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I know it says it's "RPG Maker Tumblr" but it's basically another in a long list of (unsuccessful) YN Fangame dev boards. Now taking bets on how long before this one's a ghost town!


File: 1431202046872.png (32.16 KB, 466x560, 49_0.png)

I give this one 1 week before the drama starts and the in-fighting for popularity kills it.


>drama and infighting

Nah, I don't expect that. They usually die a protracted heat death


File: 1431213023438.gif (1.69 MB, 500x282, Iwillenjoyit.gif)

A bunch of indie game devs from Tumblr, TOGETHER in the same place?
This is like a reality show experiment.
I'm curious to see who dies first.


Like I said, I honestly don't expect a lot of drama. What usually happens is a bunch of developers get on here to get jerked off, and over the course of a week or so they get bored of visiting the forum and just stop coming. That's what's gonna happen to this one, I guarantee.



The regard for scripters and actual programmers (not eventers) is worryingly low on the tumblr RM community I see. Most RM communities treasure scripters' talents or at least reserve calling themselves "programmers" when all they're doing is the drag'n drop eventing. smh or whatever the kids are saying on tweetbooker nowadays


I've actually forgotten….
What language are rpg maker 200X scripts written in?


Nothing. You can't script for those without a third-party plugin that adds lua scripting. All the stuff before RGSS is pure eventing.


File: 1431291585224.png (22.73 KB, 211x286, Sortacat.png)

DynRPG patches use C++, but as >>10553 said, there are no scripts for 2k/3.


Sweet! I know C++!


Woah, a new collaborative project:


Maybe it'll be like indiesomniac's, where nobody wanted to do any real work and the ones left stuck with supporting the project got fed up and stopped. I can already see there's like fifty volunteer "artists" but only one pixel artist.

This will end well and not in tears in any way.


File: 1431460275514.jpg (60.28 KB, 317x396, butyourewelcome.jpg)

>YN Fangame Forum
Dat misleadin title doe… That's not a YN Fangame forum…
The forum is, as the forum itself says, a RPG Maker Tumblr devs forum, of course, there is YNFG somewhere too, a little, but still, the site is full of Tumblr celebrities and fanart blogs with fuck tons of followers, the lucky ones of the indie universe, a tricky ad is not really necessary.
I think it's more a /og/ or /ot/ thing.

Good luck with the collaborative project, it doesn't need to end like the typical, have faith.



I might join myself but not engage with the community much, I don't want to send the wrong message because I love uboachan


I was talking to a friend about this today and realistically, will it actually play out? How many recent collaborative efforts actually published something? I can think of at least 3 that didn't. Everything's very uncoordinated.

Anyway it's kinda funny because I actually was teaming up with others to revive Indiesomniac but it's probably dead forever now that this exists. I'm unsure how long this board will exist but the enthusiasm seems strong in this RPG community.


File: 1431488650522.jpg (46.17 KB, 500x505, Yacchattafire.jpg)

This thread has nothing to do with uboachan or /fg/, plus the discussion derailed to talk about other forums.
This is breaking rule 10, advertising with misleading information, and also is unpolite as fuck.



When I originally posted the thread, I'd been linked to the forum from a known FG dev resource (which has since distanced itself a bit) and 50% of the members were the usual suspects. Besides, it's not any more of an advertisement of an off-site board as any of the other threads about new boards were—this one just had a surge of membership from a different community I couldn't have predicted.

Also, /fg/ is largely dead anyway and the remaining threads are all poking fun at the community at large. Though, I agree, this either belongs in /ot/ or in the trash now.


File: 1431489895745.png (87.42 KB, 351x232, I TT.png)

see pic

>/fg/ is largely dead anyway

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