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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.
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File: 1519499363065.png (Spoiler Image, 3.64 MB, 1920x1080, semen stains the mountaint….PNG)


ITT things you thought were kinda neat.

Most of the game followed this awful pattern of turning existing content weirdly hostile or morphing it into puzzle elements. This is the one change that really caught me off guard in that its purpose seems to be entirely thematic instead of just catering to YNDD's new focus on horror and puzzles. I don't really know what to make of it but I thought it was interesting, which is probably my most positive response to anything in the whole game.


Pink Sea is definitely the best part of the game, being one of the veeery few bright and calm worlds in the game. Shocking, I know.
I also liked how Mado's real room gets messier and messier the more into her dreams she gets, and how you can get a cute moment of her reading when you load a save.


Seems like Kadokawa entirely misjudged its audience because we all want cute shit, huh?
I personally liked how nice O-man and E-man were to Madotsuki, and how O-man took the flute out of their clothes like a wizard.


File: 1519506580009.png (Spoiler Image, 2.52 MB, 1920x1080, amoeba.png)

This part was how I imagined a 3D YN.



Managed to make a chase scene actually more surreal than try hard "spooky"


This is gonna sound weird, but the bit where you walk across the school front yard before getting to the steps where Monoe is crying is actually one of my favourite bits. Like, it's just a short walking section, but something about that empty schoolyard with the sun setting and the school bell softly chiming was really, really chilling. Especially with Monoe sobbing on the steos. Sure her screaming at you was kinda dumb, but there was something…a bit too close to home about that opening segment of that world that really, really got me. It captured the eerieness of Yume Nikki far better than the 2spoopy4me "dark school" bit.

Also, I was quite pleased/unnerved by what seemed like expanding on the sexaul assault/rape theme of the original. They still kept it implicit, but they put just enough emphasis on it to leave me feeling uncomfortable.


The game has good presentation in bits that really impress, I especially like Pink Sea and the UFO, the areas that break this nice presentation are ussually the areas that have a lot of glitches, jank and stuff that kills and just resets over and over, killing the feel.


Yeah, the invisible walls ruin it though, if you could actually go past the border and have the level repeat/loop on itself like it did in the original I would have really liked it, because it is a really nice recreation.


Some of my favorite bits were probably some of the bits you'd least expect to like in a Yume Nikki game.
The school in general is my absolute favorite area, going through the first time. I love the feeling of going deeper and deeper as it gets more surreal. Also has some of the most beautiful music in the game, and I love how it feels like Mado's dreams are bleeding into the real world.
Also just has some goddamn wonderful presentation and is probably the most polished area.
Beyond that, the Monoko chase scene caught me really off guard and actually became one of my favorite parts of the game, the music being really damn funky, turning it into less of a spooky and more of a surreal moment.
Walking around the Barracks after caging the mouth monster, and walking through the woods to the Pink Sea was amazing too.


Something that bugs me off is that Monoe is now crying instead of smiling like in the original game. Is this how she was meant to behave?


That was Kikiyama's super secret intention the whole time.


He accidentally rotated the mouth wrong in the original. She was supposed to be frowning. He realized this mistake and it sent him into a decade long depression.


File: 1519540175647.jpg (114.89 KB, 850x478, __komeiji_koishi_touhou_dr….jpg)

It all makes sense now, like the final piece of a grand puzzle finally falling into place.


to me, game has some promising stuff there..

kinda makes me wish that they gradually update and patch it, adding more worlds, more familiar characters etc.

But seeing that the game has ending already makes me think that's not gonna happen.


The theory for this game now is 'Monoe was raped' rather than Mado this time.


I feel the same. If you told me this was the first iteration of the game, and that they were still working on it, I think it would have been great. I mean, add more content, make better connections between dreams, make them more open and add some aimless exploration to expand every zone, and you got a pretty decent game.


the biggest things i disliked about the game were how they handled Uboa, Monoko and Monoe.
The lack of worlds was disappointing too.

I get that Uboa was a jumpscare in the original. but after the shock wore off, you could see what Uboa looks like. in this game, you have no idea what that is if you haven't seen the original version (or don't look at the diary for a pic of uboa and Poniko. which is pretty nice).

The whole chase with Monoko is dumb as heck.


Every time you use the hamsa it looks like Mado is dabbing


I think one of the reasons why YNDD flopped is because it was simply overhyped by fans. Lured by such big name as Kadokawa, we might expect some high-grade recreation project, not someone's Unity course practice.

And also price policy adds up to the frustration. The game might be more or less acceptable if it kept the status of a NON-COMMERCIAL fangame. Even with Steam's regional policy it is clearly overpriced. Hell, I could afford LISA: Complete Edition for that.

Another thing that the commercial status leaves no room for legal homebrew modding and/or expansion, which sucks a lot.


fuck, that would be cool. i know that rpg maker is easy enough to use as it is, but imagine being able to add doors in the nexus through steam workshop


>steam workshop

Nah, that would be too mainstream.

The possible workaround here is to make Y2K-esque collaborative project in Unity. Something like "Community Edition" where people put their own 3D takes on classic YN worlds.

Well, I'm just daydreamin'


I don't know where you've been but from what I saw around here, people were speculative since the project was first announced and then reacted really negatively to the trailers. No one had any expectations for this game.


The overhyped defense is everywhere. Most people seemed to have very low expectations.


>The whole chase with Monoko is dumb as heck.
Somehow that was actually one of my favorite parts of the game, and I hated every other chase or stealth scene.
I think it's just because they nailed the tone with it, it was one of the few parts of the game that felt truely Yume Nikki-ish to me tone wise, in that instead of making it outright scary or suspenseful, they have this chase scene playing with funky music in the background, and it ends up becoming more outright surreal rather than spooky.
That, and Monoko's sound design was really good.


monoko is for spinning and only spinning


>Monoko's sound design was really good
She may be a evil ghost demon from hell but her babbling was really cute for me. But I also find a lot of weird shit cute so I dont know


People complained about it sure but looking back that one PV they posted really early on was better than what we got.


File: 1519692982371.png (161.57 KB, 305x227, 124t14t1234.PNG)

That sounds nice, but Uboachan can't even put together a fangame in RPG Maker. How could it slap together a game in 3D?


There's a difference between can't and won't.


I didn't tell you about this place so you could troll it.


Everything in that post is correct.


If you won't, you can't.


Dumb expression. I wont drink coffee in the afternoon, but I can do it.


File: 1519791611538.png (1.26 MB, 1420x857, 1519448987183.png)

It had a lot of potential, and a lot of it wasted.
I really liked the pink sea. That was some A+ atmosphere.
The subtle clues to bullying left around the school were neat too. The music in that scene was great.


>Madotsuki in THUG
I would ask how to do this if I actually liked that model.




same, THUG was my childhood
the model is fine, it's just the face that's a bit uncanny


I remember there being this one guy that was fixing the model proportions to be more accurate to the original, like scaling up the heads slightly, fixing the torso a little, etc.


Nice. You have a pic or something? I'm curious.

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