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File: 1498839732616.jpg (101.86 KB, 566x1000, shadow_girl_by_waba2.jpg)


I've been trying to remember some old YN fangame from years ago but I can't think of the name of it. It was really unusual and creepy.

Basically the protag of the game was, like, some shadow girl, and she had this other normal looking blue room. Instead of dreaming in her bed, she used a music box, but here's where things get weird.

Apparently the game would crash and upload some kind of virus onto your computer if you tried to listen to the music box. The virus would delete and replace saved images with pictures of the shadow girl with a red background. I remember somebody however managed to fix the game so that the virus wouldn't run when you went to the music box, but after that was done, it was found out that going up to the music box and listening to it transported the girl to either an endlessly looping black world, or an endlessly looping red world depending on some variable, with no means of "waking up".

Does anyone know what game I'm talking about is? And just what was the deal with it? Was it some weird attempt at creepypasta? Some weird troll game?


Did you ever actually play it? Only it sounds very fake/lame.


Is the shadowgirl hot?


It does indeed, but I'm fairly certain it existed.

I never played it because the thread mentioned viruses associated with it. It was on the old Uboachan but I can't seem to find the thread in the archive. Or maybe it wasn't in the old /fg/.

I did watch a video of it however. And it mostly just showed all little you could do with it without the effects of the apparent associated virus. Like I said she couldn't do much except wander an endless void.

I think she might've had diagonal movement.

She was a solid black Mado recolor with white eyes and a ponytail or something.


Sounds as fake as the alternative YN endings or the manga.
If you liked the idea so much just try to make it, it certainly doesn't sound hard to make.


File: 1498938115278-0.png (38.59 KB, 480x320, 1307817746536.png)

File: 1498938115278-1.png (14.21 KB, 480x320, 1308793807207.png)

File: 1498938115278-2.png (10.61 KB, 480x320, 1308834410258.png)

The game you're thinking of is probably Nocturn.

It's a relatively obscure fangame it seems. The protag's name is apparently Soentsuki.

It was apparently really buggy and crashed a lot before it seems to have been straight up abandoned. I'm not really sure what the story about it is but it did, in fact, have a thread on the old archive. It was in old /og/ though instead of /fg/. http://archive.uboachan.net/og/res/1787.xhtml

I'm not seeing anything about a virus though, just that it was poorly programmed and there's almost no info on it. I think pic related is the image you're thinking of, but I dunno if it's a screenshot or just fan art. Probably the latter.

It actually seems to have had a thread on /fg/, but the link is dead. It all sounds very creepypasta-ish but it was probably just somebody wanting to make their own edgy fangame and not knowing how before just losing interest and forgetting about it. Like most others.


This is neat, thanks for finding it!


Can anyone re-upload the game?



File: 1603278691115.png (7.56 KB, 320x240, 0fe65aadb2988a077ec0d3c920….png)

It seems that the creator of this game has been relatively active on their tumblr recently: https://1o111111.tumblr.com

Perhaps it's just me, but it has a strange appealing charm.


File: 1609484206428.png (6.72 KB, 320x240, spookyAsShit.png)

He's making new art and has recently reblogged his own ambient track from a year ago. I'd love to know why exactly they're doing this.


Would you look at that? The game’s actually gotten an updated release on Itch! Pleasant surprise, honestly. The new version is made in Adventure Game Studio. More title screens, some new random moon phases, and you can actually do stuff with the radio now! In my own personal investigation, I haven’t found TOO much, but if anyone else can find more, I’d love to hear it.


And it's not just you, >>14873 - I've been fascinated with the game ever since my friend linked me to this thread years ago. Enough to make a blog on it, lol


File: 1611837873017.png (2.65 KB, 640x480, 2459236.png)

I tried the game soon after the latest version was released and apparently it didn't have much. However, some things about it and the way the author acted made me think there was something more to it, so I told some friends about it and we began to investigate it.

Upon opening the executable, a logo with the title appears after which, as expected from a YNFG, you start in a bedroom. There's a radio you can interact with and a light switch you can turn ON and OFF, but you cannot sleep. From there you can go to the balcony, where you can see the moon, or through the door, which leads to a corridor. At the end of the corridor there's another door, and after that a black, empty looping room which you apparently cannot escape from.

That is, in principle, all you can do. However, the game changes slightly each time you open it. Mainly, the visual style of the title logos at the beginning seem to be random, and so are the phases of the moon. The radio cannot be turned on in the first run, but it is possible to do so in the following ones.

The most important detail, however, is that during the first seconds after the game is opened, some numbers appear on the window caption before quickly switching to "Nocturne 191". Some of my first tries were "2459238:19:39:36" and "2459238:19:42:46". The three last numbers were the hour, minute and second at which I opened the game. When running it the next day, the first number was replaced by a "2459239", so it was not hard to guess that it represented the number of days. We would later find out that it was written in the Julian date system, more info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_day.

This lets us know that the game is aware of when you open it, a detail that becomes even more important when you notice dates like these are all over the author's tumblr. Pic related is a good example, it was uploaded on October 31, 2020, and the featured date translates into January 21, 2021, the day the game was published, so they were foreshadowing the release for quite some time. The date in the .zip file of the game is the same, too. And above all, in the tumblr post that links to the game’s itch.io page there’s another date alongside a full moon emoji. Such date translates into January 28, 2021, which is a full moon night, and also the day I’m writing this post.

So upon finding out all of this, we theorized the game would "activate" at that date. We could have changed our PC’s date, but we didn’t want to "ruin the magic", so we chose to wait. And finally, the day came. We opened the game soon after 00:00 AM a few times, but nothing strange seemed to happen, so we dropped it for a while, thinking we might have been wrong and the date referred to a different event. But later we opened the game again, without expecting anything, and suddenly the logo had changed to "|o||||||" (the author's username) instead of the typical "Nocturne". We tried out things and found out that, if you turn off the light and then interact with the radio, it will break after messing around a bit with it and the music will fade off. When this happened we could no longer turn the lights back on. We then went to the corridor which this time was dark and longer than usual. When we got to the looping room it was red instead of black and a hellish music began to play. Here the player sometimes turned around and looked at us without giving it any inputs, and its movement gradually slowed down until the game closed itself.

When reopening the game it seemed normal again, but by retrying multiple times we managed to trigger this, let's call it "cursed mode", more times, it seems that it only happens when you get the full moon phase. The visual style of the logos varies here too and we once got a "191" instead of "|o||||||". The rest seemed to be the same. However, this morning we tried again and we haven't been able to trigger it, despite getting the moon to be full, so it seems that not only it triggers at a specific date, but also only at the night of that date, a full moon night. It's honestly a pretty interesting mechanic for hidden events, we were quite shocked when we got it for the first time. Makes me wonder about what other creative things could it be used for.


File: 1611838719050-0.png (53.3 KB, 1282x990, noct1.png)

File: 1611838719050-1.png (114.42 KB, 1282x990, noct2.png)

File: 1611838719050-2.png (55.55 KB, 1282x990, noct3.png)

File: 1611838719050-3.png (28.68 KB, 1280x960, noct_red.png)

Other suspicious stuff in the author's accounts:
- What seems to be an MD5 text in the author's itch.io and game properties, "AB8234927C43DE05653F020840CEA6D8", that we have not been able to decode yet.
- A strange audio in the author's tumblr accompanied by a message written in binary code that says "A-LAW BMP". A-LAW seems to reference an algorithm (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-law_algorithm) and BMP seems to refer to the .bmp extension. My bet is that deciphering the audio will probably uncover an image.
- The author's nickname, 1o111111 or |o||||||, and its relation to the name of the game, "191" seems to be a number that once replaces the author's name in a Tumblr post (191 0 191 191 191 191 191 191) and is also the ASCII code for the character "┐", which repeatedly appears as well in another post of them.

Glad I'm not the only one! The author really seems to be pulling an ARG-ish thing here that could very easily have gone unnoticed, so I'm happy that we're not alone here. Hopefully this post will bring some light on the fact that there's more to this than we originally thought.

(Pics are the "cursed mode" logos and the red room mentioned in the previous post).


File: 1611864287528-0.png (21.6 KB, 727x276, messages.png)

File: 1611864287528-1.png (294.31 KB, 1600x900, 1308731641665.png)

File: 1611864287528-2.png (11.46 KB, 480x640, tumblr_47ce96791b70fc8cf51….png)

I told a friend about it and she was able to trigger it with one of the "|o||||||" logos. Imagine my surprise when I impulsively tried that at three in the morning and the aforementioned effects triggered… I'll see if I can replicate it, it's afternoon here now.

Didn't even know they'd been talking about the game's release date. I'll speak with my friend who helped me crack into the original game's files, and we'll see what we can figure out. I knew that Halloween would be a significant date, but like this? (Also, one of their audio tracks with a cover art depicting a new moon was also uploaded on a new moon night. I think that's neat, along with the game screenshot depicting a new moon ALSO being posted on a new moon.

Soentsuki turns around on her own normally. That's repeatable in the black void room. I closed the game after reaching the red room because I assumed my computer was lagging horrendously, I didn't know the game would straight up close itself!

Also something of minor note is that the author (I believe) personally contacted me on my archive blog a year and a half ago, the same week I discovered their blog. I have two strange messages that I received, which I strongly believe to be from them. Of note is also soentsuki.tumblr.com, a locked account with the password '191'. I'll attach my image of the strange messages. The second one was sent the very same day I discovered 1o111111's blog, when they reblogged my post with a spritesheet - Namely, Soentsuki's new sprites. They deleted the reblog, but I have them saved. Also of note is an older image which made a re-appearance - a strange, two-headed figure. Those images are attached to this post as well.

I'll update with more if I happen to discover something. I'm just glad my little fixation on this mysterious game wasn't all for nothing!


File: 1611865708534-0.png (12.52 KB, 1366x768, uihiuh.png)

File: 1611865708534-1.png (38.29 KB, 571x419, certified research failure.png)

File: 1611865708534-2.png (3.35 KB, 624x63, csoen.png)

Here's the logo my friend managed to trigger it with. Since we know all the dates are Julian calender days, what if running the game on those dates will have something happen?
Also, aaaaaargh I should have looked into the A-LAW thing years ago! Attaching a screenshot of myself realizing what it was and… being confused. All names (including my own) are censored, and my friend's icon is also censored for their privacy.

I've run that binary post through several spectrograms, and nothing. If anyone else wants to take a crack at it, feel free.

When I was messing around before, I found that hitting "`" triggered a sort of debug console. There's room 1 (Title screen), room 2 (Bedroom), room 3 (Balcony), room 4 (The hallway) and room 6 (The void room). Those were the rooms I could place off the bat, but I was wondering the location of the mysterious room 5. Now I know it's either the hallway (that's longer) or the Red Room itself!

Other notes: The player is referred to as "cSoen", which I think stands for "Character Soentsuki". An image of that is attached. (Picture taken in the balcony) I'm also trying to crack into the game's files, but I have absolutely NO idea how to get into Adventure Game Studio like that. There's at least twenty-five different title screens this time around! A drastic increase from the previous version's eleven.


File: 1611868723533-0.png (68.2 KB, 1920x1080, attempt1.png)

File: 1611868723534-1.png (67.46 KB, 1920x1080, attempt2.png)

File: 1611868723534-2.png (10.1 KB, 1920x1080, attempt3.png)

Third post. Red Room access has been solidified! I changed my computer time to 2:45 AM (Presumably it has to be around 3:00 in the morning, as that's the game's release hour) on January 28th, 2021. Each time, a successful Red Room open would show one of the '|o||||||' logos. I made three successfull tries, and photographed each one. All are attached. I also recorded the Red Room being activated, and confirmed two things.

1. The new hallway (longer) is Room 5.
2. The endless void occupies the same room as the Red Room. It's likely an effect on the room itself. I can't tell if the Red Room's track is new or not. But what I CAN say is that staring at that red background for five minutes hurt my eyes. Ow…


Fourth post. I had a small brain moment after a big brain one. The referenced calendar days are in this format, it seems.

Current date | Date of Red Room activation


The game seems to have become "active". At around 3:00 AM EST, I checked on the game again. Red Room launch. It was the 29th by then. I'll run further tests tonight and post the results on my blog.


Hilariously I saw the steam group event message but didn't see the posted link to his website. It's cool that a new version was released ten years later, but like before it seems there isn't much to it. Still a good dose of nostalgia reminding me when I streamed myself bumbling around in the dark trying to make the red room trigger all those years ago.


File: 1612022067995.png (6.2 KB, 320x240, noct_bed.png)

The author posted a picture of Soentsuki in her bed and removed the previous reblogs. I believe this means we'll be able to sleep tonight, which may perhaps lead to an actual dream world? Very excited about the possibility.

These are some neat pieces of information, thanks for sharing. We had already figured some things on our own, like the "Current date | Date of Red Room activation" pattern, but we had no idea of things like the debug console nor soentsuki's tumblr. Specially curious about the image of the two-headed creature in the forest, I have the blurry memory of having seen it in the past but it no longer seems to be in the author's tumblr. I wonder if we'll be able to go there tonight.

I believe I found your blog btw, I don't have a tumblr account but I'll try to keep an eye on it.


File: 1612043181545.png (15.43 KB, 705x596, window go br.png)

There's a Steam group?! I'm so out of the loop, I've gotta find it now!
Did about 40 tests last night at varying times. Turns out that only on the 28th and 29th, around 3 in the morning EST is when the Red Room triggers.
Also, my friend from before ran some tests less than two hours after the posting time of Soentsuki in her bed to see if she could sleep now. The answer is no, but when they entered the Red Room, the game window's name changed to "|o||||||". I got their permission to post that screenshot.
Also, the two-headed creature's screenshot came from 1o111111's Tumblr? That's super interesting! I thought you were talking about post 190616528148 for a second (Same creatures), but that's a really plausible source for that screenshot.

I feel like they posted the reblogs because they're actively checking on people's progress, and wanted to give us 'hints'. Once we figured it out, they deleted the hints because they knew we found out the secret of that post.
Honestly, in all my tests, I'm like 90% sure that the game's filesize comes from the 30-something title screens. There's so many!!!!

Also also. If the blog is "soentsukinocturne", you found it. I really need to get around to posting my actual theories there, oops.


I wouldn't get so excited about the steam group, it was created back in 2011 when he first posted the game on 4chan while mentioning he had no idea what it was. Nothing really happened with the group, I just joined it to remember how that night went.


I'm the type of person who wants to gather everything they can related to this game. Do you have a link for the group? I'd personally like to see it.


He keeps deleting his posts too, that's probably the only annoying part about this whole game.


Hit the group up with a join. Seems pretty generic, but still nice to have. I like how the remake came out ten years to the day of the initial release.


I did mention nothing happened with the group. Have you looked at other threads about the game, you can find a decent one here that has more pictures: https://archive.uboachan.net/og/res/1787.xhtml


That's one of the first threads I saw. Hell, that's where I got a good portion of my images, including the sprite screenshot of that two-headed creature.


File: 1613110520493-0.png (6.8 KB, 1280x990, 2459257.png)

File: 1613110520493-1.png (9.02 KB, 1280x990, newmoon.png)

Just confirmed that the red room was active tonight, a few minutes before 10 PM pacific time. Had a hunch that something might happen since it's a new moon tonight, and the |o|||||| title screens did actually sync up with the new moon out on the balcony. It doesn't seem to be any different from the full moon's red room event though.


If you click the moon, the game pauses for a few seconds. No idea if an event is implemented for the action.


Adventure game studio tip I learned: launch the game with the argument –setup (eg. do "[DRIVE]:\path\noct191.exe –setup" in your command line of choice) to configure said game. –help will list all the arguments possible.

Anyway, dunno if I'm stating common knowledge here but the power outage seems to be a necessary condition to enter the red room. The light need to be turned off and the radio needs to be on while fidgeting for the power to go out.
What is interesting though, is that i notice the outage seems to trigger as the radio is set to a certain channel corresponding to the minute of your PC time. I did two tries, one with the slider going down from the top and one with it going up from the bottom. At both times the power went out as the slider is in between 50-60 while my PC time was at around 21:55-57 (I'm using a trackpad and has issues with fine mouse movements. and Ikeep setting the time to 21:53:00 as I seems to have more luck with getting the event). can someone confirm this? Sorry if my tired-midnight English is incomprehensible.


Sorry for the double post but it's "–" (two minus sign, not a single long dash). damn you auto coorect.


Holy crap, we're probably gonna have to pay more attention to the moon phases! Next full moon and next new moon, I'll see if I can get a Red Room around that time. Nice find!
Yep, there's an event, but I think it's relatively minor. Soentsuki will turn and face the moon if you click on it, and control is taken from the player for that brief bit.
I've tried to reach the Red Room without triggering the outage in the bedroom, but failed. The hallway is always dark in a Red Room launch, but triggering the power failure in her room is indeed the other requirement.
I'll toss the studio tips at my friend, and see if we can uncover something. This game's hit new meta layers and I'm honestly pretty interested.


File: 1613179356621.png (35.64 KB, 1295x1005, windowednocturne.png)

So far, I've found that we can have windowed Nocturne now. Nice!!!!


Game might be active tonight. It's a full moon. If not tonight, then the following days.


File: 1614375046307.png (12.4 KB, 595x275, BANNER.png)

Hey everyone, I hope this isn't spam but I wanted to drop off to say I've made a Discord server for the ARG for better conversing and to not miss on anything. (time zone events, etc) https://discord.gg/UuybzPdR
I'ts only for the FG


File: 1614407827442.png (21.48 KB, 1920x1080, jebesus.png)

Red Room was indeed active. Not much else to say besides "I got jumpscared by a Red Room title".


File: 1614413432387.png (1.16 MB, 900x900, noc9.png)

So much happened.
On one hand, the A-LAW BMP theory posted by >>14972 bore fruit! An image was hidden! (Discovered by user Selfish)
This may not be the final image, but I've attached it anyways.

Second, the game activates in general on full/new moons. (New moon part is a hypothesis)
I went all the way back to January 21, 2011, and I was able to obtain a Red Room launch. Seems to be coded in!

Third, Red Room access on full moons seems to best occur between 12:00 AM and 3:00 AM EST. I've gotten some just after 3, though.


Selfish and I were doing a good amount of work together in the discord, and we managed to gain access to Noct191's files! I'll briefly sum up our findings.

1. There are 6 confirmed music tracks, and one debatably-music track. Only two of these are used ingame (Remasters of Nocturne and Droning Bells/The Red Room respectively). One appears to be a sped up version of one of 1o111111's existing tracks, and the rest seem to be Chopin-sounding songs.
2. There are 50 title screens in total! 25 normal ones, and 25 Red Room ones.
3. The moon's a sprite, not part of the backgrounds. Also, six rooms confirmed.

Anyone not in the server have any luck on figuring anything else out?


The blackout only occurs when the radio is set to a channel corresponding to the last two digit of the current date in Julian format.
I had a video demonstrating this for the redroom event on 27th feb (2459273) and how the blackout happen when radio is set to channel 73, but since mp4 is unsupported here and webm look like shit despite being heavier you have to try this one for yourself.
Am suspecting some special event by this post: https://1o111111.tumblr.com/post/641420416469155840/2459241-2459243 but my attention ran out so….


Nice find! I'll have to check this out myself.
Also, considering that was posted close to the first Red Room after the game's release, I think that's just 1o111111 showing (in their own cryptic way) how to trigger it, as it lines up with everything shown. (Lights off, radio)


New moon is here again, and the red room is active same as before, but looks like no new content still.

Considering how completely barebones this game is, I'm really surprised how often I think about it though. Would not recommend opening it up while intoxicated due to the negative emotional aura. Very bad vibes.


A negative emotional aura is something I've personally experienced, and according to other users I've spoken to, it's not unheard of for them either.
I joked about the game being possessed a while back, but that's getting a little too real for me… Just kidding! I'm seeing this through to the end.


File: 1616631108555.jpg (34.4 KB, 640x480, ahhhhh.jpg)

Wow. Out of every thread on this board, this is not one I'd expect to see miraculously revived. I always felt that there was something more to this bizarre little game, so color me ecstatic! I also never expected its mysteriousness to run so deep.


I find it hard to put into exact words but I've felt the same effects playing this. Weird. Some people were haphazardly giving this game flak for the grim-dark aesthetic it kinda feels like it has on the surface but going through all of it thoroughly, I'd argue this is probably one of the most isolating and alien feeling YNFGs I've played. Hard to put to words, like I said, but it does feel like there's some sort of malevolent presence behind the game or something, which was probably the intention behind the very unique atmosphere.

(Could I get a fresh link for that Discord server? It appears that the old one's expired)


The game really does seem to hold some mysterious energy to it, and the dev being as cryptic as they are only fuels this. Glad to be an active part of this, and I can't wait to see what else is uncovered about the game!

t4S2sUtrFB <- New Discord url, shouldn't expire unless it's revoked.

Looking forward to seeing you in the server, by the way! Most of the active discussion/speculating is there.

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