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Looking back into it, what do you think of the YN-fangames?

>What do you think about .flow?

>What do you think about 2kki?

>What do you think about "2nd gen" fangames such as Miserere?

By the way, what do you think about this ol' legend of a RPGmemer:


I actually like .flow more than Yume Nikki. It leaves the air of surreal, leave-it-up-to-the-player mystery and atmospheric ambience that YN had while also giving more reasons to go back and keep playing and throwing in more actual gameplay than a simple walking simulator.

I like what 2kki's attempting to do, but it feels *too* big. Too massive. Too disconnected. Worth a few wanderings, but there's nothing that really makes you feel like you *want* to see it all and find everything.

I'm down with games like Miserere. If all the games were simple clones they'd get really stale, really quick. I wish Answered Prayers wouldn't be on indefinite hiatus, as that was going places.


>What do you think about .flow?
The only complain I have with it is the edge, but lol is really a nice person and you can see he really loves his game, plus, as the other anon said, it really makes you want to explore it deeper.

I love 2kki, so much effort and lots of material. It actually feels like a dream. The only disadvantage is that it's way too big, I honestly haven't seen 60% of it.

>What do you think about "2nd gen" fangames such as Miserere?

I wish there were more games like that, I got tired of YN clones after playing like 4.

>I wish Answered Prayers wouldn't be on indefinite hiatus

I thought he already said it was cancelled.


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Yeah, if most fangames weren't walking simulators or like, a radically different formula than YN has, i would be down with playing some more.

I actually just wandered through the original locations in YN for a bit and collected some effects and i just quit because it felt kinda disconnected.

I installed .flow to see what the fuss was, and i gotta say, it's my favorite game of all time.

The maps felt cohesive, atmospheric and it felt like there was NO dead end.
Plus things like the Erosion Counter (how much did you fuck up in dreams), special events are super nice touches that prevent it from being a walking sim.

I also like how .flow feels like it has a plot, despite telling almost nothing.

There are a few cutscenes (like the Rust transformation) but mostly just atmospheric areas such as the Hospital that really help the theorizing.

The endings are a mess to think about though, but looking back, the true ending actually makes sense in context.

>Blood is composed with components containing iron and oxygen.

>Rust is the oxidation of iron.
>Sabitsuki is literally covered in blood and her skin is "rusting"/dying.

Makes sense in context.

2kki is also nice, but the worlds are too huge, and they feel kinda disconnected because of multiple people working on it.

Unlike YN/.flow, you don't have world ending sociopathic issues or ebola so it's a nice change of pace.

The tone also feels lighter compared to YN, and especially .flow.

I wish the 2kki team would work on making the current maps feel cohesive in some sort of way instead of adding more shit to do.

I really like the PC aspect where you can collect goodies in the dream world and apply it on the PC.


>i love albino girls

>YN feels really disjointed

>2kki feels kinda disconnected but not to the same level as YN, in a thematic/quality level

>almost every area in .flow leads to another one or two, so there are no dead ends

>Erosion Counter/PC wallpapers? love that stuff.

>say no to walking simulators.


>What do you think about .flow?
I love it, it screams edge like Sonic fighting Ryuko Matoi with My Chemical Romance as BGM.

>What do you think about 2kki?

Trying hard doesn't always mean it will be good, there's a lot of admirable work there, but it feels too big in terms of…way too much of the same thing.

>What do you think about "2nd gen" fangames such as Miserere?

Golden era of fangames, however, trying to imitate these is a bad mistake, the formula died, give us new and fresh stuff, a lot of things can come from a YNFG besides <div>go to le dream world walk collect effects get the endings lel</div>

About One Way, it's a masterpiece, a classic, possibly better than YN itself.


As someone who's only dipped their feet into YN (I've finished YN and dipped my feet into Miserere and 2kki), I'd be absolutely fine with more walking simulators- from what I've seen most "traditional" fangames are either not quite finished or just not that great- that seems to be the problem more than anything.

Miserere is really good, but what exactly do you mean by 2nd gen?


>I'd be absolutely fine with more walking simulators- from what I've seen most "traditional" fangames are either not quite finished or just not that great- that seems to be the problem more than anything.
A wrong assumption. It's not that they "are not that great", play a few more of those and you will see what we mean, and after that please do look up at the number of fangames out there and it all will make sense.

>what exactly do you mean by 2nd gen?

I think OP is talking about those fangames that derived from the traditional way of making a YN-esque fg by adding elements not present in them, as for example, dialogue, story (TLG for example), etc.


My problem with traditional fangames is that most of them look like clones.



>What do you think about .flow?
I honestly think .flow is much better than YN. There was a "thrill" in it that I never got from YN. I actually stopped YN after collecting half of the effects because it just felt so much more boring than .flow. Even though I haven't played too many I think it's the best YN fangame out there.
>What do you think about 2kki?
Yume 2kki is pretty great too, but it's a bit too big. I admire all the work put into the game though, the Japanese YN community did a fantastic job adding a lot of content to it.
>What do you think about "2nd gen" fangames such as Miserere?
Never played any, but Miserere looks pretty fun.


File: 1481448075684.jpg (63.66 KB, 875x875, tp,875x875,ffffff,t.6.jpg)

.flow is silly-edgy and lacks the charm of YN. If you like that kind of aesthetic, you'll enjoy it I guess.

Still have to play the other fangames. This thread is kind of motivating to do so in the near future though.


I agree wholeheartedly on the edge.

Also, as a preface, i have not actually played any other fangames other than .flow and i didnt even play that all that much. The reason for that is i felt it moved way too fast (lol). I felt that i barely had time to take in one location or one style before i was rushed on to the next. I was never given that feeling of being completely absorbed in the atmosphere lke YN gave me. It felt too try hard, like the game kept forcing more things upon me trying to seem impressive, but it really came off as too much for me.


File: 1481556124801.png (38.29 KB, 136x255, thememes2.png)

.flow never had the feeling that it was edgy for the sake of being edgy except for the school which just says

>albino girl had problems at school

>smile possibly killed himself or some shit or he was a bully or something ayy

The lighter areas in comparison such as the Underwater map, the area where you get the psychedelic effect and the rainbow maze feel like a really good change of pace compared to the usual "industrial grit theme" of the other areas before it.

Most of the areas themselves aren't that creepy, most of the disturbing aspects from the game come when you go back in retrospective and have some fridge horror.

That said, the fact that there is a handgun effect is silly.

Meanwhile when you play as Rust edge goes over 9000. No really, shit get real.


File: 1481559567238.png (32.31 KB, 488x550, Dreamy Cuties.png)

>What do you think about .flow?

I didn't care for the gorier aspects but I think it was really well-done as a dark journey through Sabitsuki's traumatic past. Of all the fangames I've played it was the one that felt the most cohesive, like there was an actual plotline waiting to be pieced together. I loved the feeling and aesthetic of certain areas, but for some I felt like they were pointless YN ripoffs, like the neon music world. Still not as bad as what some other fangames do though.

>What do you think about 2kki?

Oh man, I adore it. It took YN's surreal exploration angle and just ran with it. It's a joy to explore and it's filled to the brim with such creativity, it's honestly one of my biggest inspirations. Of course the games's numerous artists is both a blessing and a curse, and it's best to come into 2kki not looking for any coherency like with YN or .flow, but purely for exploration. In that respect I think it's a masterpiece.

>What do you think about "2nd gen" fangames such as Miserere?

I never got into those, really. I've been meaning to but I never got around to it, and honestly I feel a lot of them look mediocre. However if we're counting John Clowder's work here, I've got to say I love them. Both Middens and Gingiva are wonderful homages to YN while carrying their own wonderful sense of surrealism, and I hope to do something as good someday. Where is Where they Cremate the Roadkill, though? I've heard some shit's gone down in his life (criminal charges apparently) so it might never come out. Shame it turned out like this.


I read a manga called Dorohedoro recently and I think it explains a lot of what's going on with .flow's edginess. Smile's entire design is pretty much ripped off wholesale from a character there. Look up the 'Crosseyes'

The manga itself is pretty brutal but balances that with light-hearted humor and friendship… Both of which .flow doesn't (can't, really) have.


File: 1481784899651.jpg (19.47 KB, 200x311, Dokuga.jpg)

Yeah, .flow is somewhat limited by the YN formula, it feels more like its own thing.

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