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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.
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We hired an additional janitor to shore up against spam posts.

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I feel like this community is being a bit harsh with this game. They did say that this IS a reboot. Of course they aren't gonna just make a 3D version of the game. What I want to know is with this new 2D perspective, what are they gonna do with it? This might be the next little nightmares with a twist. We could deepen this very mysterious plot with this new game. Maybe this could explore some other characterization and different gameplay elements. Possibly this can be a extraordinary puzzle horror game. Look the genre NEEDS this. I'm cautious but also excited. Who knows this might really work.


I think that's part of the problem. If I wanted to play a Limbo-esque ass game I'd play a Limbo-esque ass game.
What Yume Nikki has is not really horror, but an exploration of weird and unsettling dreams, sometimes scary and sometimes cozy, but very colorful and with great ambience.
But yeah, from what we've seen they seem to be taking the DARK SPOOPY GAEM route which we all know is in no short supply.


>this very mysterious plot
please stop
Positivity is great and all, but don't forget what yn is. A, "reboot", is wholly unnecessary. If they wanted to make a puzzle horror game(which we don't even know if this is yet), they could have come up with something original.


But thats kinda the issue with older game communities like this. People aren't up for different or something new. Yume Nikki itself doesn't have to much of a defined identity. Its a surreal game with some fun little gags and creepy moments. I think this game play can actually help flesh out the world we has been introduced to. And from what the screenshots show I don't think this is souly a sidescroller. If you remember the balloon screenshot that didn't look like a sidescroller point of view. Look all we need to accept is that games change over time. Zelda used to be some really simple nes game but now it has a whole world that you can explore and learn about. This is just a different formula than we are used to. And to me thats alright because personally I don't want just the same game everyone has made fangames of recreations of. The community is bound to be pissed off. But to be completely honest we know hardly ANYTHING. People are dismissive over 17 seconds of gameplay and it just shows what this community really can be.


Isn't any reboot uneeded?


I also forgot that this is pretty much just 4CHAN and in their eyes anything that isn't nostalgia pandering is shit


Sometimes less is more. People need to learn that more lore and fleshed out explanations and having everything explained does not make something better. People always say that they want everything to be explained, but people don't really know what they want and when creators pander to them, they end up just being disappointed. If in exchange for this game being cancelled, kikyama's site would be updated, I would take that deal in a heart beat.


>Look the genre NEEDS this
im excited but what
no it doesnt


This. The fact nothing was explained IS the charm of the game and the main reason it's still my favorite. The idea of this reboot potentially hinting at Kikiyama's intention behind certain elements of the original or even outright explaining them terrifies me and it's a big part of why I'm so against it, next to the terrible art direction.


File: 1517508404997.png (18.32 KB, 500x250, 1465582200796.png)

You were doing quite well up to this post pretending not to be a troll. If you don't like our community based only on the fact outsiders come here to complain, you are completely free to leave, and take your friends with you. Insulting us is completely pointless and you people have already destroyed a lot of the good atmosphere we had here.


Lol I apparently destroyed the good in this community. Things sure were civil here when everyone was rioting over 17 seconds of gameplay. Yeah I'm not a troll surprisingly. But to be honest I don't explore Uboa-Chan much and don't really regret it. Most of the things here are either complaints about little sections of gameplay, shitty undertale memes, or bad shitpost. You guys actually were civil in this thread but I don't see the big deal. With great sequels gameplay is changed a lot. This thread hasn't changed my opinion but its shown me the hostility in a few towards "normies & outsiders". I'm gonna return probably when the game releases or gets major updates and hopefully see a community of new and old fans discussing the actual game. For now this has been a decent but messy discussion on the community and the info presented. Good day people


File: 1517538769915.jpg (229.21 KB, 778x583, out of my ubuu.jpg)

>Most of the things here are either complaints about little sections of gameplay, shitty undertale memes, or bad shitpost.
>This thread hasn't changed my opinion but its shown me the hostility in a few towards "normies & outsiders"

See, you don't know anything about our community. Had you been 2 months before any of this has happened you wouldn't even have darted anything like "this is 4chan" seriously. Just because this hype brought a lot of cancerous newfags who only bitch about everything doesn't make the site nor what it's done for the community shit. It's fucking insulting to even compare us to 4chan.
The fact that you don't realize you're posting on a containment board and actually think or relate uboachan with the cancerous populaton of said board and complain about the WHOLE site for that reason makes you as annoying as the people bitching "over 17 seconds of gameplay". You haven't even seen 2 seconds of us and you're already insulting us. Don't give me half-assed excuses such as "But to be honest I don't explore Uboa-Chan much" because it's exactly the same thing you're asking of the people you're bitching about. Hypocrite.

If you don't like us go just away, and take everybody bitching with you, too. We don't need you here or your pretentious attitude.


Thanks for proving my point. I'm gonna just stick with the reddit like I always have because unlike this fucking trash heap of a site they know how to moderate forums. Have fun jerking off to your nostalgia and good day sir.


File: 1517539617566.png (23.69 KB, 120x123, 2012102223111173f.png)

Wow, look at that strawman, you didn't even read my post, did you? I never complained about the game yet you attack me for being a nostalgicfag?
Thanks for leaving. Go complain to reddit about how we raped you or something. Remember, moot moderates us and nurse-kun was a rapist too.


>undertale memes
Yes, please fuck off back there. Enjoy your perpetual circle-jerk.


of course it's a namefag who goes out of their way to say they're going back to reddit. do svidaniya


its either an underage shizzleshit or its just a troll, which was made obvious by the pointless reddit mention in the context of ubuu
/r/YumeNikki has (or at least, had) a major community overlap with uboachan, if you go back in time before those cuhrayzee announcements you could see people spout all the same shit without the salt added in, most of them even linked ubuu threads as well, and they were as much of dead as we were


>shitty undertale memes
You have never been in this site before and you act like it.
>its shown me the hostility in a few towards "normies & outsiders"
Only the rude faggots like you


>I also forgot that this is pretty much just 4CHAN and in their eyes anything that isn't nostalgia pandering is shit
Says the leddit faggot who relies on fallacies to defend every post.


Sometimes it's best to let people have their little autistic tantrum. Don't worry about the guy you replied to. He knows he's unwelcome.


File: 1517587022437.jpg (74.06 KB, 1240x1240, 151440442486.jpg)

Let this be a reminder to all new users to please lurk for a while before posting. That means just read threads without participating in them for a few days until you understand the community! Lurk boards that are not /yndd/ to see examples of good posting (it's probably good to look at older threads since the recent ones contain traces of newfag), and lurk /yndd/ to see what kind of thing we ridicule. This practice is obligatory for anyone who wants to be accepted into our community.


good post. additionally, for people who have been here a while, the header message now is important. some weird stuff going on now, but acting up will only make it worse. yume nikki is important to us, but we aint /v/


Times may change but fuckin hell reddit is always the same.




>undertale memes

Good fucking riddance. A chan shouldn't be a hugbox. If you seriously came here thinking you were going to receive nothing but praise and validation, you deserve any ridicule you get.


The remake is almost nothing but nostalgia pandering and the majority dislikes it.


>saying the new game looks like shit means you're a newfag that came from /v/
Jesus christ, get a hold of yourself.


That's not at all what anon meant


Lol this went to trash quick. I'm gonna address what I and you all have done wrong because I love when UboaFags love to argue over small bits of bait. You made this thread last longer than it would without some pure rage filled autism. Some of these comments are just filled with /v/ influence and I'm happy this was the group of retards to take the bait. Yes I do know UboaChan isn't ALL like this but a fair majority of people are. Just how you guys speak I can tell that >>801
>>803 >>804 >>810 >>814 >>815 are newfags. I do understand what some of you were trying to get across with the community being entirely like this. Sadly the community has always had sections like this and now they are more vocal. Yes I haven't been on this forum in a while but I know how to start shit like this. Thanks for taking the bait and giving more attention to something you didn't even know was genuine or not. Good job failing and succeeding in the best possible way. This was really entertaining.


Yes keep making it worse, that will make it better.


File: 1517599122714.jpg (45.72 KB, 640x606, Corey.jpg)

>Just how you guys speak I can tell that you are newfags
I've been in this site for over 8 years and I called you a troll right here >>788
You didn't fool anyone with your "bait".


>>823 yep just saved this thread for at least another day or two. CAN WE HIT A WEEK?!(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


downvoted and blocked


I can't wait to see what happens when I get back. Hopefully some actual conversation will happen but the autism is probably gonna be the majority.


_ ____ ____ __ ___ ____ _______ ____ _ ___ ____. _________ ____ ______ ____________ ____ ______ ___ ___ ______ __ ________ _____ __ ___ ________.


File: 1517602260655.jpg (77.62 KB, 680x1058, b29.jpg)

Do you think that by baiting you're making anything better? You accuse this community of being cancerous while being cancerous. What were your intentions again? Also, saying that you were intentionally acting retarded doesn't excuse you for acting retarded. Let me guess, your first post and namefagging were also all, "part of the bait"? You definitely aren't just pretending that you started trolling us to save face.


you're just overblowing the issue, of course we're getting cancer there and there, but it always dies down you aren't helping by instigating shit but whatever, i had my fair share of shit threads
i'm seeing way more people complain about undesirables than actual cancerous shits. The worst that it got was /v/-type of rage sentiment and greentexting. IMO it's definitely nothing compared to the frog invasion we had earlier last year, although it was at a waaayy smaller scale.
>definitely aren't just pretending that you started trolling us to save face
It was a pretty obvious bait, i stopped taking this post seriously when he said
>Look the genre NEEDS this


>the frog invasion we had earlier last year
That came out of nowhere. You didn't see so many people complain about that. This is just speculation, but a lot of the people who wont stop complaining about how cancerous things have gotten might have been on uboachan a long while ago, but they lost interest and are now only crawling out of the woodwork because of recent developments. Where were these faggots on Halloween?


It wasn't as much of a complaint topic as this one and it was mostly a personal thing, but aside from 2 or so threads on /sugg/ about it, for me it felt shitty to see every post be some kekistani's on /ot/ arguing about values and cultures compared to some random guy making tinfoil hats on how KIKIYAMA raped KADOKAWA or raging about the graphics

In my honest opinion i don't think the current situation (Regarding YNDD) is overblown, people have a right to be worried. There ARE some people who crawled out of the tomb because of the recent news, but they probably know the whole deal so i don't think they'll be complaining for the rest of their lifetime.
>Where were these faggots on Halloween?
The spooky was updated so late, but hey at least it happened


File: 1517610533604.jpg (39.75 KB, 349x642, db0.jpg)


The fact that you have to resort to this tactic says a lot about you. If you hate uboachan's community so much, then why not work to make it better? You could have actually contributed to it by posting an analysis of the game. News about the new release. Anything, really. Instead you make a low effort bait thread just to waste everyone's time, long after we got one that people actually fell for. Congratulations, you failed and ended up looking like a idiot in the process.

"pure rage-filled autism"

Everyone posting here has been relatively civil. But of course, only you would try so hard as to paint general discussion as that.


File: 1517613225820.png (38.05 KB, 1080x1080, dddddd.png)

this games gonna be shit & this community is already insanely shit, stop taking pride in the social media websites you post on you weird nerds


Nigga,I know you are pretending to be a troll when you're really just a triggered normie because your small ego is hurt but calling users newfags when you've proven to know nothing about this place is the anal sex of irony.


>stop taking pride in the social media websites you post on you weird nerds
So, have you even lurked enough to know we call the site "vomitive shithole" and we complain to the admin about most boardds all the time, you're pretending to be stupid, or you're just a newfag trying to be funny?


no i just dont post on image boards enough to say extremely bad ass cool things like new fag and reading these things makes me want to fold in half and curb stomp myself, and i hate that this is the most active yume nikki community somehow


File: 1517616816215.jpg (111.7 KB, 506x778, 1427827772762.jpg)

ITT: Confused newfags enter a nazi meeting and try to offend everyone by hailing hitler.


i like how people try and sage a board that gets like 5 posts every hour though. thats kinda funny


>Not knowing why we sage here
You fuckers didn't even lurk for a day before doing this shit.


oh no it'd be a shame if i wasnt accepted in the treehouse of weirdo neets!!!!!!!!!! lol(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


This thread went from people actually discussing the trailer to people screaming at eachother, very good.


trailers bad & games gonna suck. no game made in 8 months is good. its just a matter of which communities reject it, its a test to see if this subset of dumb ass brand-loyal gamers are exploitable


>what's a polite/offtopic sage


what the fuck is a polite off topic sage


You'd know if you lurked, silly frog


are ppl so socially anxious even on anonymous image boards that they need to politely sage just in case stuff gets bumped to the top and they bring more attn to themselves


Nope, you won't be able to figure it out, but you're free to keep trying.


no…NO!!!!!!! now i will never understand the lexicon of cool ppl who say new fag….


Dude, he's just fucking around calling us losers while wasting his own time doing this. Stop feeding the little kid, it's late and he's got to prepare to do his school work tomorrow.


actually i called you a cool person who says good things that aren't bad


Sei, please lock this thread now.

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