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File: 1412008085540.jpg (316.91 KB, 500x500, Dream symphony.jpg)


I was updating my Yume Nikki folder when I found this.
It's a CD called "音日記" ("Sound Diary") that was released during Comiket 86. The PVs sound nice, but unfortunately, I can't seem to find any upload, and the people doing it don't sell it by mail.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBNCgQzRVdg (same video as above)

But while looking for it, I found this other thing:
It's the YN wiki in Chinese, and it list all the CDs released, either officially or by doujin artists. So I thought about hunting them all down, and… failed miserably.

The official ones are already available on other threads, and these are the links:
Yume Nikki no Tame no Waltz:
mp3 - http://www.mediafire.com/download/9hbb6oiabz1oer6/ゆめにっきのためのワルツ.rar
flac - http://www.mediafire.com/download/9egjvks5be4iix8/ゆめにっきのためのワルツ FLAC.rar

Yume no oto:
mp3 - https://mega.co.nz/#!spw3CJxI!Y9On2qAr_qJKhEaFngTchks2opW8zbioC55jRFUKiPQ
flac - https://mega.co.nz/#!99RHCDaL!sIPe4YjgxLz-O0rfALuzRvJo2MX8PqfdtnSUL449fTs

And this is what I got for the doujin ones:
24 effects (is this even necessary?):

Subliminal (not sure where I got this):

All the others are unavailable (maybe perfect dark would help), and except for Oto Nikki (by Rain Lily White), they are all made by a doujin circle named 火星ピクニック/"Picnic in Mars" (one of the members is Mt. Kiki, the guy that was editing our wiki not that long ago).

So, anyone willing to join me on my search for these?


File: 1412108707726.jpg (328.19 KB, 1457x1468, 59347a38-fe34-4f8e-98b5-09….jpg)

Thanks for the link to the Yume no Oto archives and to the list!

I found 2 (Bed Hair e.p. & a room e.p.) from the list here (not free, available for digital purchase):
(also, Birth Place may become available there sooner or later)
Sorry, can't buy & provide links right now.


I just recently enter the world of ´versions´ after all those years with the last three official OST. Ive never heard other, do you think its worth to try? Why?


>those piano arrangements of Flute Room and FC House

goddamn i want this.


File: 1412158768390.jpg (389.66 KB, 1280x1298, Birth Place.jpg)

Well, most of them have PVs somewhere that you can listen to and judge yourself. For example, for the three >>4482 mentions, you can find them here: https://soundcloud.com/tapir_ep


File: 1412206479494.jpg (118.59 KB, 758x766, 36772_mHkDH.jpg)

this 音日記/Rain Lily White ablbum, where can I find it? anybody know?



File: 1412229456283.png (682.02 KB, 715x715, A room ep.png)

It's not a 4CD set. It has 4 alternative covers.
>That price
Well, some people sure is crazy.



Because of that price + picture I assumed it's a 4CD set… It's not?

s-sorry i don't speak moonspeak yet


Woah, this site is still alive? I was googling for Yume no Oto, thanks man.



File: 1415312645653.jpg (42.8 KB, 500x601, maddy.jpg)


thank you very much!


>>4529 here.

I went and ordered >>4486. Will upload when it arrives, but might take a while.


File: 1415321409617.png (112.4 KB, 316x400, 1394762136581.png)

Absolutely based anon, thanks



i love you.


Thanks a lot!


File: 1415901729139.png (284.56 KB, 758x800, 0027.png)

So if a list of music doujin stuff exists, is there a similiar list for manga doujin works?

For the music, can't see this one in the list:


File: 1417436519039.jpg (70.79 KB, 500x500, No Hope.jpg)

It's here! First time ripping cd, so I hope it turned out good.

音日記 by Rain Lily White

Absolutely love it.


File: 1417449184500.jpg (293.87 KB, 920x1400, 20181460.jpg)


thank you very much, m8!


Thank you so much.


Thank you so much anon.


File: 1417551127247.jpg (121.45 KB, 700x982, 9fdxSY5UP94.jpg)

Thank you for sharing!


File: 1417595867441.png (705.3 KB, 1000x1000, Smile with me.png)

Based anon. I fucking love you.


is it possible to get the rest of the artwork?


It needs translation to the songs 5 and 10's lyrics


File: 1419381798280.jpg (159.12 KB, 500x700, Kyukyu bat.jpg)

10 is about searching for the place where she belongs for a long, long time inside the endless dream. It's a melancholic song about walking around looking for that place while being alone inside the dream with some hints to the happiness found during that journey (for most of the song, except the beginning and the end. I'm pretty sure the changes in the mood are quite noticeable). It also talks about a few things we're familiar with, like opening doors to mesmerizing landscapes. It ends with her saying that she can't find that place anywhere, and a new voice saying "The girl is alone, in her balcony, *", with * being a word I can't quite figure out. It looks like "ushiro" to me, that means behind, but "ochiro" makes more sense, since it means to fall. The song's tittle means "Between Dreams and Reality", but it can be read as "Infinity" or "Illusion" with a little wordplay with kanjis.

About 5… well, I can't figure out almost anything she's saying. If it wasn't for a few words here and there I would even doubt she was singing in Japanese. The tittle means "Sleeping Window/Mado", and starts with a "A flower closes its eyes", mentions looking for something alone (again), the dream landscape illuminated by a dim light, and plenty other things I don't understand at all.

Just in case anyone is wondering, song 7's tittle is "Water Walking Route (Image song of the Puddle World)", and 8's, "Tears' Diary".


Thank you!


File: 1422677797829.jpg (31.4 KB, 318x318, 87915252-9393-4300-a57b-8b….jpg)

To all of you: Thanks, thanks a lot.


https://imgur.com/a/NURpY - another covers of [rain lilywhite] 音日記 album. Taken from here - https://vk.com/wall-60027733_3482.
Music quality the same, if I'm not mistaken. Though lenght and size slightly different.


File: 1423885399194.png (399.29 KB, 650x650, Mado.png)

I'm very late to this, but thanks.


I found this 2 cover/remixes.

Both are in spanish but I like them.




Wow, this is really cool
Reminds me of Heroes del Silencio


I could try to translate the lyrics if anybody wants them?



Yes, please.


It may sound a little harsh, but if you're willing to do it, you may as well do it without asking first if anyone is interested. There's always someone interested, even if not everyone will speak up to say so, and waiting for those that will only means they'll have to wait longer.

Anyway, Diario de los sueños (Diary of dreams) is kinda nice. Requiem though… I would never make a song like that, that's for sure. Too… explicit.


File: 1424889479695.gif (986.52 KB, 353x183, 316q8lg.gif)

Beaner here, Diario de Sueños:

(Llegó la hora de dormir, no hay nada más que hacer, no tienes ganas de salir)

It has come the time to sleep, there is nothing else to do, you don{t feel like going outside

(Hay un mundo por explorar, la puerta atravesar, memorias por recolectar)

There is a world to explore, to cross the door, memories to collect

(Desierto blanco o la nieve fría, mundo fantasma o las tuberías)

The white desert or the cold snow, the ghost world or the pipeworks

(Quién sabe a donde llegará?, al mismo infierno o a alguna nave espacial)

Who know where it might lead up to, to hell itself or to some spaceship

*Guitar Solo with muffled (A alguna nave espacial) in the distance*

(Cuál es la historia que hay en ti? yo lo quiero saber, si luchas por sobrevivir)

What is the story that's in you?, I want to know it, if you struggle to survive

(Son tus efectos que al soñar, la fuerza a ti te dan, todo lo puedes afrontar)

It is your effects that when you dream, the strength they give to you, you can face up to anything

(Y sé que algo te pasó, yo la verdad no puedo estar seguro, pero en tu diario escribirás, te salvarás, pero por el momento…)

And I know something happened to you, true I can´t be certain, but in your diary you will write, you'll save yourself, but in the meantime…

Chorus:(Sigue soñando buscando aquellos sueños tan bellos sin despertar, pero por emergencia y si te pierdes siempre recuerda, despertarás en tu hogar)

Keep on dreaming looking for those dreams that are so beautiful and not wake up, but for emergency and if you get lost always remember, you'll wake up in your home

(En la azotea hay un lugar donde puedes volar y todo luce muy real, cerca del centro comercial, el bosque atravesar, la carretera dónde vas)

On the roof there there is a place where you call fly and everything looks so real, near the shopping mall, to cross the forest, the highway where you go to

(Sube las grandes escaleras, en la azotea un campo de estrellas, son tantas lamparas tambien una pequeña que alumbrara lo oscuro del lugar)

Climb up the big stairs, on the roof there is a field of stars, there's so many lamps and also a little one that will light up the darkness of the place


*Ocarina (whatever it is) solo*

(Mientras más dentro tu te encuentras, tan confundida en otro planeta, un tren eléctrico con alguien que te espera, y no es real, es solamente un sueño nadamas)

The more deeper you get into, so confused in another planet, an electric train with someone who´s waiting for you, and it´s not real, it´s just a dream and nothing more

(Endless chorus until music fades)

I will post the other one later



What is that picture? Is it from Killer 7 or something?



Requiem is more explicit, but has more wordplay, reflects an automatic desire for death too.

I have also realized those songs are more Theory-neutral.


It's from Killer 7 yep.


Yes, it needs translation of these songs


thank you very much, lost acquaintances have found a home




File: 1449761248545.gif (7.3 MB, 848x480, 2.gif)


You must have missed this.


can someone reupload yume no oto? seems like the mega doesn't work


Bumping for Yume no Oto



File: 1454641738888.gif (224.44 KB, 447x317, prize_ball.gif)

Many thanks.


File: 1461052583916.jpg (790.62 KB, 1000x509, 491cc36d08d14959fd7579bb2f….jpg)

Just a short summary of all the albums on this thread, because I listened to them. Hopefully this becomes a good reference for anyone looking to download any of it. You can find all the downloads in the thread, btw.

First, let's get this out of the way. I strongly disliked SUBLIMINAL. The style of hard industrial rap doesn't fit the Yume Nikki vibe (I'm going to be using this term a lot) at all. Although the lyrics are dark, they don't really line up with the game. I deleted this album after listening to it, but there's a sliver of a chance its someone else's thing.

Moving on to the official releases:

Yume no Oto (Dream Sounds) is the closest thing to an actual OST, sold by the official website physically. The first disc is the soundtrack of the original game. Disc 2 contains a remix album by Infinity∞, aka DaisukeP (proof: http://daisukep.yu-yake.com/Works.html), who does a decent job of producing a more electronic interpretation of the game's themes.

Yume Nikki no Tame no Waltz (Waltz for the Dream Diary) by Machigerita is a companion "official release". It is composed of 6 "pistas", or tracks, and features a strange variety of styles: sometimes circus sounding orchestral music (is this supposed to be a waltz?) or lone piano. It also features strange vocals and crying girls, but its not terrible, though heavily outclassed by the fan offerings.

Speaking of which, let's talk about the fan music created for this game:

First are Kino's albums, "a room e.p." and "Bed Hair e.p.". Both take a sort of vaguely post-rock guitar-centric approach to some of the tunes from the game, though it's worth noting that there is an electronic track on each album by a guest artist (or alter ego of Kino) called 春樹 (Haruki?). Of the albums, a room is a little more guitar and drums, while Bed Hair seems a bit more folksy in general. Kino does a good job of delivering a wistful and sometimes upbeat tone in both EPs. The vibe is definitely there.

24 Effects is an experimental/electronic/rock collaborative album based on the melodies of Yume Nikki. Each artist does a superb job of bringing that Yume Nikki vibe, using samples from the original soundtrack as a basis for creating deep and layered interpretations of the emotions the player feels while traversing the dream locations of the game. In this case, the album goes further than just being a fresh take on the original OST, bringing a strangely evocative and cinematic feel through its vivid exploration of the vast emotional landscapes of Yume Nikki; through this it becomes not only visceral but nostalgic as well.

Next is Oto Nikki (Sound Diary) by Rain Lily White, which appears to be a collaboration of various artists. The genre ranges wildly from chiptune to frantic piano to even electronic and more, and it definitely carries a much different vibe than 24 Effects. However, once again each artist brings musical experience to transform the original OST in to a journey through the huge mountains of feels. Some compositions are instrumentally complex, some consist of a single piano, but all bring a sense of exploration and closure to the listener. Also, it's got to win for best album art, drawn by one of the illustrators I happen to follow on Pixiv who also has a lot of other YN stuff. (link: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=139113)

TL;DR. Don't listen to SUBLIMINAL. Check out the "official" releases if you want, they're not bad. Kino's albums are pretty good. Most of all, the standouts are 24 Effects and Oto Nikki, for being not only good music but a huge must-listen for any fan of the game.

Hopefully my browser won't crash and make me rewrite this again…


File: 1461059930465.jpg (287.58 KB, 1700x1100, CfNCy6FUUAAOp-q.jpg orig.jpg)

>Don't listen to SUBLIMINAL.
I disagree. さかさまのゆめ in particular was really nice.


I'd suggest checking out these albums, seems like they haven't been mentioned yet:




File: 1461643334829.png (382.17 KB, 762x545, b585713c3f9a6ea7b37fa8b97b….png)


Just listened to it, that specific track isn't so bad if not really my cup of tea. I was mainly turned off by the rapping in the other ones.


Listened to them. I'll do the same mini-review for both.

Yume Nikki 2007-2008 by competor feels like a more downbeat version of the original soundtrack. There's a few tracks arranged to be more dance-y or ambient. It's not bad and pretty creative with its mashups of sound effects from the game, and there's a surprise at the end.

Yume Nikki Reimagined by Silent Cicada is what I would think the original soundtrack would sound like if it was in a regular horror video game. Whereas the original OST focused on simple repeating motifs, you'll find that Silent Cicada adds a bit more depth to give some more ambience to rearrangements and mashups of the original soundtrack.

Overall though, 24 Effects and Oto Nikki are still top for me. If only there were more compilation albums like them out there, haha.


File: 1461645973475.jpg (739.42 KB, 1200x800, Let's go back to sleep, ag….jpg)

>If only there were more compilation albums like them out there, haha.
A few more existed. But as far as I can tell, they can't be found online anymore.


File: 1461646377027.png (820.94 KB, 1280x1024, 56099953_p0.png)

Oh, I almost forgot. What's your opinion on >>920?


Well, I fucked up.
That was supposed to be a link to a thread on /media/, but it seems I forgot how to link across boards.



Thank you.



I'll check it out asap.


File: 1462427203857.gif (24.36 KB, 494x447, 26114513_p0.gif)


(dreamer's melancholy) by nillln…isn't bad. Very very minimal, and generally sticks to the same minimal tunes from the game with little improvisation. Nothing really stood out in particular, but overall I think the artist captured the sound he or she was looking for.

Here's his channel, it appears like so many of our comrades he's disappeared off the face of the internet.




I actually liked Requiem more than the first one.


Man, this place is a gold mine for the feeling i get listening and experiencing this.
thanks love.


Sorry to bump an old thread, but I wanted to say thank you for sharing, and thank you for your mini review. It's always nice to see people still mentioning my little remix album.
-Silent Cicada (old alias)


>Sorry to bump
This would be the actual purpose of the sage feature



Thank you! I hope you're still out there making music!

Also when I have time I'll listen to the other stuff that was posted here. If anyone finds more, feel free to post it.


Anyone have Reverberation of Dreams? It's another album by Rain Lily White.




File: 1490716385402.png (152.24 KB, 922x882, nice mouse.png)

>tfw no decryption key


must be it
nevertheless it works fine just by the link
And thanks to everyone in this thread.


Looks like it just didn't work with FF and the Mega plugin. In Chromium, it worked fine!

I still think Sound Diary is the best album of them all…


File: 1517340692750.jpg (140.36 KB, 1413x1413, 0d07d8fb7a7a865d0a0ec85a39….jpg)

Any one have a fresh link for 音日記 by Rain Lily White?
The last missing piece of my collection!
Actually now that I think about it I also need the Bad hair and a room ep's. anyone have those either?
I appreciate y'all!


Uploading to my mega now,

but while I'm at it, I wonder if hosting a torrent of every YN fan album would be a good idea for the fangame archive, too? Just the torrent, not any actual content, to prevent DMCA, of course.


File: 1517360655467.jpg (18.19 KB, 431x500, 58148715_p8.jpg)

>I wonder if hosting a torrent of every YN fan album would be a good idea for the fangame archive, too?
That would be nice.


Anyway, here you go. Bed Hair, A Room, and the Rain Lily White in question. Enjoy.



File: 1517448860618-0.gif (826.74 KB, 264x480, 13244680860051.gif)

File: 1517448860618-1.gif (665.55 KB, 269x480, 1324468154403.gif)


I most certainly will!
Thank you ever so much my friend!


Not that it's in exchange for the download link or anything, but I guess in the event that somebody did want to compile all of the albums into one torrent that everyone could share, the starting point would be knowing what the fan albums are in the first place - when you said you only needed those three to complete your collection, how many YN albums do you have? Might be good to start a list of known albums, whether we have them or not, and hunt them down accordingly, in FLAC and mp3 format.

Also hope you're enjoying the RLW album, it's my favorite of the three.


That's an excellent idea. My personal folder is sort of a "best of" selection of all my favorites from YouTube/forums/here/ect. But to have a actual factual list of sorts would be most beneficial. I'll jump right on that when I get the chance later today.


bumping since theres interesting stuffs here


File: 1576937224066.png (29.57 KB, 612x275, albums.png)

Well, this is what I've got so far - I'll create a torrent and seed it as close to 24/7 on my laptop/seedbox as long as I live/have an internet connection.

I will make the torrent in maybe a couple weeks to a month to try and give people a chance to contribute their albums/rips. Even youtube rips are better than absolutely nothing, but lets please do the best we can, here.


Oh, this was pretty recent. I've known about this website in the back of my mind but I've never had a reason to keep myself informed of something here until now. I'll check back every once in a while to see if/when it gets posted.


is there still a place to get yume no oto…?
the site where it was supposed to be purchased from is down, so i went looking for download links, but they seem to be dead.


oh, i found it through further googling.
if i'm not supposed to post it then i'm sorry, but it seems like it was linked in the op so i'm assuming it's ok.

if there's still a way to obtain it legally then i'd really like to know.


Needs decryption key.




any update on that torrent ? ):


File: 1607583626964.jpg (147.5 KB, 500x700, 1318391633271.jpg)

Hi there! I'm back after -wow- almost exactly a year! I did download >>9095 but unfortunately nobody else has posted anything, so I'm going to make the torrent just with the aforementioned albums. I wanted to upload it to Nyaa Pantsu but it's giving me a weird glitch I've never seen there before, having uploaded several torrents there before. I emailed the admin just now about it and am awaiting a reply. If he doesn't get back to me soon I'll upload it elsewhere…


File: 1607661479150.jpg (4.42 MB, 1839x3269, a8e87402fa04cc816eb6b9256f….jpg)

Somehow, NyaaPantsu hasn't accepted my upload, yet my client is saying the torrent is connected to the tracker. If somebody could try downloading this to confirm it's working, I'd appreciate it. If it works, then great! It's too bad that it wouldn't be searchable on the NP website, but maybe that makes it a little fun as a secret, too - DHT search engines might still mine it someday. Please enjoy, anons - and I don't see any of you post before then, have a Merry Christmas.



I left it open for 30 minutes but it's as good as dead. Seems like it didn't upload properly.


File: 1607738158624.png (98.12 KB, 570x804, 055109dd2e146a7000418ce56e….png)

Okay, I caved and tried it on Nyaa.si - hopefully at least it works. Please try this one…



File: 1607738451968.png (576.11 KB, 1068x769, wat.png)

Me again - well, it's saying the nyaa tracker isn't working, yet when I click to download the torrent file/magnet link from nyaa, it does say that I already have that torrent in my client and that it has merged the trackers. Maybe it just needs a little more time? Those trackers do manage a lot of files…maybe try leaving it on for a little while longer, if you wouldn't mind trying?


File: 1607746768187.png (609.93 KB, 1068x803, yayyyy yn ost collection i….png)


File: 1611802513587.jpg (113.89 KB, 471x550, 1367645077879.jpg)

Bampu…did anybody here who was interested get a chance to torrent it? There's been over a hundred downloads so far!


File: 1660892177872.png (55.72 KB, 800x800, cover.png)

There is a third Rain Lily White album, of sorts. It's called Another Dream.

It contains the instrumental backing for the vocal tracks from Oto Nikki and Reverberation of Dreams (tracks 5 and 10 from Oto, tracks 1, 10, and 12 from Reverbation). In addition, there's an alternate version of Reverberation track 10 and Fran_cui's self-cover of Reverberation track 1.

Here's the mega link: https://mega.nz/folder/eUx1USSL#Zu0V6NMWfEWVc2DF3sAwaw



* Self-correction, the alt is of track 12, not track 10. The ordering is reversed.


File: 1660973696593.png (71.76 KB, 650x650, yn_remixalbum_cover.PNG)

Don't forget about this one :3



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