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New board for the 2018 game.
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File: 1519284299258.jpg (175.71 KB, 1200x674, DWnogExVwAAXeHR.jpg)

>you can access the Toriningen party


File: 1519285451597-0.png (98 KB, 1280x720, 3435.png)

File: 1519285451597-1.png (282.96 KB, 1280x720, 3435 (1).png)

File: 1519285451597-2.png (397.01 KB, 1280x720, 3435 (3).png)

Looks like KyuuKyuu-kun actually has colors, that's nice.


why are there button prompts


So you can tell what's interact-able and what's not.


Oops, suddenly this is actually looking kinda decent?


File: 1519289125178.jpg (116.58 KB, 1894x941, ss (2018-02-22 at 10.44.50….jpg)

i do wonder how they're gonna execute UBOA in this game.

I'm not fan how they're handling Henkei Shita. the area looks like a generic nightmare meat factory


It's empty though.


>you can fly with the umbrella


From what we've seen Uboa looks pretty straightforward. They turned Onsen-san into an abomination but the game's most commonly considered scariest creature is overall the same.



i meant how Poniko turns into it and if it still just sits still and waits for Madotsuki to interact with it. or if it's a cutscene where Poniko turns into it and launches towards Mado


File: 1519298813011.png (85.81 KB, 300x300, 1246616893868.png)

So just one day left but here's what we haven't seen;

-Any effects apart from the Umbrella, Knife and what is apparently the Lantern.
-Masada and Mars-San
-The White Desert
-Hell (Could the red areas they've shown be that?)
-Block World, Eyeball World, Candle World, Numbers World, Dark World, Neon World, Shield-Folk World, Graffiti World and Puddle World.
-Stairway of Hands

Probably more, but this is a lot already. I'm not saying they've definitely cut all this out though, but I don't think it's likely all of this will be in. If it somehow is however we could be looking at a huge game.


The game appears to be a mix of sidescrolling and top down. Better than what I was originally expecting.


All I'm worried about now are the effects


Ok, I had my doubts about the game. Honestly, I thought it would have been decent enough for it to be worth $20.

Now, this trailer has my heart feel warm and tingly. I can tell that the game looks awesome,

I'm going to go as far as to say that this game looks like it has a chance to rival the quality of the original game.

I really can't wait to play this.


It barely feels like a whisper of what made YN so special to me but I'm morbidly curious so I still want to play it. Was anybody else reminded of a certain Silent Hill 2 soundtrack by the music at the end? (Speaking of which, the Henkei Shita area gave me SH vibes too.)


Same dudes,same.


>White Desert


The budget's still pretty keenly felt in this, but the sound design's at least nice.
Reminiscent of Silent Hill, yeah. Obviously they're going for more of a horror vibe, so it works.


File: 1519316581214.jpg (228.52 KB, 2048x1152, e85a0448567630ad950b23205c….jpg)

Last steam pic has a zoomed out version of the promotion pic, with a witch and Uboa's giant monster on the background


i was bothered about e-man looking human-like but he actually looks pretty nice
also tokuto-kun darling what the fuck are you doing


That's not white desert, that's the wilderness.

There's also grffiti world on the left


Kyuukyuu is no longer a stock asset and it looks like he's slowed down a little on the rubbing. I like that. Does this mean that they're still touching up the game with mere hours remaining till release?


File: 1519324888007.jpg (20.25 KB, 361x357, 28167232_10155933136090336….jpg)


That looks straight out of .flow


File: 1519326146721.jpg (66.2 KB, 600x600, resize.jpg)

They have changed a lot since the reveals and I'm pretty happy about it already but I so hope this ends up being a good game


Weren't there rumors of .flow's dev, and a few people from Yume 2kki's team working on this, since they emphasized getting fans from all over to work on it?
Honestly I see a lot of influence from both.


>Javert kills himself by jumping off a high place
>so does Mado

Absolute pottery.



My god am I dumb. Its so easy to get confused. My apologies.


File: 1519330309101.jpg (22.68 KB, 1000x562, what-is-the-greatest-indie….jpg)

I'm picking up survival horror vibes. In part of the trailer, Mado seems to avoid the Toriningen by climbing on top of a platform. Mado also uses an umbrella thing to platform, I think? Seems like there's an overall heavier emphasis put on game play, which makes sense. While these people are by no means experts, it still took them a lot of actual time and labor to create every environment. Be prepared to have way more than half of the locations cut. Gameplay is pretty much just a way of compensating for that. It feels a lot like limbo to me. While this may turn out to be an okay, "game", it wont be anything more like how Yume Nikki is if my inferences are right.


It's one thing if they cut some locations but I don't think they could get away with removing the effects, which is a real concern from what we've seen.


Every new location looks like generic horror "warehouse"/"hospital"/"lab" tropes while they added more characters that kill Madotsuki for no reason other than scares and not weirdness like the original.

Now it just looks like a generic horror title with some Yume Nikki characters attached to it. It looks amateurish too


This. Anyway, at this point, comparing it to the original is a waste of time. Might as well see it as its own thing.


There is no hospital or lab and a warehouse was part of the original game.


Let's repeat what new areas we see in this trailer and how they're generic

-Some platforming nonsense with a former shower cause "it used to be a house". high metal fences give an abandoned look
-candles with drawing on wall cause cult = creepy
-Random meat factory cause gore blood bad hygiene horror tropes
-back alley
-some lockers with flickering lights in a daaark hallway in an abandoned school
-outside school playground at night
-more factory platforming but this time so dark and vague you cannot make shit out besides random lights again
-back alley again oh no a killer hand!
-solve the puzzle in the lab/factory by getting the code in three different locations!!!

The new locations have a few things in common, they aren't surrealist like the original Yume Nikki, nor colourful, nor calm or inviting like some of the original locations. They are generic "gritty" horror tropes 101 that we've seen in 500 games before

Another thing I noticed: The train person already has a red single eye, which it only has when you use the cat effect. Thus = cat effect gone


yall really gonna give 20 dollars for some bullshit when original yume nikki was good, and free


That's true. Removing locations from the original(which 90% chance they will do) while adding new, boring ones is a bit obnoxious.


>-candles with drawing on wall cause cult = creepy

are you serious? did you even see what the drawing was? it's kikiyama's concept art for the new creature. it's a cute homage.


of course I know what that is. I'm talking about the location surrounding it.


> I'm talking about the location surrounding it.

the barracks settlement? god just admit it was a bad point.


lmao what is up? I mean the candles and the framing of the location itself, like it may be a joke like "they worship the kikiyama drawing" but that creature actually exists in the game, so we have to consider that as well


gonna laugh if there's a "native american curse" plot


Man, are you for real? Those look like illumination, not worship candles. There's a carpet-like thing that acts as a bed, and a few boxes as tables and chairs. It's clearly a house, not a temple.


So just how long is left? The twitter says it's dropping at 10PM today, presumably for Japan.


It says 10pm PST, but the Steam page says it will unlock in approximately 10 hours tho, so it will be a little later than that.


Does Steam vary by timezone?


It shouldnt


do yall think they didnt show a lot in the trailer because ~~ooooh its suspenseful~ or because the game is going to be really small and boring


They want it to look mysterious but the game lacks content calling it now


Whatever happens, by this time tomorrow we'll know how is it, at least from the Steam reviews.
Any of you mad men pre-ordered the game?


File: 1519348394550.png (450.69 KB, 1536x1612, Yumemap.png)

I just finished replaying the original, revisited all the areas, all the events, and all the effects since I haven't played it in 2 years.
The thought that there's a possibility they actually cut any of that beautiful content while adding unnecessary generic 2spooky garbage makes me physically sick.
I think I'm gonna pirate it, then if it ends up being good i'll buy it.


So much negativity, the game isn't even out yet and you are already whining, if it turns out to be half as good as the original it's going to be great.


The whole beginning on this thread was unfettered positivity. Negativity is useful in lowering people's expectations.


File: 1519353621879.png (11.12 KB, 300x400, 1518436821815.png)

It's better to expect it to be shit and get actually something decent/good than to expect something good and get only shit.
~ Shouwa Tenno Heika


the negativity comes from the new game not meeting the expectations of the old game. everyone seems to be giving it a chance though


Spot on.


blogging thread

first blog: boy i sure am excited for the new installment


blog 2: WTF is this music playing!!!!!!


Well… We've got something, folks…
My only problem is that effects will be treat as items, instead of effects, hence the name (which I discussed in another thread), and that it seems to aiming for the horror genre. I don't think it would work to well, since the original was based more the weird, rather then the creepy. The game being "horror" was a mere suggestion. Seems like it won't be as bad as I thought, and got my hopes back up, despite the shitty start, but I wont be surprised if it ends up being garbage, anyways.


File: 1519366147454.jpg (42.2 KB, 720x393, yumenikk_09_cs1w1_720x.jpg)

Mall is a door rip graffiti world most likely


Emperor Hirohito's posthumous name sounds like "shoah", which is another word for the Holocaust.
Madotsuki is literally Hitler.


File: 1519367045449-0.jpg (109.34 KB, 1366x768, ss_e09ededf47db83a4a39ae3d….jpg)

File: 1519367045449-1.png (13.74 KB, 640x483, Ao_Oni_Mansion.png)

Ao oni confirmed I guess, look in the window. What the fuck.




File: 1519367435015.png (383.84 KB, 581x602, WHAT.png)



what the fuck


File: 1519368222557.png (150.35 KB, 457x275, d9a38308ca67da6100ef836790….png)

he's not joking what the fuck


What the fuck is going on


im literally so confused i just glitched through a wall?? and it's much more of a.. puzzle game than i thought. i don't mind it though, i'm just very, very confused


Anyone gonna upload the game or what


Buy the game on Playism.


There's a huge /v/ thread on YNDD's release and no upload yet.


This. Playism has no DRM IIRC.


File: 1519372534229.png (34.59 KB, 343x260, yumescore.png)

Initial reactions say it's not a dumpster fire


There's this link in TPB: https://thepirate.click/torrent/20243118/YumeNikki.Dream.Diary-CODEX
I will test it in a VM to check if it's safe


Thank you dude


Is it big enough a game to justify the price? I'm worried that what we've seen in previews is the extent of what we're getting in terms of levels.


Ao Oni confirmed but are there effects in?


File: 1519382214254.png (117.99 KB, 436x294, fuck.png)

Oh fuck oh shit




I heard the OST was good. Anybody have that zipped up?


File: 1519390834210.png (18.64 KB, 400x400, 39667619.png)

What bothers me the most is that for some reason they decided to make Mado look like a downie.


My only question is: Is the game good enough to play it ?


We should enjoy the game for what it is than evaluating it based on comparisons to the original.

Also, Steam ratings aren't the most reliable, because there's people giving it a "Not Recommended" with an hour or less of playtime.


File: 1519391911216.jpg (52.46 KB, 500x666, tumblr_p3zbx5Rto61u7wa8xo1….jpg)

I read some of the steam reviews and they are "pathetic", people are like:
>madotsuki is not cute/attractive in this version
>this remake sucks
>having the letter "e" appear on the object that i am supossed to touch its dumb
>its not yume nikki
>not enought exploration
>nasu sucks
>nasu is ruined

And all of this came from people with anime(more like hentai) icons.

Some reviews were good (the negatives ones) and had some fair point but others were "pathetic".


So it's officially more of a Little Nightmares fangame than a Yume Nikki one.


All of those are legitimate complainants, specially the ones regarding the utter lack of meaningful exploration.

>muh anime avatars

>a "re-imagining" of a originally japanese game attracts people with an interest in japanese pop culture


File: 1519396384331.png (200.31 KB, 500x276, YN DD in a nutshell.png)


File: 1519398117200.png (23.41 KB, 218x392, Diary_Mall_Tokuto.png)

Converted Dream Diary .wav files to .mp3 (due to bloat)


File: 1519398804087-0.png (Spoiler Image, 3.52 MB, 1920x1080, 774811_20180223231155_1.png)

so uhhh, i got here and then i put the glyphs in, hopefully in the right order (sun, death, moon and war). Nothing happened, did i do it wrong?


sun moon war death




watched a stream.
Bit dissapointed cause the final trailer seemed promising.
I really hope the game is patched and more stuff is added to it.

Anyone have screenshots of the ingame Masada? cause all i've seen is the image in the diary.


is it any good?


i agree with a lot of both the positive and negative reviews i've seen but people are writing whole essays with like .8 hours in the game


Are you surprised? Yume Nikki is a game that makes idiots think they are amazing psychologists or something. The vast majority of the Yume Nikki fans over-analyse everything, instead of exploring, letting things sink in, and then write about it.

I haven't yet tried the game due to work, but I will experience it by myself, and then decide. I never intended to listen to what people had to say about it until after I've played it, and I don't think anyone should, specially when we know how polarising any decision to change anything would be.


So, this was a prequel, right?



Not really. the things kinda hint to a sequel. but i wouldn't call it that either.

it's its own thing


>instead of exploring, letting things sink in, and then write about it

And my issue with this game is that the linearity and puzzles take you out of any immersion and don't let you explore. I can't take in the actually well done atmosphere the devs created when I'm either getting chased or frustrated when jump doesn't work properly.


File: 1519405311022.jpg (2.24 KB, 64x64, ef54296db49390243718d6cc11….jpg)

I checked out the achievements page, and I
saw Masada as one of the icons, so there could be a possiblity that he's in the game.


i read in one of the threads on /v/ that you can see a glimpse of him before Madotsuki is forced to wake up.
But any of the breakthroughs i've seen have found him.


There's a model and concept art for him, so he must appear at some point.


File: 1519408361153.png (Spoiler Image, 165.77 KB, 1014x648, Space Piano.png)

His piano and other 'space' props are in the files too.



where could i see the model?


File: 1519408544112.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17 KB, 664x766, piano man.jpg)



let's hope he looks better in game.

Then again. Monoko didn't look good either.


File: 1519410099047.jpg (412.89 KB, 1920x1080, 774811_screenshots_2018022….jpg)


Never thought I'd ever actually be getting angry at the controls of a Yume Nikki game


is the very first area before mado even wakes up gasping supposed to be so dark that you can't see shit because that's how it looks for me

the first dream world i walked into was completely black too

is it actually supposed to be like this

help me guys


File: 1519414633426.png (479.36 KB, 1360x768, KIM JONG UN.png)

Wow the game was really made with unity… did they use the store assets or at least they fixed that?


Wait- what's the deal w/ Ao Oni? What does this have to do with the game?


never mind I turned the brightness on my monitor all the way up and now I can see slightly more than absolutely nothing


Well, for some reason, Surfers Paradise, and it looks like Kadokawa now too, always timed Yume Nikki releases with Ao Oni releases. Merchandise, the Light Novels, the phone Visual Novel,… I guess they got the projects' rights together, and that's why they keep releasing things together.


File: 1519415150448.png (88.54 KB, 1360x768, unknown.png)

I don't know but I don't like what's happening


Out of all the RPG Maker games they could've chosen they really had to pick Ao Oni…
What is this shit lmao


Well I've been playing for 2 hours or so, got no idea where to go from here but thus far my feelings are really mixed, but original still trumps this in every way possible.


>Ao Oni with poniko braids
I'm wondering if / how this shows up in Dream Diary


I have all the glyphs but the Sun one. For effects, I have Flute, Hamsa, Knife. Monoe is still blocking the school

Where to go now? Also does Monoko do anything? I just got a pic out of that



Okay, so I've been trying the tv in the dream world to see if something happens eventually, and suddenly I'm about to play Ao Oni on the famicom.



Would you mind linking to the thread? I can't seem to find the one you are talking about.


File: 1519416591724.png (189.15 KB, 394x373, 3uvAOFX.png)

Want someones opnion: I played the game , and i want refund. Should i do it ?




If you don't like it, yeah.


The FUCKING game is something alright, i hate it.

The game makes my eyes hurt, makes me dizzy, its buggy as hell and im not enjoying it.



If you don't like the game, then I'd say refund it.

I mean, what's the point of keeping a game that you don't like and won't play anymore?


And i already asked for the refund.
The problem is, i dont like crying over spilled milk , what is done is done but i feel sick playing the game and its not good.


Refunds let the developers know that they did something wrong and need to fix issues, so it's not crying.


If it counts for something, both games became really popular around the same time.


Do I need to bait the Langolier into his cage with something? I'm stumped.


is anyone else's game crashing a fuck ton? i've probably crashed like 8 times today. once when i opened my inventory like fuck


My game didnt crashed but is laggin in some parts, but my game have a bug in the pink sea world the camera gets broken after using the 3rd and last ballon.


im thinking it may be my processor. i have an amd ryzen 5 1600


what are the correct numbers in that place with the levers

this game isn’t good enough for me to put the effort into figuring it out for myself


Yeah, you get the Ao Oni cartridge in front of the Ao Oni mansion, use the hamsa a little before the igloo, you'll find a mark


351, it is written on the room before it.


Also was putting a chase/hide scene that you need to do it every single time you want to visit a deeper place REALLY NECESSARY? What the shit, man. Also not being able to go back to the nexus without waking up sucks big time.


351, its written in blood on the wall in the previous room


Madotsuki leaves her room at the end of the game.


jesus fuck i'm stupid. thanks guys


There's two endings.


I think you get the Sun glyph in the settlement- did you give something to the guy in the top right?

Yeah, you'll need the wooden board from the dock train station to hold the door open and the red eye from one of the vines next to the desert puzzle as bait


Is anyone else getting a bug in the Kyu scene where mado walks up and kyu just keeps rubbing the railing forever?



Does anyone know where's the jellyfish bro in the wilderness zone?


Monoewasraped is the new, hot madowasraped theory


Okay, I'm fuckin stuck.
I'm trying to figure out what I need to give the strobe man and the fisherman in the docks, but I'm still one yen short of having 100.
I have no fuckin clue where the last one is.
That, and I can't figure out where the mandolin lookin thing the one Piori wants is. Assumed it'd be in the school, but nah.


It's a kalimba, I don't remember where you get it. About the docks, just scout the whole thing, there's coins where the last toriningen is eating, and also next to the vending machine. Item progression goes vending machine -> fisherman -> lanky dude at the beginning


To get Kalimba you have to entertain the single traincar passenger with flute musak


File: 1519436393664.png (77.91 KB, 240x240, 1455647722956.png)

>Finally get all the way to Poniko's house
>My long quest is over, time to enjoy a millisecond long Uboa full screen jumpscare
>As soon as I enter her house the game crashes


File: 1519437087638.jpg (11.45 KB, 236x393, 508229fb42082a464574023e7d….jpg)


Can someone redpill me?
How the fuck do you find Seccom Masada in this game?
Or are those models just cut content?
I assumed he'd be accessible through the mall since the Rooftop is still, but nah.


File: 1519439815700.webm (1.19 MB, 1018x568, yumeglitchy.webm)

A-At least we got multiple ways to solve the p-puzzles amirite guise


Holy shit

Now THIS is the badass Madotsuki I remember


1. Beat the game and collect all Jellyfish (one shows up at each world except the final one)
2. Go to the final level.
3. Go 2 doors right of the elevator on the 1st floor and touch the alien symbol.
4. Go to the rooftop and then head left. Touch the symbol on the ground.


Anybody got guides to the Boardwalk and Wilderness Jellyfish?
Don't feel like hunting them down anymore.



Alright, it's a little late to the party so we'll have to accelerate the meme theory evolution.
Monoe is a lesbian with a penis and Masada committed hate crimes against Mexican people, hence the Aztec-like rugs and patterns all over the place.


How do i open the locked door at the mall?
The key that the little dude gave me doesn't work?


File: 1519457520290.png (282.71 KB, 848x1200, careful.png)

His key opens the chained door.

As for how to open the elevator door, see


Oh thanks
Thought my game was fucked


You know one thing i realized, bewteen the promotional screenshot and the game realesed somethings changed but why?
>Where is Monoko?
>Why change the camera position in one of the houses in the wilderness world?
>Can't do nothing with Picnic party thing (i forgot the name of the bird ladies)

This game is a mess.


is my damn game soft locked? the guy who wants the kalimba wouldnt give me anything after i tried the song everywhere in the entire outpost, so i decided to come back later and he wants the kalimba again, but i cant give it to him anymore because he already has it.


>This is not working as I expect, so I'm sure the game is broknen.
Man, do I feel like at work.
Look at where the guy is pointing. There's a drawing on the wall. You don't need to play that song in the settlement.


Run through the ghost-town sequence again – the one with the eyeballs. You'll meet Monoko. Her room is probably the coolest.


Board the train from the settlement, exit at the dark area and head southwards. If you cannot interact with the creature or play the song to him your game is forever bugged. Had this happen to myself and a bunch of others. RIP.


tysm man, it worked


FUCK I got the desert jellyfish in the docks, but it decided to chill at the mall's door.
Now I've gotten the mall one, but it doesn't appear since the desert one is occupying its place. So I'm locked out of the secret ending.


How the fuck does that even happen.


File: 1519487879054.jpg (82.25 KB, 1920x1080, ss (2018-02-24 at 09.12.36….jpg)

I'm stuck? Can't do anything except for pause.


If you really are stuck you just have to wake up or restart the game. It happened to me a couple of times, I hope these bugs will be fixed eventually.



I watched someone on Twitch get passed that part by equipping the umbrella, and walking.


>mfw FACE isn't in the game, just some random "omg spoopy" opening of a door with multicolored scribbles coming to the camera and Mado waking up.


File: 1519496955781.gif (35.29 KB, 673x505, 134801750590.gif)

You have no face anon. So I'll post one for you.


File: 1519497031519.png (Spoiler Image, 1018.49 KB, 1019x574, yumewhy.png)

I fucking hate the cockteases in this game


Face is in the game though.
Go visit KyuuKyuu a second time.



What does it look like?



He is in-game, but it's just like Uboa, a "streamer/youtuber spoopy moment"


File: 1519499198972.jpg (620.28 KB, 768x432, rQhOORM.jpg)

Also, is this, or something similar in the game? Because if not, then it's technically false advertising.


It's almost exactly the same as it was in the original


It's like that, but pointed at the camera, changing colors and subtly coming towards the camera.



Is it still hard to make out exactly what it is? Like, does it still look there's a heavy amount of static?


That and it lasts for half a second, which to be fair, is the only way that would work without feeling like a generic jumpscare.



any video footage of it?


Wait, so, I'm confused.

That's FACE, so what in the hell is that giant red creature in the sky in that one promotional image? Is that FACE, as well?


No clue. The only cliff is the Sky Garden one, and that looks exactly like the trailer


not to mention, that the giant blood hill grasping monster is in promotional art too, as well as graffiti world.



I don't ever remember seeing those in promotional images.

Unless they're hidden in promotional images, I genuinely don't remember seeing them.



using concept art to promote a game is not the same as false advertising



Ok, I'm having the case of the stupid. I can't see them.


Graffiti world is in the game too… kinda. You can see it in the reflection of one of the bathrooms in the school sometimes. I think it was the second floor one.


The monster is on the top right, vomiting red onto the street. Graffiti world is on the wall on the top left.


That flash is the Aztec Rave Monkey



Ah, I see.

They were a bit hard to see, but see them, now.

Now, my only question is why did they include those in the promotional image, when, from what I can tell, they don't make a single appearance in the game?

My best guess is that they were planned to be in the game, but the game was rushed, and the devs didn't have the time to add them in.


The mouth monster now is aggressive and he doesn't give Madotsuki hair related effects.


Even if this is a broken bug, this is actually closer to what you would have done in the original, other than jumping from box to box baiting it to the trap, which even though it made me think of about how to solve it, I didn't really like, Yume Nikki isn't really about that kind of chase and run from monsters, that's where it starts taking to much from just generic horror game elements for my liking.


He's in the town after you lock the mouth monster away


It's actually completely unnecessary to get the Kalimba, you can just play the song to the monster that spits up the Glyph without it.


The last piece of concept art I'm missing is the Tokuto one, anyone know where to get it?
Assume it's in the mall but can't find it anywhere.


I don't know if it's Tokuto's or not, but there's a piece of concept art hidden behind one of the plants on the third floor


Not him, but you are right, that is Tokuto. I was missing that one too.


Does anyone know how to get the Fisherman concept art?


on the docks by the train use the hand again.


File: 1519534096462.png (248.13 KB, 262x224, 1492338342310.png)

Thanks! 100% everything now


has someone used the umbrella to try to jump in there before touching the jellyfish?


The answer to 99% of the "Can I jump to X with the umbrella" is Invisible Walls


seeing there's few different scenarios when you revisit a world, like Monoko in dark street world and Face in the school world.

Has anyone tried going to Poniko's place a second time? the mall world didn't seem to have a alternative ending to it though.


Wait, you 100% it? How do you get the second item in the vending machine? I've been trying the "murder villager people" route, but they've only dropped concept art.


I never did and I'm not sure there is a way. The game just granted me 100% in everything.


I heard there is a really neat easter egg in the new game , where there is a chance that you wake up on the old yume nikki room (aka the original room)


Yes! It happened to me once.


Went everywhere twice, to try and see what was new. There's nothing different in Poniko's room.


Hello! A Russian newblood here.

I would like to know the EXACT minimum requirements for YNDD: yet to decide whether I should buy/pirate/ignore it.


Check the steam page



That, or rutracker. It's definitely not worth your money though, better save up for that better pc.


So is there a safe .iso/.exe released yet? A few files posted in this thread but nothing confirmed really



Link in post 1987 is working. Played it already. Got stuck at the scene with Kyuukyuu-kun and Monoe. Deleted.

Oh well. Gotta use my voodoo magic to run Y2K on my toaster.



Fuck, I meant 1922. Still new to imageboard format.


I just beat the game
The Masada ending is cute but sorta boring but at least it keeps with the dreams stuff
Has anyone found out what the 120 yen item is yet?



120 yen item is a lie.


It's there just for show?


Yes, only 10 coins exist. I dont know what's the point of having it there, it only confuses people


It would have been a great opportunity to make the chasers drop coins.
*cue retarded hack n slash Yume Nikki game*
Hey it's stupid but it could have been fun.



Has anyone tried hacking 120 yen to see what happens if you try to buy the item?

I'd imagine that the game would crash because it wouldn't know what to do in that situation.


rev up that Cheat Engine bois


What about that Masada pic?
Why does it turn into an item?
I went and visited everyone i could think of but no one accepts it


I have a feeling that won't work, since it's marked as a Red item, which means it's sold out anyway. The 100 yen drink becomes red after buying it, too. (unless it's red unless you have enough to pay for it, I suppose)


I can think of three reasons why the Masada picture is in the game. Obviously, it's anyone's guess as to why it's in the game, but this is just what I think.

1. It's there to tease some kind of upcoming DLC.

2. It was originally meant to be used for something, but the developers didn't have enough time to add what they wanted to add.

3. It's there for bragging rights.

I mean there wont be any harm in trying, right? I'd say it's at least worth a quick investigation.


It was red until I had enough. I was unlucky enough to have to hunt for the last coin.


Sounds legit.

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