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cirno day edition
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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eva thread


File: 1352426494654.jpg (105.66 KB, 500x667, tang.jpg)

you puchi you die


File: 1352427164718.jpg (140.2 KB, 640x910, 541194_10151274855503255_1….jpg)

Expect gayness in Rebuild 3.0


File: 1352429212077.png (51.85 KB, 250x141, gnr.png)

is rebuild worth watching?

like i have the first one from like 2 years ago however long ago it was when it was released here but idk i never kept up ++ i'm sort of worried about the integrity of the original series ALTHOUGH THEN AGAIN PUCHI


File: 1352429827497.jpg (68.37 KB, 500x304, tumblr_lyyb13M5z01qc446jo1….jpg)


This, also pic


Rebuild isn't meant to be a faithful reproduction of the original series at all. It is literally a rebuild. You won't notice a lot of changes in 1.0, but 2.0 is like 90% different occurences

Though to be honest, if you have a keen eye and/or are in love with the original plot, you can notice a deal of stuff even on 1.0. For example, the scene where Eva 01 protects Shinji from the falling debris right in the first episode of the original series does no happen in Rebuild, which might hint at the possibility that Shinji's mom's soul isn't residing on Eva 01 in Rebuild

Either way it's a must watch. If nothing else, then just because it kinda tripled NGE's original epicness


File: 1352430503881.gif (1018.48 KB, 500x280, tumblr_mbniiaSmWE1qzqnxxo1….gif)


And I did notice that the 'Eva protecting Shinji from falling debris' thing didn't happen either.

Is it weird that I kind of miss Shinji's whining from the original series. In the Rebuild he doesn't seem as, interesting imo. I still kind of like how he's more outgoing/less of a wimp in the Rebuild though.

Pic kind of related.



I thought it was really really bad and quit after 2.0



It's not that weird. I guess Shinji isn't really much like the old Shinji anymore at all, and his depression/general whining was kind of a hallmark of the original show

Though to be honest, I think I like the Shinji that gets shit done better. Makes the story feel a bit less stale, and it gives the action a bit more direction

I have to say if he was still a whiny pile of rags, and given Rebuild's new chain of events, I'd always be waiting for him to break down in the middle of a battle throughout the movies


Yui isn't in -01.

If you don't realise already
Rebuild is about MC Asuka not MC Shinji



Who has been whining all series and depressed?

You know it to be true, search your heart, Asuka is on the beach and Rebuild is her dream.




Would be fine as a theory if it wasn't for Asuka to be missing for the better half of 2.0

Even Rei appeared more than her



>Rebuild is her dream

Oh god, not the "REBIULD IS SEKWAL" theory again.


Yes, impotent vaginas are doubly absent, whereas impotent penises are present but absent.

Apart from the material reality being conditioned by 1-26 + Films? Apart from Yui being conspicuously absent?

Do you even read texts?



Man, episodes 25 and 26 were anything but material reality

Back on topic though, I'd sooner see it as Rei's way towards ressurection than Asuka's dream, if I had to choose between the two. But in reality I just think it's a different version of the story, nothing more, nothing less


Only Rei-2 really has a chance at salvation for very horrifically obvious reasons. And that means killing Gendou. And the only person who has the will and knowledge to kill Gendou is Mari. And she is going to fail (gloriously) like an Akagi coloured smear in Terminal Dogma.


>the material reality being conditioned by 1-26 + Films

They're similar because Anno has stated on numerous occasions that this is his chance to do Eva right, without the budgetary/technological limitations from doing the series for TV back in the late 90s… not to mention that Sachiel was the 3rd angel in the series but the 4th in the movie, so things were off basically from the start.

>Yui being conspicuously absent?

After the first scene of 2.0 which deals with the Third Angel, there's the title screen and then Shinji and Gendo VISIT YUI'S GRAVE. Her relationship with the Eva Project hasn't been explained yet (the series didn't start touching on this 'til at least halfway through), but it's obvious that she existed in the Rebuild continuity; the lack of explanation thus far certainly doesn't support the sequel theory.

As for some other "evidence" that's cropped up in the whole sequel-or-not debate:
"But the sea is red like at the end of End", Maya explicitly states in the first movie that the LCL sea is a result of Second Impact.
"But the streak of blood on the moon" doesn't work either, because the blood at the end of End isn't on the moon, it's around the Earth (and in the absence of an actual explanation thus far, whatever the fans want to turn it into to support whatever theory they dreamed up doesn't mean anything).
"But Kaworu says 'the third again' at the end of 1.0 and 'this time' at the end of 2.0", well, 2 lines without any internal context aren't enough evidence.

Honestly, until there's some actual, concrete evidence either from the creators or in the films themselves, this whole theory is just fanwanking that doesn't actually prove anything.


File: 1352692747988.jpg (88.41 KB, 1062x600, 1352514220329.jpg)

>Rebuild is her dream


Useless doll, go die.


File: 1352762222177.jpg (31.42 KB, 704x528, 1352687394133.jpg)


First 6 and a half minutes of 3.0 aired last night on TV in Japan. Spoilers (duh) and also no English subs but this is the real deal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV4jBw9Tu2k


File: 1353183485683.jpg (18.12 KB, 241x204, 1353168658918.jpg)

For anyone reading the spoilers.


File: 1353536022111.jpg (79.78 KB, 600x579, 8c1a2ff3cdda5cc5530c527aee….jpg)


Thinking back on this it's really fucking infuriating

Comes 2.0 and Shinji is single-handedly responsible for the most awesome scene to ever grace the NGE series. He effectively single-handedly sets in motion the beginning of the end of the world all just so he can save Rei and bring her back

Then 3.0 starts and it's all "lolno think I'ma be gay after all"



you must've missed the part in 2.0 where Kaworu comes down and spears Unit-01 in the back to stop Third Impact



I didn't. I was gonna make a joke on how he penetrated Shinji already, but thought it was better not to

But I mean, it doesn't really change how far Shinji went for Rei



Well, having not seen 3.0 yet (or looking at any of the spoilers, as if I'd trust them anyhow), I can't really comment.


File: 1353583154224.jpg (66.32 KB, 864x480, PE.jpg)


Of course, you're right. I might just be expecting the worst-case scenario a bit too much here

Also puchi


File: 1353691909739.png (262.54 KB, 500x330, Heat_Miser_live-action.png)


Hey fuck you



I meant Puchi is the reason why I'm currently expecting the worst-case scenario from 3.0


File: 1353701691225.png (109.82 KB, 250x250, 250px-Heatmiser74year.png)


as long as you tie it into the discussion puchi is ok
otherwise see >>273


File: 1354153440933.jpg (13.43 KB, 250x220, Cover.jpg)


File: 1355528520196.jpg (81.39 KB, 600x776, what am I subjecting mysel….jpg)

Ok, here I go…
I think I wanna watch Neon Genesis Evangelion.I forget my exact reason bu I've been avoiding it like the plague for a few years now and now that I can't remember why, HEY MAYBE I SHOULD WATCH IT,

But where do I begin? There's like, a few version or something, right? I'm assuming I should watch the first/original? Is the dub any good, should I watch that? I know some 90's anime had really kickass dubs that I prefer over the original, like Trigun and Cowboy Bebop, is this one of them?

All I know about this show is apparently the main character is a whiny baby who faps on a comatose girl at some point and something about a long elevator.


File: 1355533059310.png (72.07 KB, 500x281, i need you.png)


Okay. The dub is pretty good overall. Though it has its moments. The EOE dub was amazing. However, if you really want authenticity, go with the original.

Also, yes, those are two pretty infamous scenes. It's about a lot more than that, though. And both of those scenes are rather… erm, meaningful in their own ways. Aha. Ha.


haha jesus christ

that poor guy in the middle


File: 1356447370273.jpg (170.35 KB, 399x564, at-the-cosplay-27685-12469….jpg)

He's a little infamous


File: 1356455909986.gif (2.85 MB, 445x247, 1356358362154.gif)


He sure packs some junk down there though.


Bumping a REALLY old thread with some relevant info: 3.0 is coming out on DVD/BR in Japan on 2013 April 24 (just over a month). If you've been waiting for something with better quality than the camrip, your wait is almost over; I've seen some people saying that a subbed DVD/BR-rip might be out in about a week.

More info at http://evageeks.org/


File: 1361707322254.gif (195.93 KB, 500x491, 1360381765449.gif)



File: 1362508118921.jpg (212.52 KB, 1088x720, EvangeliWHAT.jpg)

>MFW watching ENd of Evangelion

right now I'm at the part with the orange juice and the stabbing


File: 1362513067555.gif (666.22 KB, 300x340, 1311342334367.gif)


You think that's bad?

I watched my first bit of Evangelion when I was 8 or 9 years old. Weird translation and stuff, lines that I later learned had nothing to do with what was actually being said. I just digged the giant "robots" and stuff

Skip 3 years forward to 2002, I was a tender 12 year old, and my savvy older cousin got me the entire series through a pirate-y friend of his

>MFW I was a 12 year old watching the two final episodes of the original series

>MFW I was watching End of Eva and everything was dying in a horrible fashion

Still, from the point I was old/intelligent enough to understand what was happening and appreciate the plot, it became my favourite series


The only reason I ever picked up Evangelion was because I had literally only watched the jerking off scene fleetingly at someone's house.


File: 1363924240510.jpg (125.61 KB, 500x616, tumblr_mi0zy0T5UZ1rvwe7lo1….jpg)


File: 1363928435917.png (62.25 KB, 236x285, Melanie Chong 000000000000….png)

Maybe listening to this will calm you guys down:


File: 1363955132824.jpg (203.7 KB, 1000x646, I'm so krumped up.jpg)

why am I laughing so hard
why am I crying so hard


File: 1364075221975.jpg (8.15 KB, 271x267, shinji-folding-chair1.jpg)


File: 1364079538670.jpg (126.86 KB, 465x600, shh.jpg)

be still my beating heart


File: 1364882643304.jpg (8.27 KB, 240x240, 3743011_tml.jpg)

I didn't want to make you cry. Honestly. But who doesn't love the best Superman song ever?

(In relation to the pic).

Now that picture makes me cry, but not of joy.

At times I feel it is a pic of Abe from Oddworld.

Kaworu is based on Ikuhara.


I don't feel like watching rebuild or whatever. just tell me, whose soul is chilling in the new girl's eva? is it her mom?


No one knows yet. There may not be any soul action in Rebuild, as far as anyone knows. But Yui's last name has been changed to Ayanami.



Spoilering for Rebuild in general but 3.0 especially so read at your own peril:
Fuyutsuki says of Yui, according to the fansub, "Now, she is the control system of Eva Unit 01." This is followed by Fuyu reminding Shinj of Yui's Contact Experiment which is then shown on-screen (it involved her being lowered into Unit 01's core wearing just a suit with huge wings, no entry plug or anything. Then, Fuyu outright states that Rei is a clone of Yui.



(This was mostly in reply to >>433, mah b)



Rebuild sounds so shitty.



But you can easily find the first 2 movies online for free (and the 3rd soon) to actually see for yourself instead of just basing your opinion on someone's description on an imageboard???

Also, 3.33 DVD and Blu-ray releases in Japan in 7 days (2013-04-24); expect full rips not too long after.


Evangelion is a pretentious anime.

Stupid arse hole. Anno, the band salutes ya!


File: 1366715115777.jpg (219.06 KB, 612x842, 1280913863155.jpg)


I saw the first episode/ova/film/whatever when it got subbed and thought

that it was shitty

and the rest of it sounds even shittier

I bet you breathed a big sigh of relief, I sure did



"breathed a sigh of relief" at what? Because you didn't like something? Wow you're sooo cool!


File: 1367382491638.png (228.89 KB, 597x333, Otunga Impact 000.png)



Is the sequel thing still going around?


"This is farewell. Even though all of you have changed the shape of your souls, you are still lifeforms blessed with the Fruit of Knowledge. You were able to live for eternity, but, same as us, you still cannot escape the fate of death. To advance the evolution of the flock burdened with death, you had bestowed upon us the gift of civilization. As the representative of humanity, I say thank you. Through death, I shall return your souls to where they belong. The long desired Human Instrumentality Project, and the contracted deicide, will be completed by me. Rest assured."


File: 1367889009183.png (268.73 KB, 1128x1668, Kircher_Tree_of_Life.png)

So, booger, what do you think about Evangelion now? Did you like it? Did you remember what kept you away from it?

Man, I just started to watch this again recently. The first time I ever watched Neon Genesis Evangelion was in 2006 (yes TOO LATE but still before rebuild) and I still adore this masterpiece. And the soundtrack is one of the best I ever heard.


File: 1367893852864.jpg (51.99 KB, 599x482, Evangelion_Pikachu.jpg)

I enjoyed it! I probably stayed away because I used to avoid anything that contained anything sad or even remotely sexual like the plague. But then I realized that I'm not freaking 13 anymore, some of my favorite anime these days are depressing as hell, and I watched Panty&Stocking, twice.
But yeah it was cool. But there were some parts where I had to make sure I had headphones in and the doors locked, just like with Panty and Stocking.


File: 1368329464594.jpg (350.7 KB, 1164x4410, 1368328961468.jpg)


File: 1369076356129.gif (825.08 KB, 500x200, kaworu.gif)

canta watched rebuild at long last heeeeey

Q felt like a really long kawoshin fanfic though and i felt seriously ripped off by the end heeeeeeey


For anyone who felt confused by half the shit (or more) in 3.0/3.33, I would definitely recommend giving the Evageeks 3.33 FAQ. It does a very good job of addressing some of the more common questions while offering some titillating but still-rooted-in-the-films speculation.



What is wrong with being 13?






You're in the age you're retarded as fuck; still cannot pilots evas, nowadays kids don't have their own personality…


File: 1369813848989.jpg (233.2 KB, 1257x560, Evangelion Q 2.jpg)

Thanks. I actually liked Q. I had no expectations though.




lol Rei even lost in the Sadamoto manga. She is so beta as fuck!


Going to watch Rebuild for the very first time.
Geez, I heard it sucks but I must watch it.


Well, so I watched 1.1

I have to say it is neither better than the original series or worse. It is… just… another version. Of course you can see an improve, since the technology is much better than 10 years before, but I feel some things were… weird.
For example, at the start when shinji comes for first time to NERV and they ask him to pilote unit 01, the music didn't fit well in my opinion and the situation was better placed in the original series
Now, the battles with the new technology were definitively much better than in 1996. I really loved the new desing of Ramiel, and how the Eva are inside the plug.
Also the new 'darker' design the Central Dogma has is really orgasmic, and the way their technology looks like made me came.

Another thing that caught me off guard was that Misato shows Lilith to Shinji, and that we were able to see some of the psychoanalysis scenes. I personally think they were more intense in the series, but I still didn't watch 2.0 so I will not judge so soon.

As for the new 3D look… Well, sometimes it was nice, sometimes I didn't like it at all.

Conclusion: The series were better in some things, as well as the rebuild is good in other things. Not bad for a rebuilt and enjoyable. As I said before, just another version.


File: 1372789449610.png (1.84 MB, 1920x1080, Near_Third_Impact.png)


I watched 2.0, and although I had everything I wanted to post in the head, I'm blank now. So, let's gonna see what I remember.

Starting this off, yeah, 2.0 is totally a new story, different from the series.
Shinji, well… he's not that beta now, and he's not that depressive. It's like they wanted to make him a bit more… stable. I miss the old Shinji, along the psychoanalysis scenes in the original series.
Also Rei seems to have emotions earlier, like… they want she to be more human-ish. Although I didn't disliked this, I think the old Rei, inside that uncanney valley, was much more intense and, you know, 'catchy'. Like, she hadn't a lot of emotions but she was really interesting, due to her strange nature; and then, in the end, when she finally gained some feels… she just dies, making that fucking scene so goddamn sad. In the movie I felt it was different, like they wanted to make her more of a romantic character, specially with the final scene when Shinji just 'LOL let's do 3rd impact because Imma save u'. Dunno, they wanted her more human-like, and while I don't disliked it, I really preffer the original one there. Even so, I have to say it was an awesome move that I didn't expect.

And about Asuka: she is not so annoying now. Also it got me since She's not in love with Kaji, like in the series. That was something that really marked it, but, again, as this is not a copy of the series, and she had a different… "end".

Well, although the psychoanalysis wasn't here, it had the most epic battles, as I expected. The improves were really great, lovely.

Conclusion: Nice story, new things, and, though I really loved the series and I preffer them a bit more, I have to say this new version is really good and gets to that level. I have to say that the new characters weren't as good as in the oldies, but this is not the same story, hance those changes apply to this new version, and they're not bad.
I really liked the movie.

And here comes the thing I was more afraid of: 3.33
While I heard 1.11 and 2.0 weren't bad, and opinions varied a lot, I heard 3.33 was the thing that 'ruined' the rebuild. From what I've read, things go from 'Characters are now a bunch of autistic people with really stupid dialoges', to 'cheap fanservise sausage kawoshin festival'.

But, fucking Anno, that end in 2.0 made me want to see more. And I'm afraid I may not like what comes. I'll judge from what I see.


So, as far: If you liked the series, and from my opinion, 1.11 doesn't vary a lot from the original episodes, but 2.0 is a totally different way NGE has taken (as was already stated in this thread before). Both are enjoyables, and the new changes are most of time good. Sometimes I missed the old graphics, but, whatever.
Also, some of the new scenes were REALLY cruel and cool As-…, and, if you haven't seen them yet, they will get you coax'd, because you can't expect anything. You can guess, but some things will really impress you.

God, this post is huge and I didn't say that much as I would've liked to…



After you watch 3.0/3.33, make sure you keep in mind that the story's jumped 14 years into the future, so Shinji (and the viewer) are pretty out of the loop. Also, this is 14 years after Shinji almost ended the world with Third Impact. A LOT of people who watch 3.0/3.33 seemed to have completely missed that and don't understand why Shinji gets such a cold reception from just about everyone; having to deal with the ramifications of what transpired at the end of 2.0/2.22 will probably do that to a person.

Also, reading the EvaWiki 3.33 FAQ will help to answer some of the questions you'll have and try to explain just what the fuck is going on. http://wiki.evageeks.org/Guides:Evangelion_3.33_FAQ



Also, I'm glad that you like the films so far even though they aren't as psychoanalytical and character-driven as the original was. It's one of the more common criticisms of the films, but I don't really see how they can tell a similar story as the original yet still handle all the psychological stuff without it either being exactly the same or being so different that it doesn't make any sense.

The original focused more on psychology than plot, and it did an unbelievably amazing job at it. But I feel like Rebuild is a chance to offer a meatier plot; after all, why try to copy what the original already did so well?


File: 1373650889990.jpg (4.6 KB, 160x120, rei-in-pain.jpg)


I already watched 3.33, but I didn't feel like writing something for a while.

I understood why everything was so cold, and such; but, somehow, I didn't like the movie as much as the other ones.

Only AFTER reading the F.A.Q. I was able to understand what Anno tried to do, and I appreciated it a bit more; but, dunno, the movie seemed so… how can I say, cliché'd somehow. Right now I am kind of blank so far, but I'm going to post tonight if I find some time to write something.

I can say now that You're (not) alone was 7/10;
You can (not) advance was 9.5/10;
and 3.33 just… 5/10, in my opinion. I surely have to re-watch it, but as first impression it felt really bad. I mean, Shinji doing 4th impact in SUCH a stupid way… I understand he has problems to believe in others, and that his mental health was on the floor; and that the scene has some coherence… but, it REALLY REALLY made him look like a stupid person with no intelligence at all. I would say the story is not what is "wrong" or "odd", but the way they handled it.

I will try to post my review later.


3.0/3.33 was a pretty bold move. Aside from the end and some of the characterization (e.g. Shinji being less "whiny"), 1.0 was pretty similar to the original series and the reaction to it was largely "it looked cooler but it was just the same stuff all over again"; it seemed like it was just going to be the original with better effects and the reaction to it was fairly subdued.

With 2.0, it became obvious that we weren't just getting a gussied-up retelling of the story we already knew. The ending definitely threw people for a loop, because it seemed like some crazy-ass shit was going down (Shinji starting the Third Impact?!), then the credits rolled, and then after that Kaworu comes down from the Moon, chucks a spear through Unit-01 to halt 3I, Kaworu says his really ambiguous stuff and there's no telling what's going to happen in the next movie. [The Preview mentioned a handful of events, but trying to piece them together into a plot, even just to speculate for the sake of speculating, was pretty much impossible.]

3.0 definitely for sure ended any similarities between the plot of the original and the plot of the new movies (I think the only similarity between the two was Yui's Contact Experiment where she became Unit-01 [can't think of a better way to phrase it]; I know Contact Experiment is the correct term for what happened but I don't think it was called that in the show, and besides it was apparent what happened in the original but it wasn't explicitly stated like in 3.0 where Fuyutsuki outright tells Shinji that his mother's soul is in Unit-01 [along with Rei as a result of Shinji's antics at the end of 2.0]).

The timeskip may have seemed like a good way to leave the audience with questions and get them really hyped for 4.0/Final, but to me it feels like they really dropped the ball it with. For one thing, it feels like the connection between 2.0 and 3.0 is really weak; there's just too much that could have happened between them and 3.0 barely touches on it, so there's definitely the feeling that 4.0 isn't going to be able to adequately cover it all (but then again, leaving stuff unexplained would hardly be new for the Evangelion franchise). Plus, the clues that 3.0 leaves for what happened before it starts just seem to confuse everything even further. It's hard to get this just from watching the movie, which is why I recommend the EvaGeeks 3.0/3.33 FAQ (and it also helps to remember that even with the original series, supplemental information definitely helps to explain some stuff and point out things you might not notice even after multiple viewings), but: at the end of 2.0, Shinji's starting Third Impact (Ritsuko states it outright). Okay, fine. But the FAQ points out that there was 2.0's Third Impact, but then there must have been some sort of similar event after that. So there was Third Impact and Near Third Impact. It would seem that what we saw at the end of 2.0 was N3I because Kaworu stops it. But Kaworu's explanation in 3.0 while he and Shinji tour the ruins of Nerv HQ is kinda wonky because the way he explains it, what he aborted at the end of 2.0 was Third Impact but the Lilin call it Near Third Impact (i.e. he basically uses 3I and N3I to refer to the same event). And trying to figure out what happened during 3I/N3I based on what we see in the movie? Good luck. And I didn't even mention Wille and all their shenanigans, why Shinji was in that whatever-it-was thing at the start of the movie ["indo-hashimas"??? apparently the only time that phrase has EVER been used before was in 3.0, so no one really knows what the fuck it means], Rei in 3.0 (both the Rei that's apparently still in Unit-01 and the "Rei-Q" who actually appears in the movie), the fate of Nerv, and what exactly was happening during the Seele scene (though as a huge fan of Seele and all of their shadowy, pseudo-religious whatever-the-fuck-it-is-they-do, that scene was just too amazing).

And of course as >>542 points out, Shinji acts so… stupid. The way every non-Kaworu person acts towards Shinji is fairly understandable, but his behavior during Fourth Impact is very difficult to reconcile with his desire to fix what he broke, ESPECIALLY WHEN KAWORU SAYS THAT HE MADE A MISTAKE AND TELLS SHINJI TO STOP OR EVERYTHING WAS GOING TO GET WORSE.

Ultimately, I'm still looking forward to 4.0 I'd certainly like to see how it's going to end. I will admit that my opinion of 3.0 is kinda biased because I'm an Eva fan, but my expectations for Rebuild were never that high… though in general I try not to get myself too hyped up about stuff because I know that if I expect too much, it's likely that I'll just end up disappointed. Will 4.0 offer a good ending. Maybe, maybe not. I'll just have to wait and see.



>>542 here; you said pretty much exactly what I wanted to say and more and better. Thank you.


Awful pretentious character.


File: 1378005332049.jpg (135.23 KB, 728x1061, 4 (5).jpg)

I finished the manga. Pretty good, specially because of the ending (I always wondered what happened after all). It also shows off a lot of things that may have not been so clear in the anime.

Anyway I adore the speculation you had to give in the original series so…
Dunno, lovely, after all. Also, I'm really in love Sadamoto's style, so it was really refreshing to look at. He managed to make it a good manga even with the different branches it takes compared with the 'canon' of the Series.


So how about the fact that the sequel theory relied heavily on Yui's apparent absence, but 3.0 came along and Fuyutsuki bluntly and blatantly tells Shinji that his mom is in Unit-01 (even the original series was nowhere near this direct in regards to the soul inside Unit-01).


3.0 (the English dub) will be screened at various theaters in the US in January 2014.


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