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Shouldn't this be self-explanatory?
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>this site is literally just a copy pasted 4chan
I know I'm proving you right saying this, but: you need to go back


yume nikkis strayed so far from its imageboard roots, kind of sad but not really anything you can do about it


Are there any western authors who work in seclusion, as opposed to people who feel the need to share every version of every asset they make?
I would follow someone like that…


Cant understand how the music oudn made for 2kki was good, but the ost for Yume grafitti is underwhelming, expect for the city theme


2kki used to bring out the best in authors


stfu modern 2kki hater


lel this, seems to be much


be louder old 2kki enjoyer




File: 1695983037964.png (794.55 KB, 1402x2185, Unicorse.png)



would be easy to follow someone like that?


Oudn music enjoyer back.
No longer agree with my old opinion. Yume graffiti ost is a banger


File: 1697039211655.jpg (2.94 KB, 130x130, images.jpg)

spe-lewd nuked another world


File: 1697039553340-0.png (19.7 KB, 153x178, Снимок7.PNG)

Which one this time?


Butterfly forest


Would you rather have an open dev process that allows for constructive criticism of authors, pushing them to improve their worlds, or authors that don't have any outside influence, and do whatever they please? (possibly ruining the game in the process) It's your choice to look at development channels in discord, don't be upset when it spoils your experience of the game.


>>15861 >>15859
Let's guess the next world knowing the same destiny!


File: 1697414026246.png (21.37 KB, 640x121, Sprite-0004.png)

new bean kino is about to drop


I'd like to hear you guys thoughts when it comes out


>associate devs > new core devs
simply the truth


what the hell is this new nexus…


Game went to shit these last few years
Hopeless state, whatever love and admiration I had had withered


>>15954 It's joever.


File: 1701548125246.png (595.39 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey people! I've recently decided to come back to Yume 2kki after a long break. Unfortunately, the break was so long that I am unable to locate a patch required to update my version while also carrying over my save file. Is the patch from ver0.119b to ver0.119c available anywhere? If no, then how do I go about transferring my save to the more recent versions? Thanks in advance!


File: 1701552755161.png (169.5 KB, 631x513, Well....png)

looking at the version history (there were 13 patches to 119b), there doesn't seem to be be any changes that'll break or remove anything like effects, wallpaper, etc. your save file. just incase, back up the save file.


btw if you don't care too much about getting spoiled on 2 or three worlds, i HIGHLY recommend reading the version history on the wiki if you're planning on updating through multiple versions. and if you don't see it in the archive or wiki, search for it elsewhere! the link is (usually) still out and about! and if you do happen to find obscure versions, upload them to the internet archive or something.


He preached the truth so he was silenced.


wtf is wataru doing on midi


bro these new wallpapers are SICKKKKK


>more westoids add worlds
>shit quality
>making hub worlds begging to other authors to connect to their shitty ms pain worlds
Well at least the japs are bringing kino right???
>Awful nexus worlds that are nothing burguers at best and mspaint Galaxy tier garbo at worst
I miss 20 so fucking much its insane.


Give examples


what happened?


File: 1704465017892.png (288.1 KB, 547x612, GBse6dJXcAAjHas.png)

Spoonfeed yorself


>spoonfeed yourself with my opinion which I won't elaborate on


Kill yourself


File: 1704504381425.png (390.85 KB, 596x501, huh.png)

stheven doesn't have a single original idea (and is technically indonesian,) and just today had a full on freakout about people not liking him putting his fursona in his game. also, i found this, so make of it what you will




File: 1704548389614-0.gif (5.4 MB, 297x498, tenor.gif)


Dude c'mon I'm not gonna bother looking up areas if they're crap anyways, if you said the content was good then I would have looked into it


File: 1704650662219.jpg (418.03 KB, 1548x2048, F8I7Dv3bgAA9N9f.jpg)

Sorry about being so aggresive then, but yeah the previously mentioned stheven guy falls in that category of shit quality worlds with "hub" worlds that they beg other authors to connect to (Verdant nexus) and the myme type faggot also has one of those (Dark Bunker) which btw single handlely made the worst world in 2kki (Pansy Path) and added a retarded reference to the fucking loss meme out of all things which he relunctacly took off after being basically called out for it.
The other half its just me being mad at shit like Oil Puddle world and Lamp Puddle which are the exact same shit and just take space in the nexus.
All in all I really wish proxy ninjas had contact with the japs so they can be brutally filtered like how ruri was.


File: 1704653439542.png (120.99 KB, 646x511, attic.png)

you guys are starved, here, i'll throw you a bone. here's something i'm working on. haven't shown it anywhere publicly yet


File: 1704655483513-0.gif (5.4 MB, 297x498, tenor.gif)

Sneaking a loss meme into the game was epic though, I wish they kept it. Can't wait for something like amogus to be sneaked into the game.


hi hujle


Careful there, you don't want onlinetroons to know you post in such a place, riiiiiight?


get a grip


Get smart.


get yumenikki'd


File: 1704723997782-0.png (25.38 KB, 280x450, tumblr_m27p26hBLy1qkvz0ho7….png)

Hi, anon.


Get Madotsuki'd


File: 1708293812361.png (74.3 KB, 720x644, 1703696170446787.png)

apologies for this wall of text.

i was sure the last time i tried using ReShade with the EasyRPG Player it didn't work. might've just picked the wrong graphics api or something. on Windows at least, Direct X 9 (d3d9) works. i'm not planning on exploring entirely with shaders on it for obvious reasons but it was interesting playing using a good CRT shader.

on another note regarding save files, because they're so small there is no harm in keeping backups from previous versions. i structure it like this
e:\games\rpg maker\saves\yume 2kki v0.120h
e:\games\rpg maker\saves\yume 2kki v0.121b patch 1
e:\games\rpg maker\saves\yume 2kki v0.121c patch 8
and so on…

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