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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.

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Some real gameplay trailer

oh boy
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>Also the idea that any country can only make games based on said country is retarded as well.
Straw man. Nobody ever said that. Okay, 99% chance Mado is Japanese, 1% chance she is Argentinian.


Oh, I read your greentext wrong. My bad.


Mexican regio musician here. We were obligued to learn flute in school (who the hell calls it a recorder, you cant record on this piece of shit, its no fucking, cubase or nuendo, it sucks) but we all hated it, i never picked up again a flute in my whole life until i was into irish punk at 18 years old.

tldr: We learned flute, we (mostly) hate it.


File: 1518904501202.jpg (19.07 KB, 620x576, I-Know-That-Feel-Bro.jpg)

You and me, both…


/yndd/ worst board



>implying theres a "good" something, somewhere in this life.


File: 1518933524264.gif (451.36 KB, 480x270, headdesk.gif)

>this thread


>Aztec this, Mayan that
>It's fucking Paracas
Nice to see it's been well over a decade and people still can't be bothered to even do a quick Google search on the cultures they keep mentioning.


Actually, there seem to be influences from several mesoamerican cultures. And cultures all around the world. mt.kiki did some research on this.



ITT: People who arrived this week and didn't lurk.


File: 1518965819386.png (220.41 KB, 454x397, SteelRambo.png)

Uboachan is the worst community about Yume Niki in the whole internet, they dont even know about theories or secrets of the game they suck, Uboachan is not even a friendly place you get flame for anything there, it sucks, they are noobs in RPG maker too, half or their projects are half assed ripp offs like the Hell Diary clones by Mishka, and the administrators never help with anything, do they talk bad about uboachan I dont blame them, go insult your mother piece of disgusting pig shit, no sigo porque no se mucho ingles vete a la mierda, Uboachan es un asco y si a los usuarios de este foro no les gusta estan en su derecho idiota, y check my dubs.


File: 1518966633368.jpg (17.84 KB, 400x300, 1518938040515.jpg)

>another yndd thread that went to shit


yume dicki! xdDD


lmao do we even have mods anymore



Toda comunidad esta de la chingada, desde Yume Nikki hasta Hamtaro.


I'd like to point out that Monoko and Monoe are not wearing school uniforms, just a blouse and a skirt. Girls everywhere wear these things, and with them being monochromatic, you can't really tell what colors they're really supposed to be. They could even be wearing kilts for all we know.

Is Madotsuki even a proper Japanese name? It means "window" after all.


File: 1518975405280.jpg (73.18 KB, 722x652, tumblr_ovdm1wIWdn1su4mqio1….jpg)

People need to chill it's just a game.


It's not a game, it's my whole life, my whole fucking life.


>It's not a game, it's my whole life, my whole fucking life.
Are you ok?


This shit has convinced me once and for all that Madotsuki is neither Japanese, nor South American, nor is she Mesoamerican. I can't even believe that is she a member of the Japanese diaspora in either region.

She's in the Ramones. It's the only theory left that still holds any creedence. Everything else has been disproven.


Someone posts a video of a little girl walking for 1 minute and everything gets absolutely fucked in a day



Bonzo Goes to Bitzburg is best song.


yeah that was her best performance. But I will always have a place in my heart for Warthog. I wish they had recorded more tracks like that. Mado's voice sounded great.


Getting back on topic, since there are only 4 days left I guess we won't get an actual full trailer before release.
I think I'm gonna pirate this, and if by some miracles it ends up being decent I'll buy it.

Also I'm gonna replay the original in the next days since I haven't touched it since 2016.


it's a death grips reference I think



worst jojo stand ever.


File: 1519047855209.jpg (179.8 KB, 960x960, abf.jpg)


About how many times in a year do you get to post that macro?


Some people in this thread need to learn that ironic shitposting is still shitposting.


File: 1519063333261.png (297.85 KB, 400x400, DKvhyJOWsAI-E7p.png)

>this thread


File: 1519064401397.jpg (402.06 KB, 736x1040, Madofukin.jpg)


File: 1519065240749-0.png (1.19 MB, 900x1100, 4fd.png)

File: 1519065240749-1.jpg (79.4 KB, 800x800, 7e5.jpg)

File: 1519065240749-2.png (1.01 MB, 1248x1270, a7a.png)

File: 1519065240749-3.jpg (64.08 KB, 491x762, b82.jpg)

This picture completely misses the point.
You are not supposed to use pictures from the actual anime/Vidya, just random stock photos.


This is better to shitpost than being an asshole to each other


Ironic shitposting is cancerous, assholery is a given


Both are cancerous.



I apologize for the shitpost, and for not even doing it correctly.

What have I done?





fuck the haters, maybe this macro isn't compliant and thusly lacks the comedic appeal of the jojo one (which is random humor done perfectly), but it's cute and a lot of that fanart is new to me, which is cool.


Not enough vomiting madotsuki


File: 1519081697645.jpg (308 KB, 1000x577, 04dbf0ed3ae6fade04b57576cc….jpg)

Perhaps she's actually a Mesopotamian instead?


>forgetting about old classics like Pipi and NASU IS VERY EXCITING



needs more chorizo


File: 1519086439694.jpg (258.71 KB, 1309x1637, mado.jpg)


I dunno about that. None of those guys appear to be puking.


File: 1519108578668.png (Spoiler Image, 143.55 KB, 500x428, best character coming thru.png)

This is so bizarre. There's no one acting like a spooky new "Nikki is best character" faggot (except for the obvious /v/ invasion) yet y'all pretending and pushing Yume Nikki into this cancerous state ahead of time.
Thanks /v/, the newfaggotry in this thread is astonishing.


Calm down there edgy white knight.


You can't deny that there's more complaining about this fanbase becoming cancerous (and mostly ironic complaining at that) than actual cancer.
I don't know what part of my post was white knighting, but whatever fits your boat i guess.


If you put it that way ,yeah , i guess you right.
>You can't deny that there's more complaining about this fanbase becoming cancerous
But every fanbase have this problem, so at this point people shouldn't be caring about it.

Plus you are right, i really can't deny that.


File: 1519149193983.jpg (63.4 KB, 718x718, consider the following.jpg)

Nobody has complained of that in this specific thread, and actually, you're the only one ever mentioning it here. The word "Fanbase" is mentioned in only two posts, and the word cancer is used 4 times and not even bitching about "the fanbase becoming cancerous" but just getting annoyed at shitposting with the offtopic jojo posts. Notice that I'm not denying it happened on this board, but it wasn't really happening in this thread.
Hell, discussion about YN is on topic, so I don't even know why people complain about the whole "mado is/isn't japanese" issue.
Polite sage.


File: 1519149679333.jpg (31.24 KB, 680x328, cd5.jpg)

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