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File: 1536052790095-0.png (57.68 KB, 964x724, RPG_RT_2018-08-27_23-12-05.png)

File: 1536052790095-1.png (47.56 KB, 964x724, RPG_RT_2018-08-27_23-15-50.png)

File: 1536052790095-2.png (164.71 KB, 964x724, RPG_RT_2018-08-27_23-10-30.png)


Made a fangame lads.

It's a about a girl called Amari who uses a headset to explore a virtual world in her computer known as the "Enhanced Reality".

There are 12 effects to collect.

The game has 2 endings depending on how the game was played.

There are 3 minigames.

I hope you enjoy it.

If you find any bugs, glitches or any weird shit like that please feel free to tell me.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/iru45gyfupv77d7/Log.%5Bin%5D.rar/file


File: 1536071228032.jpg (11.91 KB, 233x216, hk.jpg)

Well well, finally something worth looking at, given the amount of shitty fangames it feels like finding water in the desert, a desert of shit, A DESERT OF SHIT, this looks different, like it has some lain, without abandoning the Yume Nikki vibe, good work and keep us updated yes


File: 1536073037758.gif (7.38 KB, 170x170, 1534841005182.gif)

I'm surprised this doesn't have the 0.01 suffix. And its released in a finished state! That's a rare one. Good work OP, looks pretty decent.


File: 1536075563189.png (376.42 KB, 604x448, 00acz.png)

>Doesn't look the same as the others in mass production
>Consistent aesthetics
>No 0.00-1-2 bullshit
>The name doesn't end in Tsuki
>No painful dead ends or empty maps
>Doesn't rely on 'gore' or sexual imagery to impress
>Not looking for programmer/artist/musician
>Not abandoning the project to start another one halfway
>Not abandoning the fangame label to be just "inspired by"
>Dev just actually drops complete game
>No circlejerk, just the game
I'm confused, where is the trick?


It's the first time I download a fangame in like, 4 years or something. It looks very good OP, I'll give it a try and write my opinions on it later. You're an example.


Okay wow I'm really excited to try this out, I havent said that about a new fangame in awhile


Thanks a lot lads. Updated the download link to fix some minor bugs.

-A speed glitch that only affected Amari in the real world.

-Fixed an instance of a certain hidden NPC that didn't do what it was supposed to and instead did what its debug instance did which is calling the player a fucker.


So far this is amongst the better fangames I've played


File: 1536141125984.jpg (76.98 KB, 1280x720, silly retarded me.jpg)

General bug fix update.


-Wrong screen tone in the real world after a certain event.

-Speed Glitch in real world after playing rin ran and then quitting the PC.

-instance of NPC called player a "Fucker" instead of doing what it's supposed to.


-There was a chance to have noclip activated through the entire game if you walked through diagonal sidewalks using the aristocrat or the speed effect.

Thanks a lot for playing the game and sorry for any inconvenience that may have ruined your experience.

Thanks anon, means a lot. Glad you are enjoying it.


Looks like I found a bug. Whenever you press "Return to Desktop" on "Rin Ran" minigame, the game returns to windowed mode for whatever reason. Likewise opening the minigame always forces the fullscreen mode. Or maybe is this intended behavior?


Intended behaviour. Does this every time you enter a minigame or the enhanced reality.
Thought it looked cool and would surprise people lmao


File: 1536179777162-0.png (53.45 KB, 1920x1080, ss1.png)

File: 1536179777162-1.png (13.66 KB, 1920x1080, ss2.png)

Honestly, feels more annoying than anything else, but eh.

How do you do that anyway? Is this some sort of hack?

Anyway, more bugs, this time for real:
>If you wake up with Virtual Boy active, the red tint carries over to the real world (or at least it did when I pressed 9 in that room with the jumpscare flashing light)
>"Screenshot 1" – if you go down from the intersection, and then back up, the music carries over.
>"Screenshot 2" – this key has its message placed outside the box and doesn't disappear after you dismiss the message. Didn't screenshot it properly cause I'm dumb, sorry.
Probably still more to come, be right back.


Thanks a lot anon.
Download has been updated and these errors are gone.


You make me wanna wish I could post cosplay on this site again cause I wanna bring this to life


That means a lot to me, thank you.


Eh, just do it in /o/ or something. I miss the cosplay scene here, it would be nice if we could bring it back. It's not like there's a rule against cosplay, sei just removed the board 'cause people where acting creepy. Maybe new ownership will bring a different moderation style, e.g. just banning people who break the rules and harass users.


Cosplay used to be really fun to post there. But I digress, don't wanna derail too much. If I cosplay Amari can I post it here to show you cachi? Otherwise Ii will stick to /o/. Cause I really wanna cos her.


Sure thing, if you lads wish to send me any kind of fan content you can post it here. I appreciate it a lot.


File: 1536321232210.png (317.45 KB, 590x959, Amari1 by Another Mind.png)

The fuck forced fullscreen update

The game no longer forces itself in and out of fullscreen each time you enter and exit a minigame or the enhanced reality as this was seen as a nuisance by a majority of players.

You can toggle fullscreen on and off whenever you like by pressing the F4 button.

Thank you all so much for playing lads.

Art by Another Mind.


Cute neet


cachi01, I played this through to the second ending, and I was quite pleased with the experience overall. (Though the second ending left me puzzled, haha.)

A few bugs did catch my attention:
1. Some puzzles are nearly unsolvable without taking a peek at the script in RPGMaker. In particular…
- The heart puzzle with the blue squares (I would've gotten it eventually, but yeah…)
- The circular platform with the disembodied hand with the face (there were *literally* no clues anywhere for that).

2. There seems to be a minor issue with the Auditorium's curtain switch. As far as I can tell, it has no trigger–ergo, it won't open no matter what one does. I had to resort to changing the switch manually in order to access the next area. (And it's required to get the second ending.)

3. I noticed not all keys are accessible at the moment. Is there a reason for that? As a result, while I was able to decrypt all the .txt files, I won't be able to unlock both games now.

4. The Key located in the white tile area featuring the heart puzzle does not vanish after it is obtained.


Glad you enjoyed it lad.
To answer some of your questions

1.- The arrows in the park are the hand combination.

2.- the bandage shift effect opens the curtains.

As for the bugs I have no idea what may be locking you from all the Keys, the 20 of them should be accessible and some lads have even found all of them. I may do a walkthrough soon. Theres this one key you have to find by doing something really specific.

A house spawns in that one map with the lake if you trigger the light flickering in the small house behind the building


As for the heart puzzle, the blue tiles mirror the white tiles. When interacting with the blue tiles a text comes out. Count the letters of the word and that's its place in the combination. "I" is 1 "He" is 2 and so on



OP here. I see! Very clever with regards to the puzzles.

(I don't know why I didn't think of the bandage effect for the Auditorium…)



Okay, 20 keys is *definitely* not possible unless one modifies the script in RPGMaker. It's not that they're absent or anything. They're simply inaccessible because connections to their maps don't exist.

- (Key 17) the tongue room isn't linked to Park H1-2. There's no event for the entrance squares, so attempting to pass over the tongue does nothing.

- (Key 14) the Plant Key connection to tv A was never made. Interacting with the plant in tv A therefore will not teleport one as it ought to.


Sorry for taking so much to reply.

I must have fucked those events up in one of the updates i'm so so sorry.

Thank you so much for reporting stuff anon.

The download link has been updated and these errors have been fixed.


File: 1536785996119.jpg (33.08 KB, 637x383, bruh wut.jpg)

where the hell are the effects

ive been searching for an hour


Not OP, but I managed to get all the effects, most (if not all) of them were pretty easy to find. Getting the effects wasn't even my priority once I figured out that the game was more puzzle-oriented (the first door I went through in the nexus was the hotel thing, which is most blatantly a puzzle imo).

The cool shit in this fangame seems to be the puzzles - they're pretty intuitive. There's only two puzzles off the top of my head that I can't solve to save my life (the "01101" puzzle and the hand puzzle, though for both I think I'm starting to get the general idea), and for the fourth hospital puzzle I'm really not sure what the puzzle even is. I think it involves the silent rooms in the main corridor with the annoying bandage people that's tedious to get through, though.


Dear OP. I hope that heart attack you nearly gave me in the room outside the fleshy hospital was your intention. You know the room you motherfucker.

Jokes aside, holy shit this is unexpected. This is a legitimately great fangame you've made, released fully complete no less. I thought this genre was dead but it's nice seeing that some people are still able to carry the spirit. I'm only 8 effects in, but so far I'm very impressed.


File: 1536803723039.jpg (9.11 KB, 200x200, laughing.jpg)

god I fucking adore hearing people reacting to that room.


also, thanks a lot anon. I'm really glad you enjoying it.
Working on a walkthrough right now in case you lads ever need help. I'll link it here once its done.


One Fucking day I'll figure out that 01101 puzzle


Here's a shitty short walkthrough I wrote for both endings.
Hopefully it will help you lads.


Very promising game, I was impressed. What a nice surprise, I'm eager to look into it more. You put a lot of thought into this and while it feels like a fangame there's enough it in to help it stand out. We need more like this.

My only real complaint is a nitpick, but I don't like the protagonists sprite much. Mostly the eyes. Again just a nitpick though.


File: 1537411012251.png (223.19 KB, 574x666, Amari2 by Another Mind.png)


-Fixed door opening animation stuttering.

-Fixed 2 maps where the Data Stream effect sound wouldnt work.

-Fixed an instance where you weren't supposed to be able to use the 9 key.

-Fixed an error with the couch in the left most world.

Hopefully this covers all the fuck ups I had in the game. Thank you all so much for playing lads. I'm really glad people are enjoying it.

To update from a previous version you can replace the files of the previous version with the files of this download. Your save should still work.

Art by Another Mind


How the fuck is this not popular yet

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