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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.
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What are your favorite Yume Nikki theories /yndd/?


Madotsuki is Sans


Many of the characters in Madotsuki's dreams are people she knew who died.

Poniko was a close friend who was murdered in a home invasion.

Monoko was a schoolmate who was killed in a car crash by her sister Monoe. The crash also killed Monoe's boyfriend Shitai. Monoe later comittted suicide.

Kyuukyuu and FACE represent trauma from sexual abuse Madotsuki suffered at the hands of a math tutor, who himself is represented by numbers world. The teacher in question was killed by police after he fought with them during his arrest.

Masada is an amphetamine-addicted music teacher she had an illicit affair with. He died of a heart attack from overdosing.

The combination of these factors and others led to her withdrawl from society and eventual suicide.

Also, I huff glue.


Madotsuki has a dick. Basically, she's male to female transgender. That's why she's flat compared to the other girls' slight chest detail. This is also why the bloated abdomens and roadside of uterus-like things are womb envy. FACE follows Kyuukyuu because she dislikes her own penis, Kyuukyuu is a phallus and FACE might be a penis head. It was considered very boyish back in the days of 8-bit games to enjoy video games and the female market was dismal. The 8-bit world and her own game system are remnants of her boyhood.


Just debunking the rape theory: Play the original Lisa if you want to see how a rape victim's mind is altered by the rapist. There should be a thread in /og/ if you're interested. Madotsuki's dream world shows a fascination with anatomy, except for some reason the phallus and face-like screen that follows it.


File: 1517018460146.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.53 KB, 850x510, __monoko_yume_nikki_drawn_….jpg)

Oh, I've got a good one. Mado's mother was actually a sexologist, but she died in a car crash along with her father. Mado was also in the car, but survived. That's why there's all the sex parts in her dreams, that explains the dead guy on the road, and that explains why Mado is too traumatized to leave her room. Oh wait, that's obviously false. It's not as edgy xdxd as rape, which is clearly the right interpretation. Everything has to be as sensationalized as possible, right guiz?


Mado's a normal young girl with weird and interesting dreams who never leaves her room because that's not the focus of the game.


>Mado's a normal young girl
Why'd she kill herself then? I agree with everything else, but something is off about Mado.


Everyone seems to forget that she jumps the fuck off the balcony. That's not normal behavior and Madotsuki is not normal. You should feel silly.


Depression is a fairly common thing.


File: 1517021659671.jpg (36.52 KB, 304x304, The Ramones.jpg)

>I huff glue
oh my god.

Madotsuki is actually one of the Ramones! It all makes sense now! I always wondered why numbers world synced up perfectly with "Wart Hog" left on repeat.

But that means kikiyama is Marky Ramone, man I wondered what he was up to during the early 00's


That's easy, anons! It's an incomplete explanation that I like anyway.


File: 1517027698093.jpg (4.32 KB, 213x178, overtheedge.jpg)

kikiyama raped a girl, then used rpgmaker to work out his fantasies about how she dealt with it

now it's in your head

also, i am a serial killer


Ubuu's Kikiyama, Steam Kikiyama or Kikiyama the creator of Yume Nikki?


My theory is the game is a metaphor for how amazing games often get fucked over with shitty remakes.


File: 1517336577148.jpg (81.85 KB, 724x620, laughs microscopically.jpg)


I hate how the trans theory is probably not true because it's so good


There's definitely a benis down there


god i unironically hope. not for anything sexual, just that if yume nikki is about a girl with a dick who's a social shut-in gamer that has eerie sometimes wild dreams that reinforce her insecurites over her gender identity, then it'll be the best trans representation ever made


Bane is an escaped convict from an island prison in South America and a super-villain/assassin. Bane has abnormal physical strength as a result of having undergone experiments involving a derivative of the drug Venom. He became known as "The Man Who Broke the Bat" when he broke Batman's back, forcing Bruce Wayne to give up the Batman persona while he recuperated. Bane was originally created by writers Chuck Dixon and Doug Moench and artist, Graham Nolan, and he first appeared in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January 1993).


>trans representation
Why? What would be the point? Why do some people insist that characters have superficial, tiny minority traits? That would literally add nothing to yn. Being a tranny or drag queen adds nothing to a character because those traits are superficial. The obviously political motivations behind a ret-con that shitty would be a stain.


>then it'll be the best trans representation ever made
and that is relevant/important because…?


Personally, the idea is interesting, I'd like to see something like that in an ORIGINAL game. I think it could have been the background of the original Yume Nikki, but the same goes for my idea that Kikiyama is Marky Ramone. Any actual story beyond the original's will feel shoehorned and wrong. Even if it was Kikiyama's intended story all along.


The ambiguity of literally everything is precisely what made yn interesting. Any further clarity would only serve to muddy a clean, sublime experience. It's nice to fantasize, but please recognize that your idea would not have made yn better.


File: 1517628472788.png (161.08 KB, 706x438, blueberry harvest.png)

dude I wasn't the one that suggested it. I just said I liked the idea. >>781 is not me, nor is >>783 .

Lots of queers around here, it seems. Better watch your step or we'll assimilate you into the gaywad hivemind.



twas a joke my good dudes


to elaborate: it's a joke, this wouldn't be good trans representation, it would just probably strike chords in trans folk who are also NEETs because the culture of being so is kind of prevalent in online trans circles. in retrospect this probably doesn't come off well to cis people because they don't know that but hey now you do, learning is fun

it's too late, the lgbt agenda has taken over uboachan. we're now calling it ubiachan, and madotsuki and poniko being lesbians is now enforcable by ban. speaking of which, any good theories on that? just interested, i admittedly haven't read any theories where love is a main theme (discounting the rape theory because i wouldn't really call that one based around "love")


File: 1517658913108.png (2.03 MB, 2000x2000, Poniko's secret.png)

>i admittedly haven't read any theories where love is a main theme
Really? I'm tired of reading that one about Masada being a music teacher Mado fell in love with, and even had a relationship with, pointing out that after sleeping on his bed, sirens would start ringing (police) and he would start panicking. After that, she's alone in Mars.

But a theory with any other love interest? I guess there are some Shitai shippers, but that's about it. And then there's pic related.


Wasn't there a theory about Poniko being the embodiment of Mado's ideal girl?


Mado is a white CIS male.


File: 1517668991856.jpg (23.04 KB, 327x400, SUPER BATTLE DROID TAKE IT….jpg)

When it's all caps it's the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Sorry bro. Mado is a Sepratist now.


Mado's sprite looks like a girl and wears pink, sorry huffpost, YN is an heteronormative game.


Masada's sprite looks like Jeff the Killer. What do you have to say to that?


>What do you have to say to that?


>sex this
>sex that
>see? she enters a door, that's she entering a vagina
>see that lightpost? that's a dick
>see, everything is sex imagery
>because she was raped, yes, that's it

Just lol.


I don't like 'she was raped' as a theory on it's own, but there is occasionally some obvious sexual imagery, like the flute room (of course that area specifically doesn't make sense for it to be rape, more like working at a brothel).


>working in a brothel
Oh my god, Mado is Zen from Spirited Away! So Kikiyama is actually Miyazaki! Masada is No-Face, and everyone else is other people from that movie I guess!


Why must all theories be about rape? Maybe she LIKED sucking on a big ol' fat cock.
The worlds are her fetishes, candle wax, outdoors, against ancient Aztec murals…
But all her partners got creeped out because of her HUGE egg laying fetish, and life without dicc just aint worth livin


You don't have to say please.


maybe Mado is the rapist. I know she's a little girl and all, but this is a Japanese game, you know.


Madotsuki in YNDD is aware she is a player character being controlled. One event where she looks at the camera makes it obvious.


File: 1519758658993.png (1.73 KB, 296x290, Maussan.png)

Applicable to original YN as well because they appear in the same location, but I wonder if the stargazers are some sort of gods over the desert and that's why they are illuminated.


I just always thought they were Glowing Ones.


With the sperm-like things floating around a lighthouse which is phallic, Kadokawa supports the theory that Madotsuki has a dick.


>Pink (blood) Sea
>You travel around in "balloons" (condoms)
>Seminal release at the end
>And inside the "castle" (womb) it's Poniko

Madotsuki raped Monoe with her Kyuucock-kun, left her pregnant and Poniko is their daughter WHERE IS MATPAT



Also, why would there be so much emphasis on venus symbols unless it meant something important to her? It's her gender she identifies as but not her birth gender.


Matpat was executed as a deserter of the Night's Watch back in the first book, just after the prologue. Sad stuff.

That's why Monoe was crying. Well, that and because she was raped and has a penis.


The desert villager asking for the kalimba raped Matpat.

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