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File: 1557547720159.jpg (26.53 KB, 674x570, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….jpg)


I think that Mado really did kill herself and the Jellies at the end where just for aesthetics
Not that I like that she killed herself


File: 1557590382672.jpg (52.73 KB, 800x648, astro-boy-intro.jpg)

Mado's eyes aren't closed, the sprite is just stylized differently than most games of similar style. Horizontal pixels actually make more sense for eyes than vertical pixels if you ignore society's aesthetic trends like common cartoon deformations.


Then why are Poniko's eyes visibly open? And Monoko? And Cat effect Mado?


Maybe because it's in a dream and stuff doesn't have to be normal in a dream?



Madotsuki isn't Japanese. There's no evidence of it in the game. It's more likely that she's South American honestly


File: 1557944486193.png (59.01 KB, 480x640, 1493387196269_732366.png)

As far as I know, Mado dying IS the popular opinion. The idea that the jellies were aesthetic/a symbol is quite recent and not well established or anything.

To be fair, there's a great amount of japanese symbology and mythology in the game that points out she knows too much about it (zukin ghosts (kerchief-over-head ghosts), oni, nopperabou, yuki-onna, etc), just as there's south american symbolism. Ignoring this and saying "there's no evidence" would also invalidate your own point as there's no direct evidence she is south american except for that symbolism.
Do note I'm not denying or asserting either.


Mado is a violent psychopath hiding from the police.


Isn't Stabby McMado a really popular interpretation for her though?


My own theories are monoe and poniko are related to incidents too, like how monoko is killed in car crash theory.

Monoe was kidnapped by the guy outside of the cave (kinda like a dark alley way/ tunnel). The last mado seen of her is either in the tunnel or on a newpaper (hence the forced smile)

Poniko is most likely to relate toward assault hence the groping imagery in uboa world (Idk if thats popular theory). But i think the reason she does it because she was trapped in the room (hence why you cant open the door during uboa event). She was losing her senses and assaulted mado, the bloody puking monster in uboa's world is just a crude memory of what mado seen in the dark. Poniko was coughing blood probably due to sickness or fatique


File: 1569654403476.jpg (58 KB, 736x414, 1508489831_de2f162e515e263….jpg)

Madotsuki has a sensory processing disorder that cripples her ability to live comfortably. Certain sights, colors, sensations and smells are too much for her, so she avoids going out unless she has to.
Her dreams are her favorite escape, because she can experience anything and everything without being overwhelmed. They do get scary sometimes, though.

The Number World, for example, gives me the impression of negativity. Hideous, clashing colors, random numbers, rooms to make you feel claustrophobic, and faces on walls make it feel like an approximation of a city, neighborhood or apartment complex. The fact that one part leads up a flight of stairs to a door that looks like her bedroom door kind of solidified the idea that the Numbers World is how she might see her surroundings in the "real" world.
Kyukyu-kun could be an example of someone she's become very averse to being around, because they keep engaging in activity that overwhelms her (which could range from putting their hand on the staircase rail, causing squeaky noises, to wild clothing choices, to making too much eye contact with her - whatever it is, it stresses her out). Could be a janitor, a neighbor, really anybody.


File: 1569655047429.jpg (11.39 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I was looking at that picture of Poniko and Mado, and just thought of something else. To get the Uboa event, you have to keep turning off Poniko's lights.
What if Madotsuki and Poniko were friends, but Poniko's room was too overwhelming for Mado when they hung out, so she kept turning off the light? So, Poniko, thinking she could get the best of both worlds (hanging out with her friend without being bothered by there being no light in her room), just…made everything glow in the dark? Covered everything in black light fluid, painted over her wall decorations, window and carpet so there'd be a different image when the lights go off, etc and she thought Madotsuki would find it cool and a nice compromise, but it actually just horrified and triggered her?


Dreams are just a byproduct of the light sleep cycle brain, deprived of input and desperate for stimulation, rewiring conscious experience into a temporary feedback loop on itself to feed that craving. They contain no inherent meanings.


Madotsuki is actually my wife, and the ending was just her jumping into my dream world ( I meet her there everynight ) .


File: 1575951613321.png (3.67 KB, 113x171, 1249879515309.png)

Madotsuki really did have some sort of sexual trauma in her past. Just the way that a lot of the vaguely sexual things in the game (Kyu-Kyu, FACE, the Bloody Touching Monster, the numerous groping arms, the pictures in the mall, etc.) are portrayed so terrifyingly really tells me about her.


File: 1609059105405.png (6.41 KB, 207x235, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't think that's too unpopular of a statement. Though I'd say dreams are almost always meaningful. They can still point in directions of subconscious rumination, not always, but sometimes.

For example I had on multiple occasions, especially in high school but sometimes now, dreamed that I would get injured and my voice would be frail and unable to scream or dream that I'd get into a fight and not have enough strength to fully swing at whatever it was. Your brain is making shit up but it's still your brain thinking in its own terms about what you've experienced. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what you meant though…


File: 1609657713968.png (14.8 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

A detail that I've always found interesting with Monoko is that she's wearing socks and not shoes. It's common in Japan for suicide victims to take off their shoes before committing the act (the actual reason being unknown.) This game has got a good deal of Japanese cultural references and I wouldn't discount this as meaningless (I remember there being more of the shoe motif in other areas of the game if my memory serves me well.)
I mean – is it honestly that unlikely? A lot of the imagery in the game seems clearly phallic and is not put in a positive light ever. I get that the "mado was graped!!11!" thing is a meme but assault or not the game is littered with uncomfortable sexual imagery that seems to imply some kind of fear around the subject, wherever that fear may stem from (most likely discomfort around sexuality itself.)


Kikiyama is/was a Kadokawa employee.


the game should have encouraged going to monochrome world


It's common in Japan for suicide victims to take off their shoes before committing the act (the actual reason being unknown.)

its known. The japnanese take off their shoes when entering someones house, always, out of respect. they do it before committing suicide because theyre leaving this world and "entering" the next life/heaven.




the player /is/ encouraged to go the monochrome world

when you explore, you see cool stuff and you have a pretty good chance of finding effects

the simplest way I can put it is that exploration is encouraged, meaning going to the white desert is encouraged. However going to the white desert is not rewarded, at least in terms of effects (personally, I felt pretty rewarded going to the white desert despite the lack of effects just because exploring strange lands is the appeal of the game). Since the player could not have known the trek to the white desert would be unrewarded, players are still technically encouraged to go there (i.e. explore the dream world to its fullest extent)

please excuse the shitty long winded explanation, I've had too much to drink


Completely off topic but I am in love with the fanart in the op, and upon reverse image searching the artist's pixiv seems to be gone. Don't suppose anyone happens to have more of their stuff saved, or knows if they made a new pixiv or twitter or something?

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