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cirno day edition
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Today I was ordering a wig for cosplay, and mom ended up picking out a wig for herself because the "thought it would be fun to wear it out sometimes". It was just a simple brown bob-style wig, but I think mom might be a closet cosplayer.

So, do any of you guys have any experiences to share of sharing anime with your parents or other family members? do hey like it at all or is it more "you watching yer chinese girl cartoons again son?"
I've shown my mom every miyazaki movie and lots of other anime films, she's a pretty big fan. On the other hand, my dad is all "miyazaki? I thought we bombed that place"
My one older brother used to be a DBZ fan, now the only anime he can stomach is Akira.


my dad likes some anime. he was really into cowboy bebop for a while… and inuyasha. haha. he's picky about what he'll watch. I think he watched fma: brotherhood and some action drama about rebel pilots that I can't remember the name of.

he didn't like evangelion, probably too much awkward youth fanservice and shit. he has decent taste, pretty respectable


File: 1353248689115.jpg (470.5 KB, 1336x1074, I'm a hurse.jpg)

Oh yeah, I was showing my mom cowboy bebop for a while but we never got very far, The early episodes are a bit weird for her, I wanted to get her to the stuff about Faye's back story. That episode where she finds the tape of herself as a kid and she says "I can't remember"…strong stuff.
Mom showed interest in seeing Madoka, but with the movies coming out so soon, I'll probably just show her those. Although I heard there will be more blood and yuri subtext in the movies…she might prefer the original version afterall

Oh, and I have my 5 year old niece obsessed with Miyazaki movies. I'm trying to find some shows to show her, but anything I can think of that's appropriate is either too old to find a lot of episodes (Like hamtaro) or it's not dubbed (Like polar bear cafe). Someone suggested I show her K-on, sounds good to me, she loves anything with characters that are musicians or idols, she loves miku. Besides for some bathing suit and maid costume fanservice, there's nothing really that bad, and to her i would just be "YAY THEY'RE AT A BEACH!" and "haha she fell and I saw her undies!" so, I'll have to get that to show her.

Pic is my niece as a horse


My mom just likes the Miyazaki movies but I have a friend who's mom was (and might still be) obsessed with Fruits Basket. My friend was into it but her mom was the one who begged her dad to buy the DVD box set and the rest of the books


File: 1353683614867.jpg (29.55 KB, 329x297, tumblr_m5lbr2RDBY1qgjlhf.jpg)

my parents are pretty split on the topic of me enjoying anime and the likes

like growing up my dad told me that pokemon served satan and that they're evil and shit like that and is basically on the "japan and korea are the same place right?" level, but my mom was importing miyazaki merch for me when i was little because she loved the films so much.

she'll still sit down with me and watch whatever i happen to be watching with me on the occasion or ask what i'm reading etc. sometimes we still make connections between miyazaki films and real life together (oooh, it's windy out! maybe totoro is around things like that)

also my sister and i are both mean josei manga/anime fiends it's pretty awesome sometimes haha


Thanks to my mother I was raised on miyazaki films and Tim Burton.

She actually has some Sailor Moon merchandise as well.


my parents are pretty big fans of ghibli movies. my mom likes kiki's delivery service and spirited away the best, and my dad's favorite is porco rosso.

i had them watch death note a couple years ago while i was watching it and they really liked it, but i think that's about all the anime i like that they'd really enjoy.

i used to try and show them a little of whatever i was watching, and they tolerated it. they like scifi things so they didn't seem to get into ouran and naruto as much as i did. when i was going through soul eater on netflix they didn't mind sitting through a few episodes.

i think they might have watched ghost in the shell a couple times and of course stuff like speed racer and the older ones from when they were younger.

i'm in a pretty big one piece kick right now, and that's just way too much anime for their attention spans which is a huge shame because i love it so much and i'd like to be able to talk pirates with them but whatevs


File: 1358389184268.gif (1000.29 KB, 500x270, vGPI2.gif)

Our parents sound cool ;A;
Oh wow, I totally forgot but I showed my mom the Death Note movies whenever came out and she really liked them. She will also watch pretty much any anime movie, as long as it's dubbed. I think she's sat through a subbed one or two anyway, haha. I hyped up Madoka to sound like the best thing ever so she agreed to watch the movies when they come out on DVD. I'll be watching them first with my boyfriend, and I'll judge if the show or movies would be better for mom. The length would be the same anyway. I hear the movies are more streamlined and better animated, but I also heard there will be more yuri subtext…not sure if that would scare mom off.

Speaking of my boyfriend, I converted him to anime. Before me he only saw a little of Lupin III, DBZ, and I think Trigun. I started off showing him Miyazaki movies and stuff like Summer Wars and The Girl who Leapt Through Time. Then the training wheels came off and I made him watch Akira. As far as shows, we watched Madoka (it was my 3rd time seeing the series at that point, haha), Full Metal Alchemist, and We're working on Jojo's bizarre adventure right now. And apparently he started Soul Eater of his own accord, I'm so proud of him <3
Booger-chan: turning normals into weaboos since May 15 2010


File: 1363929818050.jpg (89.72 KB, 880x689, 15002280.jpg)

Just wondering, how do you like Madoka? From the looks of it, seems another Maho Shoujo anime, but it really is so sad that even a friend of mine who does guro hentai doesn't like what happens to Mami.


File: 1363949514747.jpg (194.58 KB, 500x500, smirks.jpg)


File: 1363954968764.png (449.22 KB, 500x552, tumblr_ly9kueJxK01qb6hq7o1….png)

You don't even see a drop of blood with Mami, it's just tragic. I love it when a show can get me so emotionally invested, even if it ends up making me sad. I dunno, I just think it's a very beautiful show. It's so much more focused and driven than any other Magical Girl anime ever, it doesn't have 10 episodes of "fight bad guy of the week" in between every plot point like Sailor Moon or whatever.


File: 1364882436546.jpg (321.04 KB, 960x1280, 17832261.jpg)

Ah OK. It is just that as you say; I tend to avoid such things since they are sad. Sure there was no blood but it still was quite explicit and you can tell what happened. It is just that it was so nice to see her kicking ass and a feeling of hope, and then all of the sudden that feeling is gone.

Gee I dunno.


They don't even care. I'm asian.


File: 1365171050731.gif (166.31 KB, 400x400, 420.gif)

Just watch it on 420 and smoke the sad away


My sister is at least as anime obsessed as I. She recommends me stuff to watch all the time, mostly shoujo. We talk about Ghibli movies and stuff, and we watched FMA and Scrapped Princess together. I got her to watch K-On!, Sketchbook ~full color's~ and Kaiba and she enjoyed them :3 Her favorite show's definitely YuYu Hakusho and she writes fanfic for it. I still haven't watched it and she's always bugging me about it


File: 1365186265085.jpg (114.32 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_migb5hVDCr1q….jpg)


Sorry, I don't do drugs.

Still the series is quite sad and the ending was pretentious with the whole "As long as…" line and in a way they used the ending I had planned for the story so now I can't use that ending as it would seems as a ripoff to it.

It only runs in me in my family. Not all asians like anime.


Its true not all asians watch anime, but at least its somewhat more socially acceptable to do it if you are one.


>It's so much more focused and driven than any other Magical Girl anime ever, it doesn't have 10 episodes of "fight bad guy of the week" in between every plot point like Sailor Moon or whatever.

>Posts Sailor Moon picture…


Um, yeah? It's a picture of sailor moon looking dumb.


File: 1366866836055.png (95.31 KB, 431x551, 1366564369831.png)


File: 1366887130484.jpg (47.44 KB, 600x363, to-my-house-for-lunch.jpg)


SO my great grandpa watched anime with me. As a kid I would try to get my family to watch, bur only my great grandpa would really take to it whatsoever. Inu-Yasha and Cowboy Bebop is what he enjoyed. The former for its format probably, the latter most likely for its lack of format. The art in them both appealed to him he said, so it was enjoyable to him. That includes the music and writing.


darn it you're lucky, I could never get my grandma to try anything. I know she'd love Kiki's Delivery Service if she just watched it, but she always says something about being too old for that kind of thing.
And in the same breath, she will go on to say "Hey Jessie girl, have you ever seen Beverly Hills Chihuahua? It's so cute, and it's almost as funny as Nanny McPhee!"

I never really say anything though, never argue with a grandparent.


File: 1371497735669.png (463.24 KB, 785x678, 1369340735763.png)

I once tried to make mom to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion with me, as she likes psychology and in that moment she was studying the Kabalah, of which NGE has a lot of it and its Abrahamic things.
It didn't go too well… the only thing she said is 'Too much screams of those loli-ish girls; annoying'.


Although I think she kinda digged in the psychology thing… but she definitively didn't like the show at all.

Pic unrelated.


My dad absolutely loves anime; my mom isn't as big a fan of animated things, but she still appreciates it.

My whole family would basically sit down to watch whatever anime was on, and my dad was always bringing home box sets from work (collecting trash lel) and downloading stuff. We have this huge binder full of burned anime CDs, and half of our massive DVD collection is anime.

My parents are super-conservative Christians AMERICA FUCK YEAH types, too.


My mom will watch the most fucked up movies (she watched human centipede for chrissakes) but I'm afraid to show her any anime above a G rating, for some reason. I've been wanting to show her Akira for ages but I always chicken out. I watched Perfect Blue with without knowing what happens in that movie and I wanted to die so much. And then I remembered she watches way more graphic movies on a regular basis.

Man that sounds amazing ;~;


Are you my brother?


Y'all would be surprised to know: My mum loved Sailor Moon, she'd watch the anime AND read the manga. She was pretty knowledgeable about it at the time, and still kinda is. She would also watch Evangelion with us as well, though it wasn't her kind of thing. She'd watch it anyways.

My dad, well, he was more of that Dragonball/DBZ fan, but that's all he really knew, aside from the Miyazaki films. But then again we all grew up on those. But since he's getting older his memory is starting to fade… and now he's all like "Anime? What is that again? Animation from China/Korea/Japan?"


File: 1378399270550.png (1.16 MB, 565x800, memories.png)

My love for anime started with Pokemon when I was a kid. Both my parents were weirded out
by Japanimation, and my dad got really upset when I watch any anime besides Pokemon. (He thought it was too much Japanese stuff, I guess.) I also became a junior weeaboo at around that time, asking if I could learn Japanese or if our family could take a vacation to Japan. That was when my dad got really upset and told me things like "We bombed them in WWII, they've always hated us, and we hate them still." So I dropped the subject with him.
My mom still knew about my interest for a few years after that. She didn't understand it, but she bought me a few manga. For my birthday one year she bought me a Shojo Beat and a Shonen Jump (just one issue of each). I used to reread them all the time.

Haha, this is the specific issue of Shojo Beat.



Your dad sounds really ignorant.



I know this feel.


File: 1382394214982.png (208.57 KB, 595x437, Das_Boo_02.png)


File: 1382457966686.jpg (1.04 MB, 800x1204, Kyouko-52.jpg)

I watched all of NGE + End of Evangelion with my dad not too long ago. Much to my delight, he found it very interesting; in fact, he was often the one who suggested that we watch a few episodes whenever we were both free. I plan to show him the Rebuild movies next time I visit home, as I'm curious to see what he thinks of the so-called "remastering" of the series.

As for my mom, I'm not sure if she'd enjoy anime or not. I'll see if I can get her to watch some as well.


Something like Yukikaze or the like? Anime actually used to air on american sci-fi channels. Of course, Im too young to remember it myself.

Soooo my parents.
I haven't a single memory of my dad but from everything I have heard, him being heavily involved in science and art, probably would have taken a liking to it.

My mother is a recovering crack addict but that shouldnt say much about her taste in anime. Its just that she and I grew apart and because of her problems she is seriously stuck in the past to ten years ago when she was still sober raising us. She liked all the adult swim anime back then, and I have to say I commend her for sharing the same disliking for One Piece that I do, no offense 1P fans (But im sure you guys already know different strokes for different folks).

But now, if ever she can sit still when shes not cleaning every orifice of her room with a q tip looking for copper screens, pipes, and crack, she is never receptive. The one time we did actually get together and tune into an anime we were watching an eva movie and she said "I dont remember this… must be a new episode of Inu-Yasha."



I don't think so. he downloaded or streamed it…

we did watch the adult swim anime programming block years ago, yu yu hakusho and the other stuff I mentioned. I don't think he liked flcl


I generally do not cosplay as I am a dignified man, rather than a faggot or attention whore.


aw, thats sad. But i guess I can see why because FLCL is really really heavy.



he just doesn't like the teen drama bullshit. he's like 60 after all

also I think my mom picks on him for watching cartoons

anything else to recommend for him? he liked chobits, cowboy bebop, ghost in the shell, and full metal alchemist/fma brotherhood, and something called desert punk that he keeps nagging me to watch. he kind of liked last exile… didn't like hellsing and evangelion. he likes well-written sci-fi but doesn't care for fantasy or the supernatural, or so he says

I told him to watch kino's journey but further recommendations are welcome

also I guess I'll namefag for a time since I come here like every fucking day


Kinos Journey is great, good recommendation.

You covered my list of things remotely within that genre, so Ill recommend going the comedy route. Ive never met a person who didnt like Cromartie High or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei after seeing them.


oh also kaiba and mushishi.

If you havent seen kaiba, Ill have to say that theres another anime by the name of Kiba, which on some websites is spelled Kaiba. Its a kids anime involving motorcycles and I cant say much more because I was like "wait this isnt kaiba" before dropping it. If you see motorcycles, its Kiba, and if you see altered memory in the form of hard data chips and really crazy art, you have Kaiba.


File: 1387691354020.jpg (39.21 KB, 400x575, kaiba.png.jpg)

Kaiba is awesome, it's a work of art. But it might be a bit out there for a lot of people…



oh mushishi, how could I forget. I did tell him to watch that since it's on netflix now. I don't know if he'll go for kaiba with that art style, he's a big picky baby about that kind of thing

I'll probably watch it though


File: 1387767986048.png (67.23 KB, 199x167, tumblr_inline_mibjorRGfd1q….png)

my mom was actually into anime and games since i was little, my brother and i grew up watching her play final fantasy and legend of zelda. she helped host a final fantasy panel at acen when i was about eight and let me be yuna. when i became a cosplayer and asked to go to another con a few years later she was all for it. dad doesn't really get what it's all about but nonetheless is supportive.
>tl;dr i have awesome parents


Mom enjoyed Eva but not End of Eva. She liked Ghost in the Shell and hated Lain.

Dad was a photographer but couldn't click with anime.


More and more we feel you have a cool family Booger.


Normally, I would have said "not really" in the context of this thread, but over the last month or so, my parents seem to be taking a bit more of an interest in this kind of thing. Dad's been randomly asking me questions about Japan and culture and he's been cooking Japanese food more often (sukiyaki <3) and mom's been asking questions about anime (so that yellow one, she's Mami, right? Why's she your favorite Madoka?) and stuff. We just watched Up on Poppy Hill last night, she really enjoyed it~ And over christmas break, we watched Wolf Children and Night on the Galactic Railway together. Ah, and she's getting really interested in the music that I like, too! Mostly Hachi.

I think for a while there, there was some concern (mostly from mom) that I was trying too hard to escape into a fantasy world with anime, that it made me too different from others, or I was using it to become different on purpose, or some crap. I think that finally, at the age of 20, they understand that I am who I am, and anime has nothing to do with it. It's just stuff that I like, and it doesn't define my personality, and there's no harm in it. I mean yeah I'm probably an ultra weeb lord, but if it wasn't anime (and to a lesser degree, Japan) I'd just be obsessed with something else. I'll wax poetic about how meaningful Miyazaki films and Hachi music is to me, but I think they understand now that I'm not at the point where anime is my reason for living or ~I wish to become Japanese~ or any crap like that.

I think mom really "gets" cosplay more now too, she adores my Mami cosplay. I think she's eager now to help me make more, haha. Then again, her favorite thing when I was little was dressing me up in pretty clothes…supporting my cosplay hobby is probably her way to relive her glory days, haha. Her favorite part of the Mami cosplay was seeing me blonde again after over a decade…


File: 1393483516725.jpg (34.14 KB, 450x450, 1392059312173.jpg)

They have no idea, well apart from the time my mom walked in on me watching railgun during one particular ecchi scene.


File: 1393662577405.png (34.71 KB, 141x162, tumblr_msfjinmNIg1r9a938o7….png)

my parents think it's all schlock, but my dad sat down with me and watched the entirety of eva w/ me for some reason.
he refuses to admit he likes it though.


My dad and my bro are pretty die-hard fans. My dad actually got me into it. My mom can't fathom it and just accepts that we like what we like.


That's nice.

Only my brother is also into anime, and he's the one who got me into it.


File: 1393771838897.jpg (171.55 KB, 529x315, rainy day rainy day.jpg)

Mom and I went to the first showing of The Wind Rises on opening day.
The movie was beautiful and we had a great time together. Once the credits started to roll we both realized that it was the last time we'd get to see a Miyazaki movie for the first time in theaters together, and we both started sobbing and hugging in the middle of the theater. DORK ALERT.

I think we can understand and relate to eachother the best when we're watching a Studio Ghibli film. We were arguing all week about stupid stuff but then BOOM, Miyazaki comes along and we share a beautiful moment with eachother.

Afterwards she used her mom-charisma to talk to the theater manager. She got him to put down my name and phone number and apparently they're gonna set aside the poster and A MARQUEE for me when the movie's run ends (which unfortunately, they told us will likely be in under a month.)

As someone else said, my mom sounds like a figment of my imagination sometimes. We have normal mother-daughter fights and she's not always this awesome and she's gotten mad at me for being too obsessed with anime in the past. But even she would defend Miyazaki films to the death. Well, she's not a big fan of Nausicaa, Mononoke, or Porco Rosso.

Anyway we both decided that we're gonna assassinate everyone at Disney if Frozen gets the academy award instead of The Wind Rises tonight. She went off on a little rant about it and she hasn't even seen Frozen. She said someting along the lines of "If Frozen wins the award I'll never watch it." She's pissed that they didn't advertise for Wind Rises more, that the theater only had 10 people besides for us, and that only 1 of the 3 theaters in town was playing it. I'm used to anime getting the shaft like that and I keep saying "it can't be helped" BUT SHE ACTUALLY CALLED THE ONE THEATER TO ASK WHY THEY WEREN'T PLAYING IT AND TOLD THEM HOW DISAPPOINTED SHE WAS.


File: 1406357731463.jpg (21.84 KB, 500x650, http://37.media.tumblr.com….jpg)

I liked to talk with my sister about anime sometimes before she died.

My mom quite likes anime as well from all the times I watched it on tv when I was younger

My brother likes ghibli movies too, and he used to own all the Inuyasha dvds before his ex girlfriend stole them

Pic is not related.


My mom wants me to get her into anime out of boredom and interest. I wanna tell you all how that fares, and given this story from over a decade ago you might guess it will be wierd as hell.

So it all started when my sister went gothic and joined the anime club. Inu Yasha was only up to like, 60 episodes. My sister was absolutely obsessed. She would quite literally look out her window and say good morning and goodnight to all the characters. Insufferable pajama-talk during sleepovers was often about how "hot" sesshoumaru was. Still, I ended up liking one of her friends and she showed me a lot of anime because as she put it, she seemed interested in some shows but more in the social aspect of being a weaboo rather than just liking animation and japanese culture (I used to animate and really did have a curiosity). So, my mom, who likes to contravene the rules of friendship building between me and "soon-to-be daughters", built up a little japanese-themed party where we would all sit on tatamis, get served home made japanese food bought at Odou's (awesome place btw, thats where I got all my anime dvd's), and all that. However, Mom was doing this also out of sorrow because her relapse caused her to spend less time with us and she ended up pulling this all together while on crack. Im not joking when I say that while she did a fantastic job at helping us and actually understanding what we wanted, she ended up killing and cooking some of our own goldfish for miso. Now almost a decade later she wants to get back into anime and maybe do that party right. Truly one badass bittersweet mom, eh?
>hosts anime themed party
>So that friends have a front row seat to her killing and cooking our goldfish


File: 1433085791201.jpg (213.14 KB, 540x756, tumblr_nodbpr2Ejn1uuiiayo2….jpg)

I finally showed mom Madoka and she loved it. After the last episode, I asked her what she thought about the ending, and her immediate response was that my ex-boyfriend didn't deserve to watch Madoka with me because it was too good for him. Then she said a lot of sappy stuff about girl power and friendship and gurl love.

I wanted to show it to her for years but I wa sworried she wouldn't like it, I should have just shown it to her a long time ago.


File: 1435909777596.png (614.96 KB, 640x480, (B-A)Great_Teacher_Onizuka….png)

I have never discussed any anime related with my parents but I have with my younger sister and my older brother (25) and only my sister is willing to really talk about it but she can't stand anything Moe/cute. She really liked Great Teacher Onizuka, Cromartie High School and Excel Saga. She's also a really good artist but says she never try doing any anime drawing styles.

My older brother won't want to talk about it at all and the only anime I ever talk him into watching was Cat Soup which he liked.


I'm 28yo now, but when I was 16 I used to watch anime with my mom all the time. We had a channel called "Locomotion" here and it would should some really adult ones too, so most of the time she was really impressed by the animation instead of actually trying to understand the story behind anything.

I remember watching Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 with her. We watched the whole thing, too.



My mom and sister were watching Cromartie High School, I'd never seen it myself so of course I had no idea what the hell. Mom hails from Japan, so despite the generation gap tilting heavily in my favor, she gets stuff we don't get… Like knowing the Japanese "tough guy student" stereotypes they're making fun of, and something about how students all knew that one classmate with a scary mom.


File: 1444893687443.jpg (37.38 KB, 447x379, 1317004617582.jpg)

My mom or dad don't really mind, actually. My dad has always been into video games and other "nerdy" stuff. And my mom is pretty supportive of me, so they don't give a shit. Haven't watched any with my parents yet.



I miss you…


File: 1453634139691.png (114.39 KB, 258x258, 1448592862732.png)

""you watching yer Japanese anime cartoons again son?"

At least they get the country right. My parents don't even watch Disney movies much.


My mother can't stand it; my father is pretty indifferent. Both of them see it as children's shows. I'm kinda jealous of all of the cool parents most anons seem to have


ive watched some anime with my dad cause he likes superhero shit


it's called "Kino no Tabi" and it's bad, every episode is written like one of those dumbass 'deep' webcomics about kids being addicted to their cell phones. it's like Banksy got to direct an entire anime

Kaiba is an all-time great though


File: 1630610472443.png (2.05 MB, 960x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

I have to disagree with you there, Kino is in my top ten and I've watched over 300 anime. But it's kind of niche so not everyone will like it, still I recommend trying it. The first episode sucks a little compared to the rest.


File: 1642447424320.jpg (180.79 KB, 848x1200, Kino g.jpg)

Yeah Kino is one of my favorite anime too out of hundreds. Although I didn't care for the remake at all, and there were a lot of parts where I thought the message was a little shallow…but the overall feeling of the first series was very chill.

It's about a pretty non-binary hippy traveling the world and being as non-judgemental as an anthropologist. It's hard not to like that and wish you could spend your whole life camping outdoors and exploring.


3 years ago I was just typical dude in their 20-ish and enjoying anime. I'm a parent now.


My dad thought it was boring and my mom didn't care for it either. I barely even watch any anime myself and don't care for the other stuff weebs care about all that much either. I've learned over time that interacting with anime fans is usually a bad idea. Most of them are just completely shit people and don't deserve my attention, so I enjoy anime all on my own.


Post baby


ok bd


Sadly none of my parents really care much for anime, except for maybe my mum since she watched lupin the third when she was younger.
My sister was really into shoujo yaoi animes though like Free! around the period it came out, and my cousin supposedly knows Japanese, though there's yet to be anyone else in the family to confirm this lol


Post granddaughter


File: 1661328637386.png (568.93 KB, 640x630, 6E10BE2F-66EF-4947-9569-D7….png)

Most of my family are pretty ok with my interests, though no one else in the family is much of a nerd save my cousins in Canada. I did however wrangle my sister into being a weeb. She’s watched seven deadly sins, Jojo, sailor moon, she’s got a small figure collection like I have and her room is way more organised with merch then mine is lmao.

I tell my dad the most abt my nerd shit though, divorced family so whenever I was in his car on my way to his id tell him about what new thing I like and what he’s spending his paycheck on for the next month. He listens and sometimes bursts out laughing at the absurdity but in a way that appreciates the mad shit he’s hearing. Heard him say ‘The Japanese are mad, aren’t they? I love it’
Pub nights with my dad are always fun because of that


Cute, how is she now.

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