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All the .flow glitches. Proof .flow is way more broken then Yume Nikki.

Using menus in chair: Enter the chair. Hold down shift in the process of entering.

Lock menus to only be able to be used in chair (chair storage): Use instructions in chair.

Speed glitch: Use broom in chair.

Broom speed without broom: Wake up in the chair. Enter back into the dream and activate the invisible chair that will be at the desk.

Walk through walls: Use iron pipe in chair. Activate it right after you leave chair. Entering any of the four nexus locations will cancel the glitch, so doing it at a chair other then the one in Sabitsuki's room would be wise. (Chair storage required for chairs other then the one in Sabitsukis room)

Make Sabitsuki invisible: Get chair storage. Sit in chair and equip arms effect. Enter bed after exiting the chair. Hold down shift, then press X while holding down shift.

Messed up movement glitch: Wake up in chair. Enter back into the dream. Activate invisible chair. Enter bed, hold down shift and press Z then X.

Double speed glitch: Equip instruction in chair while awake. Go to sleep and use arm effect in chair. Wake up. Use instructions in chair a second time. Go to sleep and ignore the invisible chair. Head to Sugar hole and equip the iron pipe on one of the stools. Head to Flesh Walls and use the iron pipe to get into the chair by the whistle effect. Use the broom on the chair. Head back to Sabitsuki's room through rainbow maze. Activate the invisible chair. (https://youtu.be/HAR77pWBFS8)

Steal the chair: Do the messed up movement glitch (description above) and after you exit the bed hold up, enter the chair, and hold down shift as you enter the chair. If done correctly you should now be moving with the chair, and the collision should be off.

Softlock .flow: Get chair storage and get caught by a kaibutsu

Get to Dying Girls event very easy: Preform walk through walls at the chair in the flesh walls. Walk across the gap to Dying Girls event.

Believe it or not there is still more, but these are the most noticeable and useful ones.


File: 1480416973058.png (13.13 KB, 640x480, HOW THE FUCK.png)

i assume this is the most recent version? just making sure.

pic here was from v0.10. it's long since been fixed but it still makes me laugh.


Okay so this is pretty crazy and convoluted. Basically I found a glitch in .flow that allows you to be able to not only use effects while awake, but be able to move in a dream while being a late. Though that last part sounds contradictory I will try my best to make it make sense.
First off these are the steps to the glitch:

Enter a chair and hold shift to allow menu use

While in the menu open the instructions to get a glitch called chair storage

Walk to the blood room event

After you attempt to walk in the door in the blood room the game will reactivate your ability to use the menu

Equip the arms effect

Walk down to start the event

Hold shift after the event starts

If you continue holding shift you should teleport back to the nexus after waking up.

Go to the blood room event again after you teleport back

What this should do in the end is let you use effects while being awake, and when you do that you can use the arms effect to teleport you back to the nexus while you are still awake, and move around.

It is a little complicated so here is video demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bylepHSx9os

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