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Boring. YN was never about combat, but exploration. Random encounters would be awful, and even if they weren't random, having to face enemies in order to keep exploring new parts of some area sounds off-putting for me.


I've thought about it. I think it's ok, but you'd have to do it carefully/skillfully. The meat of a yume nikki style game is about exploring and interpreting what you encounter, so the battle has to tie well into the themes of what you're showing, I think.

I had an idea for an rpg battle segment (not the whole game) in a fangame where the player-character would fight alongside another character. At first, the player character would be stronger, with better stats, and would carry the other character, but the pc doesn't level up after battle. After a few fights (all scripted encounters), the other character starts carrying thanks to their levels. Eventually, in a boss battle, the PC would get oneshot by the much stronger enemies. After the other character essentially solos the bossfight, they leave the party, and the PC, unable to continue, gives up. This would basically be one 'world' in the fangame, and other worlds wouldn't have that gimmick.

Anyway, I think if you do make a battle system, it should function similarly to that: mostly be for artistic purposes and demonstration, rather than for gameplay.


thats a cool idea anon, might have to stew on that myself

I'm not sure what you're referring to by a battle system OP, if you mean random encounters like the first poster then yea I think it'd be terrible and kind of discourage exploration.
But just like anon above said, I think if there's a meaningful artistic purpose for it then it'd be as worthy as any other potential mechanic. As long as there's really a true reason or something to be expressed then I think most mechanics probably have a place in a fan game.

I think something lightly arpg-ish might be interesting for a world or segment of the world. enemies you might need to bat away or something light. I don't think a yume nikki fan game can go too hard on the mechanic or it stops being 'yume nikki' but something.
For some reason im getting metroid fusion ideas ala fighting a clone of yourself which might be interesting but I dunno


>>15475 here, I will expand on why I don't particularly find battles in rpgmaker engaging. Needless to say, this is my personal opinion, and I don't believe I represent a meaningful number of players or anything. But I've been playing RPGmaker games for like 13 years and I think that allowed me to see when things work in these kind of games, and when they don't.

First, turn based fights are outdated. It doesn't really feel engaging to chose options from a menu and see the sprite flash white for a second before proceeding. This is the main reason I think random encounters are absolute shit. And, god forbid, I will definitely drop any fangame that forced me to grind in order to progress. You are forced to lose time fighting a meaningless entity for NO reason, hindering the exploration, which is the main drive of these games.

If you are planning to do battles on real time, *then* I could see some potential to engage the player more. This would be much more meaningful than forcing people to use easyrpg and x10 the speed to skip the brainless default mechanic. Yume Nikki had the rain / snow effect that needs to be used in order to put out the fire in the mall. In a sense, a "boss fight" that requires you to, I don't know, do certain things in order to weaken it then let the other character finish the boss (as anon 2 suggested), that certainly could be very entertaining. The only potential "bad" thing I see with this is that you'd definitely be shoving down more story than is common in fangames. But, while ambiguity and theorizing is nice, it's been so overdone at this point that trying something new would be refreshing.

With all of that being said, I think you will need some clever ideas and think these battles thoroughly if you want to make them feel more than some tedious gimmick. If you had some ideas in mind, please do share them, so we have a better understanding of what you'd like to see or do in fangames.




Reminder that the original Corpse Party had an rpg battle for the boss.


And I hated it 10 years ago for being too long and tedious.


>First, turn based fights are outdated.
Stopped reading here

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