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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.
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File: 1516877670884-1.png (29.96 KB, 255x255, 1495785221615.png)


This is now confirmed to be the new undertale.
Are they expecting me to pay for what essentially is a fan sequel? (even though they already exist! AND ARE FREE!!!)

I'm sorry but I can't defend this. It's just shamelessly capitalizing on the fan-base at this point. wew to believe i wasted two weeks for this


Good God you're like a rich ten year old that got the wrong color IPhone for Christmas. Never happy, always needlessly complaining. That's not even a good comparison actually, because you haven't even played what you're desperately whining about.


File: 1516887590221.jpg (27.82 KB, 620x620, avatar_1507828879088.jpg)

good GOD its not even a day old and you people are whining.


>Tons of hype
>Long ass countdown
>Shady kikiyama endorsement
>Ugly as fuck unity store tier assets
>Extremely inconsistent art

Fuck off with the false equivalences, and if you paid some attention, we have been complaining for longer than that.


Go back to /v/ dumbass. Here though let me talk like you do, subhuman

>ignoring the concept art by Kikiyama

bet you're going to say that's fake too thougH KEK MAGA KEK KEK


>With the full cooperation of the original creator, Kikiyama themselves
>'Good friends of Kikiyama' don't even know what gender they are


>3D game
I'm disappointed by the art. Also, it doesn't seem original.


keep crying idiot




>492: Indie
>21: Adventure
>19: Action
>1710: Surreal
>1667: Horror
>1721: Psychological Horror
>4085: Anime
>9551: Dating Sim
>1646: Hack and Slash
>3799: Visual Novel
>5900: Walking Simulator
>6650: Nudity


>Go back to /v/ dumbass. Here though let me talk like you do, subhuman
>Not knowing how this site historically reacts to this kind of event
You're not just a newfag, you are a cancerous poser, you go back to /v/.
Now behind your pretentious ad hominems, let me talk to you too.

>concept art by Kikiyama

You mean that one old unused concept art that was later redesigned to be adapted properly to the new game's universe?
How is that ANY different from the file fake Kikiyama posted here in ubuu yesterday?
Also nice strawman, I didn't say it was fake, I said it was shady, or at least not handled in the most professional way.

Lern to debate without dishonest fallacies and lurk.

>Can't deny anything
>Processing rebutal


>You mean that one old unused concept art that was later redesigned to be adapted properly to the new game's universe?

Yeah, that one that was NEVER POSTED ONLINE BEFORE.


File: 1516904648825.png (17.73 KB, 544x436, UNRELEASEDBYKIKIYAMA.png)

Here I found another one just for you, also, you didn't answer my question.


You really don't have anything better to do than shitpost huh. This is a cute drawing, why don't you practice art more instead of shitting yourself on a Chinese Visual Novel forum?


>Still can't prove me wrong


What is there to be upset about? Kikiyama hasn't updated his website so even if he really is working on it, it's easiest just treating it like you would any other fangame. Though I was expecting there to be more to it because it isn't some doujin game quickly being whipped up to be sold at Comiket, kikiyama may not actually be working on it so I've lowered my expectations.

Also, is it so surprising a large company is charging for it?


what a sad man


0/10 the new lamp effect has mado holding the lamp instead of the lamp being mado's head. you done bad kadokawa go to the time-out corner


I'm trying to have a positive outlook on the game, and yeah, you can't pass judgement on the game until it comes out, but you're delusional if you don't think this doesn't look like bad news.
>Very bland, lifeless 3D assets
>It's a collaborative, fan-made "reboot" to "celebrate" Yume Nikki, rather than a unique game
>It costs $20, which is pretty pricey for a walking simulator with graphics that look as bland as this
>So far the only new areas we've seen are very generic Japanese horror game areas; a dimly lit street and a dimly lit school room
>"This diverging follow-up combines influences from the original game and other recent indie juggernauts"
>A heavy focus on bringing in a "new audience"/"modern crowd"
It's hard to not be concerned for the game's quality.


If Kikiyama supervised it, guess what? It's an official work. (Not a fan work.) That's pretty much all Shigeru Miyamoto does, yet he takes most of the credit for Mario. Kikiyama knew what they were getting into, or they would have denied cooperation. I'm sorry, but we have to accept it as a Kikiyama official work.


At least be honest, you know you're not remotely trying to be positive about this. How can you tell the assets are 'lifeless' from a few dark screenshots? And YN already had a lot of "generic spooky Japanese areas", like the sewers. Reserve judgement for the background music, which should be even more important than the visuals.


>If Kikiyama supervised it, guess what? It's an official work.
That is not how it works you helpless blind noob, that would make DC and Marvel completely nonsensical, and a lot of supervised anime movies aren't canon either, like Saint Seiya or Dragon Ball.

Also, and more importantly, it is a SELF proclaimed fan game, read the thing.


Team of fans. If Mario is made by a bunch of Mario fans even though Shigeru Miyamoto supervises it, does that make it a fan work? No, it doesn't. You're pulling for straws, here. I'm sorry, but you lose the argument. Go play more Yume Nikki.


It's made by a proper game studio with supervision from Kikyama themself. It uses concept art from Kikyama.

I wouldn't want anybody to be handling this game if they were not a fan of the original. You shouldn't either.

This is not a fan game, and if this doesn't make you happy then literally nothing would have.


>with supervision from Kikyama themself
We still don't know for sure if kadokawa is lying or not.


Why would a reputable company lie, at the risk of the person or their family suing for fraud? Take your tinfoil hat off.



You rip off a property whose creator has not shown a single sign of life in a decade. You make $500,000. The creator sues you and settles for $200,000. You still made $300,000.


They could take the risk.



>9551: Dating Sim

>6650: Nudity



>It being made as a collaborative effort by fans is a bad thing
Have you seen Sonic Mania at all? That was made entirely by fan-developers and it was easily one of the best games of last year. You guys will find any reason to bitch.


tagging is done by users.


>Complaining about it being a collaborative fan effort
Do you dumb motherfuckers remember that Yume 2kki was a collaborative fan effort?
Now, I know very well that "collab fan effort" does not instantly ensure a good game, but it also sure as hell doesn't instantly insure a shitty one either.


File: 1517007180746.jpg (186.65 KB, 768x567, c2f5149eca669060acadab65f6….jpg)

Don't feel like you're doing any better, you're literally complaining of little kids complaining on a site they didn't know about until yesterday. If you don't like it here leave, and take your friends with you please.


For every Sonic Mania, there are a hundred or so Newgrounds Sonic games.


Yume 2kki was free, didn't proclaim to be anything greater than a fan game and is still being updated to this day. YNDD on the other hand costs $20, pretends Kiki has a part in it and has been slapped together in 8 months


There you people go again with the skepticism. How can you prove Kikiyama isn't involved?


We can't just like how you can't prove that they are. From what we've observed and know as fact from the past 10+ years, a lot of skepticism is warranted. Also, 20 fucking dollars? For a 3-d version of something I can already get for free and am guaranteed to enjoy more? God damn. It's worth 10 bucks, tops.


Denuvo DRM


This is as bad as the theories that Elvis Presley is alive, though. We have no proof that a reputable company would risk a lawsuit. It hasn't been in Kadokawa's character to do so. If I'm wrong, give me fraud examples outside Yume Nikki


All companies make calculated risks. YN is special in that it would actually be hard to prove that you are kikiyama. I don't know. I'm withholding judgment, but Kadokawa might have more to gain than the remote possibility of a lawsuit.


You're placing the value of Yume Nikki too high. This isn't calculated risk. It could ruin them. You don't know how hard scandals impact Japanese companies.


Applying Western logic to an Eastern company. This is your first mistake.


We know for a fact there's new stuff in so you're already wrong there.


How does that disprove anything I said? Whatever they put, it will not be as enjoyable to me due to its art direction. Art direction is 90% of yn for me.


>new undertale
this undertale u gay, it's not fan gayme or just shit
La money for developed gayme (with help of made who made the gayme)

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