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it's been 17 years, what's even left to discuss about this game anymore


Nothing, other than new people coming and reviving discussions that we already had.

The only future discussion I imagine happening is when the copyright holders release a new cashgrab or merch.


look for other versions of the game


I mean, it's been 17 years and I just finally beat the game for the first time tonight. We can talk about whatever you want.


Did you like it?


What was(were) your favorite spot(s) in the game?


File: 1629982035575.png (1008.5 KB, 2500x2000, __madotsuki_and_nasu_kinok….png)

one question i can always ask someone completing YN is, why did you decide to finish it? did you find the game fun or intriguing enough to get all the effects, and why?



What was your favorite effect?


File: 1630173949572.png (3.69 KB, 300x147, Hair.png)


File: 1630197534796.jpg (211.61 KB, 1920x1080, DiRdkd7UwAIYWNs.jpg)

not the anon everyone's piling questions on, but i thought i'd answer with my own thoughts for a couple of them to pass the time.


Snow World and the Dense Woods tick all my boxes, for some reason. they're two very different areas, but roaming around the Snow World was always relaxing for me, at least before i knew of it's connections to the Pink Sea and the Staircase. then it became another shortcut to try to explore even more of the worlds at large, but that's on me for being a min-maxing nerd in an exploration game.

Dense Woods was a fun one for me to try to navigate, both initially and when i was hunting down effects with only the barest of details on where they were. i always ended up on the wrong paths, but i didn't care so much. the music for Dense Woods B is great.


hat and scarf. madotsuki looks extra comf wearing that one, as does mafurako. the attention to detail in having the snowman form melt in one specific place alone was really cool to discover, too.


excellent taste.


File: 1630274977017.png (1.37 MB, 1280x1280, anine.png)

decided to answer the questions made to that anon too.

yes. it's a pretty cool game :)

snow world and the barracks settlement. the former because it looks quite comfy, and it gives off this calm vibe which is pretty neat. the latter because the pirori are somehow cute, and finding the seahorse in one of the barracks there was a fun thing. also both have background music.

hat and scarf, for the same reasons >>9394 said.



on my second point i meant to say "also both have good background music" but i forgot to include the word "good". sorry about that.


File: 1630290575378.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, potty.png)




I never knew people liked the snow world, its one of my favorites. I love the snow irl so it has that going for it. Also, like another anon mentioned its a pretty calming place to explore. Certainly better than any snow world in 2kki by a long shot lol. I think the music is enchanting in it also.

And Yuki-Ono is my favorite effect. I think its the color scheme. I actually have a perler-bead Yuki-Ono I made as a teen way back when.


File: 1630534341740.png (206.38 KB, 565x432, TheFrogPrince.png)



File: 1630545880142.png (402 B, 57x75, PrinceOmori.png)


but is that really surprising? the long hair still fits with her look while the blond juts out and looks like a wig
there arn't people who prefer the blond right?


File: 1630712590450.png (57 KB, 717x514, madotsuki flute.png)


I played the flute near constantly to see if anything happens, or just because.


File: 1630732726528.png (79.92 KB, 2698x272, knsv.png)

Can any anon link to the thread described in pic related? I remember it too, but I can't find it here. It was all in Japanese, plenty of images showing how different things in YN were influenced by different artifacts.
I'd really appreciate it.


I remember the guy but I can't find the threads he made here.
Your best shot is probably the articles he left behind on the YN wiki


File: 1630984516703.jpeg (108.92 KB, 1200x849, DgxWzV7UcAErfl5 (1).jpeg)

Thank you anon, at least that's something



File: 1631406536190.jpg (3.04 MB, 2880x1620, yumiNikkiRelation.jpg)

p cool


File: 1631409407530.png (37.49 KB, 717x514, ClipboardImage.png)

forgot window

by the way, is there any artwork with her shirt having an actual window?


File: 1631436488695.jpg (38.12 KB, 281x400, 9-361474-c400.jpg)

> is there any artwork with her shirt having an actual window?


File: 1631448923605.jpg (105 KB, 570x810, v2-27e6a3d8c6ac36270171ddd….jpg)

Better res


File: 1631556522579.jpg (183.81 KB, 850x812, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….jpg)

Block world reminds me of being in the city for the first time, it seems like all the stuctures are bland and unnecessary. Mafurako could be from an experience of people giving directions that don't point you to the right place, since most of the time you end up in the middle of nowhere.
Maybe Kikiyama lived in the country when they were young and felt isolated and unable to adapt in the city?

Oh cool.

is that girl on the right eating the others head? how very rude


THeres nothing to say that hasnt been said before, but not everyone was there for that discussion and theres no need for those whe were there to gatekeep. that being said it does get tiring to see the same threads, i think whats left to discuss are the fangames, which are the only real "new" content that has anything to do with YN


Dont get me wrong I love this game but I never really understood the "deep" discussions around the games meaning. Isn't it ultimately more meaningful when the individual is allowed to interpret their own meaning? I mean, thats kind of how the game is designed.


What majes you think thatss how the game was designed?


What I mean is, the game lacks dialogue, story, and obvious meaning. All those things could have been present, but aren't. The lack of those things suggests to me Kikiyama wants people to interpret the game freely. Of course, Kikiyama had his own influences and experiences that led to the creation, but if he wanted the game to have an obvious meaning he would have made it that way. At least that's my thoughts on the game. Personally, I appreciate the ambiguity, and treat it like a look into an artists mind, and less of something with a hidden "meaning" or "story".

That being said I think sexual assault is the most likely explanation if I was forced to interpret the game one way or another. I think though, that it starts to lose some of what makes it special when we try and pin some objective of hard meaning to it.


>omori lore vs yume nikki lore


I think with the same logic you could argue that given the lack of information kiki wanted people to discuss the game together and try to find the meaning. personally thats not the way i think the game was made to be experienced but im just playing devils advocate. I think its hard to definitively say why the game was designed the way it was.


No, you make a good point. Perhaps, ultimately, the point I'm trying to get at is, we will never be able to actually know what it's about, unless Kikiyama suddenly comes out and reveals it to us. So in a way, its like asking "what's the meaning of life"? An important question, maybe, but one impossible to know the answer to for sure, so I question the purpose of trying to figure it out. It might be fun as an intellectual or emotional exercise to interpret YN, but we will never truly know what it means without Kikiyama.

Not trying to say people are dumb or whatever for discussing it, I just find it interesting. I am very content saying "i have no idea what this is about", but I understand why people search for a more clearer answer.


File: 1632874785487.png (44.48 KB, 500x640, DU9I75jU8AIqcV-.png)

>Isn't it ultimately more meaningful when the individual is allowed to interpret their own meaning?

honestly for me, the best part of any discussion of YN's themes or imagery isn't to try to necessarily create a clearer or more truthful interpretation, but to just see what other people think and wonder how they reached that personal conclusion. i dislike the endless desires people have to try to solve anything that has any degree of ambiguity, but it's fun to watch people in the process of discussing ideas initially.

you don't have to accept anyone's idea as fact, and no one interpretation has to become a widespread theory repeated ad nauseum. threads like these will always be cool to me because it's just individual people sharing their own thoughts, sometimes agreeing, sometimes asking a followup about those thoughts or any consensus that's popped up. where's the fun in just playing a thing, saying it's cool, but then not sharing the meat of your experience with anyone?


File: 1632877823191.jpg (21.45 KB, 858x536, mnm.jpg)

It's a game about walking and enjoying the scenery, there is no meaning, the creatures and aesthetics are there just for looks.


People like to affirm their beliefs with those around them because if its real not just in your own mind but in the minds of others than its "more real" - if that makes sense. I think a lot of people have their own emotional connection to YN regardless of all the interpertations and theory crafting (or maybe I just speak for myself, although i doubt it). I like to discuss the game not just because its what makes this community of like minds alive but because i feel like when I can know more and delve into all the small details i feel like that already existing connection is deepened a bit.


Of course there are and 90% of them are white supremacists.


File: 1633979611462.png (83.86 KB, 800x600, 1235765475938.png)

That custom girl mod that was never released since 2009 or something

Yeah I'm still searching


File: 1634912552153.jpg (90.71 KB, 800x593, HD-wallpaper-madotsuki-tor….jpg)

>Of course there are and 90% of them are white supremacists.
That was very rude Anon. Don't assume that people who like blonde hair are bad people


Huh, interesting take. Never thought of Block World in that way. To me it seemed like a school due to the background music, which gives me that japanese school bell vibe, and lead me to interpret Mafurako as an equally lonely/introverted friend or acquaintance of Madotsuki. The partial invisibility thing could mean that she was mostly ignored and referred to only by her clothes, like people wouldn't even bother remembering her name, or that she left that school or went missing and the fact that she's visible with the stoplight effect could mean that Madotsuki could have somehow "stopped" her from leaving if she tried.


what do you think about the witch event?
tis the season anyway.


File: 1635876594818.jpg (24 KB, 687x900, red-pill-white-background-….jpg)


Kikiyama's Yumi Nikki

is Kikiyama's Yumi Nikki


File: 1635881431516.png (11.38 KB, 338x149, yume_nikki.png)

yume nikki


If you mean the one where you talk to that tree NPC who gives you the Witch effect, then… I don't know what to make of it. Maybe it gives credence to the speculation about Kikiyama being from the country (since you reach it via train), presumably where superstition is more common (hence the faceless witches) or their customs are perceived as such by the city folk.
If you mean the one where you fly at the mall rooftop, then I'm at a loss at what it could represent. Maybe a brief respite among the nightmarish dreams to actually have fun flying, or at one point Madotsuki felt something positive about her particular upbringing, be it the previously-mentioned countryside or her possible south american ancestry.

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