches and see how its made in game its really a great transition.
Im sure people have mentioned this but as for bugs. During the Merielle event everyone's rooms should be locked but you are still able to enter Nikia's room and talk to her. Secondly the bike sound cuts out out completely for some reason.
Thats all the bugs I noticed, cant wait for the next update!


Fantastic game. I'm having 2 issues.

When I try to leave the orphanage, I'm told that I should try talking to Elyn first, even though I've already done so. Tried talking to her multiple times, nothing changes. Before this, I - of course - talked to her dad in the garage, him telling me to find out about her.

The screen goes black frequently. Controls and sound still work - I can save and restart; and the main menu displays properly. Anyone else having this issue? I'm running it through a 3rd party program so it may be that.


I can't find the right door for the key you get from Essie, any help?


I've never had the second issue but the first thing you've brought up is what I initially got stuck in.
you actually have to visit the only room unlocked on floor 3 and walk into the room before the story progresses
I think personally after you've talked to Elyn and try to leave a different message should come up prompting the player to head to the room needed to progress the story.

The key won't work until after you learn what's really going on there, believe me you'll know when do use it.


Just finished the demo, Looks great so far, can't wait for later versions!


File: 1376615469545.jpg (592.57 KB, 966x893, train statioin sketch.jpg)

I will(try to)have an update for the game later this month. It will have the bug fixes and a preview of a new area(pic related).



You DEFINITELY are gonna want to reduce the size on those audio files, they're all 1411kbps .wav files.

Also, will more "side quest" content be added eventually in later releases? I felt like the game was too narrowly focused on a main objective, and exploring the town wasn't extremely rewarding..

The art is really good, though. I love those areas with that sort of isometric(?) perspective.


i cant find the orphanage leader please help i just started…


The orphanage is the town hall on the map.

You can't talk to the orphanage leader until you talk to the people in the garage, to the east of the town hall.


File: 1376889199414.png (11.11 KB, 650x510, Error.png)

Popped up when I opened the game. Help?


Copy any .png file, rename it system2c and put it in the System2 folder. Extremely common problem.


i get sad when i see the people who made two of my favorite fangames (owl&elysium) not entirely enjoying one anothers' work ;_; apart from that oh god i love this so much, but the prospect of entering different worlds from buildings in elysium makes me antsy. i like the city as it is- it's a world all its own and there's enough ground to explore there without traveling to other dimensions as well!!


File: 1390305040732.gif (593.72 KB, 249x214, 1388804304275.gif)

…Has it really been two years?
Anyway, I'm really glad/relieved you didn't drop this OP! I still had the demo and it made me want to come back to uboachan and see if anything's happened with the game. I'm pretty happy with ver 0.15, thanks for staying around for so long, I love your art.


I just remembered about this game and I'm listening to the orphanage music right now.

May can't come quick enough!


File: 1398986237598.jpg (642.15 KB, 879x1036, ec2 sketch.jpg)

My summer break is finally here, so I can get back to work on this game. I am still looking for people to help with sound and music if anyone is up for it.

It feels good to have free time again…



Glad to hear work's resuming on this one! I really enjoyed what you had released of the game so far.


Hey, still working on it?
Would like to see updates!



Yes I'm still working on this. Sorry for the lack of update posts. I've been posting more often over on my blog. http://elysiumcity.tumblr.com/

I'll make sure to get my next update post on here too.


File: 1424174490295.jpg (51.32 KB, 353x218, 1408978920818.jpg)

Wow this is the first time I've seen this game. This looks absolutely fantastic!

Guess you get something good from the news feed.


Just played through the demo. Dear dev, your game is absolutely beautiful.

Though there are some unpolished places/bugs. Some of them have been pointed out already. My main concern is the way the game lagged in the car shop and the orphanage - both Anne and text speed were rather sluggish. It's an annoying thing connected to parallel processes, I run into it every now and then. But could it be just my problem and not everyone's?

That said, I see lots of potential in this game. You have interesting ideas and know the magic of pixels, so… keep up the good work!

And thanks for inspiration.


File: 1425006287553.jpg (258.83 KB, 900x919, 2-26-15.jpg)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it so far.

Right now I'm working on putting the game on paper so I know it all works. I will work on and re release 0.15 once I'm done with writing.


I'd love to try your game out but it seems that installing the RPG Maker 2003 RTP isn't something my computer would like to do. If at some point you'd release a version with it (or make it so the game doesn't need it, seeing as you're using original assets) I'd appreciate it.


File: 1431539742382.jpg (441.99 KB, 1290x997, 4-14-15 copy.jpg)

(from my blog)

Hello everybody, I have news!

I have taken off the link to my demo because I will soon be putting out an updated version. I hope my next post will be the updated demo with fixed and added stuff.

With that said, even though this is the same demo I will be re-releasing, I am adding and changing some things that will require some play testing help. I only need a few, but if you would like to be a play-tester, you can email me.
To see email hover mouse over my name for you chan newbies.


File: 1431707701880.png (289.05 KB, 533x556, MAREEZA.png)

That looks so damn cute! Please update soon I'm dying.



I added a couple new areas and removed some bugs(while probably adding new ones). I’ve also tried adding some gameplay changes that hopefuly makes it more interesting.


Things I will try to implement in future updates:

A more fleshed out story/world.

Creating your own tools via workbench: with this I hope to make it more fangame-like where you explore the world to find materials to create your own tools(effects) to progress through the world.

A better menu system to differentiate between regular items and tools(effects)


I hope you enjoy it!


I was expecting more from the update, but beggars can't be choosers.

I liked how you changed the ending to the orphanage scenario. One bit of advice, you should change Shon's dialogue when he's standing in the office. The whole "Let's just say so-so isn't coming back" doesn't seem to fit given the new scene. Personally I'd suggest him saying something along the lines [spoiler]how he's trashed the lab and how if he sees Merille again he'll kill her or something.[/spoiler]

Also, I found a glitch. After the whole orphanage thing thing is over when I [spoiler]go into Essie's room I find the key again the dialogue of when you first find it repeats.[/spoiler]

Minor problem with the new save points is that the beds you can save in look no different than the beds you can't save in. You could do something like add a green arrow over them or something.

All in all, I'm glad to see this game get updated and can't wait to see what happens next.


Welp, apparently it's been much longer than I thought cause I completely forgotten how spoiler tags work and the board isn't letting me delete posts. What a day.


You still working on it?


Of course not.
Every yume nikki fangame posted here is NEVER finished.


to be fair, not even Yume Nikki is finished


Okay, time for some necro.
I download this game from a Uboachan collection of games, and i cant play it - "the file vehicle cannot be opened". I just reinstalled RTP, can still doesnt works.


Copy any file in the sprite folder and rename it "vehicle".


File: 1561578689468.png (407.59 KB, 1115x628, Unity_yK6Uvi4hqm.png)

Hey everyone, I know its been quite a while since I last updated this. Life happened and a lot has changed since I started this project. I had multiple times of abandoning this project completely, but something keeps me coming back to work on this. I decided to restart this and switch over to 3D. Along with that, a lot of the writing has changed, though I'm try to keep it focused on the main idea of surrealistic urban exploration. I might move this to the other games section if need be.


Nice! What engine are you using?


Unity at the moment. I would like to switch to godot, but it feels like a mess trying to get 3D working properly on it right now as I am still a beginner when it comes to programming.


File: 1561839159637.png (8.42 KB, 645x511, 1.png)

what do


Rick-click->Properties->Compatibility->Run in compatibility mode for Windows 7.


Glad to see this is coming back; it was one of my favorites and I had thought it died. I look forward to the new version and hope it maintains the same level of small details hidden around and general city-sprawl .


File: 1563395274271.png (20.17 KB, 215x129, 3d and 2d.png)

TBH it's a little difficult to look at 3d version of Anne.


Are you still looking for people to help with music and sound effects?



thanks it worked


File: 1564527056426.png (120.58 KB, 1920x1080, main_menu2.png)

Thank you, I believe switching to 3D will be more fitting for a city environment as I feel it easier to portray a sense of the space.

Her model is still a work in progress, but isn't it a bit dishonest to compare it with her talking sprite? I tried making a model that fit more with the talking sprite proportions and it did not feel right. Who knows, maybe I'll try going with the 2D char 3D backgrounds similar Octopath Traveler or Ragnarok Online

Not at the moment, but I will let you know when I do. Honestly I'm looking if anyone with C# knowledge is interested in helping out with this. I'm a beginner at coding and even though I'm having fun learning it, things will be really slow for a good while.


Can you check your mail, please?


>that design work
Most impressive


>Who knows, maybe I'll try going with the 2D char 3D backgrounds similar Octopath Traveler or Ragnarok Online

This is a really good idea actually


any further updates? been following this for a while and it's really intriguing.


fascinating bread. i had an idea for a game similar to this (not exactly the same though). i hope i live to see the end result.


fuck, Elysium City. if the artist/author is still around at all I want you to know that this is one of the few games I've always super hopeful for from the beginnning. it's one of the things I look forward to whenever I come back to ubuu and look at fangames.


damn, what happened to this?


OP-san, if you are still here, I think your game looks really cool and the 3D version is definitely something I'd play. Hopefully the development is going well for you, but if you're not working on it anymore I understand.


it's been 5 years give up bro

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