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I'm starting this thread to inquire this website's staff regarding a recent bout of post deletions that happened for no visible reason. Affected threads include:


I do not currently know about any other affected threads, so if anyone else does please post them here as well

This message has been saved to a text file, in case this is the work of a rogue moderator and said moderator deletes this topic


I had actually already checked that second /mado/ thread today. I looked in the moderation log and didn't find anything so I'm assuming the person deleted the post themselves. I'll check the rest of them right now though.


I checked all the deleted posts you linked to, and found nothing on their deletion. They most likely deleted the posts themselves.

The /flow/ thread however, did have one post deleted by a mod, but with no reason included so I can't tell you why.


Silver has a bunch of his posts missing.


I was the one whose posts got deleted on that /flow/ topic. I deleted neither of them, they were both taken down by a mod. And I'm quite sure they were well within the boundaries defined by the rules, as anyone who may remember them can confirm.


I've just checked as well. Unless our mod log automatically erases records of post deletions people complain about (which is unlikely), out of all those threads, the only post which was deleted by a mod was post 863 from the .flow thread. The others were deleted without mod intervention.

Unfortunately, without the content of the post, I can't really speak to why it may have been deleted (which is an unfortunate shortcoming of the moderation interface). Please continue to bring forward any unexplainable deletions. In the future, I'll see if we can add a feature to keep copies of deleted posts.



So what you're saying is something other than me or a mod deleted the other post?

Regardless, I'd very much like to know on what basis was that post deleted then. Surely the mods must be accountable for their actions?


Post 872 was the only post deleted by a mod out of all the ones pointed out.

The deletion didn't include a reason, and the mod who deleted it won't be around for a while due to personal reasons, so I couldn't tell you why it was deleted, sorry. :(

All other posts have NOT been deleted by mods.


"her", please.

I deleted a couple of my own posts, but not sure where some of the others went.


I understand, but that just makes matters worse.

My posts were 863 and 871, 872 was a separate poster. Both of my posts disappeared at the same time. If mods aren't the cause, then what is?


is this some sort of thread for demonizing moderators or something?
why would they want to delete your shitty posts?


It's a thread meant to find out what happened, as far as I know. Couldn't care less about the mods, seeing as Praesul already said they didn't do it.

Are you just about done sucking that modcock? Or will you keep those witty, witty posts coming?


>If mods aren't the cause, then what is?
>Surely the mods must be accountable for their actions?
Not really sucking the mods cocks mate, these guys are just being very hostile towards the staff even though they have already explained it, but if accusing people of commiting virtual fellatio makes you feel any better you just keep at it lad. Your post was very witty also I commend you.



"If mods aren't the cause" -> me, accepting that mods aren't the cause.

"then what is?" -> me, asking what the cause was.

"Surely the mods must be accountable for their actions?" -> me, expressing a hope which any sane individual should share, unless you'd rather have mods that would ban you just because it's rainy/the coin landed on the wrong side/etc.

"Not really sucking the mods cocks mate" -> you, blissfully unaware that your posts, being overly defensive regarding mods and overly accusatory towards me, are the very definition of sucking modcock.

It's all that much funnier because no one was even attacking them in the first place. Care to dig a deeper hole for yourself?


wow okay, yeah you really showed me friend i'll be sure to keep my head down and not get zinged by you in the future. thanks for putting me in my place clever internet man.


A couple other deletions would be these two threads

May thread
May thread recreation

The May thread also had a post or two deleted at least as far back as two weeks ago, so it's possible these mysterious post deletions have been going on for awhile now.

I originally thought it might be someone targeting May-related stuff specifically, but seeing as all this other stuff's been deleted too, that's probably not the case.

There's only really three possibilities I can see as to the cause.

1. Some user figured out how to bypass the password system, and is now deleting posts

2. There's a rogue mod who's figured out a way to either delete or roll back the moderation logs

3. There's some glitch with the server or software Uboachan is using

That obviously leaves lots of possibilities, but I'm pretty sure it's not just people deleting their own posts. People who had some of their posts deleted, like myself (they were just two posts in the "Game List" thread), can attest to that.


I remade the May thread, here:

As to why my post from before was deleted, I do not know yet, I haven't received any emails.


The May deletion thread was the work of Moga&Snow, it's been explained in a thread on /fg/



Best laugh I've had all day.


Correct. I removed your posts, 453. I also removed a few other drama inducing posts from the thread, and the "rogue deletions" are by another mod who has been removed from staff.


That clears some things. Raises another question though: can you tell us exactly where in the rules does it say drama-inducing posts are disallowed?


Rule 10.


Oh ok. You asked in the other thread how exactly you were fuckign things up? Here's an example



It was actually an admin who deleted the posts, not sure why they used a mod tag.

Also we'll never get anything done if we have to explain every single decision. I made rule 10 so we could actually moderate without having 500 rules to cover every single kind of bad post, while at the same time maintaining some form of accountability.

Though, I suspect you don't actually care about the posts that were deleted, you're just trying to stir up shit. If knowing why those posts were deleted is actually important to you, feel free to contact an administrator on IRC.


I have no interest in "stirring shit up", only in making sure staying in this website is worth it, considering all the shit that's been going on. If on top of all that's happening there was an unofficial "no bad posts" rule being enforced it'd cross a lot of the remaining boundaries

I can agree with your reasoning for rule 10. But in my honest opinion it'll bring you more grief than relief on the long run, because many people will complain about seemingly unexplained deletions thanks to it


If my memory serves me correctly, there was this one post in /flow/ that mentioned something about "posting naked men is against the rules" or something to that effect. It had had an un-spoilered and, er, "suggestive" picture but no frontal nudity.
It kind of seemed like the post was making fun of/complaining about (what was at the time) the rules, but that's just my opinion.

I figured one of the mods took down that post.

The first re-created May/Moga's Games thread had some posts that talked about some of Moga's and/or Snow's personal life; which, as far as I know, may be against the rules ("doxing"; don't post other users personal info).
I'm guessing these posts were deleted, but I don't know why the whole thread would go down just because of a few posts (if that was the reason).



I don't know about the first thread, but as for the second, it was most likely deleted by the mod that we just dropped from the team.


File: 1328667869633.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.08 KB, 631x606, 1252330881081.jpg)

This image. I posted it. That's the only post that didn't come up in the somewhat contradicting statements that were made in this thread

Spoilered for all the 10 year olds out there



It was deleted because the former mod was a troll



Good, I guess we probably don't have to worry about posts being deleted anymore without reason, then. I guess time will tell for sure.


Again, if there are further inquiries about things like this, you may contact many of the staff on IRC, or by email.

For instance, mine is kaguya@uboachan.net

Publicly complaining like this, does indeed "stir up shit" regardless if it was intended.

Hmm, secondly we used to have a trash-bin of sorts to help out with this problem. The new software doesn't support it yet, but we'll see about having it's return soon.


I'm so touched by the effort that's gone into deleting some of my deliberately offensive posts when it would have been easier to ban my ass. It warms my heart and gives me the strength (and incentive) to make even more inflammatory posts.


Hey guys, remember when post deletion was exclusive to bots and posts containing illegal content? Y'know, before this site was a giant load of shit.


File: 1329332775348.jpg (85.03 KB, 320x240, South-Park-Giiit-Out.jpg)

This board is for questions, suggestions, and even complaints, not useless, insightless whining. If all you have to contribute are trollshit flameposts, you can get out.



All I can remember that there were spammer attacks at least once a month (as with most imageboards), but the offensive stuff got removed pretty quickly.

Also, since this is the suggestions board, I suggest everyone to calm down please, this community is too small to take that much drama at once… >_<


And here's an idea how to get to the end of the disappearing posts problem:

Implement an event logging feature. So when a post gets edited/deleted, the imageboard software would automatically add something like this:

"This post/image has been edited/removed by [admin/mod/user name] at [date/time]."

With this, users could track down the person who removed or moderated their post, and can discuss with the involved mod/admin the reason behind their action.


Seisatsu, people tend to come off as assholes on the internet when they aren't happy with something. When you look through the sarcasm and trolling, you should realize that right now they're pissed off because posts are still getting deleted even right here in /sugg/ after the problem was supposed to have been taken care of.


Granted, a lot of people here including myself are still unhappy with how that spoiler image thing went through, but that shouldn't be the main point of concern at the moment.


File: 1329358325194.jpg (148.3 KB, 787x1011, 2f94529f14d564066ca6fddd2d….jpg)


We already have that exact feature, and we've been using it to check on all the missing posts. I don't really see what the point of this thread is though, since all these posts were either deleted by mods or users, and in either case there's probably nothing we can or will do. (Except in cases like that unnamed rogue mod who deleted fucking everything and got fired.)


I really hate to come right out and say "mods = gods", so I made a rule that says "mods = demigods and have to ask the admins before deleting things that don't directly violate rules." Even so, that's really just to make all the users happy, and it probably isn't working anyway. We have a lot of unhappy users right now and I feel in over my head.


When people actually started complaining in large numbers about NSFW, I was kind of shocked. This is a really unusual chan in that the users have morals for some reason, and that's strange and hard to deal with. It may be because this chan attracts a lot of people under 18, which we choose to ignore. I've never seen another chan where such an issue would even come up. I had a hard time deciding what to do, but I'm consoled by the fact that it wouldn't matter anyway, because I was basically either making one half of the users happy, or the other half. It was an impossible decision.



Oh, that's what you mean.

I think it's a terrible idea to let users see where posts have been deleted, no offense to you. It may seem nice, but when you see all the deleted posts, it creates the illusion that a huge amount of posts are being deleted, and it darkens the mood to see deleted posts in the middle of a thread.

Doing that would lower user morale even further, and make people angrier at the mods just by its effect, and swamp us with thousands of requests for why a post was deleted. If you actually have a reason to care about a specific deleted post, by all means bring it forward. But we absolutely cannot let those be seen on the frontend.

I hope my explanation made sense and didn't sound selfish.



The NSFW decision was a terrible call, pure and simple. It seemed bad enough at the time, but now that you explained the reasoning it's even worse

Half/half situation as it might have been, why did you choose to appease the people which shouldn't be browsing the website in the first place? I really, really don't know


People are still going on about the NSFW bullshit? It takes so much effort to click a spoiler thumbnail that people are STILL fucking mad over the decision? Jesus shit, this community is indeed full of 13 year olds.


>mods = demigods
No. It's not supposed to get any worse than mods = security guards, and NOBODY should be deleting posts that don't contain illegal content or porn. I don't care if it's a troll. Ignore them, lock the thread if you have to, don't bleach their post out and pretend they were never there, that only entices them to keep it up.

Yume Nikki is a semi-horror game; tame as it may be, it's still a horror game. Yeah, I could have played through YN without batting an eyelash as a child, as I'm sure many here could, but the horror genre is still aimed at adults. When forced into the choice between appealing to the requests of the younger and the older, it should be pretty obvious which one of the two should take priority given the subject. Yume Nikki isn't made for kids. If kids play Yume Nikki, good for them, but we shouldn't have to adjust our tolerance to adult content because of that.


File: 1330818415359.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.02 KB, 500x340, tumblr_lktlo0TIT31qccmwxo1….jpg)

Or, the "adults" could be the bigger people. Yknow. Respect that clicking something isn't that hard, but some poor kid (and for that matter, anybody of any age in a public place) would have a whole hell of a lot harder time convincing their parents (or librarian, wife, husband, boss) that they aren't looking up porn. All I'm saying is, if you're all the big adults you say you are, why knowingly cause problems for other users, when the inconvenience it might cause you is so very slight.


Blah blah blah beating a dead horse blah blah blah whine



Yeah we adults are so fucking insensitive for having nsfw material on an 18+, nsfw website. And obviously it's our fault if people are browsing nsfw websites in a public location and are busted

Damn those insensitive porn websites, I wanted to browse them in my university but they keep showing all these images of naked people :(


Way to miss the point. Is Uboachan a porn site? No. It's supposed to be a community for YN fans. All I'm saying is, you guys are being kinda douchey about it all, since it hardly effects you. It doesn't affect me, personally, but I don't see the point in or enjoy making people's lives harder for virtually no reason.

But no, you're right… whats wrong with me? Considering other people! Pshh. Honestly guys, just because you're on the internet doesn't mean you should be blatantly selfish.



Way to miss the point. Is Uboachan an 18+, NSFW site? Yes. (Oh crap, that did NOT go the way you had planned)

I also like how you're saying we should take further measures to accommodate for people who shouldn't even be here in the first place

Keywords are 18+, NSFW. Learn them. That's the kind of website Uboachan is. And just in case you were in a bomb shelter for the past few weeks, the community has spoken regarding this issue. And you know what? It said that it wouldn't have Uboachan any other way


Uboachan is an imageboard for Yume Nikki.


According to a part in the rules page, it's more like a chat amongst people who have enjoyed something about Yume Nikki. Otherwise, it's basically just a place to chat.

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