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Whats your experience with bootlegged anime dvds?

Have you ever made one? Have you ever accidentally bought one? Purposely bought one?

I made a bootlegged k-on dvd once without knowing what a bootleg was. I just wanted to watch moe girls play music on my tv, I didnt think I was doing anything wrong…


File: 1407469265978.jpg (972.34 KB, 1024x1280, Kyoko-0088.jpg)

I've made quite a few bootleg anime DVDs in my days, though I haven't made any recently. My approach is watch an anime without paying for it first, then purchase a copy of the DVD set(s) should I enjoy it. I don't much care to spend my money on bad anime, you understand. Similarly, I've not knowingly bought bootleg DVDs, as I make sure that the creators receive their just profits when I buy their merchandise.

The program I used for burning them was ConvertXToDVD 4. As with the anime, I used this program without the cost of purchase; it generally worked nicely, but it would glitch up if there were subtitles that were in italics, or if there were multiple sets of subtitles displayed on-screen at once. I suppose that added to the bootleg experience.


File: 1407638778206.jpg (126.42 KB, 913x875, squids.jpg)

Once I accidentally bought a bootleg Squid Girl DVD set. The subs were in horrible chinglish but other than that it was nice.


Does a bootlegged VHS count? My sis had one a loong time ago, it was Sailor Moon of all things. There were some episodes that wouldn't play or were cut off before the tape even started.
Other than that the subtitles were good.


I used to see them a lot. my Evangelion set is Chinese or something. video, sound, and subs are good, though, and it came with the movies too

I hate buying a dvd with 2-3 episodes on it when they can fit like 8 easy


I've made numerous bootleg DVDs to share fansubs with people who didn't have good nets. *shrug* Still don't see it as "bad" per se; you could watch it on tv for free in the first place.


Throughout middle school I collected boxsets of Sailor Moon from eBay that all ended up being bootleg. The quality of the episodes themselves were great, they all had options for dub audio or Japanese with English subtitles, so that was good. The box sets for the first two seasons have the title spaced weirdly on the spine, they say "Sail Or Moon". The 4th season was actually missing a few episodes at the end. Luckily the blockbuster nearby conveniently had a single Sailor Moon DVD that had the exact episodes missing from my box set. I asked if I could buy it but the manager said no. I went back and asked again 4 years later, and the answer was still no, even though they checked and apparently nobody else had rented it since I had that one time. They just desperately needed that one DVD of the last 4 episodes of the 4th season of Sailor Moon. The store closed and now every once in a while, I feel bothered by the knowledge that I'm missing a few episodes because of my dumb bootleg box set. But I can always just watch it online…


File: 1410761522503.jpg (291.85 KB, 1024x768, mercury2.jpg)

Oddly in Mexico, the whole series is currently being released on DVD by some tin talk boxes in which the respective Sailors talk. It seems this year is the Sailor Venus Talk Box will be the one released next with the S season.

Sorry no English voices but they have the original Japanese dub. Maybe you should consider importing it.


File: 1411368885561.gif (752.72 KB, 500x750, 1385866165168.gif)


are spanish dubs in general any good?

english dubs usually range from "terrible" to "mediocre"



Some are pretty good, others are terrible shit. I still think they're better than english dubs, although I do prefer the original voices.


80s and 90s were the best.

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