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/2/ - 日本 ~redux~

cirno day edition
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File: 1385317395453.jpg (77.84 KB, 1280x720, dtqmwOJMYmdyFDPropOVtimLlS….jpg)


Very similar atmosphere & feel to yume nikki

full movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt-0gBr-82M


aaa I always wanted to see this one!
I'll have to watch it tonight. Right now, my room is too cold for me to be in there…


*clap clap* Excellent. Reminds me of Cat Soup, actually.


File: 1386299834833.jpg (471.91 KB, 1200x700, endless station.jpg)

thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed it.


File: 1387535823944.jpg (245.04 KB, 792x1000, 5cf0fab0f7b417ebf321671f3e….jpg)

the train


File: 1387535954246.jpg (339.49 KB, 1000x1000, Madotsuki.full.419098.jpg)

Galactic Express


File: 1388381010939.jpg (823.97 KB, 1023x771, gumi campanella.jpg)

I finally got around to watching this! It was beautiful!
I was almost an hour and a half into it when I got called down to dinner.
"Man, I was just watching the weirdest anime movie up there, mom! There's these cute cats on a train in space going to heaven, and there's lots of religious imagery, and the whole movie is really quiet and ambient and trippy."
"Is it dubbed?"
"Huh? Well, yeah I am watching it in English, why?"
"great! Sounds like my kind of anime. Put it on down here after we eat."
WOW. Mom actually ASKED to watch an anime, just because of the description. It was a little weird starting the entire movie over when I was near the ending, but it was cool that mom wanted to see it! She alternated between going "aww~", laughing and saying she would have liked to smoke weed while watching this movie if it was the 70's again, and saying "wait, this looks familiar…have I seen this before?". She sang along with the old cat lady when she started singing Hymn 306. It was a little creepy.

I had a nice night with this movie! It was very sad but very beautiful. It had the same haunting quality as Angel's Egg, but it was a lot more hopeful.


your mom sounds a lot like a figment of your imagination


r u d e.

My mom's interest in these things comes and goes. Every once in a while she'll get an anime itch. But a lot of the time she gets annoyed if I talk about it too much. Sometimes after a glass of wine, she'll start saying things like "lets watch Mushishi, that Ginko guy is hot".


File: 1429214578395.jpg (35.67 KB, 500x275, tears.jpg)

Does anyone happen to have this downloaded and are willing to share? The youtube link is down, and all I can find is an unseeded en sub torrent and a french sub. Not being able to rewatch this would suck really bad.


http://waa.ai/vzPJ there is an active torrent after all.

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