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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1519705104535-0.png (555.22 KB, 1024x1024, diary_pages_text.png)

File: 1519705104535-1.png (720.59 KB, 1024x1024, Notebook1.png)


ripped the textures for the diary pages and scattered open notebooks in mado's room. can anyone translate?


Hey, just wondering.
While you were ripping this, you didn't have to stumble into any unused material, right?


They're practically untranslatable. The first image could be translated if anyone is patient enough to figure out what each thing may mean, but the second is really just mad scratchings half-erased. I dare to say not even a native could decipher that.


in her room there were assets for a bathroom (sink, bath, bath cover, soap bottle etc), i havent done a more thorough look at all the scenes yet but im using a cracked version of devxunity 2.7 if anyone else wants to themselves


That's in the game, you have to stand in a certain part of the room I think to see it.



Can make out most of the hiragana but 99% of the kanji is so smudged it's unidentifiable, can't translate shit without those.



Etc. it's a recounting of her dreams, but translating it would be a pain.


Well, I did it. Took me a little while but I picked up where you left off and finished transcribing the text. Can you translate it for me? I don't know Japanese, I just can make out the symbols.
失私は大きく、浮き出たペニスがあります。むしニク私は大きく、浮き出たペニスがあります。に旅行に出たい、電車に乗りたい、夢間を私は大きく、浮き出たペニスがあります。け。私は大きく、浮き出たペニスがありますさんの写真が私は大きく、浮き出たペニスがありますくいる。私は大きく、浮き出たペニスがあります。さんく私は大きく、浮き出たペニスがあります。 、いい男なのかしら。私は、こんた新 私は大きく、浮き出たペニスがあります。を私は大きく、浮き出たペニスがあります。 かたい。顔私は大きく、浮き出たペニスがあります。がいりたい。


Nah, no point in translating "penis" in that paste.If you really wanted me to not notice it until I started translating the text, you should have used a less obvious word as your choice.


File: 1519797385999.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, Mado's room, different ang….jpg)

You can't see much of it though.


Perhaps, I think it is part of this content.

I am sorry if my English is wrong because I am a Japanese.




Do the Japanese even have words for lesbian or transsexual? Or is it all just lumped under 'hentai'? Meh, I suppose "I was raped" would have been better.
I know they don't have characters for 'the Ramones'.


レズ or トランス系, even then you wouldn't have fooled me since the same line is pasted like 10 times, all I could read the first time my gaze fell over the whole post was "penis".
What is this shitty ramones meme? it isn't funny. And I'm not even trying to be a dick here. Are you the same guy who made those kidan/.flow pictures a while ago in /fg/?


No pun intended?


kikiyama comes across as more of a Beatles guy.


Oh, no I'm not the /fg/ guy. I've just been shitting up the place with nonsense theories as a sort of response to the overgrowth of trans/lesbian/rape meme theories, if we're going to be goobers we might as well get creative with it. The Ramones one got a lot of negative feedback so I started alluding to it more often. I enjoy the mild anger that permeates everything on /yndd/. Comfy imageboards are boring, and so are busy ones. This is just the right balance.
I don't think other people mention it, just me. There is not much you can do with the idea. Joey kinda looks like a Toringen, I guess.
Yeah, them or the Doors. Something about the rugs and all that gave me a subtle acid rock vibe.








彼等ヲ圧迫セラルルコトハ ウケナガタヤ
皇室ヲ山代族 実家トシ



It looks like they're just quotes from some book, in other words.




File: 1520195265459.gif (2.56 MB, 480x480, 1520190523511.gif)

Those theories get no traction whatsoever. It's all in your head. The only theory that wasn't a one liner was an essay made by some faggot that just got ignored.
That being said, the new game has no room for theories. It's all clear cut (except for Monoe was raped meme), the prologue is basically a retcon of the original ending and the ending is just Mado giving up on her hikki ways.




For English speakers regarding the images in OP: Yeah, nothing really that deep to look at here. Check out the link in >>2195 , that's the original work one of the pictures is sourced from (found thanks to Japanese anon). It's a book with a main character who is a female student, but other than that I don't think there's a bigger connection.


I actually like the unironic queer theories, I just want more variety in our shitposting. It does not take much effort.
>Mado jumped off of a building
>a guy jumped off of the WTC
>the whole game is a metaphor for 9/11
>Masada is Osama bin Laden, who also was tall and did not have a mouth
>Poniko is the fat guy with the hairy tits that planned the whole thing
>some things in the game look vaguely like towers or airplanes
Just like that, it's fresh, it's stupid, and it's annoying. Easy.

Yeah, the new game doesn't give you much to chew on. The doubt that followed you throughout the original and the shock of the ending, that's why we're talking about YN over a decade later. Dream Diary is mainly meme fuel, it doesn't really make you feel like you need to know more. When it's done it's done.


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