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Shiki(tsukihime) can kill servants(fate stay night)?Discuss


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I still didn't play fate stay night (Curiously enough, I was downloading it before reading your post), but Shiki can kill everything that has the lines of death, which is everything, literally; because there does not exist a single thing, either an alive being or an inanimate object, that doesn't have these lines.
I bet he could easily destroy the universe if he finds the its death point.


File: 1393208441552.jpg (57.42 KB, 640x480, Tsukihime_Arcueid_Stare.jpg)

>I bet he could easily destroy the universe if he finds its death point*

fucking typos
Sorry, I seem to be pretty autistic regarding my English grammar lately.


I remember in the manga (the only Tsukihime thing I've seen) that Arcuied (or someone) says that he'd have to be like non-living things to be able to see their points and destroy them; he'd have to be braindead, or realdead, I forget.
He'd have to be a rock to kill a rock, essentially.

Is there something awesome in the games or other media that counters this?



In the games Shiki is able to see the lines/points on death of everything. In the middle of the story he escorts Arcueid to hunt some "Zombies", which are absolutely and utterly dead, as if they were rock. Shiki perceives them as just lines without his glasses on. (It is revealed that since they are completely dead, what he perceives is death itself, which affects his brain cells and that's why it's so difficult to stare at them directly or why his headaches go mad when doing so, etc, etc, etc) I didn't try anything else from the VS so I don't know what the other medias say.
He also destroyed a few things that weren't lifeforms in the novel thanks to being able to see the lines (a bed, walls, a whole alley).
It's also a key factor in the end of the game.

I recommend you to play it. The art is sometimes kinda awful (specially the H-scenes), but you have to remember this is doujin from 1999-2000.
Overall, it's really well written so you pass it easily. I read the Japanese version is even better because Nasu's style and Kanji usage is pretty unique, which is one of the most acclaimed good points of the game.

Anyway, the English version is really enjoyable too, and it's one of my favorite Visual Novels. I'm saving money to try to buy an original copy through auction.


Ooo, I'll definitely see about getting ahold of the game then.
Thanks, anon.


File: 1393918122782.jpg (78.75 KB, 640x480, Tsukihime_Kagetsu_Tohya_Le….jpg)

I must warn you that if you're going to choose Arcueid's path, there's a huge possibility you will end up crying like a little girl.

That being said, and in case you liked Tsukihime, you definitively will feel like playing Kagetsu Tohya and Tsukihime+disk.

Kagetsu happens a year after the events in Tsukihime. It has the main story and 10 unlockable little stories, 7 written by Nasu and the other 3 being fan-fic.
The game system is a motherfucker and it takes quite a time to understand how it works, but the visual novel is as really enjoyable and it makes you want to explore it more. I like too the general humour Type-Moon puts into the daily messages or the "easter eggs". Also, Len.

Tsukihime + Disk has 3 alternate stories that are somehow related to Tsukihime. It's interesting nonetheless.

As a side note, I started watching the anime. It's pretty disappointing, I have to say. It lacks the feeling the VS had.
It's possibly because it's happening too fast: but it feels more like a trailer than an actual serie. I'd say I enjoyed the way Shiki used to describe everything, how he used to think; it made it feel much more interesting, and somehow personal. That, and the music. However, the series lacks this, which leads to make me feel it's… not right. I also didn't like the artstyle. And believe me, the art is not the strongest weapon in the VS, but it definitively fits better somehow…

If the manga is like this, then I have to say you will really enjoy the novel more than anything else. From the little I know, it is more related to the game than anything else; I'll check it as soon as I can, but, all in all, the anime is not what I thought it would be, and if the manga goes the same way then they really don't even reach the highness of the novel.


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