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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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I've been absent from Uboachan for the better part of a year. Whether it was lack of interest or just forgetting about it, I haven't really thought about it until now. I decided to check up on what was new, and I've realized something.

I really really really don't like the community.
It's toxic like shit. Threads about how to commit suicide, invitations to group suicides, the /n/ board in its entirety, unfriendly people and unwarranted drama in the IRC, and many other things.

Why must the community be this way, Ubuu? Can you perhaps explain?


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I support this post.


It's always been like this, even since before I was a part of it like four or more years ago.

It sort of goes hand in hand with the whole "game with dark metaphors and suicide" thing. The game has troubling undertones, so troubled people can relate and are usually a part of the community.

You be bright and cheerful and reach out to others with friendship in hope that it can change things. There's no guarantees, unfortunately.


You just gotta be awesome like me. Cheers people up!


Hi Saya. It's been always like this. Welcome to the vomitive shithole… again.


File: 1384909500686.jpg (407.4 KB, 1061x1500, despair's end.jpg)

or you can cheer people up like me! It's awesome!

(who am I kidding I can't cheer people up)


File: 1384915089366.jpg (67.62 KB, 627x620, x4nj.jpg)


That's not saya, just so you know. He/she/it has too much pride stuck in their mustache to go here. Or to /g/. Source: whining on twitter.


Do you know I was being ironic, right?

It's really Saya btw


You know OP, NEETs can be pretty darn depressive.
But, I'm extremely glad you made this topic! Not two days ago, I was thinking about possible toxicity on /n/. It's relatively low to me, but I've been to some really dark corners of the internet. /n/ just does not compare.

And by the way, I noticed there was one thread about suicide a few days ago and it's gone now. I think this is the second time it happened within the last few months. Do mods delete these? If so, why?


At first I was like "Oh boy, an old user! I hope they like what we've done with the place."

But then I was like "Oh… never mind."

Take a step back and imagine what Uboachan would look like without your random non-depressing posts scattered about. It would be like a night sky without stars.


Pretty old, but not THAT old, he's probs an early 2012 user.



that thread from a couple days ago was deleted since there was another active suicide thread 2 posts below on the same page. I think it's good to have a place to discuss such things, as many seem to need it, but it's also good to condense similar threads, especially if they're about disturbing things. Some users here are underage, and more sensitive. While catering to them and just plain deleting everything that might be a trigger would be horrible, filling the board up with duplicate threads and having those who'd rather ignore suicide threads scroll through 3 of them is not fair either.


Isn't allowing active discussion of methods going a bit far?


File: 1384995880820.jpg (140.65 KB, 640x317, ono.jpg)

I definitely think so!
But it's hard to get everyone on board with making rules about what discussions are allowed…
But I don't like the fact that the discussions here started with people trying to help eachother overcome suicidal thoughts, and now there's threads promoting suicide and giving advice on how to do it. It's scary.


Aaand my trip is changed again from posting anon. But yes, it is. I guess the maelstrom of personal issues is what makes the community somewhat likable in my horribly biased perception though, in contrast to OP's. It mostly just seemed unfriendly as all hell when I was still posting 100% anon, but maybe that's'ts evidence of the trip-circlejerk conspipary theory.


File: 1384997795635.jpg (172.24 KB, 1280x720, Madoka_QB_Being_anon_Is_su….jpg)


Having a name/trip helps to recognize you and your opinions/thoughts. If someone likes your way of thinking, it's likely they're going to watch for your posts more than for some anon. That is the fate of those who chose to have no name.


I like a lot of anons from here, there are one or two that I've bugged to post again, in fact. I guess a good example would be that NEET kid living with his boyfriend because he's just adorable. But still, point taken.

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