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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.
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so, what's your general feelings on the game and how it will be received? it seems with "other recent indie juggernauts" like they're trying to emulate or at least get a response similar to undertale

do you think it's going to actually get that response? i honestly don't see it being one of those games that'll get the WHAT IS THIS CRAZY GAME?? PART 59 treatment, but you never know how much kadokawa or gaming youtubers might try to push it, so maybe i'll be eating my words


also: how long do you think they've been working on this? the steam release of the original game is obviously just to get people talking about the game again in preperation for this, and from what i'm aware, the kadoakawa have been working with kikiyama before, so how long do you think they've actually been working on this?


cautiously optimistic. i figure even if it's trash i'll get a kick out of it, although the "other recent indie juggernauts" thing concerns me. if they made this game full of hip references to other shit, that would probably ruin it for me.

based on how it looks so far i sort of doubt it's going to be that popular. i think you're right. i sort of hope you're right? who knows though…

it seems to me like they haven't been worked on it for that long. i feel like it would look more polished if they had. wasn't there something about how they've only been working on it for x amount of months anyway?


File: 1517446832618.png (1.8 MB, 1920x1080, madolamps2.png)

Okay, I feel mixed. On one hand, I knew from day one it would be an interpretation of the game rather than 1:1 remake which does suck in cerain ways (STOP TRYING TO EMULATE CLOCK TOWER), but on the other hand it keeps things fresh rather than "Oh it's that free game but with BETTER GFX that you have to pay". I ain't even concerned about le indie juggernauts because it means nothing. Indie has a wider scope other than undertale, ddlc and et all on certain circles - it could mean anything from "games that were independently published and have a cult following"/garage devs/games that have a cult following and weren't that popular to the typical Meat Boy and stuff we see. So far, all I am detecting is a clear Clock Tower influence.

The good is, in a way it is interesting to see people's takes on a game that is what it is and in a way abstract art and hey, due to alledgations of Kikiyama involvement we could see what could have been before he stopped deving due to either time or losing most interest in the game it can happen, coming from experience and hey, no one is putting a gun and saying that we MUST BUY THE GAME. It wasn't updated in roughly a decade so what if no updates? We truck on. At least it brings fresh blood. That and I like the school and street so sue me, it's just an area so there might be a lot more. So far the atmosphere looks decent. Will this make Blindfold's 'official' debut? Who knows.

The bad is, well, here are my concerns about it. One is the marketing that they're doing it. It could be bait and switch for all we know but all I get is that they saw too much of the fandom instead of the game itself. Sure, giving a pander here and there to a fandom is good but throwing this many can lead to it running the asylum and that is NEVER a good idea. Second is, well, I don't really dig how they abandoned the cartoony style over the realistic style when the most iconic locations and characters tended to be simple. The cartoonishness was part of the thing. Granted that every other yn fan art had the characters drawn like animu style or de-chibified to some extent but still.

Secondly, is if it will be really sidescroller or a fixed camera (I mean that there are conflicting screenies such as the school and the hard to see it but if you blink you will miss it boulder on the bathroom). Come on now, this is an EXPLORATION thing, KDKW. Sure, exploration platformers can be done well - Knytt is an example. But you have 3D. USE IT. Is it too much to ask for something more… 3rd person platformer. Or a way to adjust the camera? It'd be neat to zoom in the map and find hidden things.

Thirdly, I honestly hope the music in the trailer is just trailer music or that we are able to change to the old versions of the bgms using a setting. Sound is a huge part of the atmosphere and having it be just… eh doesn't sit well with me.

Fourthly, who the fuck thought making a lamp a HELD ITEM AS OPPOSED TO A SURREAL TRANSFORMATION a good idea? It takes away from the surrealism which is what YN is about. In my POV, of course.

For the things I don't really care about is 'Monoe' as it could be people interpreting her as a past Madotsuki or something like that, and the bigger blob role. Kyuukyu-kun could be just unfinished.

As for the fandom treatment I doubt it - YN is literally a mainstay "weird rpg maker game", meaning that most fucknuts have already touched the game at some point and only now people are noticing it and I can't see it appealing to a wide audience the way Furry Earthbound/Typical VN with tweeeeeest/flavorofthemonthgame does, not only due to how literally everything is vague but also - Madotsuki recolors? Oldest trick in the book for fangames. Uboa references? That TOO is an old trick in the book. Le legbutt/rape/whateverthefuck theory? Been there, done that so whatever trigender uboasexual catfoxkin is just going to look like "eh, someone did it, kid, who cares". All we'll maybe have is more fangames to have a popcorn sit at.

Oh here I am, ramblin' after some drinks.


I will be very angry if Masada has a face in this game. Because he didn't in the last one


It will be an "average" game, with a weird interpretation not many people will agree with, but it'll be a fun novelty to get a kick out of like the manga was- that's my feelings, anyway.

Allegedly the game's been in development for about nine months, by less than a dozen people, so I'm not expecting too much. From what I gathered (with all the language barriers and second-hand information anyway), I highly doubt Kikiyama's the director or anything, and it feels more like a game made by other people with them asking Kikiyama "is it okay to do this".

I could easily see it getting traction with a bunch of Youtubers, though. Not Undertale/Five Nights-level, but I can see big names playing it and it being a flavor of the month type of game.

Biggest expectation: people overhyping this game to be some full-on high budget remake of Yume Nikki when it'll probably be more like the manga and a basic sidescroller game, then when they're let down a ton of people will be fighting over the most inane things, listing every single change from the original, and arguing over what's canon and what's not, and how "I was right and you were wrong".


This is a seriously good post. Thanks for this.


I think it'll be really average. It'll probably get forgotten in the grand scheme of things, like the manga and the light novel.

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