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I was thinking…
An anon on another thread said "I really feel like the Off-topic and Meta boards already are making the Yume Nikki-related boards inactive, I feel like a NSFW board would just make them dead, basically."

Well, why doesn't someone make 2kkichan or Flowchan? And…uh…YNFGchan? (Yume Nikki Fangames) Whatever.



File: 1332110999862.png (365.05 KB, 848x480, vlcsnap-2012-03-06-23h10m5….png)

Or we could, like, not do that.

(Actually, I at one point considered and may consider again an "fg.uboachan.net" with dedicated boards for individual fangames.)



I think dividing up the community like that would make multiple, less active chans as opposed to increasing activity on any of them.

Even if some people may focus more on the /tkki/ or /flow/ boards, they're more likely to occasionally post on the other boards here when they're actually a part of the same community.


I'm gonna have to agree with you.

Out of curiosity, did you plan on making a board for every fangame, or just the popular/on going/finished ones?


Holy shit that would be the stupidest idea to execute. You do understand how much money it costs to own a domain, right? A different site for each fangame would cost way too much for uboachan, we can apparently barely pay the server costs as it is right now.

Also I'm going to pretty much be doing the fg.uboachan thing on Yume Wikki/Poniko's Basement when it's finished. Each fangame will have its own forum attached to it regardless of the progress made on it.


It would just be for ones that have marginally active threads in /fg/.

Of course, if you finish that in a timely manner, we can use it instead.

(Actually, it costs almost nothing to own a domain, but I still won't be touching MsWoot's idea.)


>expecting something timely from me

Also there are domain registration fees and they can get pretty costly for just about anything you throw at a registrar.


Uboachan.net is $9 per year.


>implying renewal fees aren't cheaper than registration fees



No, the registration and renewal fees are the same price, and subdomains are free. Domains are dirt cheap everywhere unless you run into a scam registrar.

Now let's get back on topic before we derail this thread any further. I may make an fg.uboachan.net for fangame projects. However, I will never follow MsWoot's suggestion and split the site into multiple imageboards. That's a really terrible idea and it would kill Uboachan instantly, I guarantee it.


File: 1332417771686.jpg (25.18 KB, 389x419, 1325810858321.jpg)


If we move the Metaboards onto a new chan, won't a lot of people just go to that new chan and stop posting on Uboachan?



Well, that wouldn't happen, 'cause…uh…


And so the sad, sad and already known truth comes out. I'm starting to think even having ONE chan for it is a bad idea.

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