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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.
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File: 1519425235822.jpg (39.91 KB, 420x388, 1465799486072.jpg)


It finally released Ubuu, what did you think about Kikiyama's seminal release?

Looks pretty bad, to be honest.


File: 1519425461224.png (261.2 KB, 562x385, yndd14.png)

pretty good


it looks like a potato and runs about as well as one too


it took mado 11 years to learn how to jump


i like it so far, it's a fresh perspective


File: 1519427441681.jpg (17.8 KB, 500x358, 1455538497311.jpg)

>its only 30% of the game
>a "reimagining" that pretty much meant turning it into a generic horror mess that doesn't know what it wants to be half of the time
>most of the areas are just 2D sidescrollers
>5 """effects"""
>its actually a shitty unity game
I'm surprised people are still thinking this is actually good, maybe it's because they're in denial that they wasted $20 on this shit?


It's atrocious, complete and utter wankery.


File: 1519429143986-0.jpg (168.01 KB, 1366x768, 20180223152715_1.jpg)

File: 1519429143986-1.jpg (201.28 KB, 1366x768, 20180223144851_1.jpg)

>Too many reocurring chase scenes (see: the street where you have to do this over and over again if you want to go further and you will need to)
>too little content for 20 bucks
>the one time things look decent and it's hidden away with the same bs thing you have to do it EVERY TIME you visit
>laggy to the point that in larger maps, it affect how well can you jump, this includes chase and hide scenes
>You can't RETURN TO THE NEXUS AFTER YOU ENTER A DOOR and there's not even an effect to do so, making it a massive chore if you want to go somewhere else.
>WHY THE FUCK IS THERE AN AO ONI REFERENCE HERE? It feels so out of place that I don't doubt it would be akin to product placement. What's next, Mc Donalds in there?
>music's decent.

The only part that is actually nice is the Pink Sea because you can ride balloons and it has more of the original feel than anything which is a shame. If they had more of this, the empty maps where you can take and travel in other ways while just feeling, it would be better. But instead we get something that feels misguided at very best in its attempts with the platforming and chase sections that will wear off rapidly/feel like very half-done concepts whipped up at 2 am. Granted that this was made by relative newcomers in a short time, but still it doesn't hold up as well on itself, much less on Yume Nikki's name.

This game's worth at bare maximum 5, not 20 in any stretch of imagination.


I have not seen a single reference to the Ramones. I want my money back.


File: 1519432903372.jpg (44.43 KB, 480x156, 1420427133459.jpg)

>people having ridiculous expectations for a 3D game made by a small team based off a very avant-garde game made over a decade ago

It does have its problems (the controls need improvement and the framerate is kind of bad for what it is), and I feel like $20 is a bit much for the game, but honestly, for what it is, I'm pretty satisfied.

It set out to do what it tried to do - reimagine YN in a 3D setting. It's not going to be a full 3D remake, and it's rough around the edges. But it takes a lot of the elements of the original and remixes them in a way that is largely interesting and pleasant.

If you hate it, refund it.


File: 1519436206861.gif (902.74 KB, 650x366, not-your-mind-5.gif)

There's plenty of 3D games made by small teams and sometimes even a single person that are miles better than Dream Diary

Pic related: it's a game called Not Your Mind


File: 1519438696028.png (Spoiler Image, 253.19 KB, 800x550, 10748581_p0.png)

It's overpriced for a game with bad graphics and less areas than the original, but it made my crackship canon so I'm glad it exists.


fuck you I liked it.
It's not Yume Nikki 1.0, it's bug ridden and runs somehow terribly on some parts, but it's a game that I actually enjoyed for once.

I'm glad to see Mado again, and fire up some crackpot theories.

Afterall, the game hints this is some sort of sequel.


Are people really that put-off about the price of the game?
I got about ~6 hours out of the game. (I have 8 on record but my game crashed and lost all my progress so those 2 hours don't count)
Yes, it was insanely buggy. It was also a mess when it comes down to the platforming in some areas.
I didn't much care for the 'horror' aspects that were thrown in mercilessly, mostly, the stuff that had nothing to do with dreams. I also didn't much care for the linear aspects of the game, but there were lots of puzzles, which was neat I think.
Despite all of this, I think $20 is a perfectly fine pricepoint. If you look at Little Nightmares, which has more or less the same amount of content (I beat it in about the same amount of time) it lines up nicely. A lot of people have gripes with the artyle and graphics, which I think could of been tightened up a little.
There were nods to pretty much every character from the original. Sad that a lot of worlds/content couldn't make it in, but we're talking about a studio of maybe ~8-9 people in total.
Overall I'm not upset with it even in the slightest. It wasn't setting out to be a complete remake of the original. They said it right upfront.
I'd give it like a 7/10…?


lol 7/10? How shit are your standards? What's a one or two on your scale? I'd give it a 4 or 5.


Also, I could just download an Ace Attorney rom or any random visual novel right now for free and get fifty billion times as much enjoyment.


are you fucking kidding me


>how low are your standards
>i'd rather just pirate a game illegally instead of value any amount of time or effort that anyone put into any game
Maybe if you had some form of morality or apathy you'd probably realize "wow maybe I was wrong to hold such high standards to a game that's developed by some literal whos."
Yume Nikki is a cult classic. To you, the game is so intricate and delicate but to the millions of other people that don't know what the fuck a 'Dream Diary' is, this game might actually seem interesting. These people don't know who the fuck "Kikiyama" is but they see spooky atmosphere and puzzles and they might be interested.
Or you know, we could always just let the game fade out of existence and preserve the integrity of Yume Nikki.

I guess the sad reality of it is that everyone and anyone who's played YN at some point will claim that this game is dogshit because it's not the original. Bunch of fucking hipsters.


File: 1519448312297.jpg (24.17 KB, 500x375, 633dee83c555d7a452d8694529….jpg)

>people who would rather not want to eat shit are hipsters
And you're the one whining with your anti-piracy moralfaggotry.


Are you retarded, or just baiting? Oh, i'm so sorry for not wanting to waste my money on a market that doesn't value me or even really considers me to be part of the market. Most visual novels are translated by fans. If you think people have no morality for not paying for a bunch of 1s and 0s that doesn't even have an official translation, you're delusional. Also, Kadokawa is big company. How many fucking times do people have to say this? Kadokawa is not a literally who. If they wanted to, they could have spent the resources to make this game decent. They could have hired competent people. It's not dogshit because it's not the original. On its own it's extremely mediocre and uninteresting. Literally everything good about this game was lifted from YN. It's a generic horror puzzle game with tiny bits of exploration and shitty platforming. It looks like shit too. A big company shouldn't get a pass for this trash.


I thought it was awful, like some generic indie puzzle game with a Yume Nikki paint job. People on here saying we should be happy with it because it was a small team are missing the point: the issue isn't the abundance of glitches or the low quality visuals, it's that the game is bogged down with unnecessary and poorly considered mechanics that suck all of the appeal and originality out of the property.
Why were stealth sections necessary?
Who thought platforming was a good idea?
The impression I get is that the team felt that the original was too boring for today's players and that they needed to fix it by making it more similar to modern indie successes like Little Nightmares, but that completely misunderstands reason why Yume Nikki was so influential in the first place. The characters and iconography only became popular because the game itself was so unique. Replacing its minimalist design and wide-open dream worlds with linear challenges punctuated with by-the-numbers puzzles are a disgrace to the original's legacy.
If you're satisfied with an uninspired game then that's good for you, but I can't help but be disappointed this project was released at all.


I really don't know what I expected posting on a board of a game which relates to NEET lifestyle.

Maybe you should play the game to the end, it has a great message that you could probably benefit from.


I wish they had less scripting and just gave me a 3D world to walk around in. I don't need hallways or much, but I'm really reluctant to buy this game. I might do it just to support the author because of the first game, but fucking Allah do I hate the gameplay videos I've watched on youtube. I hate liner gameplay, being forced to collect shit, backtrack, and do stealth.


Then I don't think you'll like this. Save your money and try it out via other means first.


>I really don't know what I expected posting on a board of a game which relates to NEET lifestyle.
Confirmed newfag. If you don't like it here, and you really feel the need to defend a bad 3-d remake, then leave already.


>blaming a site for the opinion of two users
You're not better than them. I didn't like the game because I couldn't feel pleasure when playing it, all graphical problems and glitches and bad decisions like including Ao Oni aside. I didn't enjoy it. It's not my kind of game, nor the style of game I enjoy. Maybe someone else enjoys this kind of thing but I don't. Just because people dislike it doesn't mean it's because they're hipsters or neets and "hurr its not the oroginull!!!". Using ad hominem attacks on fair points of why people didn't like a game doesn't make your points any more valid than theirs.


Frankly after seeing this mess I'd rather follow the message of the original game.


While I dont share the dumbass edgy "pirating is coolz B^)" sentiment, I refunded this game. I was expecting little and even then it dissapointed me.
In what hurry were they that they HAD to release yesterday no matter what? Would it have been so different if the game was announced for next year or something? So then they could've at least fixed all the bugs.
Even you yourself said that it's a buggy mess, and that makes it incredibly frustrating to play, specially when they expect you to go through the stages more than once to collect the hidden jellyfish.
And although it encourages exploration to search them, it offers almost nothing. There's a million of invisible walls everywhere, and almost the whole game is locked into 2D. You wanna see the cool place you unlocked with the four glyphs you got from all the worlds? Well fuck you you get a blurry hallway with trees.
The only filler it has is some puzzles, which are push the things, dont move when bad thing happens, and give a random item to this monster.
Even someone completely new would expect a world of weird dreams, or at least a halfway decent horror game, rather than 4 or 5 real places spookified with mannequins and shadows.
Maybe there is some people that absolutely love this game, but you can't expect absolute praise.


Disappointing on every level. Goddamnit.


This is practically a mini-game collection. Yumy Dicki arcade: Collect all the tickets to win a prize.


It's basically as I figured how things would go.

The game comes out, it's a mediocre adventure game with lots of puzzles and some spooky stuff on the side, all within the 'setting' of Yume Nikki, taking lots of liberties along the way.

The fans hate it because the concept isn't anything close to the original. It's something completely different, just with some of the same characters and worlds mixed in.

So, i'll ask this:

What is the point of this game existing?

The fanbase is fairly large. There's many, many different variations, fangames and artwork all across the web. What would they want? A triple A developer, with Kikiyama directing the entire thing?

Would that be enough, though?

Truth is, people don't know what the fuck they want, but they DIDN'T WANT THIS.
So why does it exist?

A lot of people will say "KADOKAWA just wants to milk the fanbase of all the money". While this seems to be the case, I don't think there's much money to be made on such a series that isn't even mainstream. It does seem like the game was definitely affected by the western game market. People see those huge western indie horror titles explode and they might think 'damn I want me some of that'

There's probably a reason but who the fuck cares because the series is dead now and we can finally put it to rest because Kikiyama put their name on this game and stick it out there and it was a catastrophic failure.
That's what the fans say at least.


I am so salty at how much of a blatant rip off of INSIDE some mechanics in the game are.
The fucking part where you are shielding yourself from the lighthouse in the background is exactly the same as the shock wave part in INSIDE. For fucks sake, both Mado and Mario explode if they don't protect themselves.

The dark foggy forest part is also just like INSIDE.

I started playing with a lot of optimism, but goddamn. I know blahblahblah small team but this game is objectively boring, it has a bunch of semideaths that make no sense, and sometimes you need to repeat chase scenes so many times it feels like a chore.

The only two good points in my opinion are:

-The way they made Mado's room in the real world. It's actually very nice, has a nice lighting and has the same calm feeling the original room gave you. I also like the noises that come from outside like the crickets or the rain.
-The music. It's the perfect combination between eerie and calming. I might grab the OST to listen while I work.

Regarding the second point, though, the game can't loop its tracks for shit. The original was a shitty RPG maker game yet it had no problem with their loops, but here it keeps skipping everything the music starts over and it destroys the little immersion you get.


Being, "triple a", is kind of meaningless when a bunch of translators are slapping something together in unity.


Here's how I see it: reboots are the new hottest trend that's been happening since the decade began. Kadokawa owns Enterbrain and RPG Maker, what do people think of when they think of RPG Maker and its games? Either shitty games they made when they were in middle school or Yume Nikki! It seemed like a neglected game with a cult following that plenty of idiotic pretentious teenagers on Tumblr love, so they decided to reboot it to get that sweet dosh. Seems they spent more money trying to market it (which doesn't seem that much to begin with, seeing how little it was marketed), than actually making the game good.


I can't believe that they would actually think this game would get a large enough profit to be worth it. Maybe that's why they hired translators to do it?


File: 1519513020650.jpg (40.42 KB, 300x300, 1451570275450.jpg)

I think Kadokawa had no clue what to do with it, down to the actual game itself and the fucking terrible Engrish marketing blurb that they used for everywhere and the intro of the goddamn game. For a game they wanted new audiences to enjoy, they didn't try very hard to get that new audience.


>music's decent
I think this is a huge understatement, the music is amazing and by far the most standout and impressive part of this entire mess.



A million times this. I just can't ignore how bad this game is because it literally shits on a legacy I'm emotionally invested in.


What do you think of Madotsuki making sounds in this one? She doesn't really talk, but she does seem to have a voice actor for making minor gasps and sounds now.


Even if you somehow have a problem with it it's barely noticeable most of the time.
But what I really liked is the little sigh of relief when she wakes up form a nightmare


I can't believe what i'm about to say, but even .flow (which is as edgy it can be) felt way lighter in terms of color palette & hostiles compared to YNDD. Almost every single NPC from the original now hunts you down. And the eyeball world is now some dark alleyway with walking Anonymous™ people in the background, leading to some epik chase while some music straight out of DmC plays. Some puzzles are nice but its frustrating not being able to explore the little that they gave us because you need some item in the other side of the world, which leads to the best part: the backtracking in this game is just shit. You walk in, there's no way out, which is really annoying. The presentation was actually nice, its just that the actual meat of the game (and Mado's autistic look) detract so much from the experience.


Bruuuh the music kicks ass. I feel like the person who was in charge of the arrangements was incredibly passionate. It's undoubtedly the best part of the game. The barrack's settlement theme after it becomes habited by NPCs again made me tear up a little bit.
I loved the distant school bells when you go through the beginning of the school world and you are outside.
The soft rain you can hear outside your room's sliding door is so pleasant.

The music and sounds were truly beautiful.


Great soundtrack and ambience. Ok controls, decent graphics. I actually *liked* the references to Ao Oni, Ib, Silent Hill, and prolly others I didn't catch. Dark forest area with the witches was prolly my favorite. That or playing with Monoko. Really wish they woulda included a flight scene on the rooftop of the mall. Some segments were a bit laggy which is probably a fault of the engine; ain't nothing in here that HL2 didn't do over a decade ago. I really wish there was simply *more* to it. You could spend hours wandering and exploring in the original… this one has very little replay value once you've collected everything. It's also way too easy. If you're gonna have puzzles, don't make the solutions so dang obvious.

Worth the money? Eh sure. Wasn't terribly expensive. Best thing since sliced bread? Nah. Stands above a lot of hipster tripe, but there are many things better than it (including the original).


I hate the platforming parts of this game. Mado keeps missing all the jumps and it is SO infuriating, especially at the mannequins part. You know, the one where YOU HAVE TO JUMP OVER A LOT OF GAPS WHILE BEING CHASED BY THINGS THAT INSTAKILL YOU WHEN THEY GET NEAR YOU IN THE DARK.

It pretends to be a horror, but is actually a rage game.

At least the music is nice.

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