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Yume Nikki on Android… Is it possible?


No, not currently. However, there is hope!

Android can't run .exe files (most everything is a java-based app), so naturally it can't run Yume Nikki as the game is now. It seems like more than one person is trying to make a program that can port an rpg maker game so it can be played via a downloadable android app, or an app of it's own if possible.

I have no idea when these are going to get done or if they even can be done since I haven't checked on this stuff in a few months now, but some googling might find more recent stuff.


With the simple question of whether or not it is possible, yes. If Square Enix will port 3DS games onto the android efficiently, Yume Nikki can be remade as well.

Let's dig a bit deeper; Is it possible for someone to actually go through the trouble? No.


As Android is a Linux distribution, you should be able to install Wine (a Windows emulator). Then it would be possible to install Yume Nikki, too. However, there might be some tricks to that since Wine isn't a perfect emulator.


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Okay, I researched this a bit and here is how I should believe it's done (I don't own any android device so I couldn't test this):

1. Get root access.

2. As there is no Wine APK you will have to compile Wine from source. So here's the download link for it: http://heanet.dl.sourceforge.net/project/wine/Source/1.1.27/wine-1.1.27.tar.bz2

3. Follow these steps to install: http://www.winehq.org/docs/wineusr-guide/installing-wine-source
If there are some packages you need, get them. This is the part you need the root access for.

4.The easiest way is to get a Yume Nikki installer and run it with Wine. That way you don't have to install the RTP separately. Then again, if you want to play 2kki or .flow or something like that you need the rtp installer, too.

5.Now you should be able to run rtp_rt.exe with Wine and as such be able to play yume nikki.


There's no Wine for Android yet. They're working on it.

But even if you installed Wine on your Android device, you woulnd't be able to control anything without a bluetooth keyboard. Or maybe a wiimote. Unless Wine had some kind of on-screen keyboard made for games, but it probably won't.



Unless someone built a specific WINE layer with onscreen mappable controls.


Depends on if you know how to code for Android and have the time and want it on Android enough.


download easy-rpg player from google play it runs yume nikki pretty well its still work in progress.


I've wanted a goddamn PSP build of this for years.

Right now there's not even a builds/psp directory for compiling


I need this


I cant understand wanting to play an atmospheric game like yume nikki on a small screen. it would be like watching and arthouse film on your phone


needing big screens to be immersed is a myth. size doesn't really matter if you're actually paying attention to the content


It's moreso because phones are designed to be portable and used in short bursts that goes against Yume Nikki's atmospheric and immersive design. The game doesn't really need a large resolution to see everything on screen.
Although having to use your grubby fingers to move around using an unreliable digital D-pad and to hit digital buttons to use effects would also break immersion, too, since the small screen would force that to get in the way of what you're seeing.


use easy rpg player.


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t. screen salesman


personally i think screentime on phones is usually more. For instance, sometimes i'm using phones when traveling, and there is no way i could've concentrate on something, having job and stuff to do, for 10 or so hours. Second of all, using phone makes the experience more immersive and individual since you can jump under the blanket and completely isolate yourself. On pc you're tied to the screen and it breaks immersion in a way. So i think it depends on your usage of a phone.


It's not as simple as just compiling the APK for android. First of all the mobile architecture is different so it'll just break right there. But in the rare scenario it's supported, half the libraries needed for wine to work will be missing too. I'm certain at least one (if not most) libraries you need will not build for android.


Easy RPG player can play it so long as you already have it extracted. Its on the Google play store. Also there, is someone selling classic YN for like 3 dollars…


does it work with .flow as well?

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