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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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Not really a fangame, but still Nikki as fuck


Stop shilling your game, I'm not going to pay for OMOCAT's rhinoplasty


File: 1631110512809.png (106.43 KB, 2560x1440, ErqwXRxXAAE5tnL.png)

Black space resparked my curiousity for Nikki games


I kind of hate Omori. I don't want to feel this way, but I do.


Omori is… eh, i'm indifferent.

It's like YN with a story, but it's got that lame 'uwu' aesthetic i hate (and fanbase)

Actually it's not that much like YN at all, fuck
It's more of an Undertale clone without the charm and the "sad boi energy ;w;" cranked up to the max

But there are still some parts done great, like how that creepy eye thing is handled. Genuinely creepy.

I'll just let it run its course. These don't last for long anyway. Give it like a year


I played that game. It was pretty good.


It's pretty good. Some parts can be a bit boring but when it's good it's really good. So overall it's a very fun game.
Except the Hikikomori route. That is one of the biggest disappointments in my life. Black Space 2 was just… bad. Seriously, Black Space was my favorite part in the game, and Black Space 2 barely has any content in it. I was so excited when I first go to to it, only to be almost immediately let down, specially since the Omori route only have the worst parts in the game up to that point. That, coupled with the fact that the route doesn't have an ending left me with a really sour taste in my mouth.
So yeah, it's pretty good, definitely worthy of your time. It's not amazing though.


File: 1631155304367.jpg (78.27 KB, 586x720, bce.jpg)

Not a fangame, you can't just assume something for the community and decide it goes here, for all you care we should have Mother and Undertale here as well, gtfo to /og/ or Tumblr, it belongs in either.


I don't like the idealised idea of friendships and romanticism of mental illness.


Yeah I also agree on this, people just see RPG maker with spooky shit and think OH YUME NIKKI????


This isn't what Tumblr's like, and it's not what Tumblr was like even when Tumblr was supposedly like that. Out of everyone in that image, three are cartoons, and the other three are people from various YouTube videos.

The irony of this is that trying to defend the purity of "the community" against some perceived threat- that is, fandom slapfighting- is far closer to something you might see on Tumblr than anything in that image, as is contrarian criticism of "uwu" softboy culture and complaining about "idealising friendships" and "romanticising mental illness", for that matter.

People who have no idea what they're talking about should avoid making images. I hate how all the brainpower has been bled off chans.


It's a MEME, Batman, also they are in the wrong board, that's a fact, now go back to Tumblr.


It's a meme, but it's fucking wrong. Speaking of Tumblr, would you care to guess where my latest piece of GIS YN fanart came from?


Go back to tumblr.


Go to Google and search "yume nikki" site:tumblr.com. You will get, by my count, about 83,000 results. Then, search "omori" site:tumblr.com. You will get about 55,000 results.

By sheer weigh of content, by what actually exists on the real, physical Tumblr servers, a naive (yet still empirically valid) estimate might be that Yume Nikki is around 156% more "Tumblr" than Omori. Moreover, there are posts from seven years ago, on Tumblr, which reference Uboachan itself, in the context of posting on Uboachan. If we are to take "people on Tumblr like this thing" to mean the same thing as "this thing 'is Tumblr'", then we cannot but conclude that not only is Yume Nikki "Tumblr", but there are also serious suspicions to be had about this very site itself.

Your position, as I understand it, is that discussion of this game is an unwelcome intrusion of a foreign culture upon a totally distinct and unrelated one. My reply is that you're complaining about tacos to a bunch of Mexicans. If you must have purity, then by all means– close this tab.


At least be more original than that



mind you what site popularized fucking emoji pronouns?


please address >>15215


This thread is in the wrong board.
Your tacos are rotten.
This isn't related to Yume Nikki at all.
I am right.
You are wrong.
Go back to Tumblr.


Nah ill defend this, i think its a good point


Why? Because the guy doesn't realize it's not 2010 anymore and tumblr picked it up along with every other site and Omoshit had an immensely smaller impact?

It's nothing but a rather dishonest attempt to keep the discussion rolling over a thread that shouldn't even be here.


Not defending the thread, I never played the game dont know anything about it. I just think the post makes a good point.


anon you aren't uboachan. stop being gay, you don't decide what gets to be here. now let the adults discuss this masterpiece in peace


Boy I don't need to be Uboachan to know Omori doesn't belong in the YNFG board.
The bait would be better if you didn't call it a masterpiece, work on that Anon, here's your bite though because I like you.


pardon me if I'm wrong, but isn't this game /og/ material? It doesn't seem to be Yume nikki fangame at all


In order to prove that this is not a Yume Nikki fangame - and thereby not "on topic", you must first establish criteria for what a Yume Nikki fangame is and then establish that this game does not meet them. Otherwise, your claim - that this is not a Yume Nikki fangame - will be at best unproven and at worst false.

You have done neither of these things. Due credit: you appear to have at least attempted, in a very backhanded and evasive way, to do the first - the criterion you tacitly attempted to assert was that Omori is tainted with "Tumblr" in a way that Yume Nikki was not. However, even in this, you fucked up, because not only did you fail to address the surplus of Yume Nikki content on Tumblr and what it meant for the criterion you attempted to smuggle in through the back, you went on to say that Omori had, and I quote, an immensely smaller impact - this impact being, presumably, on Tumblr. That is to say that you admit, in your own words, that Tumblr cares less about Omori than Yume Nikki, meaning that you have yourself denied your original position, whatever it meant.

Did you simply misspeak? Or is it the case, perhaps, that you don't know what the fuck you're talking about and never did?


File: 1634224792606.gif (829.78 KB, 240x135, traingif.gif)

I'm going to attempt to re-rail this thread by moving it to /og/ and asking us to stop arguing about whether or not it's a YN fangame, and talk about the game instead.

I used to understand why people were so upset about other communities like Tumblr enjoying the things we enjoy, but I forgot / don't really care anymore. We are a Yume Nikki fansite; if they like it, let them come.

Omori looks pretty good and I have been meaning to play it.


Moved to >>>/og/6299.

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