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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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Shouldn't this be self-explanatory?
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I believe firstly that ゆめ2っき is too rich. It is obese. It has reached its limits, its maximum. With the first movement of widening which it will outline, ゆめ2っき will burst! Under the blow of a congestion, this greased pig will tear into a thousand pieces. I announce the destruction of ゆめ2っき, the first apocalyptic sign of disjunction, of rupture, of this corpulent and bloated organization which calls itself ゆめ2っき.



Its really funny to me how the westoids(MOST of them) actually contribute quality content vs some of the GALAXY tier shit some japs come up with.


It really is sad to see this trash content being contained in 2kki, in GALAXY meltdown times this shit would have been witch hunted to the ground.
At least theres still a couple of devs that bring quality content like qxy, 2i9 etc and its nice to see Wataru out of all people returning again(which btw this is his twatter)https://twitter.com/d648455876 I still really miss 20 and 710 tho……


Aeudiorugap is the new Galaxy


The japshit is sovlful at least, westshit is just derivative
>wataru watched hololive
What a grim reality


>crappy areas
>concrete world
If that's not a good world with a strong atmosphere then I don't know what is. No other place in the game feels like it


The best worlds are still from Japanese creators. If I had to hazard a guess its that quality standards are much harsher for the western creators.


yeah tell that to autumn with her ugly ass sprite work


just screenshoted that and sent that to autumn herself take that anon >:)




Tell that to the guy claiming the westerners are all better.


>quality standards are much harsher for the western creators
The only western authors with any actually serious quality standards are: noildoof, kong, jared. That's it. Everyone else is just putting out whatever. Not that I haven't enjoyed worlds by some other authors, that's just how it is


Does anyone know how the Hospital outskirts music was made? I fucking love the tripping sensation it gives


well i'm pretty sure there's one more but


I would have mentioned them, but making bootleg versions of another author's worlds during his absence is below qualification. So damn many of their assets have near-exact counterparts in wataru's stuff, maybe color-swapped. Brainless (ok, half-brained) imitation is easy (when you get encouragement from the community rather than reprimand)
Hopefully this gives you the answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQeRKyrHpGA


Helped a lot. But still, whats the instrument? I know next to nothing about digital music, is it a synthesizer?


i was gonna say some guy from Chile but ok?


Isn't it interesting how so many western devs are from Latin America
I guess not
You can definitely pull that off with a synth yeah. Would you like to make a track in a similar vein?


File: 1694905728310-0.jpg (42.43 KB, 515x566, F3LL8FBawAEJjFA.jpg)

>We do not talk about him!!1
>That guy from Chile.
Go back to your cesspool where you come from, autumn.


I fail to understand how avoiding to cite Río and Lemniscate helps on anything. Everybody knows they are a couple of retards, it doesn't matter anymore. It's stupid to act like saying their names will unleash some sort of demonic curse.


I really like ambient trippy sounds, but I have no music skill. So I'm trying to figure out how some were made. Hospital Outskirts from 2kki, Industrial snow world and wetlands from .flow, etc.


bro i'm not autumn


There's no one-size-fits-all approach to making tracks like these, it's mostly experimentation. Grab yourself a free synth if you want (Helm and Vital are good, modern, intuitive ones, back in the day synth1 was the go-to one) and play around with it. For best effect start with a nice wave shape, sine or triangle, layer a lot of different effects, figure out what the knobs do, follow your ear. Nothing intimidating, no conventional music skills required, just good taste and time investment. Get an audio workstation, something like Reaper, to put your sounds together in. Export and mess with the playback speed and pitch for added effect

This is the general outline.


File: 1694971180478.jpg (167.53 KB, 1200x800, men-crying2-55f1ff5.jpg)

spelewd just got rid of the fantasy library


File: 1694980226397.png (4.96 KB, 100x70, griffin.png)


>>15773 >Go back to your *cesspool* where you came from
You say that like we're not in a cesspool right now.


This place is too dead to be a "pool" of anything
For the better


Got it. Thanks


File: 1695019170536.jpg (29.86 KB, 612x612, 9ab795d0-857a-4a2b-9bda-f3….jpg)


lol crybaby
he prolly was close to unlocking it and now he'll never see it


Very well. Cesspuddle


File: 1695082618850-0.png (66.69 KB, 1718x1936, F3Al7jTbYAAl61k.png)

I was merely pointing at the sky to see if I take a right guess or not. And it appears I was half-way right.
Totally not. At least not until you came here people are capable of thinking.


File: 1695104963915.jpg (29.52 KB, 500x500, dfb7e6bf-b2a7-42e8-a83c-6d….jpg)


did anyone know that noildoof has an nsfw account on twitter?
if so then…wow how tf did i not find this until now


you;re not hujie are you?


File: 1695120974804.gif (140.6 KB, 534x560, 111665576-large.gif)

I'm hujle, that's right. What's up?


you're that guy i met in Mymetype's server


i'm the guy that's being forced to play the offline version of 2kki because "Someone" banned me of their server


This place is a vomitive shithole, get it right.


couldn't be more right imo


>-until you came here-
I don't know who you think I am but this place already went to shit before I even knew about it. And half the time the thoughts are toxic, so I don't know what you're trying to prove. I'm not here to start shit, tho.


they have a point you know in fact most forum boards are just toxic i mean Seriously this site is literally just a copy pasted 4chan down to it's looks, forums and even anons


File: 1695160620640.jpg (28.84 KB, 576x362, 57938518d2018db229bbc3570e….jpg)

To be fair, no one outside of this thread is being a dick or "toxic" to anyone, in fact, this thread seems to have been magnet for hostile interactions for a long time, it's almost like some loud minorities of the community associated with it is the problem, not this site.

A difference between 4chan and ubuu that you could find is that if things get out of hand and people start going over the edge, like, >>15399, they'll get banned.

Like, come on, even the admin had to come and tell everyone to chill already.

Uboachan is just fine, still a vomitive shithole though.


should we just change the subject then?


File: 1695200145547.jpg (23.75 KB, 729x1000, Untitled283_20220518010843.jpg)

I can't help it, but I think these two has never used imageboards before, and all their experience with them is limited to just hearing "4chan bad" kinda stuff.
> this thread seems to have been magnet for hostile interactions for a long time
Because such interactions, as well as the topics that being brought here are bannable offence in the cesspool we all know and love. And these interactions have to go somewhere.
Changing the topic. 2kki's version updates has been quite frequent recently. Weird, isn't it? They usually release dozens of patches between the versions, but recently they dropped a bunch of new versions in the span of about two weeks.


the most recent one added a new menu theme

oh wait nobody cares do they -_-


yeah you're right we don't care


anybody who's a little interested in the devs behind the game knows this. it's kind of off-putting to me, but whatever, she can do what she wants



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