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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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Will this game ever get a Mac port? Some of us are stuck as Macfags for the time being, and want to experience this for themselves.
(My soul is crying)


File: 1519485299318.png (110.08 KB, 362x370, 1517750677254.png)

Stay stuck, you deserve it Macfag.


Don't buy a Mac next time just some advice.


Not sure how much free space you have/if you're willing to do this, but you can always use Bootcamp to partition your hard drive and install a trial version of Windows just for games

Or try Wine I guess, but it's been a pain getting it to properly run games for me in the past

Of course that's assuming this game will run on your Mac in the first place


The game isn't worth getting anyways, save your money and time Macfag.


You will never get those 6 hours back if you choose to play it. Skim through a video walk-through and get the same experience in ten minutes.


You will never get those 20 hours back by playing original Yume Nilki. Watch the events to get the same experience in 10 minutes.


If you really want to see how the game is but don't have the patience to deal with playing it, I'd genuinely recommend doing that. You obviously aren't the kind of player the game is expecting but if you're curious you can always just speed-watch it and save yourself instead of "hurrrrrrrrr I must play this otherwise it doesnt count in my steam clock and I cant show off!!!!"


You don't have to wait potentially 80+ years to experience death. Get a gun and shoot yourself if you want to experience it right now.


File: 1519522769440.png (199.56 KB, 392x411, OIaBg.png)


Do you like mens' asses?


The difference is that those were 20 hours well-spent, faggot.




literally, if you want to play this game early on mac just buy limbo. i dont know what the fuck kadokawa was trying to do with this game but they did it wrong.


Comparing it to Limbo is as good as crying over the difficulty of some puzzles.


If you don't think the original is better or worth spending time on, please get the fuck out. It's not just an opinion when this is literally the YN board.


Double standard. This particular section is YNDD. I don't see the same thing being applied here. What if I came exclusively because of YNDD? I doubt you can even fathom that.


Oh, I can. That's why this is the worst board.


I admit that nothing is like the original, but in the case of Yume Nikki, it requires a lot of forgiveness and appreciation of its artistic choices to enjoy. The same applies to YNDD only this time it has a staunch original fanbase it didn't click with 40% of.


Appreciation, yes, but forgiveness?? The art of the original is one of its main charms. Nothing to 'forgive' there. I'm a different anon but YNDD was at a disadvantage from the beginning /because/ of YN's original 'artistic choices', not despite of them. But it truly sabotaged itself the moment it decided to incorporate elements from games that had nothing to do with YN's identity and let them take over almost completely.


Yes. Yume Nikki is pretentiously artsy. Opaqueness doesn't inherently make art good, nor does playing outside the rules make it innovative. It took the most basic concept of games, walking, and added a few interactive things in for flavor. Do you seriously want me to get into why Yume Nikki can be considered 'bad' to some? I haven't even scratched the surface of what makes Yume Nikki a piece of crappy modern art.


And if all you can do is tell me "If you don't like Yume Nikki GTFO", you've already lost the argument. I like Yume Nikki because it's crappy modern art.


I really hope you're baiting. YN isn't good because it lacks transparency or does something basic with limited interactivity or is modern, "art". It's good because of its atmosphere and visuals. Everything clicks to form a unique and enchanting experience. Games that go out of it's way to come across as some super high level masterpiece fail to create an emotional investment because it's too busy being pretentious. YN doesn't try to do anything. It is what it is and all that you're left with is your own interpretations and the feelings. YN makes me feel something and it enchants me and it sucks me in. It's hypnotic. It's not for everybody, but you have to acknowledge its powerful ability to capture the imagination. Also, gtfo faggot.


I think Madotsuki kills herself in the end to tell you to stop playing the fucking game. There's a reason Kikiyama is a recluse, and I'm sure they approved the piece of shit that is Yume Nikki Dream Diary just to piss people like you off.


This video also incites a lot of imagery and is original.


Uh huh. Okay. If you don't think there's a difference between something that only makes me feel mild disgust and something that I actually get emotionally invested in, I don't know what to tell you. Since that's all you had to say, I guess you lost the, "argument". You can fuck off already now.


I'm sure you're not willing to give up, either.


>Yume Nikki is shitty modern art
>No it isn't, it's just a nice experience
>B-B-But shitty modern art

Excellent argument. Sadly no one is saying that so your argument is shit. Go away.


All you've ever given was your own opinion on what Yume Nikki is and isn't. Give me reasons why you made such an opinion and I'll give you some credit.


The game uses color and shape in interesting ways that create surreal visuals. The childish drawings imply some connection to Mado's mindset. How much the visuals say about Mado is up to interpretation, but as you play yn, you naturally contemplate this. The use of music also helps to create a very wide array of atmospheres and emotional landscapes. It's strangeness perfectly fits with the visuals. Some environments are heartwarming and cozy while others feel cold and sterile and others feel menacing or foreboding. This is done through sound and visuals. The sheer variety and constant transition from one feeling to the next keeps you on your toes constantly. You don't know what will be thrown at you next. The npcs both have personality and comes off as lifeless, which makes you simultaneously feel alone and like some alien presence is watching you. This constant feeling of isolation sometimes makes you feel lonely and other times makes you feel dread. This isolation also mirrors Mado's isolation in the real world. The vastness of the dreamworld contrasts with the claustrophobia of the real world in a captivating way that sticks with you. The interactivity is limited, but feels emotionally significant because of the roller coaster of emotions that this game puts you on. Killing some random npc is actually a bit sicking, which is only intensified by the scream sound effect. The heavy use of sound effects is also bizarre and adds another layer to the atmosphere. This game stimulates your visual and auditory senses constantly and pull you into its world through this.


Wine typically works fine for Unity games, and I keep hearing this is supposedly a Unity game, so use Wine, I guess.
Step 1. Install Wine.
Step 2. Install Steam into Wine.
Step 3. Get game via Mac Steam, because Steam's web browser is allergic to Wine.
Step 4. Install game into Steam on Wine.
Step 5. If game fails to run, refund while you still can?

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