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cirno day edition
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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There's a lot of good fucking shit being aired this fall. Amirite? What's your favorite this season?


I didn't think they would fuck steins;gate 0, but they did. Damn, they should have waited for the other director to finish whatever he's doing now.
It seems some good shit is coming next season, though.


File: 1536803733132.jpg (401.2 KB, 820x1160, __coco_jumbo_giorno_giovan….jpg)

That's a shame. When it comes to pre/sequels it's always best to set your expectations as low as possible. I'm a sucker for Jojo, so part 5 is getting me revved up.


It's not the material, it's the direction they took. I didn't have high expectations for the VN so I was pleased to see it was actually okay-ish when I read it, but the pacing of the anime is just terrible and they completely screwed it up.
I suppose it's not too late to check that gegege kitarou rebuild nº 9942.


Could people post what they're enjoying this season? It seems like Goblin Slayer is the only decent thing this season, but I haven't really looked into it.


I'm currently watching Overlord season 3 and How not to Summon a Demon Lord.


File: 1536887981315.png (39.79 KB, 300x300, __ico_and_yorda_ico__04703….png)

Is the regular guy transported to fantasy world kind of thing what you usually watch?


Yeah isekai has always been one of my favorite genres. Once in a while there's some good ones.


Seinen is my go-to genre; 80% of what I like falls under it. Generally it's one of the more easily accessible genres for normals, but I think that's for a good reason.


I wish the TV/film drama format would be adapted into anime. Imagine an anime version of American Psycho, that would be fucking awesome.


Isn't that too broad to be a genre? It's a demographic.


I don't really think that distinction matters. Different genres already appeal to different demographics. If anything, its more specific than a typical genre.


>If anything, its more specific than a typical genre.
I'm not seeing it. My picture of it is that demographic and genre are two semi-independent ways of categorising media, the first one based on who consumes it and the second one based on what themes are in the work itself. You could have a shoujo fantasy manga, or a seinen fantasy manga, for example, and they'd both explore the themes of fantasy in ways most suitable to the demographic. I say semi-independent instead of independent because as you said different demographics like different genres, there's not an equal amount of sports tournament anime/manga for shounen vs josei for example.


File: 1537845617377.png (11.54 KB, 300x400, __me_tan_kiseijuu_and_os_t….png)

Even in the states there's such a thing as YA novels/movies. It's also considered a type of, "genre". When you hear ya, a lot of the same stuff comes to mind: shitty romances, love triangles, plain Jane that everyone thinks is special, etc. I think seinen has a lot of commonalities too. Lots of death, complex concepts and questions, older male protagonist who's thrust into extraordinary circumstances, demanding of audience. Death Note and Parasyte have all of those things in common. If it wasn't a genre, I wouldn't know what to expect when going into one. Not all of it fits that mold, but I think it can articulate a person's preferences none the less.


I have been enjoying Overlord 3, Middle Manager Tonegawa and Megalobox.
Looking forward for the goblin slayer. Indeed, there are lot of good things lately.


File: 1539937577328.jpg (150.42 KB, 600x1050, jta5g2t.jpg)

Nice, I'm loving Part 5 too so far! It's shaping up to be the best Jojo anime yet.


File: 1539976923620.jpg (608.58 KB, 850x1331, __caesar_anthonio_zeppeli_….jpg)

At three episodes in, it's a little too early to say. Battle Tendecy is extremely rewatchable for me.

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