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File: 1516414425045.png (33.93 KB, 800x489, ang.png)


Anyone else have experience with this "game"? There's some really interesting things here.

I've explored a lot of pages, there's some "wrong ends" and a lot of different characters. Not sure if there's a true "ending" but it's very unique.


File: 1516414861645.png (46.91 KB, 483x476, wwe.png)


Here's the link to the homepage.
Fair warning: You will want to play this with the sound turned down somewhat, i've run into some really annoying sounds.

My favorite part about this project is that the artwork is the geometrical shapes. It's done pixel-by-pixel and mirrored x4. Kind of dumb to do such a thing but I think it looks neat and has a nice aesthetic.


It looks nice, but it ain't a fangame. Try >>>/og/ next time (if mods don't move it by then).
I'll check it later, I don't have much time at the moment.
Polite sage.


Ah, my bad. For what it's worth, there's a page that shows the developer's interests and yume nikki is one of the main reasons for this project to be started, I think? It's definitely heavily influenced if nothing else.
I still can't tell if this 'game' is about dreaming or if it's something else i'm not quite comprehending.


Oh alright, missed that since I couldn't check. I suppose it can stay them. Honestly we haven't had that much activity in /fg/ lately so I don't think it would harm if it's actually some sort of YN-derived project.


I mean, they explicitly used YN music on one of the pages


File: 1516418724107.png (133.67 KB, 1349x1004, Terminal_00.png)

This is amazing OP. Already lost myself for some minutes there, it is something unique, and it curiously gives off a Yume Nikki similar feeling. Thank you for sharing it.


It's just a more jarring, less polished version of this.
The page number is a lot smaller too and it doesn't give any impression that there might be something more to it.


This is interesting.
Surely the creator of Terminal 00 must of heard of this project before then? It does seem to follow a similar formula. It's obviously unpolished, but there is some direction to it.
If the direction of this project is really trying to imitate another, then i'll be really disappointed. Although, looking at them side by side there are simply too many similarities for it to be called original.


you guys aren't very good at investigation
he has a link to Kikiyama's site on his own site, on the "Connect" page, and has cited Yume Nikki before as an inspiration for his own work
i've talked with the guy before, he loves Yume Nikki
the site is undergoing some radical changes at the moment, keep checking back for new stuff


faux does it way better. I was confused for a bit because I thought the same dude did both and was wondering why the angusnicneven one was lower in quality. He links faux as an interest in his interest page, but the whole alien/fantasy schtick for the website makes it kind of unclear. Interesting though, I'll give the guy credit for his effort.

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