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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.
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File: 1518209040189-0.jpg (20.43 KB, 396x400, 1518120429320-1.jpg)

File: 1518209040189-1.png (75.8 KB, 303x369, MonoeFullscreen.png)


Her smile and optimism, GONE.


File: 1518209153122.png (76.33 KB, 303x369, MonoeFullscreen.png)


Trans theory confirmed call MatPat


File: 1518288999193.jpg (45.08 KB, 369x361, eating a can.jpg)


File: 1518290970217.jpg (53.54 KB, 600x409, DVsnvfCUMAAtvb8.jpg large.jpg)

Leaked photo of MatPat in the future after making that video


File: 1518309510050.png (112.59 KB, 1277x712, the irony is yet to come.png)

"In the name of Sergey of the House Brin, the First of his Name, King of the Vloggers and the YouTube Poopers and the First Vevo, Lord of the Seven Channels and Protector of the Metadata, by the word of Ego of the House Raptor, Lord of Game Grumps and Warden of the Let's Plays, I do sentence you to die."


File: 1518368829210.png (72.54 KB, 303x369, monoe1.png)


File: 1518370523162.png (426.83 KB, 430x900, 1515803609409.png)

So just what is it that this face is trying to convey?


She looks like she's hungry for the dick. And no, I'm not joking. That's a legit "nice cock" face.


Optimism in the face of despair
Kinda like us


File: 1518372098303.png (159.08 KB, 427x384, ahegao.png)

Of course. And this is an ahegao face


"I sure can't wait to see things go down on flames"/mocking kind of face.


She looks like a crazy girlfriend
>Who is Jessica, you have 5 seconds to respond


aha! That's why Mado never leaves her room! Poniko bitches at her incessantly whenever Mado talks to another girl. Uboa represents the looming threat that if Mado pisses off Poniko like this that eventually, unpredictably Poniko will snap and stop giving Mado fellatio, or "head" as the young folks call it.


>>I saw you hanging out with Monoko yesterday!
>>P-Poniko,it’s not what you think!!
>>I won’t hesitate, bitch!


>fuck this, you're crazy, I'm going to stay at Masada's for a while!

I like this theory


>Monoe is sad in the new game because she wants Madotsuki's flute

How are you going to respond when this new game is just a high school drama about Poniko being abusive and controlling?


Well at one point the game said its was a visual novel so…


I'd be fine with that. Mado just wanders around the dream worlds looking for some sweet, sweet dome while Poniko calls her every five minutes to scream at her and threaten to throw out her stuff if she doesn't come home and take out the trash.
Mado realizes that she's never going to get someone better than bitchy Poniko so she goes out on her balcony to sulk but runs into some stairs accidentally and falls to her death. Poniko arrives on the scene to call her a dumbass and beat Mado's scattered remains with a phone book. Masada gets jail time for driving without a license, nor insurance for his ship and gets in a prison fight that results in his eyes getting unfucked after a cholo kicks him in the back of the head.
Moderately happy endings all around.


Wasn't that about the mobile game released last year?


It's weird because smiling and vanishing was literally all there is to Monoe, but now in the new game she looks depressed and is constantly sobbing. No other character changed this much, it's bizarre.


To be fair, we haven't seen much of anyone else yet.


True but Monoe is the most drastic change.


Did Kadokawa explicitly say that the girl depicted in the OP was Monoe? Maybe that's actually Masada, or a recolor of Mars-san and then we have bigger problems.

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