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File: 1503185929578.png (23.25 KB, 1920x1080, ADHDaYNfg room screen-shot.png)


Hi. I'm making a YN fangame titled "ADHD: A Yume Nikki Fangame".
I'm having a little bit of trouble figuring out how the "Wake up" mechanic works.
I'll be looking for the solution right after I have posted this.


Right, you can just open YN(or any western fangame made in 2k3 which would be easier) and see how they implement it, a common event associated to an item or skill should be enough, but there are other ways.

Your room has problems of perspective and size, the room feels needlessly huge, while also the bed and desk look absurdly small. I'm not even sure if that character fits the bed.

The character sprite lacks shading, the black you used to separate the body from the arms is too violent, I'm unsure about colors.

Also, wrong board.


Thanks for the advice.
Should I repost this on /ig/?
That's what I'm gonna do


Her arms aren't seperate from her body. Are you sure you're not looking a the rug?


File: 1503363509984.jpg (42.54 KB, 900x488, serveimage071K9257.jpg)

Excuse the name, I have wanted to use a name here for ages so I thought I would start while I had a somewhat productive post.
>I'll be looking for the solution right after I have posted this.
This is the wrong way round. You should research it before asking other people. No one wants to help people who wont help themselves, and rightly so. That goes for everything not just game development.

I would recommend you study tile sets and sprite sheets from other games in the RPG style and how they handle perspective. In your room we see the bed as if we where directly above it (excluding the legs), but we see the bin as if we where standing on the ground. Think of your scenes as individual artworks, not as collections of separate objects. Try drawing them out without thinking of them as game rooms, then imitate your drawings in the game.

As for the design itself… its ugly. I'm sorry, I know that's harsh, but it really is. Recognising why its ugly is the only way to improve it. I'm going to give you some pointers, but I can't be definitive.
Look at Ponikos walls and floor. They use their limited pixels economically. They represent what they are in a simple manner, they strive for clarity rather than realism. They work with the theme of the room. Each pattern does not take up too much space, keeping it from getting monotonous - in fact good old Kiki even used a different pattern for the middle wall to break the repetition.
The floor and the wall of your room are both textured. While trying to pack in as much detail as possible you just make it look like a mess. You have strove for realism rather than clarity and in return got neither. That's not to say that realism can't be achieved in low res, but at this stage its a bad idea.
You have done a good job of breaking up the floorspace with the carpet, but there is still too much of it. As a previous anon mentioned, you should make your room smaller vertically.
You have gone for extremely bland colours, even having a white wall. While this might be more like a real life bedroom, it conveys no sort of theme and is not enjoyable to look at.

One thing that stands out to me is the bin. On the front its grated so you can see what's inside (cool of you to bin google chrome btw, open source browsers forever), while the other side is solid grey. This confuses me as you obviously drew it over the carpet because, well, its on top of it. Consistency is important within a room, and tenfold within a single object.
You have put white draws against a white wall. Grr. Boo.
Remember that flat surfaces such as the carpet and the windows are not one with the surfaces they are on, they need some borders.
The borders you HAVE done (for example on the bed) are too sterile and glossy, they make it look like an apple product. Beds are not bars of soap, and are made of multiple objects.
I can see that you have tried hard to omit any symmetry. While this is commendable, you should not follow it religiously. The size difference of the windows does not make the scene interesting, it just makes it look unfinished.

Sorry about that, that ended up sounding a lot meaner than I had intended. I know you didn't ask for that and you're cool for reading all of it. Everyone starts out shitty, only the people who are prepared to learn get any better. Also I'm sorry if the quality decreased towards the end, I'm really tired.


I think they probably thought the black outline of her middle was a gap, it would be better to use a darker shade of green for this.


No need, our maid mods can move it there since discussion already started, maids to work!


File: 1503451654896.png (21.26 KB, 745x856, ADHD room updated.png)

I updated the room, but It took me a while to get a screenshot up here because the website kept telling me that the post looked "automated."


This is looking better. One thing I would say is it still looks a little sparse, everything in the room is up against one wall. You need more furniture, like a bookshelf or a lamp or something (actually a lamp would be good for showing a clear light source). I want to say you should put the bed up against a side wall to spread everything out, but the new bed is really good so it would be a shame to not use it.
A characters room should reflect their personality and living situation. How tidy are they? Are they poor or rich? Do they have a job? How old are they? Do they have friends? At the moment all I know about your character is that she runs windows xp. Even simple things like posters or desktop backgrounds can help here.

If I can make a couple of nitpicks:
If she had a whole desk that she's only using for her laptop, why would she want her laptop above the table leg so she can't put her legs under?
Is the table supposed to be one of the short ones they have in Japan? If not then she should really have a chair.
It would be nice to have some kind of view out the window, even if its just a lamppost or a couple of stars or something.

I hope I'm being helpful, but if I'm just being demoralising or annoying then just ask me to stop and I will. I'm sorry I insulted you in my last post. It wasn't intentional, I'm just bad at talking.


Turn down the saturation on your colors around five hundred times. My eyes bleed just from scrolling past the picture.


If I could make a suggestion, I'd say maybe some pillows on the floor? Or something like that? That was in Yume Nikki. Just more stuff on the floor, cuz' yea, everything seems pushed up against a wall. Other than that, great job! It looks awesome! I love the cute little art style. Reminds me of when I wanted to make a fangame. But now I'm working on something else inspired by Yume Nikki.


Something feels really off with that door, but I can't explain exactly what bothers me about it.


It's from Brazil. They know how to put use to their prehensile toes.


That room could use a chair for the table. A book shelf, a fan, some magazines, a TV, or miscelaneous things you could have in your room will help to make it look natural. A
lso this fag >>12492 is right about the saturation.
See how other games do it, look at your own room for inspiration.


The door is only 50% visible, actually.


File: 1503616288652.png (24.17 KB, 1339x948, Ashlyns room version 3.png)

Oh Btway,Slight update to room.
Also, I figured out a way to do the awakening thing. I just wonder how I make it so that FX aren't useable when awake.


It's because the door is actually outside the room.


Is there something wrong with the dialogue box? I might be wrong but it looks like the gradient isn't meant to restart halfway down.


Set the window to stretch to fit so the gradient looks okay, and for not using the effects, make two items for each one: they must both be associated to two switches, one of them should have the field box checked, the other shouldn't.


>> 12503
I thought that that might be a bit much work, but It might actually be worth it.


Something that takes like 2 minutes is too much work? If you're serious about making a game you'll be sinking at a minimum a couple of hundred hours into it. Put into that perspective, 2 minutes is nothing.

Also, an addon to what I said earlier about saturation, the colors in that room really don't fit with each other even without the maxed out saturation. For example, would you yourself put a bright yellow and cyan bed into a room with a limegreen carpet? There's just so many different colors that even if the saturation wasn't so annoying, it would still hurt the eyes to look at.
Try reading this: https://www.colormatters.com/color-and-design/basic-color-theory

Some people earlier were talking about the room being empty and while I agree, I think there's an easier solution than putting more clutter into it. Just make it smaller. It's a common mistake among new gamemakers to make rooms unneccesarily big for no reason. Look at some real world examples, you won't see big rooms with 90% of the space being empty. Especially bedrooms are usually compact because it makes people uncomfortable with large dark space around them when they want to sleep.


Again, if you're confused, look at the files of Yume Nikki or a fangame. It's always best to get stuff straight from the source. Try and see how things work exactly. Literally in Yume Nikki there's a map dedicated to the coding in NASU. I could never do that if I tried. Also, pretty helpful tutorial on effects here: http://bleetdev.tumblr.com/post/18155138894/hi-i-am-trying-to-make-a-yume-nikki-fan-game-i


File: 1504058914545.png (13.74 KB, 1284x965, Infinite Bathroom.png)

Hey, I already did make the room smaller than it's original version.

Another thing I need help with: Music.
I need someone to make some music for me (I can compose, but I don't think my style of music will fit for this game). I've been using music from Lumines as placeholders so far, I would like to change that so I don't have Copyright issues.


File: 1504090036554.jpg (408.75 KB, 680x680, 1361515223581.jpg)

>I need someone to make some music for me
No one is going to do that. Sorry. Creating game music is difficult, it takes commitment, and no one really has any motivation to do your work for you. If your style of music doesn't fit the game then work out a style that does. This is your game, you should be the one to make it. Please do not make a habit of coming to us whenever there is a problem, do your own research and work.


There are lots of websites that offer wonderful music free to use for any kind of projects and they are pretty good even for commercial games.
Do you have a title screen for it? Just curious.


So will this have "effects" or something similar?


File: 1504319700159.jpg (952.44 KB, 2200x1700, ADHD FX Planning thingy.JPG)

>> So will this have "effects" or something similar?

Well, yeah. it is.

That's kind of a given.
<Section from list in notebook containing planning for this game

>> Please do not make a habit of coming to us whenever there is a problem, do your own research and work.

Sorry. I'm a nincompoot.


>> make two items for each one: they must both be associated to two switches, one of them should have the field box checked, the other shouldn't.

Actually, You might need to elaborate on that, Green.



Kevin MacLeod (incompetech) comes to mind.

Really. Several of his ambient tracks are rather Yume Nikki-like. I came really close to using his music in my own games.


The best advice I can give you is gutting other fangames that are in English and looking through the events to better understand how they pull off certain scenarios like waking up or killing NPCs and other graphical effects.


I'd be happy to make music for your game! Why didn't you say so? I'm working on a Yume Nikki inspired game myself, and I'm making all kinds of music for it! I'd be happy to help! How does that sound?

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